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French anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Rouch made over films throughout his long career, the bulk of which were recorded in West Africa. Rouch was also criticized - and not only by Africans - for his aversion towards politics and for what some perceived as a tendency to avoid political controversy in his films. Naomi Angel The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established in Juneand focuses on the mistreatment and abuse of Aboriginal children in the Indian Residential Buy anthropology dissertation abstract IRS system.

The system, run by the government of Canada and the Presbyterian, Anglican, United and Catholic Churches, separated Aboriginal children from their families and placed them in the Indian Residential School system. Children at the schools were forbidden from speaking their traditional languages or practicing buy anthropology dissertation abstract cultural and religious beliefs.

When parents objected to having their children taken, their children were often forcibly removed. Many former students have now spoken out about the physical, emotional and sexual abuse that took place at the schools. The IRS system is now recognized as one of the major factors in the attempted destruction of Aboriginal cultures, languages and communities in Canada.

Through an analysis of archival photographs from the Indian Residential School system, testimony taken click here TRC gatherings, and popular representations of the IRS legacy in media and literature, this dissertation focuses on the complicated terrain of reconciliation in Canada.

In particular, I concentrate on how reconciliation here and is influenced by 1 understandings of Canadian nationhood, 2 the ways in which visibility and invisibility are negotiated through truth commissions, and 3 the dialectical relationship between remembering and forgetting. To discuss these three themes, I focus on the cultural dynamics and various mediated forms performance, photography, artwork involved in the representation of the Indian Residential School legacy.

By framing reconciliation as a way of seeing, I focus on the ways in which reconciliation is mediated through visual culture. The visualization of space has been central to the history of Beirut, which is also a vitally important node in the landscape of Arab media. This study critically examines the historical relationship between media technology and urban space in Beirut to critically reflect on visual culture in buy anthropology dissertation abstract Arab world.

It contextualizes contemporary political events in light of the historical role of imaging in attempts to shape the city. The study draws on archival and textual material in Beirut--such as maps, aerial photographs, urban plans, street posters, real estate advertising and industry films, and live televisual events--and is supplemented by interviews with engineers, urban planners, architects, journalists, and finance professionals.

The study puts the role of live satellite media in buy anthropology dissertation abstract events--the Israel-Hizballah war and the Hizballah-led sit-in protests--in a broader historical context of urban exclusion and contestation in Beirut. This history is examined through the intersection of the social life of maps and mapping with the economic priorities and urban planning regimes in the period from the French Mandate through the end of the Lebanese Civil War, and the crucial role of technical imaging especially buy anthropology dissertation abstract technology such as GIS and popular texts in buy anthropology dissertation abstract cultural economy of postwar construction.

I draw conclusions about the visual formation of urban ethno-religious difference in the era of satellite and digital media. This is a shape-based study of typography as a medium. The analysis herein focuses on the structure, and to a lesser extent the infrastructure, of one of our most omnipresent yet overlooked media. Typographical shapes have been neglected by works in media studies that address "print media" and the threat of "digital media," and also by design fields that study the semiotic, socio-historical, or classificatory sides of typography.

In contrast, I maintain that it is shape that most notably set the typographical medium apart from handwriting, and also that that which is essential to typography is its visuality, not the linguistic function to which it is often put. The motivation for this project is epistemological. Building on his work, this project assumes an epistemological necessity to study the media we use to record, store, and communicate ideas.

It explores how the structure of typography influences the structures of our daily thought. In both practice and study, we ignore the visual thing before us, and instead look through typography at its linguistic, social, and symbolic functions. It identifies a series of features that come to the fore when one studies typography as shape, and it sketches out a diagrammatic analysis of eighteen characterforms.

The study situates nation branding as a conceptual and practical response to perceived problems of national identity in the context of globalization. To address the constellation of conditions that have given rise to this phenomenon, the study pays particular attention to the discursive, institutional and political-economic transformations of business-based strategies in the maintenance and perpetuation of national identity.

In particular, it analyzes how the discursive construction of the concepts of globalization and neoliberalism embed certain assumptions that structure decisions in national policy arenas and in practical buy anthropology dissertation abstract. It analyzes the rise of a particular category of expert knowledge as well as the articulation of narratives and tropes that reinforce these assumptions. To balance this contemporary portrait, the study also check this out the phenomenon as a logical extension of earlier late nineteenth and early twentieth-century forms of social thought, cultural communication and community formation.

This general perspective is deepened by three case studies, which draw on in-depth interviews, government policy scripts, and business industry documents to demonstrate how the practice of nation branding intersects with those of the national imaginary. Unlike buy anthropology dissertation abstract scholars of the global who argue that "we need to think ourselves beyond the nation," buy anthropology dissertation abstract study argues that the nation-state remains a necessary and relevant unit of recognition, collective understanding, and legitimacy.

This dissertation explores historical and social contexts through which governments employ technology to identify individuals through their bodies. Through these case studies, I show how governmental programs that affect people as individuals, i. Further, in situations where the control and surveillance of individuals is at its peak prisons, welfare systems, occupied territoriesmore stringent and innovate means of identification are deployed. Specifically, when forced to manage the anxiety of fluid identities, government officials reach for the stability of the material, i.

The alluring yet elusive promise of perfect universal identification buy anthropology dissertation abstract one of the most pervasive and interesting characteristics of the policy discourse on modern identification. It is the disconnect between the promise of an ideal future and the technical failures of the present that allows the flexibility necessary for those tasked with governing to reconcile the messiness of reality buy anthropology dissertation abstract the abstract dictates of bureaucracy, while legitimizing these decisions in routine practice.

Yet for those who Pre-Owned popular masters essay ghostwriting services au vielfache subjected to such programs, identification is a custom creative ghostwriter for hire australia blessing. With each identification transaction, there is a possibility that the individual is a fraud. In order to fight the chance of deception, the mechanisms of identification must be opaque to the very populace that they aim to buy anthropology dissertation abstract transparent.

Instead of clarifying and simplifying the relationship between those who have legitimate claims on the state and the buy anthropology dissertation abstract set up to help or protect them, identity regimes create technological black boxes professional college essay writing services uk output is often a matter of life and death. This dissertation examines the psychic effects of buy anthropology dissertation abstract, in particular how cancer disrupts the security buy anthropology dissertation abstract which a body ordinarily feels coincident buy anthropology dissertation abstract the self.

Using psychoanalytic theory and literary analysis of atypical pathographies, the study shows buy anthropology dissertation abstract cancer prompts a loss of feelings of unity, exposing the vulnerability of bodily integrity and agency. The thesis analyzes how three exemplary figures, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, usa writers hypothesis popular sites dissertation Audre Lorde, and literary theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, grapple with life-threatening illness that is compounded with other violences to buy anthropology dissertation abstract identities, such as racism and homophobia.

I conclude by interrogating reparative efforts at the rival Freud Museums. Psychoanalytic intervention clarifies problems that physical trauma can pose, which cut across the tenuous divide between the conscious and unconscious. I argue that the habitual threat to life forces the unconscious to become conscious, a process that is disconcertingly destabilizing and itself divisive. However, the prospect of imminent destruction paradoxically incites a creativity that I suggest is a requisite albeit inadequate reparative endeavor.

Refugees, like diasporic populations everywhere, live in a world marked by transnationalism, de-territorialization, and re-territorialization, where identity and culture are no longer rooted in a specific place, and where such populations often come to think of themselves as part of national community via mediated and mediatized constructions and representations.

I label this buy anthropology dissertation abstract generation al jeel al mouqawim the generation of resistance, with a small rbut argue that there are spatial and temporal distinctions to what they are resisting, which impacts their exposure to oral accounts and media access, and which in turn shapes their connection to Palestine and their nationalist identity.

Refugees in the camps resist assimilation. They consider their presence in Buy anthropology dissertation abstract temporary and view the buy anthropology dissertation abstract as shelters. I name this group the malja shelter refugees to reflect their view of the temporality of their existence in Lebanon.

Their strong national identity is connected to a desire to return to Palestine the Popular research proposal writers websites usa Buy anthropology dissertation abstract and their lives are focused on maintaining a connection to Palestine and reinforcing their Palestinian identity.

On the other hand, the young adult refugees outside the refugee camps are resisting further displacement. While they maintain strong national buy anthropology dissertation abstract, they no longer hope to or believe in a return buy anthropology dissertation abstract Palestine. I refer to this group as bayt home refugees because they consider their lives in Lebanon as permanent, as home.

An examination of the lives of al jeel al mouqawim offers an understanding of the relationship between place, media, and identity, buy anthropology dissertation abstract challenges some of our theoretical understandings of concepts such as diaspora and "bare life. Elizabeth Patton " Home work and the Bedroom-Study: Work, Leisure and Communication Technology," investigates the myth of the bedroom as a space of sex and privacy and the disruption of the myth through the introduction of communication technology.

This project examines the bedroom as a site of work, although it is commonly associated with modern notions of what constitutes the private sphere. Privacy has historically been reflected in the separation of home and work, the private and public spheres, respectively.

However, as I argue, the bedroom has always been a buy anthropology dissertation abstract where the line between public and private is blurred. Within the home, the bedroom buy anthropology dissertation abstract a key site for this intersection of leisure and work. In examining the buy anthropology dissertation abstract as a social space, this project reveals how representations in popular culture of the bedroom depict persistent and shifting American ideologies about family click here, class, gender, and the relationship between work and leisure and potentially challenges them.

Furthermore, this research reveals how the production and design of the hybrid bedroom-study have helped alter and consequently reveal transformations in the meaning of leisure and work life. This research contributes to the interdisciplinary areas of cultural studies, communication and media studies by combining the social history of the bedroom and media studies to understand the influence of long-term social processes on the present and to determine connections between media, space, technological development, and structures of power.

Specifically, this research examines the social organization of space as a site of ideological meaning, where markers of difference such as class and gender are contested, negotiated, and transformed, and the role of communication technologies in those processes. As legacy news outlets slash foreign news budgets, international NGOs have been discussed as sources of both promise and caution with respect to the future of foreign news - for journalists, for advocates and for citizens. To optimists, NGOs provide original, insightful reporting from neglected areas of the world.

To skeptics, the influence of such groups augurs a worrisome conflation of the lines between advocacy and journalism, with deleterious consequences befalling both parties. This dissertation tests these competing claims by asking what the information work of NGOs is, what types of news coverage they support and whether NGOs expand or reinforce established patterns of international news attention.

The dissertation puts forward three primary findings. First, NGO information work is neither singular nor shaped entirely by the preferences of the news media. Instead, both NGOs and news media are internally differentiated between elite and general public sectors and the international differentiations correspond to different relations across sectors - making interactions between elite-oriented NGOs and the prestige press much more likely than interactions, and vice versa.

Third, the capacity of NGOs to live up to their stated missions of raising awareness of neglected parts of the world depends on where they buy anthropology dissertation abstract publicity. The dissertation concludes by evaluating buy anthropology dissertation abstract normative implications of the research findings. If one sees the role of public communication buy anthropology dissertation abstract mediating between experts, the data provide room of cautious optimism.

NGOs that align with the prestige press constitute a modest expansion of elites and allow for civil society perspectives to be articulated in elite discussions. If, however, one sees the role of NGOs as raising general public awareness of issues outside the media spotlight, the space for optimism diminishes greatly. This dissertation explores the ways in which buy anthropology dissertation abstract photography of Hurricane Katrina is informed by historical networks of representation and distribution through the strategies of visuality and countervisuality.

Photography and visuality have a unique relationship, both in terms of the importance of both as a commodity, but also in that they both represent ideologies. In the case of post-Katrina photography, what emerged was my inquiry into the experience of the body, specifically the black buy anthropology dissertation abstract, in the circum Atlantic "new world" that was the United States and the unique subject position that the body occupies within the photographic archive.

This research is concerned with examining the semiotic meanings of the African continent within American culture by focusing primarily on the visual culture of humanitarian campaigns. It traces the development of a philanthropic gaze towards Africans that manifests today through consumer citizenship ideology and branding techniques. While early American philanthropists constructed a homogenized and chaotic Africa simultaneously as a "Dark Continent" and untapped "treasure house" of raw commodities, today a number of humanitarian campaigns aimed buy anthropology dissertation abstract the African continent operate through a kind of pop philanthropy aesthetic which attempts to garner donations through celebrity advertisements, hip commodities, and corporate sponsors.

In this way, we are witnessing the celebrity re-colonization of the sign of Africa and the conflation of social awareness with consumption practices. This dissertation thus argues that the sign of Africa in the West functions as a humanitarian brand that transforms global suffering into pleasurable media texts and transforms notions of political engagement into click at this page humanitarian gestures.

As Africa is increasingly signaled through celebrity bodies and marketable commodities, Africans themselves virtually disappear as a referent within their own chain of signification.

My link demonstrates how this kind of refusal or negation is indicative of a thoroughly postmodern, abstracted notion of the African continent that encourages problematic forms of philanthropic intervention.

Image Objects: An Archaeology of 3D Computer Graphics, explores the early history of 3D computer graphics and visualization with a focus on the pioneering research center at the University of Utah. The University of Utah is one of buy anthropology dissertation abstract most significant sites in the history of computing, but has been largely neglected by historians and digital media scholars alike. From almost all fundamental principals of modern computer graphics were developed by Utah graduates and faculty, many of whom went on to found some of the most important research and technical organizations of the past fifty years, including Adobe, Pixar, Netscape, and Atari.

The project begins with this history, but looks to pull apart familiar narratives of invention and innovation by engaging the challenges and failures of early research into computer visualization. As such the project is organized around a set of technical and cultural objects of particular significance buy anthropology dissertation abstract the early history buy anthropology dissertation abstract graphics.

Chapter One introduces the project and its research site buy anthropology dissertation abstract the University of Utah, discussing methods, archives, and the history of the Utah program. Chapter Two offers a meditation on questions of buy anthropology dissertation abstract and visibility, structured around the development of the "hidden buy anthropology dissertation abstract algorithm" for graphical display from Chapter Three offers an analysis of memory and materiality through the lens of early graphics hardware, with a focus on the development of the first commercial framebuffer in Chapter Four investigates objects and ontology through an analysis of the "Utah Teapot", a famous graphical click the following article standard developed in and used widely in contemporary software, film, and research demonstrations.

Finally, Chapter Five offers an analysis of language and text through an exploration of the object-oriented paradigm first conceived by Alan Kay at the University of Utah. By looking to the first moments in which visual computing is made possible this project critiques popular narratives that view the digital image as an extension of earlier visual forms, arguing instead that the development of 3D interactive graphics marks the moment at which computer science develops a concern for ontology and the simulation of objects in the world.

Ultimately the project seeks to make the familiar strange, offering a theory of the digital image that refuses a genealogy of the visible. This dissertation investigates the historic conditions of possibility for the emergence of the buy anthropology dissertation abstract name"--i. Bridging gaps between the history of the labor movement, the twentieth-century avant-gardes, and contemporary theories of immaterial labor, the research focuses on collective pseudonyms and "multiple-use names" which make their appearance in Europe and North America at three critical historic junctures: the Industrial Revolution, the shift from Fordism to post-Fordism, and the contemporary emergence of the buy anthropology dissertation abstract society.

By focusing on four different case studies--i. At the same time, the research hows how improper names http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-custom-essay-ghostwriting-service-for-college.php also productive buy anthropology dissertation abstract a crisis in the formation of modern subjectivity as either collective or individual. Wikipedia, "the free encyclopedia anyone can edit," has caught the attention of the world.

In buy anthropology dissertation abstract 1, I argue that Wikipedia is an heir to a twentieth century vision of universal access and goodwill; an idea advocated buy anthropology dissertation abstract H. Wells and Paul Otlet almost a century ago. This vision is inspired by technological innovation--microfilm and index cards then, digital networks today--and driven by the encyclopedic compulsion to capture and index everything known.

In addition, I place Wikipedia within the history of reference works, focusing on their buy anthropology dissertation abstract fervent creators, and the cooperation, competition, and plagiarism encountered in their production. In part 2, I conceptualize Wikipedia as a technologically mediated "open" community; through ethnography I identify the norms, practices and meanings of Wikipedia culture buy anthropology dissertation abstract "Neutral Point of View," good faith, and authorial leadership.

Finally, in part 3 I focus on the masters essay websites ca reception and interpretation of Wikipedia. I argue that in the history of reference works Wikipedia is not alone in serving as a flashpoint for larger social anxieties about technological and social change.

I try to make sense of the social unease embodied in and prompted by Wikipedia by way of four themes present throughout the dissertation: collaborative practice, universal vision, encyclopedic impulse, and technological inspiration. I show that the discourse around Wikipedia reveals concerns about how new forms of technologically mediated content production are changing the role and autonomy of the individual, the authority of existing institutions, and the character and quality of cultural products.

This dissertation examines the history of the American initiative to reorient international journalists in the aftermath of World War II. The project focuses specifically on post-World War II international journalist training programs funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and administered by the American Press Institute API and the International Press Institute IPI.

I argue that at the height of an era in which American journalism claimed its independence and advocated the liberal professional model as an ideal it was ironically bound to the state. My research traces a web of interlocking institutions, people, values, and concepts that make up the high read article era of American journalism, from through the s.

The seminars reveal a kaleidoscopic overlay of motives-from humanitarianism to anti-totalitarianism; from postwar reconstruction to cold war propaganda prophylaxis. American philanthropies buy anthropology dissertation abstract American journalists came to view the professional model of journalism as a legitimate measure to spread democracy and thwart the buy anthropology dissertation abstract spread of totalitarianism. Rather than focus on the effect the seminars had on their buy anthropology dissertation abstract countries, however, this dissertation focuses the way the seminars shed light on the history of American journalism.

This study explores how the foundation-funded seminars contributed to the flowering of the objectivity norm, the genealogy of journalistic professionalism, and the mid-century sense of the heroic journalist. How did mid-century American journalists come to embrace the values of journalistic professionalism and espouse objectivity as a professional buy anthropology dissertation abstract not moral code?

Pitting journalistic professionalism first against the postwar and then the Cold War enemy other made journalistic objectivity and the professional ethos seem heroic. Professional journalists were seen as cultural cold warriors.

This study relies on in-depth archival research conducted at the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, as well as at the American Press Institute. This project adopts a sociologically-inspired approach to media history, and is grounded in the field of media and cultural studies. There are two sites of investigation.

The first is discursive, specifically the documents produced by, and submitted to the FCC related to the shaping, creation, and aftermath of the LPFM policy. The second site of investigation is field based. I examine the operation of 25 LPFM stations located in areas within each region of the U. Even though the Http://asocialnetwork.co/cheap-essay-writers-site-ca.php structured LPFM service by setting clear power, fundraising, and ownership limitations, the everyday efforts of LPFM broadcasters to follow the rules and bring the intentions of localism to fruition produce ambiguous results.

Instead of consistently reproducing communicative dynamics associated with small local communities--familiarity, presence, trustworthiness, loyalty, buy anthropology dissertation abstract practices and comments of LPFM broadcasters point to a contradictory set of attitudes about, sensibilities buy anthropology dissertation abstract, notions of, and buy anthropology dissertation abstract to facilitating local community.

This dissertation explores localism through a variety of lenses. It positions the localism movement as a cultural response to globalization and the post-industrialism. This project is not only about food and branding but about how nostalgia for the late nineteenth or early twentieth century becomes the primary form of these post-industrial practices.

Once a major port and industrial sector and renown for its village-like ethnic neighborhoods, Brooklyn has responded to an economic imperative and transitioned into a post-industrial economy. Its population and neighborhoods have dynamically transformed, largely due to immigrants and rising real estate prices. In Brooklyn, part of one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, the local food movement has emerged in tandem with an buy anthropology dissertation abstract and aesthetic of craftwork, in part, as a response to shift from manufacturing and manual labor to a service economy where much work is considered "immaterial.

It traces the rise of conscious locavore practices nationally, internationally, and in Brooklyn. It interrogates the politics of the local food movement, through discourses and practices of localism and of craftwork within the milieu what has been called "New Brooklyn Cuisine," a subgenre of American Cuisine that has a particular century-old, rustic aesthetic. What is at stake here, in each case, is the question of urban authenticity. This dissertation examines the impact of digital recording technology on the field of music production.

Focusing primarily buy anthropology dissertation abstract the shift from analog tape-based systems to software-based hard drive recording systems also known as digital audio workstations or DAWs buy anthropology dissertation abstract, this dissertation investigates the degree to which this shift in technology has impacted the field in the realms of both professional and hobbyist practitioners.

The study finds that the impact of digital technology has been significant in at least two major ways. First, the particular characteristics of digital technology itself, from its ability to provide for endless tracks of recording, to its powerful capabilities for editing and other sonic manipulation, have led to numerous changes in the working practices of recordists, both professional and hobbyist. Second, the much lower costs associated with digital recording systems have significantly lowered the barriers of entry to buy anthropology dissertation abstract field as a whole, and have facilitated an expansion of the field in terms of increased participation.

This growth top argumentative editing website university turn has led to a growth in the market for providing recording -related equipment, as well as facilitating a variety of new smaller-scale economic opportunities and burgeoning cottage industries.

This dissertation examines the difficulties that Spanish-speaking patients face in obtaining quality health care through the use of a medical interpreter. The dissertation explores the ways that Executive Order a Federal mandate signed by President Clinton in that states that organizations that receive Federal funds must provide "meaningful language access" to all persons--has attempted to encourage culturally competent care in the clinical setting.

Working in exam rooms, waiting rooms, and administrative offices in three clinics in a New York City hospital, I investigate through literary analysis how this well-intentioned mandate has largely fallen short of buy anthropology dissertation abstract objectives--how public policy and the experiences of individual bodies do buy anthropology dissertation abstract always overlap.

This dissertation follows a humanities-based approach to understanding the stories that are told in individual clinical encounters--by the physician in English; by the interpreter who must move words from English to Spanish and back again; and by the Spanish-speaking patient. While the act of translation by definition has traditionally referred to moving written words from one language to another, this dissertation makes the argument that both translation theory and its philosophical companion, hermeneutics, are applicable and, in fact, quite useful for understanding the interpreter-mediated encounter through a narratively minded lens.

The project is an attempt to ask larger questions about the interactions between literature and speech; storytelling and individual bodies; and psychoanalysis and care. This dissertation is about how mainstream U. These three developments, I argue, were pivotal in re-shaping the public sphere from one where relatively few voices and viewpoints prevailed, to one where a greater diversity of voices and viewpoints are considered legitimate, thereby increasing the instances in which no one narrative becomes widely accepted as "truth;" or, stated differently, decreasing the salience of issues or ideas on which a broad majority of Americans are in agreement.

This dissertation finds that mainstream news, with its mandate of objectivity, has increasingly imposed its own logic on a etwa popular article review proofreading services canada diesen world with multiple, often conflicting, voices, while at the same time working to defend against successful challenges to the very institutions on which its own legitimacy rests.

As such it highlights the historical contingency of the practice of journalistic objectivity - how it is indelibly marked by its formation in the crucible of the liberal-centrist twentieth century - and shows how "objective" news has adapted to the epistemological challenges posed by a pluralist and partisan political sphere.

When media scholars study micro-processes of globalization, they usually have in mind pictures of satellite dishes atop buildings of immigrant neighborhoods. But this ethnographic project uses the various stages of citizenship transition as a heuristic category to understand the conflict of subject formations posited between the global city and the national project of creating naturalized citizens.

It reveals how Brazilian immigrants go through the various stages of establishing themselves economically, culturally, and politically in the United States through the pathway to citizenship. I argue that the global city creates servants out of migrants and reinforces a conduct of "undocumentality. Their illegal status generates a specific kind of civil conduct that not only induces unsanctioned behavior but also creates buy anthropology dissertation abstract disaffect from the sense of membership in the polis.

Brazilian immigrants are more bound to their low-wage work status and social position rather than to buy anthropology dissertation abstract formal citizenship status they might buy anthropology dissertation abstract. As a result, the narrative of the American Dream becomes evacuated in face of global dynamics of labor and power. At the same time, nation states have agreed to protect it and other animals on the high seas through the policies adopted by the treaty body known as the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas ICCAT.

This ethnographic study illuminates environmental diplomacy in action, and takes the supply of the high-profile Atlantic bluefin tuna as material to explain how the oceans are governed, by whom, for whom and according to what values and logics. Based on time-series data collected over three years, check this out shows in situ that ICCAT is entangled in a larger universe of international lawmaking, economic development, statecraft, civil society and fisheries science--all to master very mobile things of nature.

The dissertation advances three primary findings. First, red gold and ICCAT co-produced one another, and did so under pressure from click environmentalists and from encroaching international legal instruments.

In the game of marine conservation, delegates worry about the net total of the export quota. Yet in the game of economic development, member states seek to grow their share of the pie. Conservation is calibrated to supplying the market for economic growth, not to creating an ocean full of fish.

Plastics and their chemicals are in every body of water and in every human body. Usual scientific measurements of toxicity, the ability to track contaminants, and causal models fore estimating long-term effects are failing to account for plastic pollution. Like many twenty-first century global environmental problems, plastic pollution seems to be an "impossible" problem because it cannot be solved through methods we have depended on in buy anthropology dissertation abstract past.

Redefining Pollution: Plastics in the Wildargues that efforts to control plastic pollution are failing because plastic pollution exceeds not only regulatory notions of what pollution is and how it works, buy anthropology dissertation abstract also because stakeholders are struggling to find ways to measure, describe, and solve plastic pollution.

The excess of plastic pollution shows how contests over environmental knowledge and what can be said about the world and its objects are waged through definition work and tools of representation. Different groups, from industry lobbyists to breast cancer activists, argue for different and often contradictory definitions of buy anthropology dissertation abstract precautions against plastic pollution. Thus, plastic buy anthropology dissertation abstract is not a merely a technical problem of wayward pollutants, but is also an epistemological problem for the science upon which policy and advocacy depend.

The research begins with a history of how present day regulatory definitions of pollution were created and naturalized, and how plastic is systematically defying them. It moves on to how different public stakeholder groups with environmental and health concerns are challenging definitions previously thought to be the strict prevue of science and government agencies, providing their own notions of and evidence for pollution and hat popular school essay editor service sf select. The work concludes with a critical, scalar framework for accounting for complex socio-environmental problems and how to best align these problems with solutions.

I argue that this criticism deserves buy anthropology dissertation abstract be considered as a crucial aspect in the history of how popular culture gained acceptance as a valid topic for serious intellectual scrutiny. Rock critics at buy anthropology dissertation abstract Voice used their journalism as a means of intervening into the journalistic, political, and cultural debates of the buy anthropology dissertation abstract, and were adamant about the importance of sharing their views with a wide audience, infusing their prose with verve and eros and creating a way to appreciate and think about this music.

To do this, my research traces the history of the Voice in relationship to the tradition of bohemian intellectualism in the Village, the rise of new forms of music in the mid th century and their companion criticism, and the economic, social, and cultural shifts that impacted criticism as it professionalized.

I treat the Voice as a case study to examine how these dynamics transpired over the "long sixties," but also see the paper as a unique publication that fostered these potentialities. Rather than focus on what criticism did buy anthropology dissertation abstract music, the interest of this project lies in considering how rock critics utilized music as an entry point into wider sociopolitical debates. It is frequently characterized as the newest and most dire health crisis for a number of reasons, not least of which is the clear lack of known cause and cure for the disease, but also because of a steady increase in the number of diagnoses among the elderly.

It then explores how a broad range of contemporary representations of the disease contribute to biopolitical formations of cognitive health and identity. This manifests in the social, political, and economic insistence on certain kinds of mental performance as a conditional armature of personhood in the United States. When social buy anthropology dissertation abstract technologies, or "Web 2. This dissertation examines three status-seeking techniques enabled by social media--micro-celebrity, self-branding, and life-streaming--to provide an alternate view.

I argue that Web 2. These status-seeking techniques constitute technologies of subjectivity which encourage people to apply free-market buy anthropology dissertation abstract to the buy anthropology dissertation abstract of social life. Drawing from discourses of celebrity, branding, and public relations, I describe three self-presentation strategies people adopt within social media applications to gain status, attention and visibility. Based on fieldwork in the San Francisco technology scene fromI identify and describe these status-seeking techniques, how they are experienced, and their implications.

Micro-celebrity involves creating a persona, performing intimate connections to create the illusion of closeness, scholarship essay ghostwriter website an audience and viewing them as fans, and using strategic reveal of information to maintain interest.

In a group of lifestreamers, the digital instantiation of personal information through buy anthropology dissertation abstract media creates a rich backdrop of social information to be scrutinized. Self-branding is the strategic creation of identity to be promoted and sold for enterprise purposes, promoted by self-help gurus and career strategists. These self-presentation strategies involve the creation of an edited self that can be safely viewed by a networked audience consisting of friends, family members, and co-workers.

This self requires constant self-surveillance and monitoring and has real emotional affects, which constitute immaterial emotional labor. Social media website custom presentation liverpool writer thus undergirded by the neoliberal values of the Northern San Francisco tech scene. This dissertation applies the diverse conceptual outgrowths of these contemporary engagements with Aristotelian thought to the study of media and mediation.

This objective is pursued in three distinct but related ways. In its first three chapters, which are primarily theoretical in nature, the project develops a hylomorphic metaphysical system that centers upon the motif of mediation. In its fourth and fifth chapter, which are focused on empirical content, it applies this system to the analysis of multi-modal texts and products of the current see more landscape.

Throughout both of these broad sections, the project also develops and demonstrates a uniquely critical approach to hylomorphic thought, one which fuses modified Aristotelian concepts with post-Marxist approaches to cultural studies.

Taken together, Chapters incorporate a number of influences from Aristotle and other, more contemporary thinkers into more info metaphysical system.

Applying the method developed in the previous chapter to the famous real-time strategy videogame entitled StarCraft, this chapter analyzes the manner in which the game mediates specific elements of Cold War-era defense ideation and military-industrial economics. The conclusion then summarizes the arguments and findings, and proposes further applications.

My dissertation argues that bright and vibrant hues have been dominant in the American landscape throughout the twentieth century. I trace the tensions between innovation and technical constraint, focusing on collaborations between American artists, engineers, and scientists. My chapters include analyses of the attempts to harness a standardized film stock in the s; the development of fluorescent pigments in the s; the adaptation of "rational aesthetics"; and the use of color in computer art in the s.

My concluding chapter on a new genre of saturated media--which I term "The Photoshop Cinema"--demonstrates that the history of synthetic color has been foundational in the formation of contemporary media. Internationally, and increasingly in the United States, educators are realizing that the revolutionary twentieth- and twenty-first century changes in human communication technologies require a change or expansion of the definition of "literacy" to include "media literacy.

Similarly, although US reform initiatives frequently enter school cultures through formal teacher education, media education has not become a significant dimension of US teacher education curricula either. Although advocates of buy anthropology dissertation abstract education reform make several arguments for why media education should be incorporated into K curricula and into the teacher education curriculum, there has been little research into how media education might be successfully integrated into US curricula or, conversely, why this integration has been unsuccessful thus far.

This study examines five cases in which university-based media educators have endeavored to achieve the integration of media education and teacher education, interrogating both the content of their reform agendas and the context in which these agendas are carried out, in order to uncover dimensions of school culture that facilitate or constrain reform.

This comparative case study suggests that structural elements of university cultures play a greater role in the success of reform than the strength of any given reform agenda. Accordingly, the author concludes that advocates of media education reform-or any school buy anthropology dissertation abstract agenda-might benefit from building "reform knowledge," a base of professional knowledge that includes an awareness that school change necessitates culture change, a thorough understanding of organizational theory, and a detailed knowledge of the local context s where reform is to be accomplished.

This dissertation is an ethnographic study buy anthropology dissertation abstract the socio-political and economic contexts, ideologies, and activism of documentary filmmaking in post Nehruvian India. In doing so, it asks: in what ways does the social world of documentary film open up new possibilities for political engagement and social transformation? And, how do documentary filmmakers reimagine and buy anthropology dissertation abstract discourses about the national public sphere and citizenship in India in a time of "globalization?

Focusing on the Campaign against Censorship, in which filmmakers directly confronted the state over the censorship of their films, it explores the ways in which the "censorship debates" among filmmakers foregrounded questions of activist ideologies, form, and the aesthetics of political filmmaking.

These questions were inextricably linked with histories in which documentary filmmaking has been deployed within "nation-building" projects and as activist tools in social movements in postcolonial India. I show how this legacy continues to define documentary buy anthropology dissertation abstract, even as filmmakers attempt to rearticulate and question buy anthropology dissertation abstract histories in the context of shifts in markets, audiences, and technologies that redefined the terrain of political activism in post-liberalization India.

Even as collective action on censorship stalled amidst internal dissensions, these critical debates took vital, material form within the rapid proliferation of documentary film festivals in the country.

Converging through multiple, divergent screening histories, these publics embodied a social imagination based on ideals of collectivity, inclusiveness, and an abiding ethical commitment, and marked the unpredictable borders of political possibility in contemporary India. The goal of this buy anthropology dissertation abstract is to present a thorough analysis of the current buy anthropology dissertation abstract between television and politics in Italy, with a special emphasis on the circulation of political communication through entertainment genres, specifically talk shows, parody news, and reality TV, all of which increasingly function as spaces for political communication.

While until recently these buy anthropology dissertation abstract were not considered relevant outlets of political content, over the past few years a growing body of both international and Italian academic scholarship has given more careful consideration to the representation of political themes and subjects by entertainment programs.

This dissertation investigates the manner in which television entertainment programs provide distinct conditions for the articulation of political communication, by influencing the types of languages, issues and subjects that are allowed into the public sphere.

Unlike genres traditionally associated with the coverage of politics on television - such as newscasts, public affairs programs and political debates - entertainment programs tend to favor an emotional and dramatized political discourse, often emphasizing the personal traits of the political actors involved.

This new arena for political communication has been actively buy anthropology dissertation abstract by political actors, who are more and more likely to pursue appearances during entertainment programs, increasingly regarded as valuable opportunities of buy anthropology dissertation abstract and connection with their constituents.

In this dissertation, Italy serves as a special case deserving extended investigation, because of its unique recent political history that led to an unparalleled conflation between the sphere of television and the political system, as embodied by current Prime Minister and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi. The freedom to move through both physical and intellectual space resonates within many of the fundamental values and aspirations of American culture, including free and open inquiry, personal autonomy, and liberty.

These values are articulated in various spheres where freedom of mobility--both physical and intellectual--is typically enjoyed, ranging from the open highways, public libraries, and the Internet.

New information and communication technologies are frequently designed to foster increased mobility within these spheres. Web search engines, for example, have emerged as a vital and increasingly ubiquitous tool for the successful navigation of the growing online informational sphere. While intended to enhance intellectual mobility, this dissertation will reveal that the quest for the perfect search engine is actually a Faustian bargain: While designed to foster increased navigation within our spheres of mobility, the search for the perfect search engine also empowers the widespread capture of personal information flows across the Internet.

Working within the methodological framework of value-conscious design, this dissertation will engaging in a conceptual investigation of the relevant values that might be supported or diminished by the design of the perfect search engine, as well as a technical investigation of the design features of the perfect search engine itself, thereby contributing to future pragmatic attempts to design the perfect search engine in order to protect the values traditionally enjoyed in our spheres of mobility.

The medium at the heart of the most public and politically charged of these debates, instigating often violent cultural contestations and clashes between "Islamists", "moderates", and others, is television. My dissertation examines the production and consumption of three of the most popular and controversial genres on Afghan television: buy anthropology dissertation abstract dramatic serials, political satire, and reality television.

Together they represent the key frameworks for the tele-visual worlds that are shaping the political landscape of Afghanistan in their negotiations for power: the state, buy anthropology dissertation abstract private sector, and foreign national and transnational buy anthropology dissertation abstract. The late twentieth century brought a rise of new techniques for interacting with information related to the development of the human-computer interface.

A subset of these interface technologies, haptic interfaces, attempted to convey informatic to computer users through touch-based cues, such as vibrations, generated by the machine. At the same time, the development of techniques for manipulating electricity involved forging an intimate relationship between touch and electricity; tactile shock was used as a method to reveal the presence of electricity.

When electricity was used as a medical therapeutic, shock had to be skillfully applied by physicians; these physicians mediated and narrated the relationship between electricity and touch. I then provide a thorough account of the spaces in which the haptic developed as a formal area of scientific enquiry in the twentieth century, showing how this body of knowledge was applied beginning in the s to the design of systems intended to translate first sounds and later images into machine-generated tactile sensations.

Using this strategy, I situate haptic go here as part of a broader continuum intended to make touch a channel through which formalized, symbolic information can be transmitted to subjects, in the process colonizing touch with buy anthropology dissertation abstract of informatics. All of this is intended to frame touch not as a mode of experience left behind by discourses of modernity, but rather one radically implicated in it.

Excavating this model of tactility allows the haptic to come into view as a product of historically-specific conversations about touch that attempted to provide it with a new use-value in a changing economy of perception. I end Touch Machines with a site-specific examination of contemporary haptic interfaces, and attempt buy anthropology dissertation abstract provide a buy anthropology dissertation abstract for future research both by myself and other interested scholars.

Touch Machines therefore serves to define a new terrain within which to buy anthropology dissertation abstract the relationship between discourses about touch, mediation and modernity. Group Center organized art exhibitions, lectures and jazz shows and Black Mask produced an eponymous Dada-influenced broadside and participated widely in anti-war agitation.

These groups also persistently performed actions against the art world, including protests against the Museum of Modern Art, Lincoln Center, and even the New York School poets.

This dissertation argues that such protests were aimed at the institutionalization of culture, but also at the very logic of representation.

In addition, this web page dissertation traces the connections between these collectives and a broad range of art practices in which they were engaged, including televisual art, a nascent "expanded cinema" scene, Intermedia, art practices surrounding Judson Memorial Church, a radical theater scene surrounding the anarchist Living Theatre, early Minimalism and the Black Arts Movement.

While the groups that form http://asocialnetwork.co/top-dissertation-methodology-ghostwriting-service-nyc.php core of this study eventually rejected art practice in favor of "the real" of on-the-ground activism, I argue that the negotiations between politics and form entailed by their earlier aesthetic experimentalism were constitutive of the anti-representational politics they would later embody.

Over the past decade, video games have been commercially substantiated as a mass medium, addressing an increasingly broad audience.

With the sudden explosion of mobile platforms and social network games, hundreds of millions of users now play video games. Yet, it buy anthropology dissertation abstract few industry developers pay heed to the impact video games have on the day-to-day lives of their players, as they continue to design games primarily for economic profit.

As both media and technology, however, video games are imbued with ethical, political, and social values expressed through the various components of the games themselves.

In this dissertation, I seek to examine how these human values are expressed in video games by buy anthropology dissertation abstract on four layers of the video game: rules, fiction, platform, and kinesthetic. By negotiating how each of these layers is expressive of human values, I explain how video games are capable of uniquely communicating ethics and politics through the intricacies of their complex design, including the more commonly analyzed sites buy anthropology dissertation abstract the visual, aural, and narrative, as well as rule sets, code, buy anthropology dissertation abstract input mechanisms.

In my case studies on melodrama, proceduralized gender, and gunplay, I also examine some of values communicated by popular industry video games thus far, understanding what values and ideologies these seemingly frivolous media artifacts operate by and communicate in toto. This dissertation examines several contemporary East Coast theater projects buy anthropology dissertation abstract, in pursuit of individual communitarian missions, self-consciously evoke "populist" cultural forms of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, namely vaudeville, Chautauqua, and American folk music.

Through a series of case studies, I explore how contemporary cultural practices emerge from a precarious encounter between modernist aesthetics and various technical, social, and economic pressures, from the rise of digital recording and processing technologies to shifts in local real-estate markets to the changing priorities of funding agencies.

Combining ethnographic and archival research with practice-based research attained in the field of theatrical production as playwright performer and theatrical producer, I argue that these contemporary creative communities try, and ultimately fail, to overcome the contradictions of post-millennial cultural production through a return to traditional forms.

To the extent to which they do succeed, however, they do so by consciously looking past romantic and ideological notions of "community" to the material practices and social processes that constitute historical change. This work, then, contributes to account of American theater history attuned less to movements, canons, stars and spectacles than to the challenges of participatory action and the necessity of historical memory within the extended moment of American neoliberalism.

NYU Steinhardt - Media, Culture, and Communication - Greene Street, 8th Floor, New York. NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. Please click on a dissertation title to view the abstract. An Art of Ambivalence: On Jean Rouch, African Cinema, and the Complexities of the Post colonial Encounter.

News and Upcoming Events. MCC in Hong Kong. Message from the Chair.

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