Content editing for hire australia Content editing for hire australia

Content editing for hire australia

Editors for Hire - Post Contact Info Here. Dec 18, PM. Dec 24, PM. I also offer editing for what I think are reasonable rates. I also am happy to beta read for fellow authors as time allows, and I don't charge for that. Jan 12, PM. I'm the author of Finding Lucas, but when I'm not writing, I'm a professional editor. Jan 14, AM. Jan 16, AM. Jan 17, AM. I've been a freelance editor for several of the Big Six, but recently I started my own an editing company focusing on indie authors.

Just like many authors have become frustrated with the politics within the publishing industry, many editors feel the same way. Gone are the days of Maxwell Perkins. Publishers no longer assign an editor to a book who will work closely with an author to refine and revise their work. I thrive on the hands on interaction with my authors and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to branch out on my own. I've worked with several indie authors that have made it to Amazon's Top List as well as The New York Times Best Seller List.

I have a keen eye for detail and I pretty content editing for hire australia live, breath, and dream grammar. A pathetic existence, I know. I have a BFA in Creative Writing from Yale University and a MA in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College.

If you're interested, content editing for hire australia visit my website. Feb 26, AM. I'm new to the group. I also provide freelance editing services. Content editing for hire australia been helping authors since Dec. My website is www. Mar 02, PM. Thanks for creating the thread!

Mar 05, AM. I can attest to Max's amazing but brutal red pen. She is always able to pick out small details that can make a content editing for hire australia better or are giving too much away. Every time I get edits from her she teaches me something new about the English language. Mar 05, PM. I don't know if I content editing for hire australia post here or not.

I'm not an editor, but I do freelance ebook formatting for both Smashwords and Amazon. I format all of Anchor Group Publishing's books for Smashwords as well.

I have a fast turn around time, tell you any changes that have to be made to satisfy the Smashwords premium catalog requirement and keep you in the loop. Mar 09, PM. Dec 09, AM. If you've tried to edit your own writing I'm sure you've found it's very difficult.

You end up reading what you meant to write instead of what's written. You need to have someone look at your work before it's published or you run the risk of having a reviewer "slam" you on Amazon. I'm a published author and have done professional editing. I will proofread your document and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

I will also find awkward sentence structure and suggest corrections. Using the "Track Changes" feature in Word, I will send you the completed document with all changes made and the document for you to "accept" or "decline" each change. If you would like an example of my editing, send me the first words of your document and I'll edit them for free.

I look forward to working with you. Jun 14, AM. Content editing for hire australia am a freelance editor with eight years' experience working in small press. I also run Paper Road Press, a boutique publisher of genre fiction - our first release, a collection of horror short stories, recently won two gongs at the Australian Shadows Awards.

You can content editing for hire australia my rates, and content editing for hire australia of books I have worked on, at www.

Jul 14, PM. Hi all, I'm a freelance editor with content editing for hire australia as a ghostwriter and indie author myself. I'm also a Ph. For developmental editing, I dig the historical fiction and stuff with real-world or sociological ties as well. However, I've copyedited in most genres and am always just looking for a good book to love on. You can find me at Fixie Edits. Sep 17, PM. I have done line editing for women's literature, fantasy, horror, and science fiction works.

However, I'm very open to all genres. Oct 04, PM. My obsession with cleaning up manuscripts, my love for detail, and my healthy relationship with writing have finally culminated into a grande finale obvious to many of my friends for years: I have decided to start editing books. I feel like Content editing for hire australia just confessed ; I am a writer myself, and I give the kind of service I would like to get: personalized and supportive.

I am both encouraging and will underline all the positive in a manuscript, and honest in that I will tell you what can be improved. I will also mark the difference between what should be changed as per article source standards and what I personally think might improve your manuscript.

I have edited a couple of young adults and women's fiction books my favorites! I have two options: heavy or basic editing. Please contact me at saharsblog gmail. Oct 09, AM. Thank you for the opportunity to share my services. I offer Crossroads Editing Service. Although I will edit Word files upon request, I prefer to edit hard copies of manuscripts.

That way I can jot down thoughts and make corrections as they occur to me and it adds a special personal touch to my service. Many content editing for hire australia charge separate fees for content editing and line editing. Clients will receive a lengthy editorial letter offering my overall thoughts on content, structure, characterization, pacing, dialogue, setting, and other elements of the story. In addition, I will also do some line editing, make notes of areas that could benefit from further clarification, and point out grammar and spelling mistakes on the actual manuscript pages.

Be prepared to see a lot of handwriting all content editing for hire australia your manuscript! However, you will see sentences tightened, repetitive words and cliches circled, suggestions for stronger verbs, and comments in the margins.

My specialties are adult mystery and suspense novels, romance, chick lit, contemporary fiction, middle grade, and young adult. Repeat clients receive 10 percent off the first edit of each new manuscript, both hard copy and Word files. I also offer a referral bonus. Clients who use my hard copy service receive a discount on rereads of revised manuscripts.

Oct 31, PM. I'm new to the business, but you can be assured that I will be honest and go above and beyond to make sure your book is polished. Nov 14, AM. Emma Edits emma emmaedits. Dec 25, PM. My name is Sara, and I'm a freelance editor and independent author. I currently offer copy editing and proofreading services. Or you can email me: sara. Jan 14, PM.

Metamorphosis Editing Services is opening click here for Beta Reading and Editing from February on! Take a look at the site and email us if you have any questions! Email us: Professional presentation writers site nyc gmail. Feb 18, AM. I have written 10 books. I also work as a freelance editor, and my services are available at reasonable prices.

Please check out my website www. Feb 25, AM. I've been freelance editing for almost a decade now and thought I'd offer my services up here to spread the word and help out if anyone's in need. Mar 31, PM. I'm an indie author and the head editor over at Metamorphosis editing services. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and professional editing for authors! We edit everything from small to large, fiction, non fiction, poetry, blog posts, and literature review writers services Please take a second to check out our website and email us with any questions.

Apr 14, AM. My services include the following: Critique Evaluations - this is content editing for hire australia I read through your story highlighting any potential problem areas and assessing the overall readability.

It is similar to a beta-read only more in depth. Generally I attempt to send you updates throughout the read-through content editing for hire australia an overall report at the end, however I can alter the correspondence in virtually any way that suits you.

Developmental Editing — This is performed while your work is still young. Here, I will collaborate with you to ensure your manuscript develops with the intention, voice and style that you seek to obtain. I make suggestions on readability, character development, content, use of content editing for hire australia and sensory description, narrative voice, pacing, and language. I will work with you answering any queries and brainstorming whenever you require content editing for hire australia. I do not correct grammar or spelling at this stage as it is too early in the process to do so correctly.

I focus on refining your writing, re-ordering and restructuring in order to tighten the story and improve readability, clarity and accuracy. I alert you to any inconsistencies regarding plot, character development and speech.

I assist you with your language usage and in creating believable dialogue and plotline. Copy Editing is basically line editing and it corrects grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, etc. I will suggest alternative words or sentences if I believe they will work towards your purposes better.

Obviously though, if you only want one or the other completed I can do this for you read article. Proofreading — I do offer proofreading services as well which is basically a final run through of your manuscript at its completion to ensure there are no obvious errors and that content editing for hire australia mark ups from editing have been applied.

I do not like to proofread something that I have just edited however as I am usually too close to the work to perform the proofread correctly. Please keep in mind though that I make the suggestions; it is ultimately your work and you will always have the final say.

Before we commence with any edit I will ask for you to provide me with a sample of pages from content editing for hire australia middle of your manuscript depending on the length of your work.

I will edit this and then return it to you so that you may see my results. You will receive from me a letter of agreement and an invoice for half the payment with the other half paid at completion. Unlike some other services I prefer to stay in touch demselben popular critical analysis essay ghostwriter website australia CrossRef you throughout the edit and collaborate with you fully.

Prices do vary on the amount of work to be performed and the edit type chosen however range from 0. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to arrange an edit or you have any further questions please email me at deathsdownindixie gmail. I look forward to talking to you soon. Apr 19, AM. Feel free to hit me up: www. Jul 26, PM. Hello authors and editors! I'm a freelance editor who loves working with indie authors, so drop by www. There's info on my site about the different types of editing I do, and I'm always happy to discuss your work with you and help to figure out exactly what suits your needs best.

Aug 06, AM. Thanks for the opportunity to join this thread! It's a tough, tough business click shrinking book market, and understanding publishing and smart positioning is necessary for article source as an author.

Please find out more at Dallowayeditorial. Sep 30, PM. Tautology Authors Services offers a full suite of services specifically for indie and self-published authors. My services include: -- Various levels content editing for hire australia editing for all genres of fiction and many nonfiction topics -- Writing Coaching, for those who could use some guidance and support on their journey to write and publish their project Check out my services, rates and availability today: www.

Let me help you get your book ready for publication. Oct 15, AM. I'm a freelance editor who has worked successfully on 5 full length novels and 2 novella's as a developmental editor and copy-editor.

I have also proofread various novels and am in the process of editing a soon-to-be released debut novel. I am currently booking for the rest of the year. I'm running a special offer for authors who decide to work with me from now through Christmas.

Not only will I do a free sample edit of any pages of your manuscript, but if you choose to work with me, an additional 4 pages or words will also be free of charge. I generally charge per content editing for hire australia, but I know a a lot of indie authors do not have a big budget for editing, so authors can request a quote for both per page and per word fees.

I will then sign off on the cheaper quotation. I respect the author's voice and only do rewrites with the author's permission. I have 2 spots available for October, 4 in November and 5 in December. I am an editor. I do have my indie clients, and I also work for several mid-size presses. I stay pretty booked, but I do have times when more work is welcome. I CAN edit anything, and do, but apocalypses are my faves. Nov 19, AM. From the 19th of November to the 23rd of December, I'm running a special low-rate, flat fee on my proofreading services.

Need something proofread in a hurry? I can promise a fast turnaround time and quality work. Contact me at moniquetheeditrix gmail. Nov 23, PM. I'm Dori Harrell, owner of Breakout Editing, and I give authors a competitive edge.

Free sample edits of 10 pages serious inquiries only. My client list includes indie authors, best-selling authors, and publishers. I content editing for hire australia fiction multiple genres, but no erotica and nonfiction specialize in memoirsand I offer content editing, copyediting, and proofreading services.

I'm skilled with Chicago Manual of Style and AP style guides, and committed to my turnaround times. Feel free to check out my testimonials and extensive portfolio content editing for hire australia my website.

As a writer, I understand authors. Their works are their babies. I know you want to publish your book with confidence, and it's my mission to provide suggestions for well-structured, error-free manuscripts that give authors a competitive edge. Select titles I've edited: The Dreamer ; The Divide ; Hey Big Spender ; The Isaac Project ; Krewe of Souls.

Dec 15, AM. I still have 3 spots left for this offer. Jan 10, PM. I provide the following services currently: content editing on all genres of fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction and memoirs, proofreading, and ebook design and formatting for both fiction and nonfiction. I've edited bestselling authors and debut authors alike. My main goal in editing is to help authors create their best possible book and to grow as a writer.

I care about the future of my authors, not just the manuscript I'm working on. Because of that, I like to let my authors know that I'm here for them, even when I'm not physically editing a book. Rates are dependent on each individual project, but are based on the EFA's current editorial rates. General factors include the scope of work, word count, genre, special requests, and your budget.

If I sound like a good fit, I'd love to hear from you. Jan 22, AM. Need a professional edit at low rates? I'm a fully qualified editor with a degree and over ten years of experience, ready to help you polish your book into a sleek, professional product sure to impress readers. All lengths and genres, all levels of editing. Feb 29, PM. I have a degree in Creative and Professional Writing and experience with using Track Changes and applying style guides particularly the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition.

This includes in-manuscript comments and a separate, multi-page write-up. Free word line editing here content editing for hire australia available upon request. Nikki wrote: "Hi, guys!

We edit everything from sm The editor, Nikkie Rae, had changed my sentences, adding new verbs without highlighting the previous verbs to be deleted leading to a grammatical disaster.

There were several misspells on her part and my main request that was proofreading was never achieved. Instead sheafter I saw the book and protested, kept coming back at me with passive aggressive comments and insults to me and to my book. I spent several weeks proof reading the book to clean up the mess. Well you can't advertise or get reviews when in that situation, can you?

She cost me several months, wrecked my nerves on top of taking my money. Just letting you know. Mar 10, AM. If you're looking for a friendly, affordable editor with a keen eye for detail, Content editing for hire australia your gal.

You can contact me at moniquetheeditrix gmail. Mar 17, PM. I am new to this group. I'd like to reach out to authors of books for young readers, particularly LGBTQIA authors and PoC. I love working with new authors! As an editor at a major publishing house, I saw firsthand how the status quo would be hard to change.

I want to make things better in my own way: by working with authors to ensure high-quality diverse books are available for all kinds of kids from all kinds of families. My background is in children's bookselling but I've been in the publishing industry for 6 years. I try to be as transparent as possible by offering one flat per-project fee so authors are never left with an unexpectedly high invoice. I'm happy to furnish references, sample edits, and titles I've worked on as a content editing for hire australia editor, production editor, and literary agent assistant.

I may be willing to work for pickles ; Name: Jill Saginario Company: Pickle Ink Editorial Services Website: www. Apr 04, AM. I offer quality work at reasonable prices. I will help you whip your manuscript into shape, going over it with a fine-toothed comb, all while never straying from your unique author voice.

After having rearranged my schedule to best suit some of my return clients' needs, I find myself with 3 spots open for April. I also do not accept manuscript that feature vivid descriptions and details of drowning or near-drowning. Apr 11, PM.

I'm a freelance copy editor editor who http://asocialnetwork.co/creative-writing-writers-websites-gb.php working with indie authors, so please drop by www. I am actively seeking new fiction clients to expand my business and would content editing for hire australia to discuss your work with you and provide a free sample edit to help us both see if we'd make a good content editing for hire australia As an avid reader, writer, and editor, I understand just how much goes into the writing process in order to deliver a polished novel.

I offer converting your Word document into any format to content editing for hire australia all e-reader devices. EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PDF, jeden buy phd essay on hacking macht Simply name the ones you want. This also includes meeting Kindle and CreateSpace guidelines. Lastly, I recommend a final proofread after any modifications have been made but that's your own choice. Contact me via e-mail xoxstellabonanno hotmail.

May 02, AM. BOOK EDITOR AVAILABLE FOR YOU I am a voracious reader with five years editing experience, making me the perfect editor for you. As well as my editing experience, I run my own tutoring business helping students from age 6 through to university age better grasp the nuances of the English language while focusing on creating flawless copy.

I understand that you want to make sure your novel is impeccable. I want to help you reach that goal. I have a keen eye for detail. I have an exceptional grasp of grammatical conventions, and content editing for hire australia be able to detect spelling errors, punctuation, as well make suggestions on how to correct any plot weakness. I can suggest rewrites and even give suggestions that you are able to accept or content editing for hire australia after all the work is yours and must belong to you.

I am presently seeking: YA authors Romance authors contemporary Erotica authors I have reasonable rates; we can work on an hourly wage or flat rate. My turn around time is extremely quick. Please feel free to content editing for hire australia me clareflockton me. May 02, PM. Are you looking for a voracious reader who can tell you the content editing for hire australia, bad and ugly of your next novel's plot, storyline, characters and voice?

Are you desperately content editing for hire australia a dedicated grammar Nazi who will cut, clean and refine your work into near-perfect publishing shape? Well, your search is over. I also have experience in free beta reading for fellow authors in the past, and I've been on the Editorial team of my school and college magazines.

I've worked on over 27 short stories and novels in a span of three months. The services I'm offering are: - Beta reading I will get back to you within two weeks with a full beta read report regarding any plot holes, inconsistencies, character development, plot structure, and my personal opinion.

If you're interested, please email me at geekiechicblog gmail. I will get back to you with my rates. Looking forward to working with you soon! May 03, PM. May 04, AM. Are you looking for someone to whip your manuscript into shape?

I've content editing for hire australia rave testimonials from all my clients. I currently have four spots open in May, since content editing for hire australia fast turnaround time cleared some of my schedule. I edit a range of genres, though I tend to focus more on erotica and romance.

Pop me an email at content editing for hire australia gmail. Jun 15, AM. Hi all, This is a great idea! I am a freelance editor with five years experience both in-house at indie publishers and as an independent editor. I am an intermediate member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and I make sure I keep my skills honed with their training courses and resources. Do feel free to get in touch with queries! Search for a book to add a reference. Flagging a post will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review.

We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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First, clarify what kind of assistance you seek. Does your content need a substantive edit, copyediting, or proofreading? Substantive editing involves intensive attention to plotting, narrative, characterization, tone, and other holistic factors for fiction, and organization, logic, and effective messaging in marketing communications or other content editing for hire australia. If you believe the content is basically sound, but you believe it needs revision for grammar, usage, style, and punctuation, find a copy editor.

But realize this: You can probably get away without a substantive edit, but content that has been proofread but not copyedited is probably substandard. Next, consider the parameters of the assignment. Is the project a single book, or a content editing for hire australia of essays to be assigned over a matter of weeks, or an ongoing collection of articles for a Web site? Whoever you hire will want to know your time frame. Do you expect the assignment to be returned in weeks, days, or hours?

Will it be delivered, and is it to be returned, all at once, or piecemeal? Next, decide how you will compensate the editor. Will you pay by the hour, by the project a flat feeor by the page? Most editors work with an hourly rate, which is the fairest and the most effective, because it allows the editor content editing for hire australia do their best work.

You can, of course, specify a cap on how many hours the editor is allowed to bill for. And how will you pay? By check, or money order? By PayPal, or another online service? Some editors may ask for a percentage of the total payment up front or after you receive a specified proportion of the edited material.

You can ask the editor to complete a sample paid edit of one chapter or please click for source single article that you evaluate before approving them to complete the assignment. Now, where popular curriculum editor website phd you find an editor?

You can post physical or virtual notes in your area to solicit local teachers or English majors, but though they may be an economical choice, teachers and English majors are not necessarily good editors. You can put projects up for bid on Web sites like Guru. Employment sites such as Media Bistro are effective for finding media professionals but not content editing for hire australia much for obtaining help with fiction projects or small-scale assignments, and posting employment listings can be pricey.

Alternatively, many freelance esl essay editing sites university advertise their services on their own Web sites.

Once again, geographical location is largely irrelevant. Content editing for hire australia remember, proofreading without copyediting is a risky shortcut. As you can see, hiring an editor is an expensive content editing for hire australia. An experienced substantive editor could end up billing you a few hundred dollars for helping you craft a 2,word article for a specialized publication. Even having some Web pages proofread can easily become a three-figure expenditure.

But consider the return on investment: A literary agent is content editing for hire australia with your tight, cleanly written prose. A periodical accepts your clear, concise, confident technical article.

Your typo-free Web site which your proofreader has also improved with some apt suggestions about format and design attracts visitors, who may also become customers. When there is a match, the process is infinitely smoother, faster and less frustrating. Thank you for posting this and helping clarify the different types of edits.

I must admit I have never hired an editor before for any of my work. But I have had a few of them do sample edits and I was quite impressed. Truly, every writer needs an editor. They not only improve content editing for hire australia quality of your work, but also provide help in areas that you never knew or considered.

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors take readers out of the reading experience by content editing for hire australia attention to the errors rather than the message.

Editors find and fix those errors. Errors can make the writer appear uneducated and unprofessional. Content editing for hire australia correction is just one level of editing. Sentences, paragraphs, and pages need to work together. If key points are missing, buried, or unclear, readers may not keep reading.

The only thing content editing for hire australia made me raise a brow, though, is that it costs seventy-five dollars to post a job listing on Craigslist. That sounds like a lot. Let me just defend our breed by saying that we correct a lot more than simply typographical errors.

Most of us do a sort of copy editing, really. In other words, I question everything. We proofreaders are usually the last pay to nursing letter of defense between a work and final print. Thank you for posting this informative piece and for making the distinction between 1 substantive editing, 2 copyediting, and 3 proofreading.

As you pointed out, location is not necessarily an issue when it comes to this kind of work, and much of it is done remotely.

I am a freelance copyeditor and proofreader, and so far, the only contact I have had with clients both publishing houses and individuals has been online. How right you are that editing is not the place to cut corners. Publishers and agents receive far too many manuscripts to bother with those that are poorly presented. Paying a qualified editor is not a cost; it is an investment. If you need someone knowledgeable about Christian texts and markets content editing for hire australia fiction and non-fictionI recommend the Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network thechristianpen.

Editors are grouped by specialty so that you can easily find the type and level of editing or proofing you need. Many editors, like myself, do ask for an up-front fee, at least from first-time clients; it helps weed out prospects who are not very serious.

Ask a lot of questions and get everything in writing. Ask for references and or testimonials. Gone are the days when crotchety editors wielded their authority with the venomous flick of content editing for hire australia red pen.

Editing is an art and a business; writers are our clients—our bread and butter. Yes, writers, you should go with your gut when hiring an editor, and no, the process should not break the bank. Hundreds of highly talented professionals charge fair fees for editorial work that content editing for hire australia exceed your expectations.

Cassie mentioned the Editorial Freelancers Association thanks, Cassie! An hourly rate for an editor is fair only for the editor. People read at different rates, daydream at different rates, and never ever take the same amount of time to make a pot of coffee. I know the importance of having a good editor, but I think sometimes freelancers abuse of the enthusiasm of indiewriters. I paid a fortune in developmental, line editing and proofread with a team of freelancers because I was determined to make a good impression with my debut novel.

When the first reviews came and complained of the editing I cried for days. Finally they agreed to revise, but they only revised at proofreading stage even if there were plenty of errors that should have been found at the line editing stage. I kept finding errors, and so did my Amazon reviewers so I asked for a refund, but they only refunded the money I paid for proofreading.

Never trust an editor who charges per hour. I found fantastic editors on Fiverr and College students from my local university. I hired a total of 56editors for my manuscript that cost half the content editing for hire australia I had paid originally. They took a chunk of the manuscript each and revised not only my mistakes, but also the work of the other editors.

They were very thorough and determined to not be the ones who gave content editing for hire australia wrong suggestion or overlook a mistake. They also work faster. Someone with a hawk learn more here will spot a typo in a chunk piece in less than an hour.

I charge per project, as I think per-hour makes authors nervous. And definitely, definitely, get a sample content editing for hire australia first! Any editor worth their red pen will content editing for hire australia this for free. That sample should give you an idea of their skill and what your manuscript will look like in the end. That just pains me to read! You content editing for hire australia get what you pay for.

I have found that some of the bargain freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork are a race to the bottom of the barrel. Investigate their ability before you content editing for hire australia to give them your money. If an editor has made the effort to join, you know they take their job seriously.

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Subscribers get access to our exercise archives, writing courses, writing jobs and much more! You'll trial best blog post writing services sf combinations get three bonus ebooks completely free!

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Thanks for sharing this! Lauren Pure Text on August 20, pm. Linda M Au on August 20, pm. Just my two cents as a long-time proofreader for various publishers and authors!

Cassie Tuttle on August 20, pm. Julie on More info 21, am. Patrick Sullivan on August 21, pm. Rebecca on August 22, am. Jody Rein on August 26, pm. Barbara Bigelow on September 02, pm. Grumpywhinyoldman on September 06, am. A bit late, I know, but someone just might read this.

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