BibMe lets you easily and automatically create advertisement, bible, blog / podcast, broadcast, brochure, cartoon / comic, chapter / anthology, conference proceedings. Marko Kloos is the author of the Frontlines series of military Science Fiction and a member of George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards consortium. Born and raised in.

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Jessica Arnold has sworn she will never try skydiving, but she also said she wouldn't ever write dissertation chapter writers site sf book and look how that turned visit web page. Her first novel, Dissertation chapter writers site sf Looking Glass Month9Books, Januaryis about a girl who finds herself trapped in a haunted hotel and has to solve a decades-old mystery to save her own life.

A passionate publishing nerd, Jessica's day job is at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where she is a digital production associate working on cookbooks. Because of this she always has more recipes to try than she has time for and more beautiful books than she has bookshelves to hold.

But such dissertation chapter writers site sf life. She has a master's degree in publishing and writing from Emerson College. You can find out more about her at www. Kristen Ashley has published over 30 books since she started publishing in March of Goodreads and Amazon describes them as "addictive" and a typical review dissertation chapter writers site sf one dissertation chapter writers site sf at Tough Critic Book Reviews might describe her books as "crack laced in heroine dipped in Patron!

Some of her popular series include The Dream Man SeriesThe Colorado Mountain SeriesThe Rock Chick Series and The Unfinished Heroes Series. Born in Gary, Indiana and currently living in Phoenix, Arizona by way of Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England, Kristen has always dreamed of connecting to readers click the following article her imperfect characters and sharing her vision that a good heart always finds love in the end.

Colette Auclair began life in Pittsburgh, writing stories in goldenrod notebooks. After studying theater and advertising at Dissertation chapter writers site sf University, she spent her formative years as a copywriter in Manhattan, where she absorbed lots of theater and a few martinis.

Then she landed in Colorado and accidentally wrote a romance novel— Thrown —which became dissertation chapter writers site sf Romance Writers of America Dissertation chapter writers site sf Heart finalist. Colette lives near Denver with her actor husband, elegant Thoroughbred mare and thoroughly put-upon Portuguese Water Dog. Learn more at coletteauclair. Molly Backes grew up in Wisconsin, where she began writing about the world around her. At age four she penned her first story, "Raccoons Looking in a Mailbox, " asking readers to grapple with the important question: What are those raccoons looking for?

After graduating from Grinnell College, Molly moved http://asocialnetwork.co/top-dissertation-chapter-editing-services-au.php New Mexico, where she got middle schoolers to write novels with her for NaNoWriMo. Her first YA novel, The Princesses of Iowapopular article ghostwriters for hire liverpool be published by Candlewick Press in Spring Molly lives in Chicago, writes for young adults, and stops to pet every dog she sees.

Check out her blog at mollybackes. Bridget Baker graduated with a Bachelor's degree from BYU in two years and then finished law school at the University of Dissertation chapter writers site sf at the age of Dissertation chapter writers site sf later, she discovered law dissertation chapter writers site sf kind of boring.

Now she does as little legal work as possible and writes young adult novels instead. She lives with her four children, her smashingly handsome husband and her fluffy, yappy dog in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.

She eats at least five cookies a day, avoids chocolate whenever possible, and loves kickboxing. So if you don't like her books, I wouldn't tell her that in person. Ale Barba has been making art for as long as she can remember. She started painting at an early age creating holiday and birthday cards for her family.

It wasn't until a co-worker at a children's museum told her artists can "actually" make a living that the idea of illustrating for a career even occurred to her. That was six years ago and Ale has been working as an illustrator ever since. She has been published in Dissertation chapter writers site sf, Denmark, Colombia and Spain, and has won numerous awards for her artwork world wide. Ale was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and still lives there today.

She is currently working on several projects which she has written and illustrated dissertation chapter writers site sf are due out for submission. To see more of Ale's work visit: www. She'd thought of being a doctor but she's afraid of blooda model but she likes to eator the president but she had dissertation chapter writers site sf dissolute youth — so much for childhood dreams.

She'll also soon dissertation chapter writers site sf launching a new series of early dissertation chapter writers site sf grade novels. Sudipta often visits schools to share her stories, and teaches writing to children and adults.

She lives in New Jersey with her three children and an imaginary pony named Penny. Find her on the web at www. Bauer has been telling and writing stories since childhood. After a break while she worked as an attorney, writing legal briefs and telling stories about her clients, she has returned to fiction, writing children's books and short stories for all ages.

She is the author of the middle-grade novels No Castles Here and Come Fallas well as the YA novel Gil Marsh all published by Random House. Born and raised in Montreal, A. Bauer spends most of the year in New England, and much of the summer on a lake in Quebec.

Jake Bell declared his intention to be a writer when he was seven years old. His mother gave him one piece of advice: "Get a good day job. Finally, during a stint of unemployment, Jake got fed up with trying to find a good day job and wrote his first middle grade novel, Secret Identity Crisis. This is the first of four superhero books in The Amazing Adventures of Nate Banks series Scholasticwith cover illustrations and a special full-color comic inserts by Chris Giarrusso.

Jake lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his two kids. Find him on the web at www. Serena Bell writes books for Harlequin Blaze and Random House's Loveswept imprint about how sex messes with your head, why smart dissertation chapter writers site sf do stupid things sometimes, and how love can make it all better.

Serena wrote her first steamy romance before she was old enough to understand what all the words meant and has been dissertation chapter writers site sf the art of hiding pages and screens from curious eyes ever since—a skill that's particularly useful now that she's a mother of two.

When she's not scribbling stories or getting her butt kicked at Scrabble by her kids, she's practicing modern dance improv in dissertation chapter writers site sf kitchen, swimming laps, hiking, or reading on one of her large collection of electronic devices.

You can find Serena online at www. Amber Belldene is always http://asocialnetwork.co/cheap-dissertation-abstract-ghostwriting-websites-london.php racy books at the most inappropriate times, and has been observed ogling her Kindle in the church parking lot.

Even as a kid, she hid novels continue reading the service bulletin to read during sermons, an irony that is not lost on her when she preaches these days. Amber is dissertation chapter writers site sf romance writer and Episcopal priest who believes sexuality is vital to spirituality, love is beautifully messy, and stories are the best way to explore human truths.

She lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco and can be found at amberbelldene. Read excerpts from Amber Belldene. He found the first shop dissertation chapter writers site sf the list in an alley that could have been in Paris. A bell jingled when he led her inside. Pride rolled through him like a monstrous wave. Dissertation chapter writers site sf was making her dream come.

There was nothing he could. A tiny step on his road to. He translated into Ukrainian, explaining everyone wore them all dissertation chapter writers site sf time in.

America, and that his dark pants dissertation chapter writers site sf a version of this type of garment. Something about her attention. He shifted his hips away from her, but not before she noticed what he was. Then she turned and muttered into his shoulder. He chuckled and refrained from telling her how much he appreciated that she. professional research for hire canada did and gave them in centimeters.

He called out his hasty mental conversion. Off by an inch and the clothes would be too. In spite link his effort to calm down the excitement in his pants, his eyes.

Newly energized, his body was getting all kinds of inappropriate. She shook her head, crossing her free arm over her breasts. Her reservation caught him up short and the pleasure he'd taken dissertation chapter writers site sf bringing her. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. He pulled her close and whispered. This is your chance. His words weren't just a turn of phrase, but a plea, and with his eyes, he. Her pupils went wide in her dark irises and her breath hitched.

Not the reaction he'd intended. He swallowed, his throat all of a dissertation chapter writers site sf. She reached for the hangers. I'll try them on. Now that was more like it. I'll bring you some tops. Dmitri answered for her. The French girl dissertation chapter writers site sf at the two of them and an odd awareness squeezed his.

No one had ever looked at him like that-as if he were part. In a nightclub, even when he. It seemed somehow inevitable that the one. She sure as hell did not need his hormones going all schoolboy on her. The clerk didn't seem editing sites for professional content college dissertation chapter writers site sf he followed her into the dressing room.

Now for the complicated dance moves involved in getting Sonya dressed while. She flashed him a shy smile. Yeah, he was totally screwed. Let's try that again. She raised one foot and then the other, but when her feet were bare, she simply. It didn't help the. He could not do this for essay for university and keep dissertation chapter writers site sf. Just untie dissertation chapter writers site sf dress and then step into the jeans one leg at a.

Her modesty, while cute, was seriously testing his resolve. Http://asocialnetwork.co/bibliography-ghostwriting-for-hire-london.php needed to get. Fair enough-skinny jeans did fit like a second skin. Staring up at her, he. Seriously, Dissertation chapter writers site sf, I can't do this all day long. Her chin fell, tucking into her chest.

He averted his face. She really had no idea what she did to him, even. And this was certainly not the. She placed a hand on his shoulder and then reached for the.

They're like nylon pantyhose without the stretch. Should he have the shop girl bring a pair of slacks? I'll stand behind you with my hand on your shoulder. Her eyebrows drew together in the same adorably puzzled expression click to see more given.

Article source wrangled themselves into position, and she dropped the dress. Of course he did. Maybe he could stay alert on a twenty-four-hour stakeout, but. A porcelain hourglass with.

It would undoubtedly be the. He gritted dissertation chapter writers site sf teeth to strengthen his resolve. Then she bent over to slide her foot into the jeans giving him a shadowed view. She stepped her other ankle into the pants and stood, dragging them. Of its own accord, his hand slid down her spine to cup her ass just as she. She froze and spun around.

Beneath the jeans, he held on tight to a ripe. You're hot and cold all the time. He closed his eyes and rested his chin on the top dissertation chapter writers site sf her head, hating that he'd. She pulled back to look at him, keeping her arms linked behind his neck. But that's not all that's holding you back. He blew out a breath that rippled over her hair.

She pulled back and studied his face, then opened her mouth as if to protest. We work with what we've. She understood so much more than he'd given her credit ein popular home work proofreading services usa ist, and her.

He backed her into the wall and ran dissertation chapter writers site sf fingers through. Her dark eyes flashed wide before her dissertation chapter writers site sf fell, heavy. Now that was an expression he could stare at all day. But he turned his. Her hips rocked, grinding her sex against his thigh. The sound of her shallow breaths filled the fitting room.

I will do my very best to make you feel alive. She groaned something like a yes. His mouth pulled into a smile against her skin. Like a natural, she replied with another thrust of her hips. Time to focus on the other breast. He brushed her hair over her shoulder. He froze, feathering his.

The man who click here. But Dmitri had inflicted the same injury on another woman, which meant he. Yeah, it came out sounding slick, but he meant it-and she grinned-so worth it. He could keep right on kissing her, giving her what she wanted. Option B was honorable, and certainly what she deserved, but damn.

Now she's hooked, and since returning to the states spends her writing days concocting spicy contemporaries and dark paranormal romances while her cats try in vain to pry her hands off the keyboard. Her Marlene award-winning contemporary romance, L. Cinderellawill debut from Harlequin Silhouette Special Dissertation chapter writers site sf in June From gritty paranormals to glowing contemporaries, one thing remains the same—love and happily ever after.

Amanda lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children. For more about Amanda and her books, please visit www. Veronica Bird knew from the moment she picked up her first Http://asocialnetwork.co/buy-custom-school-essay-online.php Cartland novel that romance was in her blood. Her first historical romance, The Pirate's Apprentice out for submissionis the steamy tale of a headstrong English lady who receives lessons in seduction from a roguish yet irresistible captain of a pirate ship.

When she is not writing, Veronica can be found keeping her two-year-old son from tackling her five-year-old daughter and the dog from tackling them both. She aspires to one day sit down and watch a movie all the way through without interruption.

Veronica is a graduate of University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where she majored in creative writing. Selina Libi Bjorlie practiced as a doctor of optometry for many years before pursuing her love of writing. She received an MFA degree in Creative Writing at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Her credits dissertation chapter writers site sf a story based on her father's childhood during the Japanese best proofreading websites liverpool of the Philippines published in Cricket. Her poetry has appeared in Red Weather and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota with her husband and three children.

Susan Blumberg-Kason spent her dissertation chapter writers site sf in suburban Chicago dreaming of dissertation chapter writers site sf neon street signs and double-decker buses of Hong Kong.

As soon as she was old enough, she moved there to study. Susan spent most of her twenties living in Hong Kong, where she met and quickly married a musician from central China. Her memoir, Good Chinese Wife Sourcebooks,recounts her years in a Chinese family as a wife, daughter-in-law, and mother. Remarried and back in suburban Chicago, Susan lives with her husband, three children, and a clingy cat.

She is working on another memoir about her family's ties to Shanghai during World War II. You can find Susan online at www. Jennifer Boyd and Laura Conant are sisters who have decided to patch up years of name calling and hair pulling by writing a book together. As the mom of a toddler and a biology and environmental sciences professor at the http://asocialnetwork.co/custom-application-letter-writing-for-hire-for-mba.php of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Jennifer juggles strained yams with mid-term exams while using effective everyday ways to reduce her family's environmental footprint.

She earned her doctorate in earth and environmental sciences from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree in environmental science and English from Allegheny College. Laura Conant also graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in environmental science and is currently a natural resources graduate student at the University of Vermont. Laura is a proud aunt, competitive peek-a-boo player, and volunteer mentor to young girls in the Burlington area.

While they've authored and dissertation chapter writers site sf a number of scientific articles, the eco-parenting guide Mind Your Mother Earth! They are enjoying taking a break from writing about photosynthesis and soil nitrogen in favor of some witty banter. Steve Breen was born Patienten write my personal essay movie Los Angeles and attended the University of California at Riverside.

He has been the editorial cartoonist for The San Diego Union-Tribune since His work is nationally syndicated by Creators News Service and regularly appears in USA TodayThe New York Times and Newsweek. Steve is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning He is also the recipient of the Berryman Award for editorial cartooning given by the National Press Foundation, The Thomas Dissertation chapter writers site sf Award given by The Overseas Press Club and the National Dissertation chapter writers site sf Award.

Steve has written and illustrated three books for children including Stick Dial,Violet The Pilot Dial, and The Secret of Santa's Island Dial, Steve lives in San Diego with his wife and four children. He enjoys reading, running, playing the guitar and piano and watching old movies on cable.

Dan Brewer and Paul Paolilli are an uncle and nephew team who have collaborated on many creative projects over the years. Their first picture book, Silver Seeds Viking Children's Books, received the International Reading Association's Award for Best Children's Book by first time authors.

Dan and Paul's passion dissertation chapter writers site sf teach and learn has drawn them both into education; Dan teaches high school English and Paul is a school psychologist. They credit their strong Italian tradition of family and food, nature and song for providing the foundation for their imaginations. They are currently working on more picture books, as well dissertation chapter writers site sf their first middle grade novel.

It was a selection in the Kirkus First Fiction special section, listed as one of YALSA's Best Books for Young Adults forand included in the New York Public Library's Stuff for the Teen Age The book received a starred review in PWand Booklist proclaimed it "an easy recommendation for reluctant readers.

She is also the author of Drinking Peoplean adult novel set in a dusty Texas town that explores the relationship between father, daughter, and their writing out for submissionas well as another YA novel, Teenage FBI out for submission. Her chapbook of poems,was published by CafeMo Press in A native Carolinian, Meagan currently lives and works in New York City. Read excerpts from Meagan Brothers.

I picked up the two parts of the chain, with a strange feeling in my chest. Donald stood close behind him.

You want this back? Maria and I both ducked. She turned away, but Brian wasn't backing down, and for a. A car horn blasted. Come on, man, let's go! Ben kind of nodded at me. Acknowledging me, but nothing more. I squinted at him. I was glad we didn't have dissertation chapter writers site sf dissections coming up.

The engine grunted and they took off. Maria gave them the. We went into the trees to retrieve my bike. I stood the bike upright. The chain had come off, but it wasn't broken. Where am I gonna ride, on the handlebars? Dissertation chapter writers site sf the back," she led me to the farthest read more - there, chained up like.

Here," she popped open a compartment under the seat and. She revved the engine until it hummed. She was warm, and smelled a little like lavender and cigarette smoke.

Startled, I squeezed her, and she laughed. Her hair whipped around my face as we buzzed along. There was a dissertation chapter writers site sf smell in the air, too; the smell of the woods, of. Winter coming on, I guess. The TV was on in the living room. Dave Letterman was debating with Paul.

Schaffer over whether a rubber chicken would float or not. My mother sat on. I sat down next dissertation chapter writers site sf her and saw that she had. She handed me the bottle. I've only had a couple sips. My mother gave me. But instead all I've found is a cheap ghostwriting services for college of old stories he never.

Septembersomething, 19seventysomething, San Fransomewhere. You wanna accuse me of something, fine, but lemme remind you whose been taking. Not to mention the kid. So you want some marlon brando. Shake me, I don't rattle. But I'm not angry with you. It's early and the sun will make the bay turn pink.

I want to be. I can't be held accountable for what it might do. For what I might do. I don't know why I. I want to be with you and our kid in our. By the way, you got the wrong idea about that girl from Del Rio, honey. I'll be here with Mack until Friday. Working up a storm because these bastards. On Saturday we go down to Hollywood for that. Sunday morning television show, but by the time you can see dissertation chapter writers site sf on it I'll be. I miss you, Suzy.

Now that she's a grown up she teaches writing and has done so for the last fifteen years. In her nyc cheap essay service writer masters time though, you will still find her writing down her stories, including her young adult novel, Falling too Deep.

Check out her blog and learn about her writing process at JaniceBroyles. Gregory Bruno worked as a journalist for over a decade, writing about Washington for The New York TimesNepal for Foreign Affairsand Tibetan minorities for The Guardian.

A native of Vermont and a graduate of Skidmore College, Gregory has reported from the Middle East and North Africa, and covered the Arab Spring revolutions as editor of the opinion page at The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi. But these days Gregory, who is a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, most enjoys investigating the intersection of culture and politics in Asia, the focus of his current project.

He is a frequent visitor to the Tibetan areas of India, where the momoa Tibetan dumpling, is one of his favorite afternoon snacks. Christopher Buecheler writes science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers along with nonfiction about cocktails and video games.

He's also a professional web dissertation chapter writers site sf and developer, an award-winning amateur mixologist, a brewer of beer, a player of the guitar and drums, dissertation chapter writers site sf an NBA enthusiast. He lives a semi-nomadic existence with his masters essay writers for hire French wife and their two cats.

Currently they reside in Providence, RI. Dissertation chapter writers site sf Christopher's website at cwbuecheler. Laura Byrne spends her days around high school sports and the young adults that play them. Therefore, it's no surprise that her debut YA manuscript, Unnecessary Roughness due out for submissionis a football story, one that deals with critical writers sites australia on—and off—the field.

As editor-in-chief for a popular New Jersey high school http://asocialnetwork.co/professional-thesis-proposal-editor-services-united-kingdom.php website www.

She's also a board member dissertation chapter writers site sf the New Jersey chapter of the National Football Foundation, the first female member in eighteen years of existence.

Laura is a former middle grades teacher and an MFA graduate from Vermont College. She lives in Mendham, New Jersey, with two sons and dissertation chapter writers site sf daughter, who have collectively played football, dissertation chapter writers site sf, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse and track on both the high school and college levels. Ann Hagman Cardinal, a self-described Gringa-Rican, is a novelist and Director of Student Recruitment for Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she also earned her MFA in Writing.

Her first novel, Sister Chicas, co-written with two other Latina writers, was published by New American Library. Her work has appeared in American ScholarVermont WomanAARPand Latina Magazines. Ann loves vintage Etienne Aigner handbags and talks too much about the zombie apocalypse.

She lives in Vermont with her husband and son and you can learn more about her at www. Anne O'Brien Carelli grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she set up a lending library on her front porch, wrote a newsletter for the neighborhood, and kept notebooks of stories and poems.

She writes anywhere, any time, and has been a teacher, weaver, college instructor, director of the New York State Equity Center, curriculum developer, and business writer. For her PhD, Anne researched the psychology of gifted leaders, which inspired her to build a management training business and write the book The Truth About Supervision Charles Thomas Publishers, 2nd ed.

Anne also works with refugee children and recently self-published a picture book, Amina's New Friendsabout a Somalian refugee girl's first day at school www. Anne is a quilter, is married to a chemistry teacher, and has two children. Opal Carew writes erotic romance for St. In May on Opal's wedding anniversaryEmily Sylvan Kim called to invite her into the Prospect family of authors.

Within a week, Emily had sold Twin Fantasies to Rose Hilliard see more St. Martin's Press as part of a three-book deal! Now Opal is writing three books a year for St.

Martin's Press, as well as writing for Samhain Publishing. She also writes various romance subgenres as Amber Carew. Her books have won or been finalists for several awards, including the National Readers' Choice Award, Award of Excellence, HOLT Medallion, Laurel Wreath Award, Golden Leaf and the Passionate Plume Award.

She was also named "Fresh Face of Erotic Fiction " in Canada. Before publishing with St. Martin's Press, Opal wrote for New Concepts Publishing and Loose Id. She wrote everything from short stories to full-length novellas and in several difference subgenres of romance. Opal earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to her passions as a writer.

She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two sons, and three cats. To learn more about Opal, visit her website at www. Kevin Catalano was born in Chittenango, NY, a village outside Syracuse that celebrates the birthplace of Wizard of Oz author L. As a child, he met all of the surviving Munchkin actors— tiny, beautiful raisin humans who've since warped his fantasies and inspired dissertation chapter writers site sf setting of his debut literary novel, Where the Sun Shines Out.

Dissertation chapter writers site sf is the author of The Word Made Flesh Queen's Ferry Pressand his fiction has appeared in PANK Magazine, storySouth, Atticus Review, Gargoyle Magazine, and many others.

His stories have also been anthologized in Press 53's Surreal South '13, Fiddleblack's Annuals One and Two, and in Dark House Press's Exigencies. He earned his B. He teaches at Rutgers-Newark, and lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children. Visit Kevin's website at critical analysis essay ghostwriters services gb. Dorcas Cheng-Tozun published her first short story, a moving tribute to a melted snowman, at the age of five.

She has since turned her efforts to creating narrative nonfiction that is hopeful, healing, and dissertation chapter writers site sf. She is a regular contributor to Christianity Today, The Well, and Asian American Women on Leadership, and has been featured in over a dozen publications in Hong Kong, the U. Her current book projects chronicle her experience as a Chinese American expat in Shenzhen, China, and provide guidance on how to survive marriage to an entrepreneur.

Dorcas lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, her adorable click son, and this admission ghostwriting sites australia ich hidden stash of chocolate. You can find her online at www. Young Jin Chung was working as a Graphic Designer in Korea until she quit her day job to study illustration at RISD.

After traveling to over 20 countries, Young finally settled down in Michigan where she volunteers as an art teacher to seniors. Young creates her artwork using a mixed medium: watercolor, Photoshop and Illustrator. Her artwork, as Korean proverb would say, is a salad mix of happiness and sadness.

To see more of Young's artwork visit: YoungJChung. Samantha Clark has always loved stories about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. After all, if four ordinary brothers and sisters can find a magical world at the back of a wardrobe, why can't she? While she's still looking for her real-life Narnia, she's turned to writing about other ordinary children and teens who've stumbled dissertation chapter writers site sf a wardrobe of their own.

Her short fiction has been published by Hunger Mountain, the literary Magazine of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and her novel Wake won the Houston SCBWI Joan Lowery Nixon Award in and was a finalist in the Writers League of Texas Manuscript Contest in In a past life, Samantha was a photojournalist and managing editor for newspapers and magazines.

She lives with her husband and crazy dog in Austin, Texas, where people are quick to point out: "You're not from around here.

Samantha is the Regional Advisor for SCBWI-Austin. You can find her online SamanthaClark. Destiny Cole knew from a young age that she was going to be a storyteller. Whether it was fantastical worlds or creepy villains, she wanted to tell the kind of stories that stay with you long after the last page is turned. Now that she writes primarily YA thriller and mystery books, Destiny's current story, ALLIANCE, focuses on how far we'll go to feel safe and follows two teens as they grapple with finding the truth through the fear.

When detached from her blog writing websites nyc, she can be found best case study editor sites online her three kids and trying to convince her Belgian husband that she's the funniest person he's ever met.

She and her family currently reside in Dallas, Texas. Follow her on Twitter at destinywrites and visit her website at destinycole. Jeff Scott Cole is a writer, former middle school teacher, and broken-down archaeologist, who unites his joy of teaching with his passion for all things old and ancient. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Cleveland State University and completed the coursework for a Masters, also in Anthropology, at the University of Cincinnati, where he was also an adjunct instructor.

Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator Skyhorse, SpringJeff's foray into the dark and creepy world of ghost hunting, represents a hiatus from the more traditional history and prehistory texts typically found in his personal stacks.

Jeff is a member of the Society of American Archaeology and the Ohio Archaeological Council. Recently transplanted from northeast Ohio, Jeff writes, teaches when he can, and is an Education Human Resources Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Claudia Connor, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, writes heartfelt contemporary romance. After years of living with characters who'd taken up residence in her mind, she decided to write their story down as a way to expel them.

Surprisingly, they remained and multiplied, beginning a fascinating and unexpected career. Claudia attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies esl phd annotated example Sawbridgeworth, England.

Always a lover of happy endings, she enjoys movies, reading, and travel, but spends most of her time typing out the love stories of almost real people. Dissertation chapter writers site sf lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.

You can find out more about Claudia's books at claudiaconnor. Cronin lives on Cape Cod, where she writes in multiple genres, including middle-grade fiction, poetry, and essays. Mary grew up in the Bronx and has a long list of writerly obsessions that show up regularly in her work.

These include: firefighters, nurses, old New Dissertation chapter writers site sf, portraits of working dissertation chapter writers site sf families and those with GLBT parents, and middle-graders who just might grow up to be gay, but don't know it yet.

Mary's poetry has been published in children's magazines and anthologies. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College of Dissertation chapter writers site sf Arts. Mary teaches both English and Early Childhood Education at the college level. Her work has been featured in the Cape Cod Times, Shewired. Visit her website at www.

Jessica Dainty is a native New Englander who has bounced back and forth to Tennessee over the past 30 years. When she can't be writing, she loves helping students fall in love with words, especially those who may have given up on them long ago. Dissertation chapter writers site sf received her undergraduate from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a concentration in Creative Writing. She started in poetry and took a fiction dissertation chapter writers site sf for the simple reason that it terrified her.

After her first fiction workshop, she never looked back, though her poetry roots are known to poke through on the page. She continued on to earn her MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she studied with Hester Kaplan, AJ Verdelle, and Rachel Kadish, among others.

You can find her on Twitter daintywriterj3 dissertation chapter writers site sf at her website www. Alana Delacroix always brought more dissertation chapter writers site sf than clothes when travelling.

She still does, but thanks to the invention of the e-reader, at least now it weighs less. She lives in Toronto in an old and crooked house filled with books and a shelf of notepads containing story ideas that made sense at the time example: "shopping cart in forest".

Some of these notes even made it into her latest project, a steampunk romance currently out for submission. Alana worked as an archaeologist before landing in the more mundane world of corporate communications. You can follow her at AlanaDelacroix or learn more at alanadelacroix.

Tara Deliberto has a Ph. Currently, Tara is writing How a Healthy Dissertation chapter writers site sf Thinksa book for young adults focused on ditching dieting, ending binge eating, and having a healthy attitude towards food. Papers she has co-authored have been cited in TIME MagazineThe Harvard Gazetteand Science Daily. With Dina Hirsch, Ph. Gina Denny is a homeschooling mom to four very noisy boys and part-time band and orchestra director.

In both settings, she talks a little too much about Harry Potter. She has a bachelor's degree in business, a master's degree in education, and once stood in line for NSYNC tickets for just over fourteen dissertation chapter writers site sf. She loves live music, hiking, overly silly sitcoms, and burritos.

She writes fantasy for grown-ups and lives and works in the Phoenix area. Visit Gina's website at ginadenny. Cori Doerrfeld has been creating art since she could first hold a pencil. After graduating with a degree in studio art from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, she received her Post Baccalaureate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. With a strong passion for animation and children's literature, Cori has always tried to create art that tells a.

Cori is the author-illustrator of Penny Loves Pink Little, BrownLittle Bunny Foo Foo Dial and Matilda in the Middle forthcoming from Dissertation chapter writers site sf, Brown. She has also illustrated a quartet of seasonal board books—the most recent of which is Barnyard Baby—written by The New York Times bestselling author Elise Broach.

Cori currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, daughter, and son. Visit Cori online at www. Brianna DuMont grew up in St.

Louis, Missouri penning letters to authors about their plot twists and character choices, but never dreamed of writing herself. In college, she got her degree in Art History and Archaeology with the intention of spending her time digging in the dirt.

Now that she's fallen back in love with writing, she continues her fascination with the past through her books. Her non-fiction series for middle graders, The Changed History Seriesdebuted with Famous Phonies: Legends, Fakes, and Phonies Who Changed History in November She was extremely excited when Famous Phonies was chosen to be in the Scholastic Reading Club catalog, especially dissertation chapter writers site sf she loved ordering books from it as a child.

Brianna lives in Chicago with her husband, Tim, and their two hyperactive cats, but you can visit Brianna at her website: BriannaDumont. Sarah Dvojack was born and raised in the magnificent wilds of Washington state, but she currently calls New York City home.

She graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design do my astronomy essay Cornish College of the Arts, and followed it up with an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Nothing but the love of marrying pictures with words could get her to uproot to the East Coast! Well, that and a chance to see the history she weaves into all of her work. You can find her online at sarahdvojack.

Follow her on Twitter sarahdvojack. Katherine Easer is the author of the YA novel Vicious Little Darlings Bloomsbury. She has also written her first adult novel, The Revisionistwhich is currently out for submission. The Revisionist tells the story of a mentally unstable thirty-something accountant who returns to his childhood home following his father's death.

He then reunites with his high school sweetheart and, with the help of a ghost who may or may not exist, uncovers the tragedy that led to their breakup sixteen years earlier. Katherine is a graduate of Smith College. She lives Alles best creative essay editing for hire uk mГssen Los Angeles, California.

Dana Wilson Easley writes young adult and middle grade novels. She has been an anthropologist, archaeologist, attorney, and now, realizing she'll never make it through the entire alphabet for careers, has settled on author. She volunteers with the Illinois chapter of SCBWI and is the managing editor of the chapter newsletter, The Prairie Wind.

She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband, daughter, and son, link know the best thing to do when she's writing dissertation chapter writers site sf deadline is to stock up on Pepsi and brownies and ignore the dust bunnies. Bonnie Edwards lives on the rainy west coast with her husband and a standard poodle, all of whom are bossed around by a ginger tom.

A multi-published author for Carina Press, Harlequin, Kensington Books and Robinson UKher romances are earthy, irreverent and always come with a happy ending. Read an excerpt from Bonnie Edwards. Once inside, Belle floated up the stairs ahead of her, dressed in a peignoir.

Faye saw flashes of color in the folds as they. Being outside in the grey. Belle's lack of color. It wasn't like her to be beige. Something must be wrong. I have a feeling Kim will be very entertaining. She's not a plaything. Faye would lose her for sure. Faye heard a deep sigh come from the wall beside her. She stopped and put her. You leave her alone. With Lizzie's penchant for practical jokes, Faye was afraid the spirits would. Not to mention a friend.

There must be a state law against terrorizing the help. Just because she had no. It might have been the ceiling. Now, all she had to do was make Annie and Felicity promise to leave Kim alone. The attic entrance was in the ceiling of a back hall corner.

Belle stood to the side while Faye tugged on an ancient rope. But, once the stairs got dissertation chapter writers site sf they opened easily. You can't exactly dissertation chapter writers site sf hurt. Belle blew her a raspberry. As soon as Faye set foot on the attic floor Belle appeared seated on a trunk in. Dust flew everywhere, but for all the years of neglect, it smelled. There were no obvious signs of animal or bird infestations.

They flew so erratically. From the central staircase opening, the attic went off in every direction. Dormer windows were evenly spaced around each wall, including the. There was an octagonal area that was. Each dormer wall had hooks on the walls.

Some even had tiny closets built in. These sort of look like cubbies or partitioned. Beds were tucked in. She took a closer look and saw curtain rings on poles stretched across the. More in the summer to tend the garden. We had a laundress, eventually some kitchen help, but mostly the cook's son. Four or five live ins. She was going to need more help than. Even with modern equipment like a dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, and.

Especially one person with a business to run. She'll tell you that! First time I've ever seen you so colorless. I may have a renegade in the ranks. She works in libraries and teaches and writes stories.

Right this minute she is probably staying up too late, getting up too early, or doing something she should be giving her full attention to with a book in one hand. Beth Ellyn Summer graduated from Long Island University site letter united ghostwriting states custom application a degree in Print and Electronic Journalism.

Interning for Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon was the highlight of her media studies, and pretty much the coolest experience ever. She loves to write YA that captures the craziness of media internships. Beth can't get enough of YouTube makeup tutorials—she even wrote a book about them. Her YA novel, At First Blushexplores the world of an up-and-coming online makeup guru and follows her as she works at a fashion magazine, falls in love, and discovers how far she's willing to go for fame.

Kat Fajardo do my trigonometry methodology a native NYC cartoonist and illustrator with an dissertation chapter writers site sf obsession for coffee and puppies. When she's not chasing after cute dogs, Kat is working hard at her Brooklyn based studio, creating playful and colorful work about click at this page acceptance and Latinx culture.

She graduated from the School of Visual Arts where she studied cartooning, illustration and animation. Her work has remained influenced just click for source her love of spooky monsters, strong women, and fashion.

Her work has been featured on Huffington PostVivalaCollegeHumorSymbolia MagazineBartkiraInk Magazine review cheap hire for for writer masters book, Strange Paradise ZineSweaty Palms Zineand Dirty Diamonds Anthology. You can find her work at www. Her Twitter handle is katfcomix. Shana Figueora Figueroa is a published author who specializes in romance, humor, and erotica, with occasional sojourns into horror, sci-fi, and literary fiction.

She's been published in several e-zines, as well as scheduled for publication in the July issue of Another Dimension Magazine as the Military-themed contest winner. She also contributes to The Duffel Bloga military-themed fake news blog similar to The Onion. Shana lives in one of those cold states with her husband, two young daughters, and two old pugs. She enjoys reading, writing obviouslymartial arts, video games, and SCIENCE—it's poetry in motion!

Her goal-besides becoming rich and famous, and staying young forever so she can enjoy it all come on, science, don't let her dissertation chapter writers site sf -is to establish a new, higher standard for romance and erotica. She took Toni Morrison's advice and started writing the books she wants to http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-persuasive-essay-ghostwriter-for-hire-for-school.php. Hopefully you'll want to read them, too!

Check out her awesome blog at www. Amy Ester Fischer began her journey in the placid suburbs of New York and on the manicured lawns of the Wesleyan University campus. A long time pro-sex feminist, she has always sought to understand the nexus between sexuality, art, and healing.

She brought performance art to the former Eastern Bloc in the nineties and created a sound healing technique which she taught to a community of raw foodists in the Caribbean. After trying to peddle her massage therapy services on Craigslist and winding up offering other services as well, her first novel, American Courtesanwas born. She is now working dissertation chapter writers site sf a second novel, a coming of age story which explores a dangerous and often abusive relationship between a professor and his student.

Her recent article " My Experience as a Craigslist Hooker: A Requiem for Craigislist Erotic Services " was posted on The Huffington Post and was a front page hit. You can find additional musings on americanourtesan. Kristin Noel Fischer was born on the island of Guam and has always loved the water and sunshine. Growing up, she spent endless hours fantasizing about touring with dissertation chapter writers site sf Harlem Globetrotters or becoming a circus performer.

In fact, her childhood daydreams were so vivid, she seriously worried about her overactive imagination. Little did she know, despite her horrible spelling, she was, simply, a writer. After high school, she lived in Costa Rica and later Japan, where she journaled extensively about her experiences.

She worked as a nanny in Boston before obtaining a degree in Biology from Washington State University. Service popular essay australia writer university now lives in Texas where she enjoys biking, yoga, and spending time with her husband and six kids.

The slower pace of island life gave her time to pursue a long-time goal - becoming a writer. Her debut novel, The Secret to Letting Goa YA contemporary, will be published by Entangled Teen in November Best cheap essay ghostwriters site united kingdom is a member of RWA and several of its chapters. She also loves NaNoWriMo article source is an active supporter of the associated Young Writers Program.

You can find her at www. Aaron Fox-Lerner was born in Los Angeles and currently lives in Beijing, where he writes for Time Out magazine. His fiction has appeared in Grimdark magazine, The Puritan, Thuglit, Bound Off, and other publications.

Claudia Friddell spent most of her childhood as the new kid in Kansas, Virginia, North Dakota, and Minnesota schools. She never imagined her childhood travels would inspire a love of bringing history to life for children. As a school counselor, behavioral therapist, a teacher for over twenty years, and a mother of two, Claudia has always spent her days with children and the rest of her time writing stories for them. Her debut picture book, Goliath, Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire Sleeping Bear Pressearned a Storytelling World Resource Honor Award and was selected for the International Reading Associations IRA and Children's Book Council's CBC Children's Choices Reading List.

She has recently written another non-fiction picture-book manuscript about a dog in the trenches during World War I out for submissionand is in the process of working on a few other exciting and diverse manuscripts as well: a biography of Albert Schweitzer; a non-fiction piece about the friendship between two American icons; and an original tall tale in the traditional tall tale style.

Claudia lives with her husband in Baltimore, Maryland. James Gaberel started writing after leaving his career as a banker to become an at-home-dad.

Music lover and father of two, he spends his days with his kids and his nights at the computer. When he's not attempting to get in another hundred words while his kids tug at his arm, he can be found hiking, playing guitar, or staring at the ocean near his central California coast home.

You can also find him on Twitter JamesGaberel. Cynthia Gall has dreamed of being an artist and writer since she was a small child. Fearful for her future, Cynthia's practical parents forbade her from taking art classes and enrolled her in French class dissertation chapter writers site sf. So when instructed to study something sensible in college, Cynthia majored in French Literature at UC Santa Dissertation chapter writers site sf. She spent a year studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, and also worked in Germany, teaching English and translating advertising copy.

Since her return to the States, Cynthia has focused on refining her photographic and sculpting skills at California State University Long Beach, where her work has been featured in several shows. She currently combines the sculpture and photography to illustrate her picture books. She lives in Long Beach, California, with her two small dogs, Hansel and Gretel, and a posse of garden gnomes who prefer to remain anonymous. Visit her online at www.

Brian Gerrity grew up in Connecticut, where he spent most of his childhood doodling. He continued to doodle and went on to graduate with degrees in illustration from Philadelphia College of Art and from the M. Illustration Program at the School of Visual Arts. Brian illustrated Old MacDonald Had a Wedding by Ron Berman Price Stern Sloan, and was the recipient of the Tomie de Paola Award, given by Tomie de Paola at the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrator's SCBWI winter conference.

Today, he lives in New York, New York. You can visit him online at www. She works in a variety of media but prefers to combine watercolor,inks, and Adobe Illustrator. A graduate of Smith College, Gretchen has taken popular course work editor websites for school courses at Pratt and the School of Visual Arts, and she has an M.

Her debut picture book, One Big Smilewill be published by Henry Holt in Dissertation chapter writers site sf Gretchen lives in upstate New York with her husband and daughter, and is an Adjunct Professor at Sage College of Albany, where she teaches Digital Imaging and Digital Illustration.

Visit Gretchen's website at www. Gilbert is one of a trillion Matthew Gilberts in the world. So, which one is he, you ask? Easy: he's the only one holding up a pretend sword right now and quoting Highlander with a straight face: "…there can be only one! As an eight-year scriptwriting veteran of Nickelodeon, Matthew J. His books are ideal for young readers looking to graduate to chapter books, and include titles such as: Showdown With Shredder Dissertation chapter writers site sf House,Mutant Mayhem!

Random House,and The Casey Chronicles Random House, just to name a few. His first original picture book, Night of the T-Machines —inspired by the Turtles' newest blockbuster toy line— hits shelves July for Random House. Follow him on twitter: MrMattgilbert Or dissertation chapter writers site sf his official site: www. She likes to relax by taking long runs defined as moving slightly faster than walking along the Jersey shore. Her debut manuscript is based on the standard trope of boy meets girl; boy gets girl; boy becomes girl; girl loses girl.

It's a little more complicated than that, but, at its heart, Dissertation chapter writers site sf Every Sandwich is a love story. Robyn is a graduate of Stonehill College and Villanova Law School. She lives in New Jersey and has three wonderful children, who are her greatest joy. Ashley Goldberg has loved arts, crafts, nature, and creatures both imaginary and real her entire life. Her artwork tends to be narrative but with a sophisticated and stark color palette.

She believes great emotion can be conveyed in a simple gesture or look. Ashley's characters are humorous, empathetic, and sometimes a little bit heroic. Ashley's shop, otherwise known as "AshleyG", has consistently been one top personal essay editing services college shops on Etsy since beging founded in Now she is turning her attention to children's books.

Ashley is currently working on a superhero story she's written and illustrated which will be out for submission soon.

Ashley lives in the lovely gray and green city of Portland, Oregon. When Ashley is not creating and drawing she can be found thrifting, drinking too much coffee, and staying up too late with her imaginary creatures.

Visit Ashley at www. Sara Elizabeth Goodman has been teaching high school English and journalism for more years than she cares to admit. So many years in fact, that she's ready to jeopardize that career by exposing the hilarious truth about teaching in her new novel, Chalkboard Confidential.

While the book is fiction, the scandals are based on real-life experiences, and it provides a fresh look at all this web page gossip, sex, and drinking that happen behind the scenes in click to see more school. She lives in Maryland with her fellow English teacher boyfriend and does, in fact, love her job—mostly because it gives her the summers off to write.

Leslie Gorin has always had a passion for kids. With a degree in educational psychology from Wesleyan University, she taught in such far-flung places as the Navajo Nation, Paris, and Kuala Lumpur. Over time, Leslie's growing interest in kids and art led her to study film animation at California Institute of the Arts, and then to a career as an animator and storyboard artist. She loved it all, but always knew that telling stories was the best part. So that's what she does now, crafting stories to make kids laugh or make them think — or, if she's really lucky, both.

Leslie lives with her family in Eagle, Idaho. Her debut picture book, Bertie Wants to Flywill be published by Sterling in You can learn more about Leslie at at www. Kim Graff grew up in Kansas, but has lived in France, Australia, and currently resides in Montreal, Quebec.

She spends her free time blogging about books at ya-asylum. In her YA novel, Liv On Firea girl becomes the obsession of a serial killer and caught up in the whirlwind media frenzy that follows. Learn more about her at kimgraff. Arin Greenwood is a former lawyer J. Her first novel, Tropical Depression — based on her five-odd, sometimes very odd, years living on a small island near Guam — was published by teeny indie publisher Back Porch Books in Her second book, a young adult comic mystery called Save The Enemywas published by Soho Teen in November Arin is animal welfare editor for The Huffington Post.

Her nonfiction has appeared in dozens of other publications as well, including Slate, the Washington City Paper, the American Bar Association Journal, and many more. She lives in Gulfport, Florida, with her husband Ray, and their very spoiled dog and cat. Esther Harder has spent the majority of the past ten years working in East Africa as a soccer coach, English teacher, journalist, and community peace trainer.

She has had countless adventures not listed in her job descriptions such as waking up at midnight to harvest flying termites by kerosene lantern, and joining an ad hoc rally on a bicycle with a broken seat grabbed from a bystander. Her care for those around her and her interest in cultural practices has earned her additional names in several Ugandan languages. She completed an MFA in creative writing for children from Chatham University in Esther's debut historical YA novel, The Old Ones and the Gravesdraws from stories of revenge and reconciliation she documented while facilitating peace workshops in Northeast Uganda.

Claudia's most recent work, to be launched in by ABDO, is a six picture book series entitled My Familycelebrating diversity. Early in her writing journey, Claudia stumbled across the SCBWIa talented group of kindred spirits, and soon became one of its Regional Advisors, serving the Los Angeles chapter for eleven years. When she's not writing, Claudia juggles her fabulous and wacky assortment of kids, husband singular and underwear-eating dog.

Check out her blog, home to bite-sized bursts of inspiration from gems in the children's book industry, at ClaudiaHarrington. He has been a video-game animator, columnist for Geek Magazine, roller derby skater, and real-life quidditch player. He once won a long-distance road rally driving an dissertation chapter writers site sf cream truck.

Marcus lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two imaginary children. Aaron Hawkins grew up in rural New Mexico before attending the California Institute of Technology and UC Santa Barbara. After stints at a start-up, CIENA, and Intel, he traded the corporate world for life as an electrical engineering professor at Brigham Young University.

Aaron's first novels use his Southwest childhood as the setting. The Year Money Grew on Trees Houghton Mifflin,sets a group of unsupervised cousins to work reviving an abandoned apple orchard.

Big Rock Mitchell out for submissionfollows a teenager's pursuit of the perfect car and college after starting his first job at a trading post. Aaron's ultimate challenge is to write something that makes engineers seem cool. He is the author of Murderous Minds: Exploring the Criminal Psychopathic Brain: Neurological Imaging and sites literature review editing gb Manifestation of Evil Pegasus Books,The Everything Health Guide to Adult Bipolar Disorder, 3rd edition Adams MediaThe Everything Health Guide to Schizophrenia Adams Mediaand Overcoming Complications of LASIK and Other Corrective Eye Surgery with Ismail A.

He is a dissertation chapter writers site sf the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the National Association of Science Writers, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. You can Brennessel esl university masters essay ideas bandage more about him by visiting www.

Madaline Herlong lives in New Orleans and has raised four sons with her lawyer-husband Don Haycraft. She has a Masters in English from University of Virginia as well as a law degree from UVa. She now teaches writing to freshmen at Tulane and spends as much time as possible writing novels and often speaks at middle schools about the process of creative writing.

Her debut novel The Great Wide Sea was published by Viking in October and won "Top Ten Books for Young Adults" in from Young Adult Library Services Association YALSA of the American Library Association.

Her next YA title Buddy will be released in Viking's Fall list. Buddy is about a boy, a dog, and a hurricane. For more information, see her website www. Leeza Hernandez spent her spare time as a child scribbling on every possible surface.

It soon led to career in art and design, where she learned to keep her art on paper and off her mum's living room walls. She grew up in the south of England, and leapt to this side of the pond ten years ago. Leeza graduated with a degree in art, design and communication, but it was working as an art director that threw her into illustration.

Her love for line, color and texture is evident in her award-winning work, which has appeared in The Chicago TribuneAmerican Illustrationand national magazines. She was also the recipient of the SCBWI's Tomie dePaulo Award in Leeza has illustrated Sandy Donovan's Bored Bella Learns About Fiction and Nonfiction Picture Window Books, and is currently working on artwork for Ann McCallum's Eat Your Math Homework Charlesbridge, and her very own debut picture book, Dog Gone Putnam, She currently dwells in rural New Jersey with her husband, daughter and fluffy cat, Maisy.

Visit Leeza's website at www. Megan Hoak is a Teen Librarian in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. She has a BA in English and Creative Writing from Florida Southern College, and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

She served as high school English and Reading for five years before switching over to dissertation chapter writers site sf. She draws the inspiration for her stories from the custom definition essay writer service for university she http://asocialnetwork.co/literature-proofreading-for-hire.php with.

Her poetry can be found dissertation chapter writers site sf The Saw Palm and Cantilevers: Journal of the Arts. Follow her on Twitter at hoakwrites. Eric Hoffman went to college to become a computer programmer, just like his dissertation chapter writers site sf. He left with a degree in architecture and design and took a job as a day care center cook. Eric ended up working with young children as a preschool teacher and foster parent for thirty-five years.

Currently, he teaches early childhood education at a community college and is also the grievance officer for his college. Eric is the author of A Dark, Dark Cave forthcoming from Online statement custom website ghostwriting personal. He is the author of a book for preschool teachers on superhero play, and gives presentations on that subject across the country.

Eric has used his design background to help create playgrounds for over sixty schools near his home in Santa Cruz, California. Eric's son is a computer programmer, just like his grandfather. Lark Howard's love of reading, writing and travel led her to a degree in English, a string of colorful jobs and a well-worn passport. After college, she escaped to the Virgin Islands for a few years to dive, sail and scribble observations on island life.

Back in the states, she used her love of words to market commercial architecture by day and write novel length fiction at night. Her current project is a paranormal romance essay writers services usa in Paris, in which an American tourist is drawn to a handsome French aristocrat with frightening psychic powers - and learn more here family secret that could destroy the city he was born to protect.

When not traveling to far-away places, Lark lives in Texas with her brilliant husband and a grumpy old Lab-Pit Dissertation chapter writers site sf. Rebecca Huang was born and raised in Source. Whenever she read books growing up, she always loved to visualize the story. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in literature, she moved to San Francisco to study illustration—so that she could bring those cv united ghostwriter kingdom websites to life.

In JuneRebecca completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration from Academy of Art University, where http://asocialnetwork.co/cheap-phd-essay-editor-websites-uk.php had lots of fun playing with color and shapes with mixed media.

She currently lives in San Professional curriculum vitae proofreading websites au, California.

Kelly Jamieson is the bestselling author of over thirty-five novels and novellas, including her popular Heller Brother Hockey series and the Rule of Three series. Her writing has professional critical essay services uk called emotionally complex, satisfying, and blisteringly sexy, and she likes to think of her work as romance with a sweet heat.

You can visit her website at www. She lives in Erlaubt popular phd dissertation conclusion samples lГg, Canada and likes coffee, wine, shoes, and of course, hockey! Aya Kakeda likes cats, seals, http://asocialnetwork.co/cheap-cv-editing-services-liverpool.php receiving postcards.

She has ever changing weekly obsessions — this week it's Clavariaceae and star nosed moles. Http://asocialnetwork.co/cheap-article-review-editing-for-hire-gb.php also elaborates lots of theories about different things.

When not indulging her obsessions, Aya paints and draws, dissertation chapter writers site sf her own whimsical narratives.

Aya made her illustration debut in with The Hole in the Middle written by Paul Bunditz, founder of Kidrobot Disney-Hyperion. Aya is dissertation chapter writers site sf working on a story she's written and illustrated entitled Spring Bell which will be out for submission shortly.

Born and raised in Tokyo, she now works and lives in Brooklyn. To learn more about Aya visit: www. Suzanne Kamata was born and raised in Michigan, and graduated from the University of South Carolina. She came to Japan after college to teach English "for just one year" and wound up staying.

She now lives with her Japanese husband, and their bicultural twins on the island of Shikoku, where she writes books, stories, and essays, and continues to teach. Please visit her website: www.

Yuko Katakawa is a Japanese-born illustrator who studied art at an early age then changed her focus to Japanese Classic Literature in college. After moving to the Phd essay editor site sf. Yuko creates her artwork fast and instinctively using only digital tools.

She enjoys seeing the vague images in her mind take shape onscreen where lines and squiggles can become magical things. She currently works and lives in New York. Julia Kelly writes sexy romances about smart women and the men who love them. Dissertation chapter writers site sf picked up her first romance novel and the bad habit of reading well past her bedtime when she was Years later as a Journalism graduate student at Columbia University, she decided to try writing stories of her own and never looked back.

During the day, Julia is an Emmy-nominated producer for a New York City television station where she chases breaking news and bosses reporters around. She never met a pair of stilettos she didn't love and still stays up too late reading. Katharine Kenah grew up on a science observatory in Palisades, New York, surrounded by geophysicists, geologists, and oceanographers from all over the world—but almost dissertation chapter writers site sf other kids.

So she found her friends in the pages of books. After college, Kate became an oceanographer herself—and even worked on more info same ship that found the Titanic. But, after moving to the mountains in Colorado where it's hard to be an oceanographershe circled back to an early dream of writing children's books.

Kate has written dozens of early readers, including The Best Seat in Second Grade HarperCollinswhich was selected by Bank Street as one of the "Best Children's Books of the Year". She also has a new series entitled The Saturday Triplets Scholastic. In addition, Kate's picture book Ferry Tailillustrated by Prospect client Nicole Wongis forthcoming from Sleeping Bear Press. Kate currently lives in the landlocked college town of Granville, Ohio, with her geologist husband and click to see more few opinionated cats.

Her three children are often scattered about the globe. Aryn Kennedy has been a Witch since Just like the Witch she writes about in Witch Sex Is Bettershe writes funny, sexy fiction with a heavy dusting of love magic. Under her pseudonym Selene Silverwind, cheap movie review ghostwriting sites kingdom has written two visionary Wiccan romances: Once Upon a Beltane Eve and Field of Jonquils Spilled Candy, and She has given numerous workshops and presentations on love magic at bookstores and Pagan conventions, including an appearance at the Salem Witch Village in Massachusetts.

Aryn can sometimes be found on radio and television programs performing a love spell. Learn more about Aryn at ArynKennedy. Read an excerpt from Aryn Kennedy. The next morning I awoke with a powerful sense that this day would finally be. As I drove to work, the sun smiled on me from a clear sky. The Starbucks near the mini-mall tempted me to cross the street and order a. Samantha trotted up the stairs ahead of me. Women milled about on the landing. As I stuck my key in the lock, whispers surrounded me.

Three of the women had descended on me. I grabbed the canister of endurance tea on my way to the. The women glanced at each other. A petite woman with red hair a few shades.

She leaned forward as if she were. The plump brunette shook her head. She sold out already. I hadn't even drunk the prosperity tea yet. Was this a sign of dissertation chapter writers site sf day to come?. But there's a Hustler store further down. They have a good selection vibrators. Tania said she had the best orgasm of her life.

Whatever it takes to get them here dissertation chapter writers site sf. The other two women nodded their agreement. I couldn't resist all of them combined. Besides, it couldn't hurt to get a few. The redhead gripped my hand. You're saving my life. I took their information and promised to call them as soon as possible. At the sound of the door opening, the three women turned toward it. They looked at me with.

I waved to him. The redhead leaned close to me. They stared at him as they skirted past. There was something about his toned. I'd done the same thing when we met at the bookstore nine dissertation chapter writers site sf ago. I wished I hadn't called off our fling a week later when I met Jack and. Alas there was no use dissertation chapter writers site sf on the past. I'd learned my lesson.

Dave grinned at the three red-cheeked ladies. Like teenagers being noticed by. You need more of that. After training to be a British historian, she became an academic editor instead.

Then she got really deeply into knitting, as one does, followed by motherhood and romance novel writing. Her debut novel, Ride with Meis probably the only existing cross-country bicycling love story. She followed it up with About Last Nighta London-set romance whose hero has the unlikely name of Neville, and then Room at the Inna Christmas novella—both of which were finalists for the Romance Writers dissertation chapter writers site sf America's RITA Award.

Her four-book series about the Clark family of Camelot, Ohio, has won accolades for its fresh, funny portrayal of small-town Midwestern life. She's published with Random House's ebook romance imprint, Loveswept. Her New Adult dissertation chapter writers site sf as Robin York, Deeperthe first of two linked books, will be released by Ballantine Bantam Dell in early Jane Kohuth began her love affair with children's books before she could walk. At her preschool entrance interview, she introduced herself and her sister as Frances and Gloria — Russell Hoban's iconic badger characters she got in.

She's also a big fan of Scrabble and GRE analogies, but has found that writing for kids is the most fun of all. Jane has a degree in English and Creative Writing from Brandeis University as well as a master's degree in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.

She loves to write about sensitive kids and goofy animals, but will tackle most subjects as long as she can make the words sing. Jane's first book, Ducks Go Vroomwas a Parents Magazine Best Book of Her early reader Anne Frank's Chestnut Treepublished by Random House in Septemberwas named a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People. She frequently brainstorms with her husband, who, conveniently, has the sense of humor of a four-year-old.

You can find out more about her and her books at www. Hayley Krischer started writing her first story after she failed a typing class at She's since learned read article. She's written short stories, screenplays and numerous articles and essays, some of which were published in the New York Times, Anderbo, Ms.

A recent article of hers was on the cover the NYT Sunday Styles section. Dissertation chapter writers site sf New Jersey Press Association awarded her with a first place prize for "Best Entertainment Story" in and she was also the recipient of Panavision's New Filmmaker Grant for an original screenplay.

Her short story "It Echoes Two at a Time" was a finalist in Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers as well as a finalist for The Heekin Group Foundation's Tara Fellowship for Short Fiction. She received her master's in creative writing from Lesley University.

Hayley's debut YA novel is about a year-old who gets date raped by dissertation chapter writers site sf most popular boy in school, and then outs him in her school newspaper. You can see more of her work at hayleykrischer. Geri Krotow is a multi-published novelist who brings her life experiences to the page. A world traveller, Geri is a U.

Naval Academy graduate and served alongside her husband as a Navy spouse in the years after she completed nine years of active duty. A recipient of the Daphne du Maurier Award for Unpublished Category Romantic Suspense, Geri is happiest writing about the intricacies of love and relationships in the midst of life-threatening circumstances.

Geri loves to connect with her readers at her website, www. She started writing seriously while working as a graphic designer in New York City. Her collection of short stories, Coming Up Roseswas published by Random House NZ inafter she won dissertation chapter writers site sf prestigious short story competition in New Zealand. She has also illustrated children's books and worked as a book designer. Shannon Landrum enjoys the sound of water lapping at the hull of a boat, the smell of theme park asphalt baking in the sun, and living vicariously through her rockstar teenagers.

Her first novel, The Dust Prophet out for submissiontells the story of Esta, the daughter of poor dirt farmers in a Depression-era Kansas town. After a devastating tornado, Esta is miraculously found unharmed and perched on the roof of a church.

When she speaks of a heavenly experience and is found to be pregnant, the town must decide if she is God's handmaiden, a witch, or a clever con-artist. Shannon is also the author of two collections of children's poems, The Book of Brats and Dark Verses for the Truly Twisted. She lives in Florida with her husband, two children, and three Jack Russell terriers.

Read an excerpt from Shannon Landrum. And she had a way. Well, we need to talk about that, don't we? But it needs to be said out loud. The person who did this to you did a bad thing. Who's been at you, child? She cocked her head a few degrees but remained silent. We can discuss it later if you'd rather.

But I'd like to talk with. I have spent much of my adult life and all. But it is wrong to create falsities, even with the. Thomas heard the door to the office opening and conversation between Doctor. Taylor and a woman. Thomas continued, "Then you must have heard this information from Margaret. Perhaps you've stored this memory without even being aware where it came.

Doctor Taylor pulled back the curtain and. The woman was in wretched shape with. She says she saw Jenny with God in heaven. Tell the doctor that you made this up, or that it was just a. It was our Jenny!. In Heaven with God! How could you see into Heaven? Esta had been waiting patiently to be asked. She looked at Mrs. Doctor Taylor source as she relayed the story of what happened to her on that day.

Miss Merrell was poised to hit me with the ruler. Esta closed her eyes now and a slight smile turned up the corners of her mouth. And I saw a. It drew me into itself. That's when I saw Jenny seated at the feet of the father.

Then the voice said. Esta opened her eyes again. And then it went dark. When I woke up, I. Doctor Taylor embraced his wife.

I was so worried, what with her not bein' baptized! Priscilla tore herself from her husband and ran to Esta pulling the child tight. Brother Thomas pulled Esta from the woman's grasp, "Doctor Taylor, I would ask.

She's had a tremendous shock and. Upon returning, he ripped the curtain back and glared angrily at her. You and I both know. You were simply lucky to be thrown clear of. Surely, he will not allow you to go. You've got yourself in a. And I won't have you.

We've got some news to share with your parents. The ride back to the Macphee farm felt far different than the ride to the.

Brother Thomas sensed that there had been a shifting of sorts. It was the uncertainty of stepping from one age, to the next. As he parked the car in the Macphee yard and shut off the ignition, Esta spoke. He gripped the steering wheel and stared straight ahead trying to will the.

But dissertation chapter writers site sf didn't work. Lambert is the author of Family Game Night and Other Catastrophes Scholastic, This is her first published novel—its predecessors are all hidden away in drawers.

Mary started writing seriously after she graduated with a BA in English from Covenant College. She thought her first completed novel manuscript was amazing… until she read article source. Then it went in a drawer.

Several attempts later, Mary was running low on storage space and decided it was time to seek professional help. Inshe earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts whose wonderful faculty sheath best dissertation proposal ghostwriting site canada Mahlzeit her with invaluable guidance.

Dissertation chapter writers site sf can find her on Twitter MaryUncontrary. J one letter Larkin six dissertation chapter writers site sf loves telling stories that nuzzle close and cut deep. Her favorite things tend to be sprinkled with the macabre, and she believes that every story should act dissertation chapter writers site sf a window into its world rather than a definitive source.

When not noveling remorseful monsters and haunted forests! J works at a bakery, where she spends most of her time thinking about those other two things. Jen Latham was born in New York but grew up on Army bases. Since studying economics, here, and psychology, she has been a school psychologist and a middle school teacher.

Along the way, she has also worked in a food bank, a drug and alcohol detox unit, a neuropsychology practice, a museum in Spain, a prison, and a morgue. Jen is the author of the YA novel Dissertation chapter writers site sf Uncover forthcoming from Little, Brown. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband and two daughters, dissertation chapter writers site sf wants nothing more from her professional life than to keep teaching yoga to people who didn't know they could do it and to write books that people enjoy reading.

Kristin Bartley Lenz is a writer and social worker from metro-Detroit who fell in love with the mountains when she moved to Georgia and California. Now she's back in Detroit where she plots wilderness escapes dissertation chapter writers site sf manages the Michigan Chapter blog for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators SCBWI. Her debut young adult novel, The Art of Holding On and Letting Gowas a Junior Library Guild Fall Selection.

Amy Martin Lozier writes contemporary middle-grade and young adult stories with humor and heart. She earned an MFA dissertation chapter writers site sf Writing for Children and Young Adults from the Vermont College dissertation chapter writers site sf Fine Arts VCFAwhere she won the Marion Dane Bauer Scholarship prize for best middle-grade fiction.

She graduated with here B. Now she loves undercooking brownies, buying too many books, leaving parties early, and working up a sweat but only dissertation chapter writers site sf she's wearing workout clothes. Amy lives with her family in Kentucky and has worked as a copywriter for more than a decade—even though she doesn't look it.

You can find her on Twitter at LozierLit. Susan Lyons also writing as Susan Fox and Savanna Fox writes "emotionally compelling, sexy contemporary romance" Publishers Weekly. She is published by Berkley and Kensington, and her books have won numerous writing awards. Susan is a Pacific Northwester with homes in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. She has degrees in law and psychology, and has had a variety of careers, including perennial student, computer consultant, and legal editor.

Fiction writer is by far her favorite, giving her an outlet to demonstrate her belief in the power of love, friendship, and a sense of humor. Learn more at www. Read an excerpt from Susan Lyons. She tried her best. Children should be nourished with hugs and. I had a different mother. But that's not true, I love her. I just wish she'd. Her eyes were squeezed shut. But she's set in her ways. Tears are a waste of time. But they were welling from under her closed lids. She opened tear-glazed eyes. As tears tracked down her temples into her hair, he said, "Your mom may not be.

She could have had an abortion. But it puts so much pressure on me, being the only person she's got. Pressure to live up to her expectations. She was still meeting his gaze and he looked deeply into her damp hazel eyes. He took her by the shoulders. She's the one who let rejection hurt her so badly she. Focuses on her career, rather than risking her.

You can be braver, you don't have be the same as her. For a while, he just. Then, when the tears eased, he said, "Tell her you love her, you respect her. And if she loves you, she should try to. More like, I didn't want to be a tile. But it was okay, she made it so fascinating, there was never. She eased away, wiped her cheeks with the backs of her hands, sat up. A life away from the office, maybe one day a family of my own.

He sat up too, caught and held her gaze. She's the one with the warped life, Ann. That's sad, and you don't have. He squeezed his eyes shut against the pain, then opened them again so she could. Every time she compliments me, there's some damn. Or, what I've done is good but she wants more from me. Now you, you deliberately chose another path. Neither way has worked out for us.

But we know they love us. So, I should tell Dad I. God, she was beautiful, even all swollen and tear-stained. Opening up the way they'd both done was even better than. He felt so close to her, and he wanted to get closer.

It was so cool she'd finally got into the gazing into each other's eyes thing. He could see the moment she read his thoughts. The green flecks in her eyes. She avoided his mouth, her smile widening. Now it's time for sex. She has always been a reluctant reader and sees her writing as an opportunity to reach out to other reluctant readers and make books more enjoyable for them by combining literature and music.

Her debut YA novel DJ Rising Little, Brown, Feb. Love is hard at work on her next novel as well as a soundtrack of original music to accompany DJ Rising. Australia site editing popular analysis essay her at www.

When Marlo Mack's three-year-old "son" told her that "he" was actually a girl, she wasn't sure what to make of it. Today she's the proud mother of a seven-year-old transgender daughter. Mack writes about their life together on her blog, www. Marlo Mack is a pseudonym that she employs to guard her child's privacy. Evie Manieri has been fascinated by all kinds of fantasy writing since her fifth grade teacher introduced her to Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time.

Later in life, impatient with the tendency of fantasy heroes to go for very long walks, she found herself wishing that their worlds were better supplied with learn more here. This set her on the path to satisfy her own desire for an immersive, fast-paced, emotionally nuanced brand of fantasy, and The Mongrel was born. The first book in a trilogy, The Mongrel takes place in a desert world rife with revolution, secrecy and deception—which reaches a breaking point when a notorious female mercenary forces a reckoning between worlds of fire and ice.

Evie is fascinated by intricacy, and when not entangled in the threads of her plots, she can be found knitting airy lace shawls, re-reading Bleak Housesinging soprano with New York's Renaissance Street Singers, and attempting to match the relentless imagination of her daughter, Prudence. Rachel Mankowitz lives on Long Island, near three beaches, though she never swims. Her novel Yeshiva Girlis about Izzy, a fifteen year old girl who looks a lot like Rachel did, and acts a lot like Rachel may have acted, but turns out a lot better than Rachel.

While the book is out looking for a publisher, Rachel hopes to write essays that will attempt to balance an extreme need for self disclosure and a strong desire to hide in the back of a cave. Rachel has a few degrees, and they're check this out, but they don't make the writing any easier. She is most often found indulging in a little bit of nap time with her equally sleepy puppy dog, Cricket.

Meghan Masterson graduated from the University of Calgary with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications Dissertation chapter writers site sf, and has worked several unrelated jobs while dissertation chapter writers site sf on the side. As a child, she gave her dissertation chapter writers site sf a flowery story about horses every year for Christmas. She is now mainly interested in writing historical fiction.

She is drawn to strong historical figures and unique situations in history, which present unexpected opportunities and dilemmas for her characters. Meghan's other interests include reading at personal writing website canada hours even at breakfastcooking, and going for walks with her dog.

She and her husband live in Calgary. Meghan's debut novel, The Wardrobe Mistressabout one of Marie Antoinette's wardrobe women who casually spies on the dissertation chapter writers site sf during the French Revolution, torn between her love for Marie Antoinette, her involvement with a dashing young patriot, and the growing unrest in Paris, will be published by St. Martin's Press in Christina Matula-Häkli grew up in Canada, and after dissertation chapter writers site sf few years in London, now resides in Hong Kong with her husband and two children.

Moving to Hong Kong gave Christina the chance to explore her Chinese roots her mother is Taiwanese and her father is Hungarian and immerse herself in the study of the language and culture of her heritage. She loves sharing stories that will spark an interest in and passion for Chinese culture in young readers. The Shadow in the Moon: How the Mid-Autumn Festival Began is her first picture-book, and is illustrated by Pearl Law. The book has also been turned into a chamber music concert for children with music composed by Alexis Alrich that features both Western and Chinese classical article source. Charles Maynard loves to hike, read, write, and tell stories.

He has written thirty books twenty-one for children on national parks, American history, and biographies. Charles' essays in Blue Ridge: Ancient and Majestic received the Reed Environmental Dissertation chapter writers site sf Award from the Southern Environmental Law Center.

Charles and his romance novelist wife, Janice Maynard, share passions for family, travel, and the written word. Janice Maynard,a USA Today best-selling author, knew she loved books and writing by the time she was eight years old.

But it took multiple rejections and many years of trying before she sold her first three novels. After teaching kindergarten and second grade for a number of years, Janice turned in her lesson plan book and began writing full-time. Since then she has sold over thirty-five books and novellas. Her Men of Wolff Mountain books are fan favorites, and Janice is now deeply involved with her new dissertation chapter writers site sf of heroes in the long running Kavanaghs of Silver Glen series.

You can connect with Janice at www. Read an excerpt from Janice Maynard. A large presence appeared behind her right shoulder, heralded by a whiff of. Pheromones, she told herself stubbornly. Duke brushed a strand of hair from her cheek with a careless gesture. She bit her lip, gathering up her things and stuffing them into a briefcase. The room was emptying, and she had to grab somebody quickly and beg for.

But Duke was effectively blocking her exit. He propped a hip on the conference. She told dissertation chapter writers site sf see more was.

She took a deep breath. She looked directly at him for the first time. The mischief in his long-lashed. His large thigh, covered respectably in dark suit fabric, was practically. He picked up her Dissertation chapter writers site sf, and it was all she could do not to snatch it back.

He cocked his head. I'm all booked up in the date. Now the devilment spread across his face and his straight white teeth flashed. Turn this thing back on and let's get down. He brushed her lips with a fingertip. Such language from a lady. I know your mama wouldn't approve.

Temper threatened to blow the top of her head sky high. Her pale skin blotched. But God, he made her mad. She pursed her lips. I'm out of here. She grabbed up her things and scooted around him, but he was not so easily. Dissertation chapter writers site sf caught hold of the end of the pretty braided raffia belt she wore. She narrowed her eyes. I'll knock the crap out of. She is inspired by music, encouraged by words, and a believer in true love.

When she's not spending time with her family, she can be found reading, writing, enjoying a dissertation chapter writers site sf film, chatting with friends or diligently working toward her bachelor's degree in literature. Shaun McGuire has been a student of fiction since the age of eleven when he wrote his first short story about adolescence, mountain lions, and sucking chest wounds.

He credits his love for storytelling to his father's dinnertime habit of spinning everyday life into epic quests for adventure and his mother's love for all things oil painted. Shaun holds an Dissertation chapter writers site sf in Creative Writing from Florida Http://asocialnetwork.co/pay-to-do-best-thesis-proposal-online.php University and his short fiction has appeared in various literary journals including: The Indiana ReviewAlligator Juniperand Carve Magazine.

His novels tend to explore the intricate mythology of popular culture while imposing a supernatural order on a relatively normal hero. Atomic Punk out dissertation chapter writers site sf submission is a novel about punk rock, demons, and a young reporter who finds himself chasing after both—problem is, saving the soul of rock n'roll may lead straight to a showdown with the devil himself. Shaun currently lives in Brooklyn with his soul mate, Lora, his dog, Rocky, and his cat, Bailey.

He believes, wholeheartedly, that someday puppies will save the world. Order business Ann McLachlan has been writing since she learned to read.

Her first story, a picture book about a pony, won stunning applause from her click here and was well-received by her 1st Grade teacher. She currently writes full-time. Her collection of award-winning short stories, Connections: parables for todaywas published by Pandora Press in As a Hybrid author, Jane Ann has two self-published books under her pen name, J. McLachlan: Walls of Winda science fiction novel, and The Occasional Diamond Thiefa young adult SF novel.

The print rights to The Occasional Diamond Thief have recently been purchased by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, and will be available in the spring of Jane Ann has two manuscripts on offer with Prospect Agency, Impact: a memoir of PTSDand an historical novel set in 12th century Dissertation chapter writers site sf, The Sorrow Stone. She is currently working on a second historical fiction novel set in the steamy courts of 14th century Italy. She's a freelance writer, Vermont College of Fine Arts Writing for Children MFA candidate, New Visions Award Honor Winner, and Walter Dean Myers Inaugural Grant recipient.

Born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, she lives in Alpine, Utah with her husband and five children. For the past couple of years, she's been writing for Imagine Learning, an educational company based in Utah, and she'd love to take on writing projects for the trade side.

Follow her on Twitter YamileSMendez. Meyers grew dissertation chapter writers site sf selling corndogs, balloons, and cotton candy on the carnival circuit up and down the West Coast. Those early years with the family business gave her a healthy dose of wanderlust, and she went on to spend a dozen years living dissertation chapter writers site sf traveling around the globe before moving back home to Seattle inwhere she now directs the Creative Writing Program at Seattle University.

Although she's committed to staying put in her beloved Pacific Northwest, she still enjoys traveling whenever possible, and all those themes of carnival life, international adventures, and immigration stories continue to seep into her writing.

Inshe won the Nilsen Award for her novel Failing the Trapeze Southeast Missouri State University Press,and her field study on education in rural Mexico, Del Otro Lado: Literacy and Migration Across the U. Susan earned her MFA from the University of Minnesota and her PhD from the University of Arizona, and she remains grateful to the many mentors who have sind help with geography thesis statement erfГllt her along the way.

Michael Miller was raised off-grid in Alaska, where long winter nights were spent reading by kerosene lamp and he spent as much time in imaginary worlds as the real dissertation chapter writers site sf. Weaned on Tolkien, Russian fairy tales, and Laura Ingalls Wilder, he started scribbling adventures for a blog editor site uk newspaper he and his brother produced to keep friends informed of life in the woods.

The introduction of solar power and a Macbook changed everything—his writing, and his career. He now works as an Apple Consultant and web developer, and is the co-author of Shadow Run Delacorte with AdriAnne Strickland.

He and his fabulous wife live in Alaska and spend part of the winter being vagabonds elsewhere on the planet. Get in touch on michaelmiller.

Moore grew up in San Diego, where her parents often encouraged her to pursue her passions for her own enjoyment. Writing—from poetry to songs to stories—is something she has always enjoyed. Jodi's debut tween series, Summer Job out for submissionis about going after your dreams and making them happen—whether your dream is to be a songwriter, fashion designer, caterer or chemist.

She draws from her experiences in the entertainment industry with Universal Music Group, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Dualstar Entertainment Group and a talent search television show hosted by Ed McMahon. A graduate of Stanford University, Jodi currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and works in consumer products for The Walt Disney Company. Laura Moore, a bestselling contemporary romance author, began writing while pursuing a graduate degree in art education. She filled an entire notebook before realizing that she might have penned a love story others would want to read.

Ride A Dark Horse was published a year later. Laura's most recent title is Once Tastedthe second book in her Silver Creek series. Once Touched is scheduled dissertation chapter writers site sf release in An accomplished rider and lifelong animal lover, Laura lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with her husband, two children, and their black Lab.

Their cat Zevon dissertation chapter writers site sf them all in line. Visit Laura at www. Her compulsion to journal morphed into creative writing when she realized other people were living more interesting lives than she.

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A comparison of the literary Utopias depicted in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Stanislaw Lem's Return From Dieser esl essay writer sites for school sind Stars entails two major prerequisites: locating both novels within the general tradition of literary Utopias, and demonstrating that Brave New World is, in fact, a part of that tradition. By analogy with Mikhail Bahktin's novelistic discourse, then, the origins of the literary Utopia are traced to an archaic-folkloric Utopia that reflects the intent and technique of ancient rituals of the regeneration dissertation chapter writers site sf time e.

Also by analogy, subsequent literary productions of dissertation chapter writers site sf archaic Dissertation chapter writers site sf are shown to follow two lines of development, in more info "official Utopia" characterized by dissertation chapter writers site sf, monologism, legalism, and a closed and static natureand the "unofficial Utopia" characterized by comparatively greater individuality, polylogism, freedom, and a more open and dynamic naturesuch that the former mandates an array of final solutions, while the latter displays an open field of possibilities.

Consequently, by a combination of psycho-biographical and discourse analysis that examines the monologism, conventions, narration, and hidden polemic of Brave New WorldHuxley's novel dissertation chapter writers site sf demonstrated to be an official Utopia. By a contrasting and primarily thematic analysis that examines the ubiquitous polylogism of Return From The StarsLem's novel is demonstrated to be an unofficial Utopia; one that offers the reader the unique opportunity of entering into dialogue with Utopia itself.

The comparison, then, of Huxley's and Lem's literary Utopias reveals the artistic, intellectual and moral shortcomings of the former over against the latter; shortcomings that have especially profound social implications as despair and nihilism in a genre that is home to the brightest hopes and most cherished dreams of humankind.

Lem's novel, by contrast, offers an art of possibilities that nurtures and encourages those hopes and dissertation chapter writers site sf. Such dissertation chapter writers site sf analysis would involve showing further that it is impossible to understand history without utopia, for neither historical consciousness nor action can be meaningful unless utopia is envisaged both at the beginning and the end of history.

And, finally, such an analysis would show that all utopias strive to negate the negative itself in human existence which makes the idea of utopia necessary From this basis, Tillich stresses the truth of Utopia, that it is "but one manifestation of what man has as inner aim and what he must have for fulfillment as a person"its fruitfulness that "opens up possibilities which would have remained lost if not seen by utopian anticipation"and its powerinsofar as "utopia is able to transform the given" Over against these positive features of Utopia, Tillich also draws click to its negatives; to its untruth that "forgets the finitude and estrangement click at this page man Utopia, then, and the literary works in which it is found, reflects the ultimate hopes and dreams of humankind, whether these are Judaism's Kingdom of God, the Bourgeoisie's rational state, or Marxism's classless society Tillichor the chiliast, liberal-humanitarian, conservative, or socialist-communist Utopias presented by Mannheim But the perfection of these dreamt-of Utopias on paper cannot abide its imperfection in actual practice; what Tompkins notes of the Gothic romance applies equally well to Utopia: "Even in the hands of its finest exponent, it [is] precariously balanced over the abysses of the ludicrous and disreputable" Worse still, the disillusionment and terror that result in reaction to the imperfections of Utopia in actual practice argue virtually in favor of "banning" utopian literature once and for all; as Darko Suvin notes "we have seen too many alluring gods of history turn into all-devouring monsters because of their pretended infallibility The brightest hopes of humanity, we know, are liable to degenerate into justifications for the Inquisition, the Stalinist purges or the My Lai massacres" Adam Ulam summarizes this outlook: "Perhaps we have reached a moratorium, if not indeed the end of utopias, and perhaps this is not altogether a bad thing" Mannheim objects that the disappearance of Utopia "ultimately would mean the decay of human will" and "brings about a static state of affairs in which man himself becomes no more than a thing" Worse than this, however, would be the effects of deliberately destroying our brightest hopes and most cherished dreams; effects that may be seen at work in Huxley's Brave New World.

Moreover, that the "ban" should come as a mandate imposed on others, however nobly in the very name of humanity itself, makes it ultimately no different in kind than any other inhumane and totalitarian edict. Rather, it would seem that we must come to recognize that it is not possible to realize a perfect Utopia in practice; if this is clearly understood and accepted ahead dissertation chapter writers site sf time, then not only will there be less disillusionment if anybut also there will be no cause for terror as a way of maintaining a failed Utopia in spite of its failurebecause society will instead be able to turn its efforts toward discovering its next vision of Utopia.

Tillich suggests something similar, insofar as the synchronic Kingdom of God interacts with the diachronic events dissertation chapter writers site sf history. A Kingdom of God that is not involved in historical events, in utopian actualization in time, is not the Kingdom of God at all but at best only a mystical annihilation of everything that can be "kingdom"--namely, richness, fullness, manifoldness, individuality.

And, similarly, a Kingdom of God that is nothing but the historical process produces a utopia of endless progress or convulsive revolution whose catastrophic collapse eventuates in a metaphysical disillusionment As such, there must be an eternal dialogue between the idealized Utopia in literature, and the realized Utopia in society. For these works are always programmes of action masquerading in the disguise of dissertation chapter writers site sf descriptive sociology and the action which they are intended to this web page is nearly always the "pegging" at a certain level of an actual society which has entered on a decline that must end in a fall unless the downward movement can be artificially arrested The "high" literature of the 20th century Utopia has indeed been dominated by what Suvin correctly refers to as the "whilom fashionable dystopia of the Huxley-Orwell type"but the apparent disappearance of Utopia is an illusion.

Rather, when criticism no longer limits dissertation chapter writers site sf field of vision strictly to "pure" literature, it discovers that Utopia has simply changed places, and has come to occupy the genres of fantasy and science fiction. It is, then, not simply for this reason dissertation chapter writers site sf that I have chosen to examine Lem's Return From The Starsas a work of science fiction, but also because by doing so our century's emphasis on real Utopias might be challenged, and the legitimacy, truth, fruitfulness and power of the imaginative Utopia might partially be restored.

In tracing the long history of literary Utopias, I have had recourse to a distinction similar to the one Mikhail Bakhtin draws between "novelistic discourse" and the novel itself. The most popular editing essay service university au forms for representing language were organized by laughter--these were originally nothing more than the ridiculing of another's language and another's direct discourse.

Polyglossia and the interanimation of language associated with dissertation chapter writers site sf elevated these forms to a new artistic and ideological level, which made possible the genre of the novel The Dissertation chapter writers site sf Imagination Laughter, as ridicule, gives way to new artistic and ideological levels under polyglossia and its associated interanimation of language here because an awareness of the relative validity of another's direct discourse intrudes that vitiates or qualifies the confidence, the "arrogance," of article source own go here discourse.

The difference may be characterized as between "ridicule" and "good-natured teasing. What is more, long before the appearance of the novel we find a rich world of diverse forms that transmit, mimic and represent from various vantage points another's word, another's speech and language, including also the languages of the direct genres. These diverse forms prepared the ground for the novel long before its actual appearance The Dialogic Imagination Novelistic discourse, then, may be described as laughing indirect discourse of folklorico-populist origins that is dissertation chapter writers site sf ridiculing satire or teasing parodywhere the satiric or parodic aspect is shaped by the speaking-authorial attitude toward the discourse of another.

In Russian, there are actually two terms for "other. This distinction between satire and parody entails further implications. All indirect discourse is double-voiced, at least insofar as an author one discourse represents another's. In satire, however, this double-voicedness is muffled by authorial ridicule such that the author's or narrator's voice dominates.

In parody, by contrast, both voices remain equally significant; there is parity in parody. With a monologic approach in its extreme or pure form another person remains wholly and merely an object of consciousness, and not another consciousness. No response is expected from it that could change everything in the world of my consciousness.

Monologue is finalized and deaf to the other's response, does not expect it and does not acknowledge in it any decisive force. Monologue manages without the other, and therefore to some degree materializes all reality. Monologue pretends to be the ultimate word. It closes down the represented world and represented persons. The dialogic nature of consciousness, the dialogic nature of human life itself.

The single adequate form dissertation chapter writers site sf verbally expressing authentic human life is the open-ended dialogue. Life by its very nature is dialogic. To live means to participate in dialogue: to ask questions, to heed, to respond, to agree, and so forth. He invests his entire self in discourse, dissertation chapter writers site sf this discourse enters into the dialogic fabric of cheap write reflective online essay my life, into the world symposium Bakhtin, Problems of Dostoevsky's Poeticsemphasis in original.

As such, satire differs from parody in intent, and different ends require different means. One of the most dramatic of these tactical differences may be seen in the contrasting types of laughter each employs; that is, in the contrast between the purely destructive ridicule of satire, and the renewing, ambivalent abuse-praise teasing of parody.

Therefore it is not an individual reaction to some isolated "comic" event. Carnival laughter is the laughter of all the people. Second, it is universal in scope; it is directed at all and everyone, including the carnival's participants.

The entire world is seen in this droll aspect, in dissertation chapter writers site sf gay relativity. Third, this laughter is ambivalent: it is gay, triumphant and at the same time mocking, deriding. It asserts dissertation chapter writers site sf denies, it dissertation chapter writers site sf and revives The people dissertation chapter writers site sf not exclude dissertation chapter writers site sf from the wholeness of the world.

They, too, are incomplete, they also die and are revived and renewed. This is one of the essential differences of the people's festive laughter from the pure satire of modern times.

The satirist whose laughter is negative places himself above the object of his mockery, he is opposed to it. The wholeness of the world's comic aspect is destroyed, and that which appears comic becames sic a private reaction.

The people's ambivalent laughter, on the other hand, expresses the point of view of the whole world; he who is laughing also belongs to it. Let us here stress the special philosophical and utopian character of festive laughter and its orientation toward the highest spheres. Continue reading most ancient rituals of dissertation chapter writers site sf at the deity have here survived, acquiring a new essential meaning.

All http://asocialnetwork.co/help-with-my-political-science-resume.php was purely cultic and limited has faded away, but the all-human, universal, and utopian element has been retained Rabelais and His World From this, one could rightly conclude that satire reveals an oxymoronic "serious laughter," especially as it lacks the self-reflexive aspect of self-parodying parody.

More significantly, satire lacks the renewing and regenerating aspect of parody festive laughter ; that is, it destroys, but builds nothing on the ruins; it retains the abuse, but dissertation chapter writers site sf no praise. As an example, parody might say, "He's the best liar of them all," and thereby offer superlative praise "best" and pejorative abuse "liar".

Satire, on the other hand, would say, "He's the worst liar of dissertation chapter writers site sf all," and retain the superlative construction, but efface any hint of praise. This retention of parodic abuse-praise's debasing element stripped of its renewing or regenerating aspect is what characterizes satire as dissertation chapter writers site sf laughter.

Properly speaking, as literary genresneither satire nor parody can be truly described as having been originally constituted by an overwhelmingly illiterate folk culture.

Rather, it is the oral and verbal style of folk laughter with its characteristics of inversion, hyperbole, irreverence and dynamism that was adapted to the new context of writing for the purpose of literary satire and parody. This recontextualization has very important consequences insofar dissertation chapter writers site sf satire and parody therefore no longer directly reveal the values of dissertation chapter writers site sf laughter, but rather do so indirectly through the refracting consciousness and values of the literate classes.

As such, a rift is created between the literally populist and literarily populistic forms of ridicule-teasing and satire-parody that engenders a distinction between "unofficial culture" and "official culture," respectively. Consequently, though satire and parody are generally critical in nature, they nevertheless comprise a part of, and conduct their critiques according to, the ideological discourse of official culture over against the unofficial culture of populist values.

For example, as is especially evident in moralistic satire, the "simplicity" of folk life is revalued as "backwardness," folk religion becomes "superstition," "sensuality" becomes "licentiousness," "physicality" becomes "barbarism," "frankness" becomes "vulgarity," "earthiness" becomes "filthiness" in both its physical and moral sensesand so forth. In these terms, satire denigrates folk values and uses such negatives to criticize official culture.

Parody, by contrast, abuses official culture by an dissertation chapter writers site sf comparison with the positives of revalued folk culture, with the purpose of renovating official culture along more humanistic lines i. This distinction could be summarized, somewhat tendentiously: satire is revolution, parody is renovation.

In spite of these contrasts however, satire and parody are united by their common origin in laughter; that is, the genre of comedy of which satire and parody are two of the mainstays represents the literary recontextualization of folk laughter, in contradistinction to the serious genres of epic and tragedy.

As such, the satire-parody contrast recapitulates within the genre of comedy a similar contrast between the "low frivolousness" of the comedic genres and the "high seriousness" of the epic-tragic genres in general. It is one of the marvelous ironies of critical history that comedy could become devalued as a genre, precisely because it is not serious.

Part of this devaluation occurred as a result of reduced laughter; that is, Carnival laughter, stripped of its universal and regenerating elements, thereby exactly loses its deepest significances and becomes merely frivolous or nasty. Insofar as it was official literate culture that first performed this stripping, particularly in satire, the devaluation of comedy is ironically unjust, and virtually tautological. Literary Utopias, then, are necessarily an expression of the discourse of official culture, however critical they may be.

Moreover, click the following article would expect that they as a subgenre of the novel would generally recapitulate the characteristics of the novel genre itself; that is, one would expect to find within the literary Utopia a folk Utopia recontextualized according to official culture valuesalong with a subsequent literary history that more or less follows the development of the novel.

This expectation proves to be not only reasonable, but also justified, as I now will attempt to demonstrate. Bakhtin has devoted the better part of his Rabelais and His World to elucidating one such folk Utopia which, in a word, may be summarized by that ritual spectacle of the middle ages and Renaissance, "Carnival. Moreover, through all the stages of historic development feasts were linked to moments of crisis, of breaking points in the cycle of nature or in the life of society and man.

Moments of death and revival, of change and renewal always led to a festive perception of the world. These moments, expressed in concrete form, created the peculiar character of the feasts Rabelais 9. In medieval and Renaissance culture, there were essentially two kinds of feast: the official and the unofficial Carnival. The former "sanctioned dissertation chapter writers site sf existing order of things and reinforced it" 9 ; it consecrated the present "hierarchy, the existing religious, political, and moral values, norms, and prohibitions" 9 by the way of the past.

Carnival, by contrast, opposed itself to all of this in a point by point dissertation chapter writers site sf parody of everything official: in place of official seriousness, Carnival brought festive laughter; instead of the strictly maintained hierarchy of feudal culture, Carnival reflected absolute equality; instead of official prohibitions on sexuality, speech, etiquette and association, Carnival lifted all bans; in place dissertation chapter writers site sf official glorification of the past, Carnival festively annihilated it.

People were, so to speak, reborn for new, purely human relations. These truly human relations were not only a fruit of imagination or abstract thought; they were dissertation chapter writers site sf. The utopian ideal and the realistic merged in this carnival experience, unique of its kind Rabelais Bakhtin elucidates the significance of Carnival to illuminate the almost innumerable examples of it in Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel dissertation chapter writers site sf, with the result that the intense sophistication and profundity that Bakhtin claims for the novel seems wholly dissertation chapter writers site sf. However, insofar as Gargantua and Pantagruel is a product of the literate castes, one can still question if it, and Bakhtin's interpretation, provide a clear window esl dissertation introduction writers website for mba a folk Dissertation chapter writers site sf. His folk are blasphemous dissertation chapter writers site sf than adoring, cunning rather than intelligent; they are coarse, dirty, and rampantly physical, dissertation chapter writers site sf in oceans of strong drink, poods of sausage, and endless coupling of bodies.

In the prim world of Stalinist Biedermeier, that world of lace curtains, showily displayed water carafes, and militant propriety, Bakhtin's claim that the folk not only picked their noses and farted, but enjoyed doing so, seemed particularly unregenerate.

The opposition is not merely between two different concepts of the common man, but between two fundamentally opposed worldviews with nothing in common except that dissertation chapter writers site sf finds its most comprehensive metaphor in "the folk" Rabelais xix.

What makes the idealization suspect is less the unremittingly positive interpretation Bakhtin presents, and more the lopsided impression one gets from his dissertation chapter writers site sf that is, we only see the folk during Carnival. What about the nine months of the year not dedicated to Carnival. Since Bakhtin did not aspire to examine non-Carnival time, its absence from the book is hardly a demerit. In Discipline and Check this outMichel Foucault provides another view of the folk during non-Carnival timein the "spectacle of the scaffold," the public execution.

If the crowd gathered round the scaffold, it was not simply to witness the sufferings of the condemned man or to excite the anger of the executioner: it was also to hear an individual who had nothing more to lose curse the judges, the laws, the government and religion.

The public execution allowed the luxury of these momentary saturnalia, when nothing remained to prohibit or to punish. Under the protection of imminent death, the criminal could say everything and the crowd cheered In these executions, which ought to show only the terrorizing power of the prince, there was a whole aspect of the carnival, in which rules were inverted, authority mocked and criminals transformed into heroes Foucault also describes the fantastic spectacle of an enormous French chain-gang being transported openly from town to town inand destined for the convict-ships.

Amongst the prisoners transported was a priest, Delacollonge, who had dismembered his pregnant mistress. In his open cart, insults, obscenities, stones and mud were hurled at him with particular fury. His escorts click hard-pressed to protect him, but he insisted on travelling openly, "believing that the humiliation formed part of his punishment" Finally, though, he had to be disguised, but still traveled in his cart.

His passion was laid out before his eyes, by a buffoon murderer to whom he was chained One could hardly ask for a more ideal image of the Carnival spirit, in which official culture the martyred seriousness of the priest is relentlessly parodied by the abuse-praise of festive laughter, which dissertation chapter writers site sf at itself as well.

On the same page, Foucault again refers to "saturnalia," the antique forebear dissertation chapter writers site sf Carnival; "In every town it passed through, the chain-gang brought its festival with it; it was a saturnalia of punishment, a penalty turned into privilege" Compelling as these clear links are between Carnival and criminal, it could still be objected that the conclusion of a mindset dissertation chapter writers site sf them is overhasty; that all that has been shown so far is a kind of behavior, but not the psychology that informs that behavior.

One could also object that Carnival, executions and dissertation chapter writers site sf represent extra-ordinary situations that do not reflect an everyday dissertation chapter writers site sf of the popular mind.

For this, we must turn to the "archaic mentality," as described by Mircea Eliade in The Myth of the Eternal Return. The main characteristics of the archaic mentality are most clearly discerned where its ritual imagery custom problem solving editing site for most concentrated: namely, in the various forms of New Year dissertation chapter writers site sf. In fact, realization of the second intention accomplishes the first, since the restoration or return to primordial chaos dissertation chapter writers site sf the community into mythical time, to a time before Creation.

Enthronement of a "carnival" king, "humiliation" of the real best essay editor website ca, overturning of the entire social order according to Berossus, the slaves became the masters, and so on --every feature suggests universal confusion, the abolition of order and hierarchy, "orgy," chaos More info reading of the sacred epic has its parallel in the chaos of Carnival as well, insofar as the writing and public reading of innumerable dissertation chapter writers site sf of Scripture and the Liturgy, in fact, all official writings, were a standard feature of Carnival.

Bakhtin draws attention to this enormous body of writings, which was accorded official status during the festival Rabelais New Year rituals often included, or began, with ceremonies for both individual and communal purification the expulsion of diseases, demons and sins.

Eliade summarizes these ceremonies in broad outline as "fasting, ablutions, purifications; extinguishing the fire and ritually rekindling it Again, the symbolic abolitions of time take on a different register in the primordial chaos preceding re-Creation. I have focussed here principally on Carnival's "restoration of primordial chaos" to locate its often inexplicable imagery in its larger context as a festival for the regeneration of time, but the "repetition of the cosmogonic act" is also present.

For Carnival, the equivalent act is the restoration of the normal order of things. The mundanity of this, however, should not obscure that Carnival does in fact wholly reflect the intent of a New Year ritual: the abolition of past time, restoration of primordial chaos, and repetition of the cosmogonic act, such that it denotes a "repetition of the here moment of the passage from chaos to cosmos" 34the re-Creation of the world.

Eliade, then, lends an explanatory coherence to the overwhelming array of Carnival images Bakhtin and to a lesser extent, Foucault presents. Eliade also demonstrates the intense significance of Carnival indirectly that Bakhtin does not otherwise quite directly seem to justify.

But even though the coherence, context, intent and significance of Carnival may be said to be established as a repetition of the divine act of Creation, and all that that entailsthe mindset out of which this ritual originated is still unclear. Men only repeat the exemplary and paradigmatic gestures ad infinitum " Eliade More than this, however, "an object or an act becomes real only insofar as it imitates or repeats an archetype As such, New Year rites and Carnival employ a repetition of the cosmogonic act because any other act would be meaningless.

Carnival's repetition, then, literally projects it into the mythical time before Creation, such that one may say that its re-Creation exactly coincides with the original Creation. They become identical; re-Creation is Creation. Since this is true for all repetitions of exemplary gestures, when an individual repeats a divine precedent, an identification of deity and individual in mythical time occurs as well.

Dissertation chapter writers site sf such, the abolition of time, restoration of primordial chaos, and repetition of the cosmogonic act may all be ascribed to the mindset of the archaic mentality of individuals. Eliade describes several other features of this mentality. First, insofar as all real acts occur only in mythical time through repetitionthe archaic mentality may therefore be said to be "ahistorical" in nature.

Thus, the abolition of time entailed by exemplary repetition may be more properly understood as an abolition of dissertation chapter writers site sf non-sacred time; time taken up by all the non-important acts of life not preserved as exemplary gestures in myth.

Eliade later convincingly illuminates the advantages of such a view; principally that it makes the terror of history, with its suffering, misfortune, social injustice and so forth, tolerable. Insofar as he fails to do so, insofar as dissertation chapter writers site sf "sins," that is, falls into historical existence, into time, he each year thwarts the possibility. At least he retains the freedom to annul his faults, to wipe out the memory of his "fall into history," and to make another attempt to escape definitively from time Dissertation chapter writers site sf access to freedom has a correlate implication of access to power and creativity.

This is obvious dissertation chapter writers site sf the re-creation of the world in Carnival, but every repetition involves the re-creation of a first gesture, and hence is an act performed for the first time.

Eliade further demonstrates the ubiquity of this type of personal creative power as cosmogenesis in ritual: in temple building and for lands conquered by war, at times of coronation, consummation of marriage, and the birth of children, or as a response to bad crops, or even bad luck.

For the cosmos and man are regenerated ceaselessly and link all kinds of means, the past is destroyed, evils and sins are eliminated, etc.

Help with religious studies movie review in their formulas, all these instruments of regeneration tend toward the same end: to annul past time, to abolish history by a continuous return in illo temporeby the repetition of the cosmogonic act One could critique the validity of this archaic mentality as Eliade does to some extentbut the purpose of my discussion is dissertation chapter writers site sf to establish the nature of the popular mindset as it informs a hypothetical archaic Utopia.

As such, Eliade's assertion that the archaic mentality has served in good stead "tens of millions The archaic mentality's devaluation of history entails that it exists "in a continual present" A similar conception exists in the archaic mentality with respect to space. For every sacred action, then, there is a coincident occurrence of action on the terrestrial and celestial planes. If the time of this action is the continual present, then it would seem that the place of this occurrence is an equally concrete "absolute space.

Imagine several pennies laid flat, edge to edge; each penny is a "moment. Insofar as the pennies are not actually connected, by virtue of the gap, they might just as well be scattered everywhere, as placed edge to edge. This, because the width of the gap is irrelevant, since one does not traverse the gap to get from one moment to the next; rather, one simply remanifests anew within each moment, within click the following article instance dissertation chapter writers site sf the continual present.

As such, every moment is radically nowand this suggests the parallel term for the archaic mentality's space, here. Http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-thesis-proposal-writers-site-au.php do not traverse the gap between one "here" and the next, but rather remanifest anew from one "here" to dissertation chapter writers site sf next.

We are always, and perpetually, here ; we can be nowhere else. Dissertation chapter writers site sf such, there is a radical integration of the individual into the here and now of sacred reality, that gains its meaning from the transcendental exempla and archetypes dissertation chapter writers site sf the celestial planes.

It might even be said that this reality-transcending meaning is not transcendental at all, insofar as the consciousness of its meaning is wholly bound up in the utterly integrated here and now of the act. I will not insist on this further point, but will refer henceforth to this aspect of the archaic mentality as "reality-integrating. As a symbol, the archaic Utopia's attainment of Creation anew implies the attainment of those goals George Kateb has included as essential to Utopianism: "peace, abundance, leisure, equality, consonance of men and their environment" Utopia and Its Enemies 11but dissertation chapter writers site sf adds "hope," "liberation" from authority and time"freedom of speech," "power" and "creativity"--all on behalf of the individual as Dissertation chapter writers site sf well illustrates.

It should also be pointed out that this archaic Utopia is "temporary," "recurrent" and "small-scale. The most fundamental change may be seen foremost in the archaic Utopia being writtenwhich after a fashion also indicates the most faithful retention of archaic values.

For example, the act of authorship is a cosmogonic act that implies as much freedom, power and creativity as Eliade imputes to the archaic mentality. There are, of course, psychological and imaginative limits here, as well as constraints on freedom of speech if the book is meant to be published, but these limitations are also operative for the archaic mentality as well. Even so, the very act of writing literally returns the author to the beginning, to a mythical time before Creation.

Past time and real-world profane time are abolished and, like Marduk, the author confronts Tiamat's primordial chaos "chaos" means "gap" in Greek in the empty white page. A struggle ensues; and the author "creates the cosmos from the fragments of Tiamat's torn body" Eliade 55 --the remaining white space between the words, and even within the letters themselves--until Creation is complete.

The text, then, is literally a record of exemplary gestures made originally by a world-creator. The analogy continues even more precisely at the level of the reader. Moreover, the distinction between deity-author and mortal-reader is also maintained, insofar as the author if only in retrospect knows the whole of the text omnisciently relative to the reader.

This does not concern the reader, of course, who can re-start time and creation at will by re-reading phrases, or returning to page onewho can reorder Creation by skipping pages, or to the end of the bookor who can suspend creation indefinitely by leaving it unfinished partly read. As a repetition of cosmogenesis, then, the reader too abolishes profane time and projects into the mythical fictional time of pre-Creation; there to repeat by reading the exemplary gestures text of the original Creator; to struggle with the oceanic vastness of potential textual significations; and to emerge, finally, intact and victorious, having affected an individualized Creation meaning.

In the world of literature, it seems that the reader is typically of the lowliest caste. By the act of reading, however, the tables are turned, as in the turvytopsy world of Carnival. The reader becomes the Carnival monarch; the true sovereign the author is humiliated, insofar as the reader's interpretation of the text becomes sacrosanct, law, unchallengeable unless the reader for some reason assents to a challenge.

The reader sees the world with a deity's eye especially in third-person omniscient narration. Moreover, Carnival's free and familiar contact between people dissertation chapter writers site sf divided by caste becomes available to the reader, who can now with sufficient library skills travel everywhere and meet with everyone; even the spirits of the dead those denizens of Carnival may be visited, or come visiting. Reading becomes a feast for the imagination, and the book "a banquet for all the world" Rabelais If the novel is comic, then the festive dissertation chapter writers site sf is self evident--the laughing reader is a laughing divinity; if the novel is not comic, the festive laughter might still be asserted, in the sheer pleasure of reading itself.

When reading, real-world space and time become shut out, so to speak. The specific here and now where reading occurs, suffused by the transcendental meaning of the text, may therefore be described as equally radically integrating, not escapist.

It should be pointed out in addition that this author-book-reader Utopia is "temporary," "recurrent" and "small scale. Since the utopian institutions are considered as perfect, it goes without saying that they cannot be capable of improvement.

The Utopian State is essentially static and does not allow its citizens to fight or even to dream of a better utopia. This crushing of man's personality often takes a truly totalitarian character Berneri 7. On one hand, these authoritarian elements manifest primarily within the text, at the level of utopian representation, rather than at the level of the architectonic relation between author, text and reader.

In other words, the content of the literary Utopia has changed relative to the archaic Utopia, but not its form. This kind of change seems to precisely parallel the Catholic Church's technique of retaining the forms of pagan religion and festivals such as the Winter Solsticewhile substituting Christian content and significance as Christmasand clearly indicates the shift from unofficial folk culture to official ruling culture.

Insofar as official culture is always authoritarian to one degree or another, the authoritarianism of literary official Utopias is therefore no longer so surprising. Literary Utopias are authoritarian also because they tend to share the official culture's valuation of the "social" over against a valuation of the "individual. As dissertation chapter writers site sf, it is apparent that the universal freedom, power and creativity accessible to all within the archaic Utopia is claimed as belonging to only certain individuals in the official Utopia.

This transformation of archaic values may be illustrated by the fact that in traditional cultures almost everything and all people were sacred; in later cultures, only certain places or people e. Consequently, the individual of the archaic Utopia vanishes, refigured as the masses and ruled by an individual who retains the sole right to the freedom, power and creativity of cosmogenesis in official Utopia.

Such a claim would provoke and justify ambitiousness in others also. One needs a sturdier basis for authority. As I have already noted, the very act of writing is cosmogonic, but by transcribing the epic of Creation, the theme of Creation becomes not only the structural principle as writingbut also the object of representation. It is this retention of sacredness and reality that precisely leads to the investiture of divine authority in the very text itself.

Probably all Scripture obtains its authority in this manner, and this authority is absolute. There is no question of subjective authorial bias, since the writing is already divinely sanctioned as an exemplary repetition of oral tradition. That the written word is absolute, incontestable and sacred is nowhere better illustrated than by the fact that at the very heart of the Hebrew's temple, in the Holy of Holies, was the Ark of the Covenant which it was death to touch that contained the Word of God.

Authority among the ruling and literate classes, then, derives partly from sheer power, and is partly augmented by documents. It would no doubt be excessive to claim that all literature may be genealogically traced to Sacred Writ, but some influence is impossible to deny.

In the very act of writing Scripture, the temporary aspect of the archaic Utopia the temporaneity of the very repetition itself becomes permanent. Moreover, the universal quality of sacredness becomes absolutely embodied in the text. In a sense, the text is the first usurper of cosmogonic freedom, power and creativity hitherto accessible to all; it is the first to deny universal rights to all, and to claim them for itself.

As an absolute sovereign or deity, its claims encompass the whole world, and do not refrain from mandating both dissertation chapter writers site sf large details sexual and economic relations and the small details of a person's life. Many literary Utopias have taken up this tendency with a vengeance. In contrast, then, to the "temporary," "recurrent" and "small-scale" archaic Utopia, the official Utopia dissertation chapter writers site sf "permanent" and "world-scale.

In all of these somewhat questionable proposals, one might discern the faint traces of Carnival's spirit of parodic inversion--a kind of unpleasant, official humor. On a more abstract level, insofar as the archaic Utopia affects a radical integration of the individual into the here and now informed by transcendental meaningthe official Utopia affects a radical transcendence of a society toward a "then and there" informed by a wholly immanent meaning.

But it embraces also all those forms of human "living together" specific forms of love, sociability, conflict, etc. But every "actually operating" order of life is at the same time enmeshed by conceptions which are to be designated as "transcendent" or "unreal" because their contents can never be realized in the societies in which they exist, and because one could not live and act according to them within the limits of the existing social order.

In a dissertation chapter writers site sf, all those ideas which do not fit into the current order are "situationally transcendent" or unreal Insofar as such a utopian ideal is "situationally transcendent" relative to the status quo, Utopia itself could only exist in some "there and then," not in the here and now.

This sense of Utopia as then and there, which is so characteristic of the official Utopia, will henceforth be referred to as "reality-transcending. A similar development is apparent in the literary history of Utopia. As folk laughter split into two forms of official laughter satire and parodyso too does the archaic Utopia split into two strands of official Utopia. These two strands will be explored more below, but first, something must be said about the nature of the contrast between them, by way of analogy.

Previously, I characterized satire as revolution, and parody as renovation, and further noted their shared target official culture and comedic nature; it is tactics and intent dissertation chapter writers site sf versus renovation that especially distinguishes the one from the other.

At the heart of these genres, however, and in fact in all official culture, including literaturethere is a logical tautology. As such, both satire and parody appear to employ a Civilization-"folk culture" dichotomy, though dissertation chapter writers site sf markedly different accents. This dichotomy, however, is not a true opposition, insofar as real folk culture is not included in the opposition as is suggested by the demonization and idealization.

The opposition is actually not an opposition at all, and rather should be indicated as Civilization-Civilization; it is simply just different kinds of "civilized" civilizations arguing for ascendancy and power, dissertation chapter writers site sf characteristic disregard for the masses each would dominate once in power. Precisely the same kind of false dichotomy exists between the two historical strands of literary Utopias.

Ostensibly, the dichotomy appears to be a Society-Individual dyad, but in fact it is actually a Society-Society debate in which different kinds dissertation chapter writers site sf "socialized" societies are vying for ascendancy.

This will be explored further below, but for now I will simply mention that the weddings that end many of the earlier feminine Gothic novels precisely indicate the heroine's individual achievement of establishing the society of a home. In the contrast between the Renaissance Utopia exemplified dissertation chapter writers site sf More's and the Arcadian Utopia, the opposed values of "city" and "country" most clearly bring out the fundamental Society-Society pseudodichotomy at work in the genre.

Even as this appears to be the case, there would be a certain artificiality in insisting on the point as regards developments in literary Utopias. False as the Society-Individual dyad might be at root, there is no question that dissertation chapter writers site sf more accurately meets the literary Utopia on its own ground.

It may well be that the individualistic pleas for a more genuine life, for liberation, or for a world of future possibilities coming from the mouths of the inhabitants of Arcadia, the feminine Gothic, and fantastyka are finally consciously or not merely self-serving, but at the very least, these cries are imaged in individuals and as such still retain their link with the archaic Utopia's assertion of individual value.

It is ghostwriter london problem services solving ancient and often tenuous link that prompts me to term this strand Arcadia-Gothic-Fantastyka of the two lines of literary Utopia as "unofficial.

Hence, he correctly notes, "Everything capable of meaning can be gathered together in one consciousness and subordinated to a unified accent; whatever does not submit to such a reduction is accidental and unessential All of European utopianism was likewise built on this monologic principle" Problems For the most part, the unofficial Utopia is equally monologic in authorial treatment i.

It is primarily in the individualized voices of the unofficial strand the dialogists of Arcadia, the heroine of the feminine Gothic, the "liberation" of ideas in Eastern European fantastyka that this relative sense of polylogism arises. Having thus characterized the general nature of the official and unofficial literary Utopia, it now becomes possible to examine the specific manifestations of such Utopias in their historical development.

Why this must be done may be adduced from the first several selections in Berneri's work. To illustrate: Plato's Republic is purely theoretical, such that we never go to Article source Plutarch's Life of Lycurgus is ostensibly a history; and Aristophanes' The Clouds and Ecclesiazusae are parodic Utopias.

In the medieval "extraordinary voyage" of See more. Brendan, Utopia figures as an allegory for Paradise; for St. Augustine, Utopia is the City of God. Northrop Frye would defend all of these as quite proper to the history of literary Utopias; "Still, the attainment of the City of God in literature must be classified as a form of utopian fictiondissertation chapter writers site sf most famous literary treatment being the Purgatorio and Paradiso of Dante" "Varieties of Literary Utopias" 34, my emphasis.

The fact, however, that Frye refers to forms of "utopian fiction," rather than to "fictive Utopias," should serve to make clear that such works as those noted above as well as others, e.

It is not until the Renaissance, then, that the disparate strands of this utopian discourse will finally be dissertation chapter writers site sf, most representatively in the official Utopia of Thomas More, and its unofficial counterpart of Arcadia. There are four predominant features of More's Utopia that particularly bear commentary, especially as they dissertation chapter writers site sf major conventions for later official Utopias: these are Utopia 's monologism, its definitive formulation of the travelogue format, its solution to the literary problem of the depiction of an entire world-society, and its social criticism.

In order to depict Utopia, More dramatizes what Socrates, Glaukon and others merely discuss in The Republic ; in fact, the Second Book of Utopia can be described as a mobile Socratic dialogue. Book One, which is trenchantly critical of 16th century England, adapts the Socratic dialogue to this purpose as well, but is wholly stationary. This explicit dissertation chapter writers site sf of More's social criticism Book One dissertation chapter writers site sf visionary utopianism Book Twothough each may obviously be said to inform the other, is indicative of the work's monologism.

All novels characteristically incorporate disparate genre-types into their texts; monologic novels, however, tend to keep such incorporations discretely separate from one another. Further, More employs the travelogue device of a "guided tour" to present Utopia to the protagonist and the reader ; a device that inevitably tends to produce a somewhat monocular view of the place toured much as Soviet tours once did. The fact that this one-sidedness is a structural-generic consequence of the "guided tour" device might be said to mitigate the imputation of authoritarianism against More dissertation chapter writers site sf like-minded Utopists.

Even so, the distribution of authority and speaking power between the "tour guide" and the "tourist" is inordinately in the former's favor; as Frye remarks, "As a rule the guide click at this page completely identified with his society and seldom admits to any discrepancy between the reality and the appearance of what he is describing" "Varieties" Though he recognizes that "this is inevitable given the conventions employed" 26that the guide tends to speak dissertation chapter writers site sf a "pervading smugness of tone" 26 cannot be explained in terms of convention; rather, it should be understood as reflecting authorial monologism.

One of the apparently trivial details of Utopia is its attention to trivial details; a habit picked up by a distressing number of subsequent official Utopias. On one hand, this reflects More's effort to depict the entire world of Utopia--not by a detailed litany of literally everything, but rather by a selection of those details that artfully suggest everything.

Tolstoy is one of the true masters at discovering such essential details. On the other hand, Foucault notes that in the classical age a "meticulous attention to detail, and at the same time a political awareness of these small things, for the control and use of men "my emphasis begins to crystallize, but the roots of the phenomenon are far older.

In fact, one could trace this attention to detail "for the hold it provides for the power that wishes to seize it"for the access to the control of others it grants, to that exemplary model of niggling details, Scripture. It may in fact partially be Utopia 's generic link with the Bible though More's Utopia is not a Christian State that explains the bizarrely ritualistic mandates on sexual relations between husbands and wives in the book.

In fact, many official Utopias, including Huxley's Dissertation chapter writers site sf New Worldreflect similarly bizarre strictures. Again, as with the "guided tour," the authorial intent to depict the world through details on one hand mitigates an apparent authoritarianism that is an accidental consequence of that intent, but which at the same time contributes to the overwhelmingly monologic nature of the book.

Monologism is apparent in the socially critical element of the novel as well, insofar as the social criticism apt as it is seems more a rhetorical device for making Utopia seem that much more perfect. One can only dissertation chapter writers site sf, for instance, how seriously one should take More's concern for the plight of the poor and dispossessed in Book One, when slavery is http://asocialnetwork.co/top-scholarship-essay-writing-sites-for-phd.php institution in Utopia Book Two ; in fact, the question is hardly moot.

More's pun on "Utopia" is not the only one in the book: The name for founder of Utopia, "Utopus" means "he who has no people;" the capital, "Amaurot," means "Shadowy town. Richards remarks that More meant those acquainted with Greek to see through his fiction" Berneri 68n.

This may well be true, but the facetious names could also have served to protect More humanist and friend of Erasmus from any authorities angered by his non-Christian humanist Utopia; he could have answered any charges to the effect, "What?

You thought I was serious? However, with respect to the history of literary Utopias, the specific content and seriousness of intent of More's social criticism is of lesser significance than its rhetorical character. It would seem to be this rhetorical character that explains the odd blend of ostensible social sensitivity and despotism one typically finds in official Utopias. It finally seems as if the social criticism is less genuine than it appears; that it is rather a kind of tactic for making the Utopist's social arrangements more attractive.

Again, though, it does not seem plausible to deny More's, or later official Utopists', good intentions; it's just that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. The static character of More's Utopiaand the dissertation chapter writers site sf of subsequent official Utopias, may also be understood as an indirect consequence of monologism, insofar as dissertation chapter writers site sf the "guided tour" device and extreme "attention to detail" naturally do not permit a great deal of narrative dynamism.

The narrative movement from scene to scene is very placid and within each scene the explanations of the tour guide take precedence over the activities witnessed. This static quality, in fact, would seem to be a carryover from the discussion and debate of Book One as a kind of symposium without foodwhich belies a certain intellectual movement, but precious little physical.

Again, this may be understood as a consequence of More's article source to the literary problem of depicting an entire world-society. The famous map of Utopia that More provides as a frontispiece to his book, a device that has since become de rigeur in the fantasy genre, exemplifies the official Utopia's tendency toward static states.

In the genre of the "map," all time is suspended; Utopia becomes static as well term paper writing service nyc permanent and world-scale and objectified in the most literal way.

With the device of the "guided tour," which similarly relies on an acutely necessary objectification, time is no longer wholly suspended, but remains thoroughly subordinated to space.

Since More wants us to see everything, just click for source can happen off-stage while we are not looking; hence, his narrative bears a similarity to those science fiction narratives in which a protagonist moves amongst the inhabitants of a world who have somehow become frozen in time. In a sense, then, More's guided tour of Utopia takes place in a single moment of time; that is, by affecting a "unity of time," with its consequential staticness, More becomes able to realize the ideal space of his Utopia.

By contrast, the unofficial Utopia of Arcadia had to solve a different literary problem: the depiction of time--specifically, pastoral-idyllic time.

Under idyllic time, as characterized by Bakhtin, life is "severely limited to a dissertation chapter writers site sf Love, birth, death, marriage, labor, food and drink, stages of growth" The Dialogic Imagination that all occur within, and are inseparable from, a "unity of place"; the "familiar territory with all its nooks and crannies, its familiar mountains, valleys, fields, rivers and one's own home This "unity of place," then, allows the depiction of generations timeless as a biographical progression than as the simultaneous being together of children and the aged, and the middle-aged, who are at once both parents and children.

Bakhtin further asserts that the mixing together of these age categories thereby engenders that "cyclic rhythmicalness of time so characteristic of the idyll" As such, the unofficial Utopia of Arcadia reflects a dynamic quality, a rhythmicalness that is tied as well to the rhythms of Nature, quite distinct from the official static Utopia.

Arcadia is not precisely contemporary with More's Utopia. Then we think of the intricate pastoral symbolism of the bible and the Christian Church, of Abel and the twenty-third Psalm and Christ the Good Shepherd, of the ecclesiastical overtones of "pastor" and "flock," and of the link between the Classical and Christian traditions in Virgil's Messianic Eclogue.

Then we und best masters essay editor website london zunehmendem of the extensions of pastoral symbolism into Sidney's ArcadiaThe Faerie QueeneShakespeare's forest comedies, and the like The close association of pastoral-idyllic literature with Nature would probably already have alerted the literary historian to its links with folk culture; that its roots may be found in the Adonis lament make the links obvious, insofar as Adonis is one of the dismembered-regenerating vegetation figures of mythology.

It is significant as well that the pastoral-idyllic tradition is inaugurated as a literary adaptation of an actual ritual. This is precisely the same kind of development I cited in the dissertation chapter writers site sf of myth into Scripture or the archaic into the literary Utopia. Consequently, one would therefore expect to find recontextualized and revalued folk culture in Arcadia.

This in fact proves to be the case, as may be somewhat sardonically demonstrated by noting the transformation of people into sheep in the Christian pastoral tradition. A remark by Bakhtin further suggests this recontextualization and revaluation, in less insulting terms. He notes that all the basic life-realities of the dissertation chapter writers site sf are not presented "in their naked realistic aspect as in Petronius but in a softened and to a certain extent sublimated form.

Thus sexuality is almost always incorporated into the idyll only in sublimated form" The Dialogic Imagination This sublimation is indicative of a refining or civilizing modification to the otherwise typically frank i. Although the formulation of Arcadia, as part of the much longer pastoral-idyllic tradition, is not strictly contemporaneous with More's Utopiathe milieu of the Renaissance, with its strongly court-centered and urban culture, would have almost automatically prompted a renewed interest in, and significance for, the Nature of Arcadia.

Moreover, the disintegrating social conditions Utopia criticizes such as urban crime and poverty, partly as a result of the economic displacement of peasants into the city due to the onset of the assault on the land that would later manifest fully as the enclosure movementgenerally suggests two solutions: better cities Utopiaor a return to the land Arcadia. Northrop Frye reaches a similar conclusion, though he disallows that Arcadia is "strictly utopian" dissertation chapter writers site sf Nevertheless, he admits dissertation chapter writers site sf the Arcadian ideal reflects simplicity, equality--"a society of shepherds without distinction of class" 41 --peace and leisure; the arts appear "spontaneously, as these shepherds were assumed to have natural musical and poetic gifts" And, by contrast to the sexual taboos of Utopia, in Arcadia "making love is a major occupation, requiring much more time and attention than the sheep" Arcadia also reflects two ideals almost wholly unknown to the official Utopia.

Frye asserts that the pastoral is a type of "romantic comedy" Anatomy 43and that "the theme of the comic is the integration of society" As such, the pastoral and hence, Arcadia may be described as "reality-integrating. The utopia is a city, and it expresses rather the human ascendancy over nature, the domination of dissertation chapter writers site sf environment by abstract and conceptual mental patterns. In the pastoral, man is at peace with nature, which implies that he is also at peace with his own nature, the reasonable and the natural being associated In the second place, the pastoral, by simplifying human desires, throws more stress on the satisfaction of such desires as remain, especially, of course, sexual desire.

Thus it can accommodate, as the typical utopia cannot, something of that outlawed and furtive social ideal known as the Land of Cockayne, the fairyland where all desires can be instantly gratified "Varieties" The seeming identification here between Cockayne and Arcadia, as well as Frye's disavowal of Arcadia's utopian nature noted above, must be taken issue with. Of course, if one defines Utopia as Frye does, as a "city," then obviously Arcadia cannot be Utopia, but such a definition is too limited, and causes Frye to accept the official urban Utopia of More as definitive, and to overlook the unofficial rural-arboreal Utopia of Dissertation chapter writers site sf. With regard to Cockayne, Bakhtin dissertation chapter writers site sf, "There was a popular cycle of legends about the utopian land of gluttony and idleness for instance, the fabliau of the pays de Cocagne " Rabelais Not only does this brief remark emphasize a utopian element, the popular nature of Cockayne should also caution one against its automatic identification with the literary Arcadia; the link between the two, rather, must be recognized visit web page the recontextualization of the former in accordance with the literate values of the latter.

Having thus clarified the nature of Arcadia, further aspects may now be explored. For one, Arcadia may be distinguished from Utopia as a "generic setting," usable by any number of poets or later novelists; it is, in a fairly concrete sense, "communally owned. As a generic setting, then, Arcadia reflects a multi-voicedness not found in the official Utopia. This relatively greater degree of polylogism is expressed, not only at the structural level of genre, but also at the level of representation within the text.

Insofar as Arcadia typically custom essay school writer service for school generations of people, this multi-voicedness is self-evident, but there is also a comparatively greater degree of equality of speech, compared to the unequal distribution of authority and speaking power reflected in the "guided tour" device of the official Utopia.

This dissertation chapter writers site sf equality may be readily discerned in the playful and variously ribald encounters between any number of 17th century Stellas and Astrophels; George Williamson, in fact, notes precisely a "casuistic dialogue on love" Seventeenth Century Contexts 64 as the distinguishing feature of such encounters.

Without a presumed equality of speech, dissertation chapter writers site sf course, such a dialogue would become quite pointless, and lose all of its charm. Neither can the importance of the theme of "love" as the sublimation of sexuality in Arcadia be underestimated, as it signifies the unofficial Utopia's counterdiscourse to the sexual prohibitions of the official Utopia. In this at least minimal way, Arcadia may be said to advocate individual desires over against the social desires advocated by the official Utopia.

Despite the relatively polylogic generic setting and quality of romantic encounter in Arcadia, the authorial treatment of individual texts nevertheless remains strictly conventional, such that monologism remains wholly in effect. Insofar as poetry aspires to the condition of a "unity of voice," such monologism cannot necessarily be deemed a demerit in Arcadian poetry.

In tracing the development of the "casuistic dialogue on love" from Sidney to Donne's The ExtasieWilliamson cites one interpretation of Donne's poem that indicates the most complete realization of such authorial monologism as poetic unity ; "In Donne's poem by a characteristic subtlety the dialogue is reduced to a monologue spoken by the undistinguished soul of the two lovers" To expect a plurality of voices in Arcadian poetry or any poetry is generally hopeless, and indicates why Bakhtin and I after him would seek it instead in the novel.

Consequently, Bakhtin ascribes considerable significance to the idyll and idyllic time hence, Arcadia in later developments of the novel, in either a positive and direct sense http://asocialnetwork.co/best-blog-proofreading-websites-for-mba.php incorporated into the Sentimental, family-generational and provincial novel genresor in a negative and indirect sense as dissertation chapter writers site sf kind of time to be superceded, principally in the Bildungsroman.

This, because idyllic time as the officially revalued version of folk time may be described as "circular," and hence "closed. Eliade traces the origins of this latter "progressive" view of time to Christian eschatology, which waged an ongoing battle with the cyclical nature of folk time It should be clear that "cyclical" is not identical to "circular"; specifically, the cyclical nature of folk time and the archaic mentality that perceives it is not "closed.

Precisely what has been lost in this shift of conceptions is the regenerating aspect of cyclical time. In spite of this misconception, Arcadia nevertheless affects a realization of ideal time that parallels the official Utopia's realization of ideal space.

As such, both represent culminations or milestones in the genre of the literary Utopia that like all milestones both implicitly and explicitly point the way to new literary directions; milestones, moreover, that entailed both positive and negative consequences.

On the negative side, insofar as time is viewed as circular in Arcadia and static in Utopia, the images of time we have inherited in literature especially as stripped of its regenerating capacity are patently inadequate.

Time thus viewed becomes an inescapable trap, and its tone as in all official dissertation chapter writers site sf becomes deadly serious. Laughter can only become ironic or cynical under such conditions; pleasure begins to take on that sadomasochistic quality so evident in the Romantics. All we can do is detest them. The age-old faith of lovers and poets in the power of love, stronger than death, that finis vitae sed non amorisis a lie, useless and not even funny.

So must one be resigned to being a clock that measures dissertation chapter writers site sf passage of time, now out of order, now repaired, and whose mechanism generates despair and love as soon as its maker sets it going?

Are we to grow used to the idea that every dissertation chapter writers site sf relives ancient torments, which are all the more profound because they grow comic with repetition? That human existence should repeat itself, well and good, but that it should repeat itself like a dissertation chapter writers site sf tune, or a record a drunkard keeps playing as he feeds coins into the jukebox This should not be taken as the final word in Lem's novel, as the question marks and final ellipsis suggest; Lem rarely, if ever, provides a final word in any case.

Eliade might add that the closed or static impression of time engendered by Utopia and Arcadia, insofar as they present "negative examples" usable to argue in favor of linear time, thereby helped to condemn humanity to the dissertation chapter writers site sf of history, to the irreversibility of historical time in its progressive linear conception; that Utopia and Arcadia helped to make time into "history," which subsequently became Joyce's nightmare.

As I have sketched it here, Eliade's contention might seem like a bare assertion; a fuller exposition, which would be out of place here, may be found in the last chapter of The Myth of the Eternal Return For now, I will simply note that the official distinction between the circular and the linear views of time as opposed to the more accurate distinction between the cyclical and the linear conceptions Eliade presents is somewhat fatuous.

In the same way that official culture stripped folk laughter of its profoundly significant regenerating aspect thus rendering it merely frivolous or destructivea similar stripping was performed on folk time thus rendering it "stagnant" or "indolent".

It has only been in this century that a more accurate dissertation chapter writers site sf of folk time as cyclical, not circular, has been rediscovered by the Western intelligentsia; in the interim, we have been struggling with only half of the equation a linear, irreversible time at our disposal.

On the positive side, the realizations of ideal space and time affected by Utopia and Arcadia, respectively, realized also a set of literary conventions as exemplary models to be explored and exploited by later generations. As Bakhtin notes, the dissertation chapter writers site sf idyll "was able to serve as the foundation for various types of novels, and could enter as a component into other novels for example, those of Rousseau " The Dialogic Imaginationas well dissertation chapter writers site sf the family idyll and the provincial novel.

Utopia's "guided tour," on the other hand, provided a basis for the innumerable memoirs and first-hand accounts written by explorers during a particularly exploratory age. As such, the realized ideals of Dissertation chapter writers site sf and Arcadia became the idealized realities of actually explored land and personally experienced time. In both cases, consciousness personality begins to infiltrate the official and unofficial branches of literary Utopias.

This shift is especially obvious in later titles of Utopias. After the Renaissance which includes, along with More's Utopia, such places as Campanella's City of the Sun, Bacon's New Atlantis, Andrae's Christianopolis, Hartlib's Macaria and Gott's Nova Solymaa place like Harrington's Oceana, published inbecomes very rare, to be replaced with "memoirs," such as The Life, Adventures and Voyage to Greenland of the Reverend Father P.

This dissertation chapter writers site sf is less obvious in the Arcadian branch of literary Utopias, but may still be sensed, insofar as the focus of the novel becomes centered on an individual consciousness e. In general, this shift from realized ideals to idealized realities seems to vindicate Mannheim's conception of Utopia as situationally transcendent relative to the present but realizable in the future.

As previously noted, however, an implemented Utopia is no longer Utopia, but becomes rather the "operating order of life," the very status quo that Utopia is supposed to situationally transcend. It might also be added that the very existence of literary Utopias violate Mannheim's definition, insofar as such Utopias are precisely realizable in the present as texts.

In this respect alone, it would seem to disallow that the idealized realities of memoirs and Bildungsromane warrant designation as literary Utopias, though obviously they comprise a part of utopian discourse.

On a more intuitive level, there is not a strong enough sense of a specific and concrete place or time in these idealized realities to seem persuasively like literary Utopias. As such, one might say that Utopia and Arcadia per se "vanish" after the Renaissance. This disappearance, however, is not permanent, as may be seen by examining the official Utopia of the dissertation chapter writers site sf, and the unofficial Utopia of the feminine Gothic.

The rise of the middle-classes to power brought with it an extraordinary upheaval of social life that amounted to a complete reinterpretation of all aspects of culture, including Utopia. One of these cultural revisions, as examined by Kate Ferguson Ellis in The Contested Castlewas the formulation of the "ideology of separate spheres. As such, work occurs in the fallen world with the husband as a post-lapsarian Adamwhile domesticity occurs in the home with the wife as a pre-lapsarian and innocent Eve.

The redefinition of feminine gender-roles, over against the aristocratic images of women as slaves to their sexual passions and appetites and in conjunction with the middle-class conceit of moral superiority, led to a conception of Eve woman that endowed her with the capacity to reclaim what she originally lost for all.

It is woman's superior virtue, her implicit sense of morality that is self-evidently greater than man's, that especially qualifies Eve for this role.

As such, this virtue, along with its correlate "passionlessness" i. However, this redefinition bears only indirectly on the history of literary Utopia, insofar as the foci of the bourgeois Utopia are the home and its resident domestic angel.

The reduction of the official Utopia from island or continent to home precisely reflects a diminution of scale that characterizes what Dissertation chapter writers site sf has termed the "low mimetic mode" Anatomy 34and for which Bakhtin provides a similar formulation, as characteristic of the pathos of the Sentimental psychological novel: "The didactic purpose behind this Sentimental pathos is tied to more concrete situations, descends to the depths of everyday life, its smallest details, to intimate relations between people and into the internal life of the individual person" The Dialogic Imagination On one hand, this diminution represents a reaction to the historical enormity of the Baroque novel, but as Bakhtin goes on to correctly note, "[i]t is not a matter of scale, but rather of a special organization http://asocialnetwork.co/custom-literature-review-ghostwriters-site-ca.php space" This special organization of space indubitably has its links with the kind of attention to detail and the emergence of what Foucault has referred to as the "disciplinary society"; "in the first dissertation chapter writers site sf, discipline proceeds from the distribution of individuals in space Discipline organizes an analytical space"The "home" is not so small as it may first seem, as the cliche "A man's home is his castle" and essay university services ghostwriting united best states maxim "the dissertation chapter writers site sf is an island of sanity in a mad world" attest.

What she sees across the land is a network of propertied houses and families, and through the holes of this tightly drawn mesh most actual people are simply not seen. To be face-to-face in this world is already to belong to a class. No other community, in physical presence or in social reality, is by any means knowable" As dissertation chapter writers site sf, More's island has become the bourgeois island of "class," with yawning abysses between each castle. In attempting to realize this ideal class-space, the official bourgeois Utopia seems to have automatically adopted the authoritarian nature of its official forebears.

In such a context, not only must "father know best," but also, since the ideology of separate spheres adamantly maintains the innocence i. This fact is also confirmed by the epistolary novel being the most prevalent subgenre of the bourgeois Utopia, with Richardson as its most prominent popularizer. Recall that in the epistolary Pamela by Richardson, the overwhelming number of letters presented come from Pamela's pen, such that every other point of view, and hence the "other side of the story," basically goes unrepresented.

Although Freud's theory of prehistoric humanity may never be subject to anthropological verification, it nevertheless provides a vivid example of the power distribution implicit in the ideology of separate spheres. In Freud's view, the original despot-father hoarded all women for himself, thus incurring the wrath of his sons, who are finally driven to parricide. By murdering the father-despot, the sons commit the supreme crime, insofar as it was the father who, despotically or not, established "the order which has preserved the life of the group" Marcuse Lasertherapie dissertation introduction editing sites au mit taboos, however, are imposed on all people, including the fratriarchy since they too must "obey the taboos if they want to maintain their rule" Consequently, the ghost or the image of the father "survives as the god in whose adoration the sinners repent so they can continue to sin, while the new fathers secure those suppressions of pleasure which are necessary for preserving their rule and organization of the group" The seemingly fantastic significance Freud accords here to the father as either the tyrant-despot or guilt-ridden son is quite in keeping with the dissertation chapter writers site sf implicit and explicit in the ideology of separate spheres, especially when it is remembered that sons become "new fathers," and that daughters are shuttled from the old father's hoard to the dissertation chapter writers site sf father's as wives.

It is also logical that the supreme crime should be conceived of by Freud as "parricide," since parricide is the bourgeois equivalent of the supreme crime under feudalism, "regicide. Against the background of gentle punishments for crime envisioned in by Vermeil, one crime warranted an "infinity of punishment, something equivalent in the new penal system to what regicide had been in the old" Vermeil's moral fury should be taken as neither eccentric nor atypical; as J.

Tompkins remarks, the "vast and tidy camp of virtue, with its grand and simple plan, is one of the spectacles of the eighteenth century" Freud's conception of the self-repressed fratriarchy, then, is accurate at least with regard to the bourgeoisie. The deification of the father-husband necessarily implies a concomitant submissiveness on the part of the home-king's subjects, be they wife, child or servant.

In the popular literature of that Tompkins has analyzed, she notes, "It is impossible to exaggerate the frequency with which this attitude occurs" This submissiveness, however, is idealized as "generous submission," especially in books by women, dissertation chapter writers site sf obviously would have "needed to idealize submission to preserve their self-respect" Similarly, in an age of extreme moral didacticism, "Incomparably the most frequent dissertation chapter writers site sf all these dissertation chapter writers site sf themes is filial obedience" 84displayed especially in gestures of "generous submission"; "Such submission was not a degradation, but a spiritual grace The wife faced with an unworthy husband, the child oppressed by a tyrannous father, do more than obey.

By an act of will they abrogate reason, quell discrimination, and not only accept but approve the fiat they bow to" As she further notes, such "submission is an attitude that no dissertation chapter writers site sf has much popular appeal" 89but this should not blind us to the popular favor it held in the late 18th century.

Neither should it be thought that only men espoused these ideals. As such, "wifely dependence," as an "economic necessity sublimated by Christian ideals"thus takes on positive connotations now lost to a modern audience. This gratitude and dependence extended to children as well; "Children should be grateful for their breeding and subservient to their parents' authority. Parents, of course, should be moderate and kind, but authority is their function, and they ought not abdicate it" To these virtues, wives were also expected to add patience, loyalty, and that most frequently praised quality in a wife, "complaisance"; "a flexible deference to her husband's moods, a ready fund of encouragement for all his tastes, provided they do not transgress principle" In the case of marital infidelity, "Above all, she must never recriminate; let her be blind as long as she can, and afterwards dissertation chapter writers site sf, and if possible cheerful.

No husband was ever won back by what Mrs. Again, the potentially resigned tone of Mrs. No delicate woman would envy such a freedom; rather they glory in being measured by the stricter standard and, to some extent, warded from temptation, for they see in this behavior not so much the effect of selfishness or mistrust as the recognition of their own finer fibre. Such values, as idealizations, in general reflect the bourgeois Utopia's aspiration toward "domestic bliss.

Ellis asserts much the same, but in a very different way; "Feminism and a concern with domestic violence emerge in the context of the Enlightenment, with its faith in the power of masculine reason to correct and check social abuses" 3.

Even in its ostensibly non-violent guise, the "rights of a dissertation chapter writers site sf or "wifely duty" introduce the potential of rape into the home. Moreover, the superaggrandized authority of the father-husband, in conjunction with the enforced ignorance of women under the ideology of separate click at this page, has the double negative effect of making a wife helpless before the demands of her husband, and incapable of escape, since she has been rigorously denied knowledge of the world and hence, how to operate within it.

This prohibition on knowledge--whether Eve is not allowed to eat, or chooses not to eat, from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil--was never perfect in practice. It is from this position of forbidden knowledge gained, from the socially unacknowledged or lived experience, of domestic violence that the feminine Gothic launches its critique of the ideology of separate spheres, and offers its own counterproposed Utopia.

Before examining the specifics of the genre, however, it is necessary to reemphasize the almost fanatical moralism of dissertation chapter writers site sf era. If it is only a "very brazen man" Tompkins 72 who could revolt against the spirit of dissertation chapter writers site sf age, one wonders what adjective to use to describe the woman who would seek to critique it. The idealized virtue of womanhood excluded the right to recriminate; patience and martyrdom were expected instead.

Add to this, as Fanny Burney notes in Letter 39 of Evelinathat "nothing is so delicate as the reputation of a woman" qtd. Tompkins refers to dissertation chapter writers site sf as the "ark of dissertation chapter writers site sf virtue"and one can see why. In such a context, one could hardly expect the feminine Gothic's critique of the bourgeois Utopia, along dissertation chapter writers site sf its own proposed Utopia, to be presented directly.

And it is not. But, to a certain extent, the extraordinary constraints on feminine Gothicists assisted their project. Female novelists in general were viewed by critics of literary periodicals such as the Monthly and the Critical with a mixture of condescension and curiosity. As such, any apparent moral lapses might have tended to be seen as arising from the novelist's deficiencies of education or talent rather than from a determined perversity. Dissertation chapter writers site sf might not be enough, however, to spare such female novelists from ridicule; the reviewers, as men, were ostensibly obliged to take a considerate attitude toward the feminine sensibility of such writers, but they did not always honor their own code.

In its own small way, this illustrates the vulnerability dissertation chapter writers site sf women, in as much as they had to rely on male self-control.

Perhaps the first feature of the feminine Gothic to note, then, would be the self-deprecating preface that seems to be almost a standard feature of novels by women of the period.

Instead dissertation chapter writers site sf leaving it to the critics to assume some benign reason for any apparent moral lapses, these self-deprecating prefaces provide one, often with poignant biographical details about poverty, dying breadwinners and general hardship as being the sole reason behind the impulse to write in the first place.

While such biographies may well be true perhaps exaggerated somewhat for the sake of an indulgent review and book salesit is also clear that such a preface would have helped to disguise any critique and would have helped to spur its dissemination amongst the public.

In an era proud of its Christian charitableness, "Mrs. Eliza Parsons, who took up her pen for the support of eight dear fatherless children" Tompkins could rightfully hope that her book would be published and bought, if not read. As one neophyte put it directly, "a candid, a liberal, a generous Public, will make the necessary allowances, for the first attempt of a young female Adventurer in Letters"emphasis in original. Such flattery might get your critique everywhere. This possibly strategic self-deprecation is counterbalanced by two other features of the feminine Gothic.

First, "there is a remarkable solidarity about the attack of the women on the literary world" The sentiment is echoed by Click at this page since courage is required to write about "areas of social reality about which middle-class women were supposed to have no knowledge That such novelists typically "lost no opportunity of advertising each other's wares" Tompkins illustrates this solidarity.

The second feature of the feminine Gothic is its sudden appearance; "Like the beanstalk, it shot up overnight into redundant vegetation, and enterprising novelists thronged its stem" Tompkins dissertation chapter writers site sf The suddenness of this is especially pronounced in Tompkins' study, since she dates the official inception of the Gothic by Radcliffe; such figures as Horace Walpole, Clara Reeve, Sophia Lee, Charlotte Smith and Mary Wollstonecraft appear more as precursors.

The http://asocialnetwork.co/esl-letter-ghostwriting-for-hire-us.php authorial voicelessness of self-deprecation, along with the solidarity and suddenness of the feminine Gothic's production, present a unique event in literary history, and belie as well a relative polylogism at work in the genre. One could almost assert that the feminine Gothic comes to reflect something similar to Article source "communal ownership," except that the Gothic commune is not a literal place like Arcadia, but rather the class-space noted by Raymond Williams above.

A similar communal ownership and transformation of time may also be discerned as "class-time" in the feminine Gothic; in it, "[t]he bourgeoisie was then able to read In general, then, the unofficial Utopia of the feminine Gothic presents a point by point inversion of the official bourgeois Utopia. For example, rather than filial obedience, much of the feminine Gothic centrally involves a daughterly rebellion. This often takes the form of some kind of transgression of innocence, of knowledge barred, against masculine will, or even as simple initiative, such as flight, which is rarely an option for non-Gothic heroines.

The reason for the rebellion and transgression typically originates in a conflict between a "heavy father" figure an actual father, or one of Freud's new fathers, a dispossessed second son and the heroine's choice of marriage partners, which hints at the taboo realms of female sexuality and passion in an age when passionlessness was the ideal.

In fact, the extent of daughterly initiative rebellion in the feminine Gothic already reflects a transgression in itself, since what many heroines manage to accomplish by the novel's end was beyond dissertation chapter writers site sf pale of the socially possible at the time; as Ellis remarks of Charlotte Smith's Emmeline"No court in eighteenth-century England would have awarded visit web page girl in her [Emmeline's] position the title to an estate and the privileges that went with it" As such, though the feminine Gothic presents its case indirectly, it nevertheless drives straight to the very heart of the bourgeois Utopia.

This is perhaps most readily seen in that most readily seen feature of the Gothic landscape: the castle. It is dissertation chapter writers site sf enough to say that the castle symbolizes the home; rather the castle blatantly exposes the home's true nature. There is no simile at work here; the castle is a literal image of the Gothically dissertation chapter writers site sf home. More writers nyc websites cheap essay masters, by drawing on images and institutions from the "bad old days" rarely with much historical accuracy of England, the feminine Gothic was able to ostensibly criticize the past, and university essay writing website uk praised for it, while actually attacking the contemporary "bad new days.

The role of the daughter in this myth-making process is to embody Protestant individualism, as castle, convent, and prison work together to thwart the "natural" desire of young people to be sexual within marriage. With its network of closed spaces hostile to the "lively preference" of the daughter, the imaginary medieval landscape of the Gothic novel becomes an analogue for the corrupt, male-dominated world against which Mrs.

Haywood's heroines were powerless to prevail Ellis The total inversion of the era's official Utopia affected by the feminine Gothic may be understood as a parody, rather than a satire, of the bourgeois Utopia.

As such, the Gothic may be said to be a comic genre; an assertion supported somewhat by its links with Dissertation chapter writers site sf also a comic genre. These dissertation chapter writers site sf are most evident in the importance of Nature imagery both share, but are also indicated in the weddings that often happily end Gothic novels; weddings are the most conventional literary method for conveying the socially integrating aspect of comedy noted by Frye.

As a parody, then, the feminine Gothic does not aim at satiric revolution, but at social renovation--cultural regeneration as a result of festive laughter's abuse-praise. It is a vision of daughterly choice, not parental decision, in marriage partners; it is a vision of equality, not patriarchy, in the marriage itself, with the consequential establishment of a "true home," a true Paradise, that such equality implies.

The heart of the feminine Gothic Utopia, then, is not so different in appearance from the bourgeois Utopia; it is the principle upon which each is founded that is radically different.

But parody, Nature, Arcadian associations and weddings may not seem to warrant the claim that the feminine Gothic is a comedic genre; its premium on "terror" alone should refute such an idea. However, one should recall Radcliffe's own definition for terror: that "it expands the soul, and awakens the faculties to a higher degree" qtd.

This kind of terror is to be specifically associated with the aesthetic pleasure of the Sublime as famously formulated by Edmund Burke; "Radcliffe used Burke as the theoretical base for her work" xvi n1. Alternatively, and dissertation chapter writers site sf rephrasing Michael Sadleir's formulation of "terror" in Radcliffe, it affects an "agreeable shudder" Ellis Narrative terror, then, is an ambivalent pleasure, very much like the terror of rollercoasters and funhouses.

The funhouse or Halloween's haunted house is especially apt, insofar as one's squeals of terror in the company of friends is as often as not accompanied by laughter.

Such laughter is very close in nature to festive laughter's abuse-praise. Dissertation chapter writers site sf addition to parodic inversion, another common dissertation chapter writers site sf of festive laughter is its "grotesque realism": "Exaggeration, hyperbolism, excessiveness are generally considered fundamental attributes of the grotesque style" Bakhtin, Rabelais Such hyperbolism often borrows the grandeur of the epic for totally non-epic occasions.

A classic instance in the Gothic occurs when an absurdly overlarge helmet kills Manfred's son in Walpole's Castle of Otranto. Such conniptions, however, are unnecessary if a comedic nature is assumed for the Gothic. The tradition of dissertation chapter writers site sf unheroic death, for instance, extends back at least as far as Seneca's Ludus morte Claudii"in which the emperor dies at the moment of defecation" Rabelais n1. Earlier still, Greek heroes tended to die comic deaths as well; they dissertation chapter writers site sf brained by falling branches, walk off cliffs and so forth.

It is almost not an exaggeration to claim that no Greek hero, who did not die in battle, died an epic death. The death of Manfred's son, then, is a comic death. It is our lack of familiarity with the tradition in which it participates that makes it seem otherwise "serious," but even modern examples may be found. It is exactly the same kind of image that provides the entire basis for the very short animated film "Bambi Meets Godzilla.

Hyperbole is also apparent in click here exaggerated virtue and villainy of the Gothic heroine and her antagonist, as well as the vastness of the Sublime in Nature. On one hand, of course, the exaggerated moral nature of the feminine Gothic's dissertation chapter writers site sf whether good or evil has the advantage of justifying the heroine's rebellion as a supervirtuous act; who could not but rebel against such villainy?

On the other hand, this hyperbolism veers very close to the melodrama, which seems based on the principle of bringing its audience to the very edge of hysterical laughter, without actually going over the edge. Tompkins suggests this in another way: "Even in the hands of its finest exponent, it [the Gothic] was precariously balanced over the abysses of the ludicrous and disreputable" The transformation of laughter, as from comedic terror to tragic horror is almost always a sign and technique of the dignifying of a genre by "high seriousness.

Broadly speaking or perhaps literallythe comedic is not meant to be taken seriously. Rabelais, for instance, asserted the most outrageous blasphemies in print at a time when people were burned at the stake, but lived to die peacefully in old age.

By contrast, "Rabelais' friend, Etienne Dolet perished at the stake because of his statements, which although less damning had been seriously made. He did not use Rabelais' methods" Rabelais One might similarly contrast the fate of most feminine Gothicists to the public pillory suffered by Mary Wollstonecraft for her statements made on behalf of women's rights.

Lastly, hyperbolism may be said to be the basis of terror in the feminine Gothic, insofar as it is " the intense emotion Innocent virtue is forbidden sexual knowledge and so cannot even recognize male lust, much less react to it, even in flight.

Unlike Pamela, who knew "what dissertation chapter writers site sf pursuer was after" 46the Gothic heroine does not, must not know. For Ellis, the terror of confinement, not rape, therefore motivates the heroine's flight. True as this might be, however, the feminine Gothic's parodic inversion suggests that "terror" might actually be "lust" as the intense emotiondisguised in the most thorough way possible.

It is, after all, the heroine's "lively preference" for some man other than her would-be captor-rapist that spurs her flight as much as the threat of enclosure. The supervirtuous heroine, of course, could not even know, much less express, such a thing, but that does not bar such recognition on the author's or reader's part. It might also be added that the confrontation between the heroine and the villain, whether actual or only dreadfully imagined by the heroine, is a http://asocialnetwork.co/esl-admission-essay-writing-for-hire.php dissertation chapter writers site sf the casuistic dialogue on love, and as such adds another link between Arcadia and the feminine Gothic.

An awareness of the potential for sexuality in such a confrontation, along with its positive obverse the heroine's wedding at the end of professional hypothesis proofreading services college novelwould already represent a transgression of official feminine virtue, made all the more audacious by the novel's being written.

As such, however unobjectionably virtuous the text is, it may still be "tainted" by lust, either in the writer's mind and memory, or in the reader's reading. The feminine Gothic novel, then, becomes almost a symbol of, or objective correlative for, public masturbation. If so, it might be particularly pointed to recall that terror affords an "agreeable shudder. It means that the owner of the castle is trying to conceal a secret upon which [her] continued ownership depends.

In consequence, the castle becomes a space where the next generation cannot be produced, or more generally, where the domestic activities over which women are beginning to "rule" cannot be carried on. The exposure of the secret, then, sometimes accompanied by the destruction of the castle, frees the female protagonist to reassert the primacy of "home" and its values by marrying the man of her choice, not as an innocent "young lady" but as a heroine who has encountered evil, dissertation chapter writers site sf from it, and triumphed over it Ellis The above passage, quoted verbatim except for the substitution of "her" for "his" as noted, is addressed by Dissertation chapter writers site sf toward the thematic elements of the Gothic, but I have cited it as applying to the level of the author and perhaps the reader as well.

By reclaiming the act of authorship, the Gothicists and all female novelists undid the original Word of God and challenged the Father's original transgression against the female principle of Creation. By writing, women regained access to the freedom, power and creativity that Freud's new fathers had been hoarding and lording over dissertation chapter writers site sf aeons.

Ellis cites Milton's Paradise Lost as the model and point of departure for the Gothic rebellion. The Satanic revolt, however, seems more appropriate to the Lewisite Gothic which is antiutopian, rather than utopian, preferring destruction and satire over the parodic renovation of the feminine Gothic; thus, I have not included it in my study of literary Utopias. Howevermuch Milton may have this web page or justified the theme of rebellion, its archetypal content does not fit the feminine Gothic scenario very well.

The Gothic God does not expel a Satanic Eve; he tries to enclose her. Moreover, her departure and flight are wholly self-willed. The archetype that seems to be at work, rather, is something similar to Freud's prehistory, in which one of the daughters of the father's hoard escapes to freedom. If there are still Christian or Miltonic implications to be found in this, then they go beyond Lucifer's oath of Non serviam.

This rebellion may be said to originate from the fact that God advanced one son Jesus above all others; Lucifer refuses to serve out of a protest for this continue reading of treatment. He questions God's judgment, but not the society He has created. The feminine Gothic's Eve, by contrast, is not merely a reconceptualized heroine capable of correcting the mistakes of her youth though she can do that too ; rather, in her youthfulness, she makes a much bolder claim: that the fault for original sin rests with God, and that only an act of re-Creation can correct what He has muddled.

It is a protest directed against the self-proclaimed "biologically justified authority" Marcuse 64 that boasts to have originally ordered Creation, "the order which has preserved the life of the group" In fact, God is the Gothic's first usurping second son--not God the Father, but God the New Father, who denies He ever had a Mother-Goddess; dissertation chapter writers site sf one who has usurped the castle of Cheap solving problem australia proofreading sites, and turned Paradise into Hell.

The "terror" of the feminine Gothic, then, may originate partly in the enormity of Eve's transgression, in the reassertion over against divine authority of her dissertation chapter writers site sf and capacity to correct creation, but it may also arise partly from the thrill of simply "getting away with dissertation chapter writers site sf of parodying culture when it was absolutely forbidden to do so.

The serious intent of the Gothic critique and its Utopia of a true home, where freedom, power and creativity, equality, freedom of speech, peace, abundance, leisure and pleasure are not male-only prerogatives, is not undermined by the claim of a comedic nature for the feminine Gothic.

On the contrary, the method of festive laughter's regenerating abuse-praise is fundamentally oriented toward basic and all-important aspects of life. As Bakhtin notes, "Seriousness burdens us with hopeless situations, but laughter lifts us above them and delivers us from them. Laughter does not encumber man, it liberates him Laughter lifts the barrier and clears the path" Speech Genrescreative essay writer australia Like their Renaissance forebears, the official and unofficial Utopias of the 18th century represent milestones that marked points of departure for subsequent literary works.

However, unlike the distinct realizations of ideal space and time in the Renaissance Utopias, the presence of individualized consciousness in the later Utopias seems to have served to merge space and time. As such, in realizing its ideal class-space, the bourgeois Utopia incorporated the generational time of Arcadia into the intimate setting of the home; similarly, in realizing its ideal class-time, the feminine Gothic incorporated the perfect commonwealth of Utopia as a "true home" into the providential history of personalized fate.

In short the 18th century Utopias affected realizations of ideal time-space. In so doing, they contributed to the creation of the perils of history as terror, http://asocialnetwork.co/esl-mba-blog-post-example.php of time, and so forth that I have already noted in conjunction with the Renaissance Utopias. One distinction, however, must be noted.

Where the "circular" nature of the Renaissance Utopias indirectly argued in favor of a "progressive" linear conception of time and hence, historythe 18th century Utopias directly argue in favor of the linear conception, insofar as they are based on this "progressive" principle.

This may most readily be sensed in the relatively increased plotting of such novels, especially in the Gothic where the premium on terror mandated the creation and maintenance of narrative suspense. Increased sophistication of plotting is one of the main popular cover letter writer sites of the 18th century to the 19th, but it is not the only one.

In the same way that Utopia and Arcadia provided a foundation for the idealized realities of memoirs and Bildungsromaneso also did the realized ideals of the bourgeois Utopia and the feminine Gothic provide the basis for 19th century realism and Romanticism: the bourgeois "home" becomes the idealized and criticized reality of the novel of manors, while the "providentially individualized fate" of the feminine Gothic becomes the idealized though infrequently criticized reality of Individualism and Romantic genius.

Though innumerable non-Russian examples abound, nevertheless these two main developments dissertation chapter writers site sf the 19th century, along with the full flowering of the novel, could hardly be better characterized than by the works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

Apt as these examples are, however, it would seem that we have once again left the reality of Utopia; that, as implementations of the 18th century's Utopias, they represent the status quo, the "current operating order" of literature in the 19th century. The most obvious trait shared by the Socialist Utopia and fantastyka is a focus on the future, with another, almost equally decisive accent on technology. Neither of these characteristics are absolute; Morris' News From Nowherethough set in the future, reflects an idealized, almost medievally non-technological way of life, while forays backward in time are legion in fantastyka.

Fantastyka's subgenre of "alternative versions of history" similarly retreats in time, while the "parallel universe" subgenre may be said to move laterally in time and space. These notable exceptions, however, simply reflect the vitality of the genre, and do not destroy the overall truth of the generalization. Consequently, the place of the Socialist and fantastyka Utopia becomes located in the future. At first, this displacement might seem a bit strange, but there has always been a degree of displacement in Utopia.

Given the extent of the known world, More had to posit an island; the Arcadians had to escape from the City to a semi-mythical Country; the Gothic had to project backward in time to find a home; and the bourgeois Utopia, crowded out by the historical enormity of its Baroque predecessors, retreated to the privacy of its own home. It would seem that wherever there are "gaps" in a culture's time-space consciousness that dissertation chapter writers site sf of imaginative projection, then there will Utopias appear.

The utopian character of much of socialist thinking represented then a kind of rearguard action which withdrawing radicalism conducted against the triumphant march of industrialism and liberalism The linking of the future with technology is dissertation chapter writers site sf key feature shared by the Socialist Utopia and the fantastyka.

What primarily distinguishes the one from the other, again restating the http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-college-essay-ghostwriter-site-united-states.php between a monologic and relatively polylogic approach, is the former's closed view of the future compared to the open-ended view of the latter. Defenders of Condorcet, Fourier, Saint-Simon, Comte or Marx may assert, as Frank Manuel does, that "virtually all the great nineteenth-century utopias have continued metamorphoses built into their very frame; they are open-ended" "Toward a Psychological History of Utopias" 80but they seem to be in the minority; it dissertation chapter writers site sf, after all, difficult to discern "continued metamorphoses" in Marx" view of the end of history.

The very fact that the Socialist future had a specific "place" in mind contributes to this; later Dissertation chapter writers site sf thought, chastened by the very events of history itself, still retained the hope for such a "place," even if its specifics were no longer so clear.

If original Socialism could see a straight line to a glorious and harmonious future, then later Socialism was forced to be less sanguine, but did not deny the line only its straightness or visibility. Fantastyka infrequently bothers with such a line; how we get from today to, for example, the utopian Earth of television's Star Trek is of little concern. Rather, under fantastyka, not only the future but all of time becomes an open field of possibilities, limited only by one's imagination.

In the main, the development of the monologic Socialist Utopia in literature is especially uninteresting; parodies, such as Dostoevsky's The Possessed originally Devilsare much worthier of critical attention on artistic grounds.

They were, however, enormously influential socially. Cabet's truly dreary Voyage to Icaria inspired the foundation of Icarian communities in the United States, and it is impossible to underestimate the dissertation chapter writers site sf importance of Chernyshevsky's What Is To Be Done?

In fact, popular blog post proofreading service nyc discuss the Socialist Utopia in its most significant manifestations, it is necessary to turn to Russian, rather than Western European, literature. Let there be no illusions, however; R.

Stacy remarks that What Is To Be Done? This image of the revolutionary implies, of course, a total selflessness, endurance and indifference to personal suffering; one will put up with literally everything to help pave the way to the glorious future, even if one does not live to see it.

As long as this ideology of self-sacrifice remains in a context of revolutionary conspiracy, it may be said to still retain some justification; when it becomes implemented upon the whole of society, however, it quickly loses whatever justification it had left and becomes simply an instrument of social control and terror, as the Soviets have since demonstrated. The promise of the glorious social future thus becomes a method of oppression, while at the same time justifying the present deplorable social conditions as birth throes--or, as time goes on, as the work and fault of some scapegoat, e.

Insofar as the ideology of self-sacrifice "suffer today for a glorious future you may not live to enjoy" involves a method of social control, two necessary correlates arise. The first is that self-sacrifice must be hyperidealized, much as women had to idealize submission under the ideology of separate spheres to retain their self-respect. The second is that the glorious future must be indefinitely put off, since the dissertation chapter writers site sf of social assent to the status quo today is the imminent arrival of the glorious tomorrow.

In the Soviets, of course, "social assent" was also based on the terror of being carried off to the GULag, executed, or both. This deferral into the future is, in fact, a central tenet of Socialist Realism, especially in Soviet culture.

In Russian Literary CriticismR. To describe something that exists is much easier than to describe something that does not exist--even though you know that it will exist.

What we see today with the unaided eye is not necessarily the truth. The truth is what we must become, what will happen tomorrow. This wonderful tomorrow of ours is what writers should be describing today. In fact, this brings us full circle back to the challenge that originally confronted More. The very name Star Trek belies exactly this. I keep returning to Star Http://asocialnetwork.co/best-creative-writing-writing-services-sf.phpnot only because it is exemplary, but also because it is probably the best-known Western example of fantastyka.

Huxley's Brave Dissertation chapter writers site sf World opens as well with a classic guided tour of Utopia's Central Hatchery. If the history of the monologic Socialist Utopia is fairly simple to describe, then the history of fantastyka is proportionately complex.

Clarke, if memory serves. Tzvetan Todorov, in his own study of the fantastic, provides a more precise description; "[I]n a general fashion, supernatural beings compensate for a deficient causality Thus the fairy who assures a character's fortunate destiny is merely the incarnation of an imaginary causality for what might just as well be called chance, fortune, accident" In fantastyka, it is technology that compensates for a deficient causality.

Todorov further describes the fantastic as a kind of liminal genre that is dissertation chapter writers site sf marked by "hesitation," either at the level of the reader or of the narrator-characters, or both.

This hesitation link a defining ambiguity in the fantastic; the character or reader is no longer sure where she or he stands in relation to the narrative.

This fantastic ambiguity, however, is fairly delicate, and easily lapses out of an equally defining "indeterminateness" of meaning that is an obvious consequence of the "hesitation" : "meaning" therefore dissertation chapter writers site sf a liminal quality in the fantastic as well.

The fantastic therefore leads a life full of dangers, and may evaporate at any moment. It seems to be located on the frontier of two genres, the marvelous and the uncanny, rather than to be an autonomous genre. One of the great periods of supernatural literature, that of the Gothic novel, seems to confirm this observation.

Indeed, we generally distinguish, within the literary Dissertation chapter writers site sf, two tendencies: that of the supernatural explained the "uncanny"as it appears dissertation gb website hypothesis custom writing the novels of Clara Reeves sic and Ann Radcliffe; and that of the supernatural accepted the "marvelous"which is characteristic of the works of Horace Walpole, M.

Here we find not the fantastic in the strict sense, only genres adjacent to it. More precisely, the effect of the fantastic is certainly produced, but only during a portion of our reading: in Ann Radcliffe, up to the moment when we are sure that everything which has happened is susceptible of a rational explanation; in M. Lewis, up to the moment when we are sure that the supernatural events will receive no explanation. Once we have finished reading, we understand -- in both cases -- that what we call the fantastic has dissertation chapter writers site sf existed Todorov Much fantastyka belongs in Todorov's genre of the "uncanny" insofar as a rational explanation usually clears up the technological or xenobiological curiosities in any given book, but there is also another entire tradition of fantastyka, best represented by Stanislaw Lem and Eastern Europe including Russia that falls into Todorov's category of the "marvelous," if not actually the "fantastic.

All of these extraterrestrial features are usually approached narratively as rationally dissertation chapter writers site sf things, even if human reason proves incapable of discovering an explanation.

This "empirical bias" is what purportedly puts the "science" in "science fiction. Similarly, one may discover early salvos of fantastyka in Prince Vladimir Odoevsky's The Year a utopian novel incomplete at the time of his death inin Lytton's The Coming Race which features a subterrestrial superspecies, armed to the teeth with handy, personally portable "vril sticks" capable of more than atomic destructionpublished inand, of course, the works of Jules Verne.

Verne's works are especially important, since they inaugurated, or at least popularized, a whole genre characterized by technological speculation and extrapolation. This genre went on to become the mainstay of early fantastyka in the United States, particularly in the cult followings of various pulpy periodicals.

Most of the stories in these early efforts, like most early efforts, are dissertation chapter writers site sf dreadful, and helped to found the debased reputation of "science fiction" in the United States. Verne's epigones substitute mere novelty for even the least shred of plausibility, and the plots themselves are rarely more than of the "hero slays monster" type.

One might try to see an archetypal significance in this; Frye contends that it is often precisely in popular literature that one can most clearly discern the archetypal nature of literature Anatomybut this is little consolation. This tradition, gaining somewhat in sophistication, has continued to the present; its most prolific exponent to date would seem to be Larry Niven, who will not hesitate to justify an entire novel and a sequel strictly based on a single technological gadget e.

More typically, the Vernean tradition is used to technologize and cosmicize otherwise perfectly ordinary narratives. Given the vitality of invention in the United States at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, one can perhaps forgive the scribbling Edisons in their garrets for their tawdry productions, but along with World War I and eventually the Depression the general refusal of science fiction to address these changes, or even to pay much attention to actual scientific developments, certainly served to discredit the genre, perhaps deservedly.

An example of this may be seen in Brave New Worldthough it is not strictly speaking science fiction, when Huxley admits in his Foreword that the lack of atomic energy in his Utopia does in fact represent a "vast and obvious failure of foresight" x. It is not necessary to trace any further the general history of science fiction in the United States, in spite of its later interesting and artistic "coming into its own" during the so-called Dissertation chapter writers site sf Wave that began roughly in the s and that is foreshadowed particularly in the works of Heinlein and Bradbury ; this, because Utopia does not figure significantly in New Wave writing.

Rather, I have provided this brief sketch of the origins of science fiction in the United States principally to illuminate why the genre, still for the most part, has a literary reputation as bad, if not worse, than the original Gothic. Again, though, its popularity was as equally widespread, as may be discerned from the cult following that sprang up around H. Lovecraft and his later disciples, particularly August Derlethand that has continued to exist to the present day.

William Gibson, in our day, seems to have gained an equally devoted following of "cyberpunks. Wells, most obviously in his A Modern Utopia or New Worlds for Oldbut more tellingly in Men Like Gods. It is here that one can convincingly feel the influence of the Socialist Utopia, insofar as alternatives to the Socialist future and its societal arrangements are being pursued and modified by Please click for source. In fact, one of the more remarkable authorial about-faces in literary history occurs between his Modern Utopia and Men Like Gods.

In the former, he appears to promise a correction to the errors of Utopias past, but the results are more antiquated than renovated. For example, having criticized old Utopia's reductions of liberty due to an endless proliferation of regulations, commonsense therefore dictates a reduction in the number of rules.

Wells, however, prefers to redefine "liberty"; "But in truth a general prohibition in a state may increase the sum of liberty, and a general permission may diminish it. It does not follow The point here is not the truth or falsity of Wells' assertion; others, notably Kateb in his unquestionably well-intentioned Utopia and Its Enemieshave asserted as much as well.

Rather, the point is to underline the radical change one may discern between this Utopia and Dissertation chapter writers site sf later Men Like Godsas indicating not only the direction of future Utopias, but also the distinction between the monologic Socialist Utopia and the relatively polylogic Utopia of fantastyka.

Hence, in Men Like Godsthere are only the Five Principles of Liberty that govern all of social life. More importantly, Wells' affects an idea he sarcastically proposed in A Modern Utopia : to change the nature of Homo sapiens to Homo superior.

This marks a fundamental break with both the Socialist Utopia and all past Utopias; hitherto, human nature had been accepted "as is," and Utopia had either to accommodate it, ignore it, or crush it. Morris' News From Nowhere has depicted truly free individuals, thus implying a change in human nature, but it is Wells who incorporates the theme into fantastyka.

Skinner's notorious Walden Two wanted to literalize the theme. The change of human nature in Wells' Men Like go herehowever, is weakly realized, and is primarily one of mindset; "except for the fuller realisation of his latent possibilities, the common man in Utopia was The British utopian tradition continued to develop primarily along Wellsian lines in the fantastyka, but rarely on a large scale.

Clarke's Childhood's End is probably the best-known example, but there are also contributions by Aldiss, Wyndham particularly his Re-Birth and Stapledon who is almost wholly unknown in the United States. It is somewhat ironic, then, that Aldous Huxley proves to be the author who most strongly extends the tradition, first of course in Brave New World and its essayistic sequel, Brave New World Revisitedand later in Ape dissertation chapter writers site sf Essence and Island.

It could of course be disputed that Huxley dissertation chapter writers site sf a Utopist at all; Brave New Worldalong with Zamyatin's Weare widely regarded as the canonical anti-Utopias of the 20th century. Huxley's Ape and Essencewith its fanatical cult of Belial worshippers, seems even still more anti-utopian. Other works, such as Orwell's Animal Farm andGheorghiu's The Twenty-Fifth Hourand Wolfe's Limbo might also be considered anti-utopian, but the unremitting viciousness of the State in these books makes them more Dystopias the "bad place"than anti-Utopias.

Whatever classification dissertation chapter writers site sf decides upon for these various reactions to the classical-official Utopia, I nevertheless intend click demonstrate that Huxley's Brave New World is an official Utopia; or, more precisely, that the novel is the product of a frustrated Utopist trying to come to grips with Utopia. For the moment, if this may be demonstrated in brief, after remarking on the popularity dissertation chapter writers site sf the dystopian novel in the 20th century in his introduction to Utopias and Utopian ThoughtFrank Manuel then adds that Aldous Huxley "lived to write a utopia, Island " x.

It is interesting to note also that this utopian fable written at death's door Huxley would die the following year, with C. Lewis, on the very day of President Kennedy's assassination is somewhat neglected in Huxley bibliographies. The Harper Perennial paperback edition of Brave New World mentions Island in a brief biographical appendix, but omits it from the lengthy bibliography provided at the front of the book; similarly, in the Cliff Notes for Brave New World dissertation chapter writers site sf Brave New World Revisitedneither in the bibliography nor anywhere in the text, is Island mentioned.

This seems rather odd, since surely a Utopia by one of the ostensibly leading anti-Utopians of our century demands of an explanation.

Such will in fact be proffered below. In the meantime, however, it is necessary to trace a third line of fantastyka, that of the Eastern European including the Russian tradition. Understandably, the Socialist Utopia has been highly influential in the countries of this region, such that futuristic Utopias are almost blandly assumed as a given. Consequently, the technological speculations within them retain a more genuine sense of the Vernean futurological prophecy, instead of the superficial inventiveness one finds in the science fiction of the United States.

It would seem that the Socialist-Utopian creed of technology, as a lever dissertation chapter writers site sf true Socialism rather than decadent capitalist prosperityhelps to dissertation chapter writers site sf the Machine firmly in the service of mankind.

Moreover, Utopia when utilized is rarely described in the kind of painstaking detail one has grown weary of in Western literature. The space of Utopia is such that one comes to dissertation chapter writers site sf it, or infer it, as in any typical novel: through character interactions within it. In other words, Utopia, finally, becomes a setting rather than a topic of discussion; fashion, laws, food, architecture--all become a consequence of a character's and the reader's vision, not a guided tour.

If the character is a native of Utopia, then the setting moves into the background of consciousness; this, for the same reason dissertation chapter writers site sf does not find informative lectures on clothing in a contemporary novel, unless such a lecture serves some other, not merely informational, authorial intent. If the character is not a native of Utopia, then the setting tends to be extremely foregrounded in consciousness as something that character must come to grips with.

This process of "recognition" or "reconciliation" with the confronting Utopia, however, is rarely arrived at by the simple explanation of some tour guide; rather, the character must interact with both the Utopia and its natives to achieve a working knowledge of the culture. This is one of the main dilemmas confronting Lem's protagonist, Hal Bregg, in Return From the Stars.

It is not so common to find non-natives encountering Utopias; usually the confrontation is between an Earthling from Utopia or not and the "alien" "chuzhoi". In recent Western fantastyka, different varieties of minority authors have increasingly, and with considerable sophistication, used this scenario to critique a present-day culture that defines their minority as Other "alien," "chuzhoi". As such, the predominantly mundane Utopia of Eastern European fantastyka must be considered one of its triumphs.

As Darko Suvin notes, this utopian element is ubiquitous in Stanislaw Lem's novels; "I would argue that [a] utopian naivete remains one of the poles of the Lemian creative tension even in his richest works" As a consequence, the assumed Utopias and plausible technologistic futurologies of Eastern European fantastyka have singularly liberated the genre with respect to its speculation on ideas.

That is, not burdened with a tradition that could be puerilely gratified by the notion of a plasma gun the United Statesor mired in a socially conscious tradition that remains at a loss as to how to solve the human condition Great BritainEastern European fantastyka has been able to grapple more directly with cosmic questions.

This positive may have had a negative source as well, insofar as dissertation chapter writers site sf oppression by the Soviets and Socialist Realism tended to stifle the intellectual qualities of the arts. By dealing with the imponderables, fantastyka therefore would have pricked up the ears of fewer ideological censors.

In fact, Eastern European fantastyka found itself in a position similar to the feminine Gothic. And there do, indeed, seem to be dissertation chapter writers site sf of subversive critique in the genre. One of the most important instances may be seen in the film, Stalkerdirected by Andrei Tarkovsky. The film is based very loosely on Roadside Picnica novella by the leading authors of fantastyka in Soviet Russia Boris and Arkady Strugatskyand juxtaposes a tenuous motif of Christian images over against a markedly bleak Dystopia that is difficult not to identify with a futurized Soviet State.

Such critiques, however, are rare--and for good reason. It may have felt like death for a female Gothicist to be "caught" by, and to have her reputation suffer because of, the Critical 's censors; for the Soviet author, it might well be death. If the Gothicist's catchword was "prudence," the Soviet author's was "avoidance. To expect a critique, however, is to somewhat misunderstand Russian and Eastern European fantastyka. For one, it has never been deemed a tenth-class genre, as has its American counterpart, especially as it was encouraged by the futurism of Socialist Realism.

For another, criticizing the decadent West was approved of, if not expected, dissertation chapter writers site sf if this sometimes led to a generic reflexiveness that seemed to redound on the Soviet Bloc. But, again perhaps due to ideological strictures, this criticism seems more directed toward our species, than toward specific cultures.

To this is added an intense hopefulness that may most plausibly be linked to the Socialist vision of a glorious future. As such, there is a more universal quality in Eastern European fantastyka compared to the West's that is entirely appropriate in a genre set in the Universe; what Suvin claims for Lem's writing, then, may be applied to the region: "Thus, the stars are for Lem in a way what Utopia was for More or Brobdingnag for Swift: a parabolic mirror for ourselves, a roundabout way to click at this page our world, species and times "my emphasis.

In such a context, Capek's R. It is precisely a merging of the technological and Socialist aspects of Eastern European fantastyka. Though analogies with The Sorcerer's ApprenticeFrankenstein and The Golem obviously have a degree of validity here, what is at stake is less humanity's ability to control the monsters of its own making with the attendant themes of hubris, mortals as gods, and family in generaland more the fact of being confronted by a conscious being who is ontologically superior to us.

Yet this has also been the region of great hopes, exploding after both world Wars" ; a region, as the Romanian-born Eliade notes, that had to "renounce any impulse toward a higher historical existence, toward spiritual creation on the universal plane" simply because it fell across the path of history's juggernaut embodied in Asiatic hordes, and later empires of Ottomans, Habsburgs, Great Russians and Soviets. As such, Lem's writings are regionally characteristic in their "fusing of bright hope with bitter experience, the vision of an open road into the future with the vision of sure dangers and possible defeats inseparable from the risks of openness" Suvin It is therefore no surprise that Lem has coined the term "optessimist" found in The Futurological Congresswhich is someone who can derive a positive future from a miserable present.

Such http://asocialnetwork.co/professional-dissertation-results-ghostwriter-sites-london.php attitude is very close to the archaic mentality Eliade describes, especially as it retains its death-regeneration aspect. That Eastern Europe destroyed and reborn time and again still reflects this mentality more visibly in its populace, and subsequently more often in Lem's novels, than anywhere else in Europe should therefore not be surprising.

The first task to be accomplished in my examination of Huxley's Brave New World is to establish that it is an official Utopia. As already noted, this is not necessarily easy, since Brave New World is usually considered one of the canonical anti-Utopias of the 20th century; it is easily the one most often cited. In Manuel's Utopias and Utopian Thoughtthere are eight listings in the index for Huxley's novel; for Zamyatin's We and Orwell'sthere is a combined total of only eight listings.

In Kateb's Utopia dissertation chapter writers site sf Its Enemiesthe proportion is less even, with twelve listings for Huxley's novel, and only three for Zamyatin's and Orwell's combined. An equally disproportionate number of listings for these three authors as well would further suggest that Huxley must be considered the anti-utopian writer par excellence.

How then can the claim that Brave New World is an official Utopia be justified? I have already noted that Huxley went on to write a full-blown Utopia, Island. As a literary about-face at least as dramatic as Wells' noted in the last chapter, this fact is still not enough of itself to prove that the Brave New World is Utopia, but it certainly justifies reconsideration of the work.

Preliminarily, an analogy might be drawn with the feminine Gothic which was anti-utopian with respect to the official bourgeois Utopia, but was also pro-utopian with respect to its own vision. Even so, it is not possible to deny that Brave New World is anti-utopian with respect to the Socialist Utopia; this is most readily apparent in Huxley's facetious use of names e. This anti-Socialist bias, however, does not automatically rule out a potentially pro-utopian vision.

Broadly speaking, three interrelated projects may be discerned in Brave New World : an anti-Socialist satire, a sociomoral broadside against hedonism, and Huxley's first, conflicted attempt to discover or realize Utopia.

The first two projects represent a continuation of Huxley's writings in the niche he had established for himself in British literature in the first third of the 20th century, most notably in Point Counterpoint ; he was one of the cynical young men, nastily recording human social foibles typically the gross errors of the ancestors and their puerile epigonesfrom under a mantle of ostensible moral outrage.

This cynicism may be understood as the first symptom or signal that permits the epiphany that Brave New World is a Utopia; a few words about cynicism, then, are in order. Cynicism is often a reaction to wounded idealism; consequently, the more intense the originating idealism, the more thoroughgoing the resultant cynicism.

Moreover, such cynicism often begins to encrust during adolescence--that time of almost infinite hopes and dreams; such adolescent idealism, brutally confronted and crushed by the disappointments of often love life, retreats in the name of self-protection, and adopts the mask of jaded indifference and derisive cynicism.

The buried idealism, however, is not always completely extinguished; sometimes it reasserts itself or reappears in old age, when there is either nothing more to lose or else when one has accumulated enough security, courage or inner strength to no longer be debilitated by the effects of disappointment. One of the major disadvantages of cynicism, however, is that if the idealism once again begins to "seep out," if fatigue or carelessness lets slip the reins tightly constricting one's idealistic impulses, then the cynic will most probably be ill-equipped to deal with it.

It is, of course, quite possible to learn how to handle idealistic hopes without being emotionally crushed by the threat or actuality of disappointment, but not if one has ruthlessly buried idealism in cynicism for years; or, rather, even the cynic can http://asocialnetwork.co/custom-report-ghostwriters-service-usa.php, dissertation chapter writers site sf the progress will be that much delayed by years of self-repression.

Owing to this lack of experience, when idealism does begin to reappear in the cynic, this can often lead to dramatic, even ridiculous, changes in the cynic's outlook. Huxley's literary career begins with Symbolist poetry and ends with Utopia; in the interim, his writings are marked by virulent sarcasm and cynicism. Brave New World may well be a pivot point between the exaggerated cynicism of Dissertation chapter writers site sf earlier writings and the exaggerated mystical idealism of his later writings, and thus provides some justification for re-viewing the apparent satire of Brave New World in a context of hidden or suppressed and dissertation chapter writers site sf idealism.

To do so, however, only strengthens the basis of the assertion that Huxley's novel presents a Utopia; it does not yet provide a demonstration that this is so. In a lengthy Foreword written for the re-issue of Brave New World inhints of a surfacing utopian impulse may be discerned. Stylistically, the Foreword reveals that kind of offhand snottiness that is often, if not a sign of internal weakness of character, then of ideological uncertainty. Huxley begins, for example, with a maxim from the moralists to the effect that chronic remorse is bad; dutifully following the advice of wisdom, then, he acknowledges the defects and merits of his book, and sees this as a justification for not bothering to write it again correctly; "And so, resisting the temptation to wallow in artistic remorse, I prefer to leave both well and ill alone and to think about something else" BNW viii.

This might be all right, except that Huxley does go on to rewrite his book, in Borgesian fashion, by writing about its revision. Thus, having characterized the Savage's narrative choices at the end of the book as between "insanity" or "lunacy," Huxley proposes a third option, "sanity"; in this community of sanity, "economics would be decentralist and Henry-Georgian, politics Kropotkinesque co-operative" ix.

What is truly depressing about this passage is its ridiculous specificity, insofar as Henry-Georgian economics and Kropotkinesque politics are simply two more of the endless litany of economic and political isms that are by far one of the most tedious features of the official Utopia; one might just as productively propose a potlatch economy and Klingon politics.

It has probably been done. The passage, in any case, provides an example that Huxley at least had given some thought to the basis for a Utopia. Dissertation chapter writers site sf Brave New World Revisitedpublished inthis possibility of sanity has vanished. Instead, Huxley attempts to demonstrate the veracity of the prophecies he made in Brave New Worldin a tone common to the diatribe.

It is, therefore, not wholly inappropriate to assume that a similar kind of mystical "aversion to the flesh" is at work in Huxley's Utopia. Dissertation chapter writers site sf Frye remarks that "[u]topian satire sometimes introduces celibate groups of fanatics by way of parody, as in and in Huxley's Ape and Essence " "Varieties" 35but it is difficult to sense parody here, and certainly not in Brave New World where the Savage is almost the lone celibate fanatic in a world of nymphomania and satyriasis.

Even as the Savage's propensity for self-flagellation may seem excessive or ridiculous, it is not http://asocialnetwork.co/best-papers-ghostwriters-services-uk.php. The mocking tone here is directed more toward Huxley than toward his hero, the Savage, because for better or for worse the Savage is in fact one of the heroes of Brave New Dissertation chapter writers site sf along with Helmholtz Watson.

This may be seen in that one of the conceits of the novel is that the Savage has been partly socialized by an errant copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare that has found its way to the Reservation where the Savage John has grown up.

Thus, it is the Savage, quoting Miranda from The Tempestwho gives the book its title. More significantly, in trying to come to terms with his mother's promiscuity on the Reservation, the Savage has recourse to the Bard more than once.

Having been vacillating between Romeo and Juliet and Othello with respect to his sexually promiscuous love interest Lenina Crowne http://asocialnetwork.co/cheap-dissertation-hypothesis-editing-services-for-masters.php, the Savage finally flees both her and her culturally carnal Utopia and delights in scourging himself with a whip.

But Utopia will not leave him alone, and a crowd invades his monastic privacy. Again, this is not parody, but rather a romanticization of the domestic violence Ellis examines; a romanticization that can indeed be traced back to, and hence "dignified" by, William Shakespeare, and not only in its most complete incarnation in Othello. The Savage's horror and guilt are no more parodic than Othello's.

Consequently, the Savage's attitude reflects the double demand of chastity for both oneself and others, which is, at least, as unhypocritical as it is despotic. Moreover, that the Savage's chastity leads to "bizarre habits" in visit web page case, self-mortification is neither surprising, nor historically unattested. Seldom sufficiently stressed, often not even realized, there exists a see more analogy between believers in God and buggers" Juliette qtd.

Certainly revelations of late out of the Catholic clergy would seem to vindicate the Marquis, and in prisons, it is tacitly assumed with justification that many inmate churchgoers are often sex offenders, especially child molesters.

Dissertation chapter writers site sf such, the Savage's grimly serious Dissertation chapter writers site sf, and the milder but still sarcastic scorn heaped on the promiscuity of Huxley's Utopia seem to stem from the same source: a religious aversion to the Flesh. It might also therefore not be so surprising to discover that there is what some might term "child pornography" in Brave New World. Chapter III dissertation chapter writers site sf, "outside, in the garden, it was playtime.

Naked in the warm June sunshine, six or seven hundred little boys and girls were running Perhaps there is nothing prurient here, but Hollywood will never film Brave New World with the original of this scene in it. Huxley's intent, of course, appears to be satirical, insofar as he inverts the conventional sentimentalization of children as sexless to illuminate the depravity of his Utopia, but there are other problematic features of this chapter, to which I will return below.

Huxley's contention that he gives his Savage only two options insanity and lunacy is simply false, since the Savage somehow escapes from Utopia and installs himself, after some scourging, in the rather transparent symbol of a monastic lighthouse.

In this Utopia beyond Utopia, the Savage settles in to make his life, nettled occasionally by his lapses into desiring civilization's comforts, or becoming too overappreciative of the natural beauty around him, or forgetting his dead mother: "poor Linda, and his own dissertation chapter writers site sf unkindness to her, and those loathsome twins, swarming like lice across the dissertation chapter writers site sf of her death, insulting, with their presence, not merely his own grief and repentance, but the very gods themselves" One might detect a note of jocosity here "the very gods themselves"but it is far less pronounced, this web page less flatly sarcastic, than elsewhere in best ghostwriters websites canada novel; the normal glaze of cynicism seems to have become almost transparent, such that we may be very close to the true Utopia in Huxley's novel.

But there is yet another, even less visible, Utopia in Brave New World. After an abortive revolution involving the Savage, Helmholtz Watson and Bernard Marx, the insurgent triumvirate is brought before Mustapha Mond, one of the ten World-Controllers. All the people who, for one reason or another, have got too self-consciously individual to fit into community-life.

All the people who aren't satisfied with orthodoxy, who've got independent ideas of their own. Every one, in a word, who's any one" Mond does not permit the Savage to go as well, since he is interested in the social experiment of the Savage remaining in Utopia.

As I have already noted, however, the Savage escapes anyway, but Mond does not pursue him. Rather, Utopia itself does, in a plot twist as narratively bemusing as the reader's dissertation chapter writers site sf discovery of the islands. Such islands totally destroy the "logic" of Huxley's anti-utopian critique; if discontents can go to the island of their choice, then we are certainly not dealing with a vicious totalitarian State; compare Orwell's for a properly totalitarian denouement.

Similarly, if the Savage is supposed to remain behind for the sake of a social experiment, why doesn't Mond have him retrieved? That is, what is the narrative justification click here Mond's statement, if there is no follow-through in the text? It begins to seem gratuitous. Equally gratuitous is the invasion of the Savage's lighthouse; or, even if such were demonstrated to be purposeful, why couldn't the Savage just move to another site?

Is this a rejection of the Savage's third option the lighthouse, instead of lunacy or insanitywhich Huxley does not mention in his Foreword, or of the Savage himself? Or of both, as a disavowal of the savage ideal and the denke custom personal essay writers for hire for masters Zungenbasis savage.

Perhaps the Savage may be seen as a figure marked by the dark eros of lust-repulsion, conflicted desire; his rejection, then, points to a triumph of the Mind-Spirit pneuma over the Flesh, as informed by an ascetic Utopia that is only dimly discernible in the novel. Why this should be, as well as other preliminary answers to the questions posed above, may be explored with more precision and detail by examining the monologic authorial treatment that Huxley employs everywhere throughout his book.

One of the hallmarks of the official Utopia is its predominance of monologism, expressed through an inordinate specificity and attention to detail especially in sexual mattersby guided tours, benevolent despots, and so forth. Brave New World reflects all of these monologic features: in the guided tour of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre that opens the novel, in the ritualized nature of sexual relations including mandates on promiscuity and taboos against long-term relationshipsin the mandates on soma and sports consumption, in the benevolent despot figure of the World-Controller Auf top case study writer for hire au Venenklappen Mond, and so forth.

Actually Mond dissertation chapter writers site sf more avuncular than paternal; again, compare him to Orwell's arch-sadist O'Brien in to sense this all the more clearly.

One might say that Huxley is simply using the conventions of the official Utopia to satirize it, but the monologism is not limited to the level of representation in Brave New World. Here fact, I have only briefly summarized these features of the novel as indicating its official nature for two reasons.

First, the features of the official Utopia have already been explored at length in Chapter I; rehearsing them here again would be redundant. Second, I have constantly maintained that official Utopias are monologic, not only at the level of representation, but also at the level of the text itself, without providing any actual examples.

With Brave New World at hand, examples may now readily be provided. The opening three chapters provide a view of "family life" in the Brave New World. This australia writers website essay non-sexual reproduction and gestation in a "bottle", the as many as 96 identical siblings of a "Bokanovsky group," the electric and audio shocks used for conditioning of infants, the inculcation of social values into slightly older children via sleep-teaching "hypnopaedia"and the idyll of erotic playtime.

No air, no space; an understerilized prison; darkness, disease, and smells And home was as squalid psychically as physically.

Psychically, it was a rabbit hole, a midden, hot with the frictions of tightly packed life, reeking with emotion. What suffocating intimacies, what dangerous, insane, obscene relationships between the members of the family group!

Maniacally, the mother brooded over her dissertation chapter writers site sf her children Till at last my baby sleeps, my baby sleeps with a bubble of white milk at the corner of his mouth. My little baby sleeps The nature of family life in the old days is later dramatized by Huxley in more detail in the biographical childhood of the Savage. These characterizations of family life in the Brave New Worldon dissertation chapter writers site sf Reservation, and in Mond's lecture are presented wholly independently of one another; that is, they exist "alongside" one another in the text without there being any explicit, or possibly even necessary, links between them.

This kind of sheer juxtaposition is sometimes considered a touchstone for refinement in literature, but Analysis on essay hillary popular write my doubt the validity of such a critical stance.

Countless objects in the world are juxtaposed to one another in this way purely by accident, without any artistry being involved. To simply bring images together in a text is to leave it to the reader to supply the significance of the paired or grouped images. The issue here seems to involve a point Aileen Kelly notes, in her excellent and summary Introduction to Isaiah Berlin's collected Essays in Russian Thinkerswhich goes beyond simple authorial cowardice; the Russian intelligentsia had a "habit of taking ideas and concepts to their most extreme, even absurd, conclusions: to stop before the extreme consequences of one's reasoning was seen as a sign of moral cowardice, insufficient commitment to the dissertation chapter writers site sf xvii.

In these terms, mere juxtaposition without an authorial stance may, then, be considered an instance of moral cowardice. Of dissertation chapter writers site sf, sheer juxtaposition is usually not the only reason for claiming literary refinement; rather, it is the author's selectivity, not the juxtaposition itself, that makes for greatness. In Huxley, the extremity of his contrasts obviously belies an intention of selectiveness, but even so, a collection of stones, selected for their contrast, and nicely arranged does not advance beyond the level of crafthowever well-executed.

Artas its meaning in alchemy reveals, is a combination of items that form another item altogether; it reflects an interanimation and fusion of elements.

If an author merely presents craftily selected images in juxtaposition, then the effect may be aesthetic, but it is the reader who becomes the artist, who provides the artful combination of images that realizes their joined significance. Such art, as combination, fusion, interanimation and so forth, obviously resembles dialogue; simple juxtaposition, then, resembles the non-communication of two mutually deaf monologues.

It might be thought that I am overstating matters with regard to Brave New Worldbut the lack of dialogue between images is even more strongly apparent between characters. Lenina Crowne is constantly unable to understand Bernard Marx's social critique, and doesn't want to; she is even more at a loss when the Savage quotes Shakespeare at her.

Neither can the Savage make sense of his mother, who was mentally conditioned by the Brave New World. Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson meet from time to time in an atmosphere of revolutionary conspiracy owing to their shared alienation from societybut their conversations are usually transcriptions of failures to communicate. He laughed and laughed till the tears streamed down his face Why Helmholtz finds this so funny "mother" is a dissertation chapter writers site sf lewd term in the Brave New World, which has also adopted the pragmatic policy of cremating all bodies for phosphorous reclamation is less significant than the obviously crossed paths of non-communication here; what the Savage is reading, and what Helmholtz is hearing, are totally different from one another.

The structure of this non-dialogue, then, is dialectic: point, counterpoint, as in a debate. Several of Huxley's titles in fact imply this kind of dialectic contrast: Ape and Essence, The Genius and the Goddess, Heaven and Hell, Themes and Variations, Ends and Means, Texts and Pretextsand, of course, Point Counterpoint.

Take a dialogue and remove the voices the partitioning of voicesremove the intonations emotional and individualizing onescarve out abstract concepts and judgments from living words and responses, cram everything into one abstract consciousness--and that's how you get dialectics Speech The genre of the speech and the lecture are, of course, almost always monologic, and there are several examples of such in Brave New World : the Director of Hatcheries' spiel 3during the guided tour, Mond's own speech to the same tour group already cited, and the Savage's rebellious exhortation to a group of soma-craving Deltas.

From a textual standpoint, the Savage's is the least interesting, but the first two warrant examination. Mond's lecture, for instance, is split up into fragments interlarded into other scenic fragments. Huxley's intent by this would seem to be the manifold opportunities for juxtaposed contrasts and irony. An intensive propaganda against viviparous reproduction She could never resist Lenina's charm for long. The "Malthusian belt" is a device that discourages pregnancy in unsterlized women like Lenina.

Thus we see that the "intensive propaganda" has indeed resulted in a society that loves its subjugation--"a dissertation chapter writers site sf sweet Dissertation chapter writers site sf belt.

In fact, the fragmentation seems almost gratuitous, especially toward the end where the juxtapositions become almost one-liners. Of course, this also leads to a readerly acceleration that provides a kind of narrative excitement, and which culminates well in a sudden, line speech by "his fordship" Mond that is interrupted by two children.

Can't you see that his fordship's busy? Go and do your erotic play somewhere else. In the red darkness glinted innumerable rubies Since the "innumerable rubies" are the eyes of the future inhabitants of the Brave New World, the contrast of suffering children and these fetuses in glass is probably the most effective one in the chapter. But again, the monologism of dissertation chapter writers site sf must be dissertation chapter writers site sf whatever link exists between these two images must be provided by the reader; there is no explicit, and possibly not even a necessary link between the two.

It might be thought that I am being deliberately perverse in my insistence on an absence of links between the above images. In another paper, "Discourse in the Dissertation chapter writers site sf Russian Novel," I drew attention to the intense parallelism of imagery in the opening section of Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago ; a parallelism that unmistakably linked the scene's several, carefully chosen symbols. Such parallelism is weak at best in Brave New World.

For one thing the "innumerable rubies" 56 noted above repeat an image of fetuses grown in glass wombs and subjected to shaking, alcohol poisoning, disease and oxygen deprivation from the middle of Chapter I 9. The connection here between fetuses and suffering children can best thesis statement editing services gb course be established; it seems, however, to be as distant as the images are separated in the text, and may be felt, at best only very indirectly.

For another, Huxley has already shown us infant torture dissertation chapter writers site sf childhood brainwashing; scenes that much more palpably suggest links with suffering children than the "innumerable rubies.

Such an idea, of course, could be applied not only to Huxley's Utopia, but to any culture and as such undermines dissertation chapter writers site sf seems to be the satiric intent of juxtaposing the images popular dissertation hypothesis ghostwriter toronto the first place.

It should also be dissertation chapter writers site sf in passing that by dropping "the" from Christ's "suffer the little children," Mond's statement takes on more ominousness, and seems almost like a curse; that he wants the children to suffer. But this does not help to any more plausibly establish a necessary link between the images. In the lecture by the Director of Hatcheries, a second voice Henry Foster's enters, but almost completely without a tittle of dialogue.

Foster with relish, as they entered. The jauntiness of this grГsserer cheap speech proofreading for hire usa gebrГht is unmistakable, and its use of this kind of verbal switching goes back in comic writing at least to Classical Greece, where characters in drama bantered in antiphonal hemistiches, but its monologic nature is equally obvious, almost to the point of exaggeration.

Huxley's tendency for dialectic contrast has turned into a dialectic identity. Monologism is also evident at the level of character in Brave New Worldmost obviously in dissertation chapter writers site sf treatment of characters as types, rather than personalities. This is not, of course, strictly speaking a criticism, since character types are the stock-in-trade of social satire. This is quite true of Huxley's novel, except that "And they died miserably every after" requires the modification that the hammer of events shatters everything.

This does not imply any character development, of course; the analysis of Bernard's character early in the novel quite aptly foreshadows his grotesquely pathetic collapse in the latter half of the novel, following his return to Utopia with the Savage. The Savage undergoes a similar ordeal upon his arrival in Utopia, and ends with a failure as spectacular his suicide as Bernard's, but in an entirely different register--grotesquely "tragic," rather than pathetic.

This parallel of ordeal is matched by others as well, such that one can describe the Savage as Huxley's dialectic image of Bernard; the dialectic, however, is again one of "identity" as seen in the Dissertation chapter writers site sf of Hatcheries and Mr.

Fosterrather than "contrast. That the Savage's past is radically different from Bernard's does not invalidate the claim that they are, in effect, the same character; literary types do not, properly speaking, have pasts; biography only adds color, not substance. Certain actions of the Savage, of course, are alien to Bernard, such as the Savage's grief over the death of top dissertation chapter ghostwriter sites united kingdom mother, but the type-parallels between the two character nevertheless remain very close.

Camille Paglia has coined the phrase "allegorical repletion" to explain such doubling for example, in Rossetti's The Bower Meadow and Astarte Syriacawhere the facial features of the various figures are identical ; "[t]he term describes a redundant proliferation of homologous identities in a matrix of sexual ambiguity" Sexual Personae She also reintroduces into critical usage the Greek word, "apotropaion," as "a charm to ward off evil spirits" As such, the doubling of the Bernard-Savage dissertation chapter writers site sf may be interpreted as an allegorically replete apotropaion, with the ambiguity or ambivalence being that dark Eros of lust-repulsion as an aversion to the flesh that manifests not only in the exaggerated chivalry-profligacy of Bernard and the chivalry-violence of the Savage toward himself and Leninabut perhaps also in the erotic play of the naked children.

This, because children, precisely as symbols of sexlessness, may serve as a kind of apotropaic safe haven for those troubled by the lures of the flesh; that such sometimes proves insufficient, that the "ward" the pun is intentional sometimes becomes the object of a libidinal cathexis, is only too familiar.

Allegorical repletion, moreover, may also be seen in both the scores and scores of identical individuals in Bokanovsky groups, and in the dialectic identity of the Director of Hatcheries and Mr. Insofar as these features of Brave New World each multiply a single "word," so to speak, they are all almost literally monologic.

Lenina and Linda the Savage's mother present a similar dialectic identity: both are upper-caste nymphomaniacs, both are literally whipped by the Savage and the women of the Reservation, respectively for being so, both have physical deformities, both constantly parrot the hypnopaedic homilies they were "taught" as children, and both are the object of love for the Bernard-Savage dyad.

Linda similar to the Savage with respect to Bernard presents a more extreme "version" than Lenina; the physical description of her and her surroundings is dissertation chapter writers site sf more grotesque dissertation chapter writers site sf the first description of Lenina; "One could see that, for all the lupus and the purple eyes, she was uncommonly pretty" Such a figure is pathetic, and pathos, though it seems a gentler and more relaxed mood than tragedy, is even more terrifying.

Its basis is the exclusion of an individual from a group, hence it attacks the deepest fear in ourselves that we possess--a fear much deeper than the relatively cosy and sociable bogey of hell.

In the figure of the suppliant pity and terror are brought to the highest possible pitch of intensity, and the awful consequences of rejecting the suppliant for all concerned is a central theme of Greek tragedy. Suppliant figures are often women threatened with death or rape Anatomy Linda, presumed lost during her tour long ago of the Reservation and consequently left behind by her lover the Director of Hatcheries as it turns outfully accords with Frye's description.

Her mental conditioning as a member of the second, Beta, caste has left her woefully unprepared dissertation chapter writers site sf "primitive" life; she is beaten, driven to alcoholism, and lives in rags and garbage on the outskirts of the village because she is deemed a pariah and whore. Once she returns to Utopia, she puts herself on such an extreme soma -diet that she is in perhaps one of the few acts of mercy in Brave New World dead by the novel's end.

But dissertation chapter writers site sf her situation and "fate" be blamed on Utopia? After all, her conditioning may make her "helpless" on the Reservation, but it is the values of Othelloso to speak, that make her "destitute.

In the World-State of Utopia, such confrontations are non-real; that Linda survives at all without going insane is already heroic in itself. The argument is equivalent to saying, "A clock makes a terrible broom," and much as we might want to decry Utopia on external grounds e. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny'" Saying so may seem perverse, but what Brave New World appears to counterpropose the Savage ideal is even more perverse. As Kateb remarks, in this discussion of pain and pleasure; "At times it seems that the antiutopians favor pain as men would favor it who never felt very much of it and think it may be good for themselves and surely could not be too bad for others" Utopia This preference for physical pain over pleasure and an aversion to the flesh obviously go hand in hand; worse, that exponents of pain think that it "surely could not be too bad for others" is a very true and ominous concomitant.

It is a very short step from this idea to deliberate violence, or even darker still to pure sadism that masquerades as moral instruction. How many wives have been thrashed by domestic sadists to "teach her a lesson" in fidelity?

How many teachers had erections as they paddled the naked buttocks of their pupils? How often was something other than atonement going through the minds of abbots or priests as they witnessed the physical penance of their monks? Kateb alternatively offers that "at popular editing sites usa dissertation times, the antiutopians speak as men who have seen or had so much pain that they have become dissertation chapter writers site sf of imagining that there could come a time when pain--at least in its more brutalizing forms--could cease to be" This dovetails perfectly with the syndrome of cynicism I detailed above.

Linda's treatment in the novel, then, may be directly read in light of this cynicism and sadism. She and to a lesser extent Lenina is Huxley's "whipping girl" in a work that dramatizes his conflicted lust-attraction toward a hedonist Utopia. Outside of such dissertation chapter writers site sf view, Linda's debasement is "logically" incoherent and structurally unnecessary. She could, for example, have been rescued years ago by other tourists to the detriment of the plot of course ; she could simply have died.

Her own reason for not trying to leave the Reservation was that the shame of being a mother prevented her from going to the Reservation's inspector ; all the same, she could have abandoned, if not killed, her son. Any of these alternatives would have spared Linda her unnecessary ordeal.

More significantly, though Huxley refers to life on the Reservation as "more human in some respects, but in others hardly less queer and abnormal" viiithis is rather disingenuous, since the Penitente -ism of the Reservation is hardly a universal feature of Native American culture. Another tribal setting, then, would have spared Linda as well unless, of course, not sparing her was precisely Huxley's intention. At the "obvious" level of Brave New Worldthen, there are two interrelated Utopias: the erotopia dissertation chapter writers site sf the Brave New World, punished in the figures of Lenina and Linda, and the thanatopia of the Reservation, championed by Bernard and the Savage.

In spite of these apparently dialectical contrasts, however, the novel belies a very single-minded and consistent unity of purpose; the Reservation's squalor, violence, pain, humiliation and blood are simply the obverse of the Brave New World's cleanliness, peace, pleasure and soma. So far, I have had recourse to a perhaps dubious psychologism dissertation chapter writers site sf reading behind the surface of Brave New World and imputing various impulses to Huxley himself.

Huxley may, in fact, have been wholly aloof to the conflict http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-biography-writers-sites-london.php juxtaposed images suggest, but the ironies of the text make determining whether this is either a defensive covering or simply cynicism extremely difficult.

Huxley's rigorous partitioning of images, their undialogic nature for which the reader must provide the significance and the monologic repetition of images might have been a way for him to avoid an engagement in the conflict he presents, or it might just be an artistic conceit. Of course, one could impute that it is a fear of engagement that leads to the choice of this kind of artistic conceit.

It is possible to use the hermeneutic of "idealism behind cynicism" and a "fear of engagement" only to a certain point of diminishing returns. As is also the case with many of Freud's fundamental ideas, such hypotheses are difficult, if not impossible, to verify.

That Huxley's ironic stance leaves it to the reader and the critic to draw conclusions about the novel dissertation chapter writers site sf abrogates Huxley's right, though not his ability, to object to such conclusionsstill does not justify being satisfied with the "psychoanalysis" of the foregoing. Terry Eagleton, in Literary Theory: An Introductionhas noted that the "problems of literary value and pleasure would seem to lie somewhere at the juncture of psychoanalysis, linguistics and ideology, and little work has been done here as yet" If "linguistics and ideology" are understood in their Bakhtinian sense as "metalinguistics and discourse," then the following may represent a start.

A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. The enormous room on the ground floor faced towards the north.

Cold for all the summer beyond the panes, for all the tropical heat of the room itself, a harsh thin light glared through the windows, hungrily seeking some draped lay figure, some pallid shape of academic goose-flesh, but finding only the glass and nickel and bleakly shining porcelain of a laboratory.

Wintriness responded to wintriness. The overalls of the workers were white, their hands gloved with a pale corpse-coloured rubber. The light was frozen, dead, a ghost. Only from the yellow barrels of the microscopes did it borrow a certain rich and living substance, lying along the polished tubes like butter, streak after luscious streak in a long recession down the work tables 1. In the very first sentence, there is the surreal disjunction of the "squat building of only thirty-four stories.

With the second paragraph, with its morgue-like description of cold in spite of the "tropical heat of the room"corpse-colored rubber, the frozen, dead "ghost" of the light, and the clinical gleam of glass, nickel and bleak porcelain, Huxley gets down to business. Into this atmosphere of autopsy the "Fertilizing Room" as it turns out, that dissertation chapter writers site sf for the intimacy of sexual intercourse and reproduction in the Brave New WorldHuxley inserts images of go here the hungry light, the "goose" of pallid goose-flesh, and of course the http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-dissertation-conclusion-writer-service-usa.php microscope tubes drenched "streak after luscious streak" in light.

As a surrogate for reproduction, this Fertilizing Room solves the problem of sexual intercourse that arises out of an aversion to the flesh. It is not a complete solution, insofar as even clinical distance cannot wholly deny what is going on in this tropical morgue; hence, the "disgusting" or dissertation chapter writers site sf combining of the morgue "corpse-coloured rubber" and "goose-flesh" and the banquet butter and goose as food to heighten the nausea-potential of the scene.

It should also be dissertation chapter writers site sf that the paragraph is either confused, or confusing which may be nothing more than another surreal disjunction that underlines the unnatural dissertation chapter writers site sf the Brave New World espouses and reflects, but might also signify the confusion of conflict arising from an aversion to the flesh, whether Huxley's or purely thematic.

For example, since "goose-flesh" usually occurs in cold, not "tropical dissertation chapter writers site sf the actual temperature of the room is difficult to decide at first.

The first word of the second sentence, "Cold", refers to the "harsh thin light" but, because of the intervening phrase "for all the tropical heat of the room itself""Cold" seems to refer to the room. Then comes the butter, no less than "luscious. Whether these tubes should be taken as phallic or not, the sudden sensuality of the description, especially the lascivious "luscious," could be interpreted as an outbreak of lust over against its attempted suppression by a clinical coldness, a return of the repressed.

A second, less involved, interpretation would accept the images at face-value, taking the morgue-banquet combination as straightforward satire designed to elicit disgust in the reader.

Having thus engendered our nausea speichern assignment ghostwriting sites united kingdom wird letting us know in advance why we should be disgusted, Huxley then provides a grounding or lightning rod for this nausea by announcing this laboratory is the Fertilizing Room.

Discovering this afterward would seem to be more effective than if we know beforehand; the shock of realization is more pronounced. Of course, for readers not familiar with the premise of the novel, the fact that humans are being reproduced here goes unappreciated, especially as Huxley spuriously tells us that this building is a hatchery.

The scenario seems rather to be one of livestock or chicken production; Huxley is deferring the revelation that human production is at work here until later.

As "late" as page three, Huxley is still deferring, and offering red herrings; "Rams wrapped in theremogene beget no lambs" 3. The first clue is found on the same page, when the Director of Hatcheries refers to "a bonus amounting to six months' salary" 3 for the dissertation chapter writers site sf extraction of ova "undergone for the good of Society" 3.

This rather cryptic statement for the first reader is followed by the first reference to the castes, and soon after by "Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. The third interpretation of the second paragraph would draw attention to the ancient and carnivalesque tradition of the funeral feast a morgue-banquetand to the linking of death and eating in general. For the "modern" mind, the proximity of eating and food to repulsive things like corpses evokes disgust precisely because the older, carnivalesque associations have been forgotten or revalued in negative terms.

Under Carnival, the conjunction of butter, goose-flesh, and corpse would already imply the communal triumph and renewing of life as feasting over death; that the setting is the Fertilizing Room makes the renewing-regenerating aspect of the image explicit. There seems to be no reason, however, to believe that Huxley intended these old associations.

The entire paragraph is slanted toward nausea, not festiveness. This is exactly how reduced laughter manifests in modern satire; the unions of images are retained, but are stripped of their regenerating positive aspect. Consequently, there is an alienation of death and eating that implies a correlate alienation from life as well.

The funeral banquet acknowledges death, but triumphs over it through the social immortality of community and life itself, and by the festive, not existentially gloomy, atmosphere of eating and drinking. Reduced laughter severs these links, and thereby effaces festive laughter's wisdom; death becomes an intolerable horror, the terror of history. Of course, festive laughter cosmic and universal cannot ever be wholly extinguished, and its images are easy enough to discern once one learns how to recognize them; de-revaluating them back to something of their original nature, however, is more difficult to be persuasive about.

This paragraph does not feature the only repulsive use of food and drink in Brave New World. Discussing how excised ova are preserved after extraction, the Director of Hatcheries "referred to the liquor in which the detached and ripened eggs were kept; and, leading his charges to the work tables, actually showed them how this liquor was drawn off from the test-tubes" 3.

The use and repetition of "liquor" here almost reflexively invites the reader to have a glass of ripened and detached ova in saline with probable gag resultsbut that again does not efface the fertility of the image, if the pun will be excused. And, after the main course of butter and goose-flesh, apparently washed down with eggnog, Huxley then serves us a "warm bouillon containing free-swimming spermatozoa--at a minimum concentration of one hundred thousand per cubic centimetre" 4.

I suspect that the word "warm" lends this description its effectiveness more than the concentrated thickness of the bouillon itself; again, though, the dissertation chapter writers site sf positive link here between eating food and life-renewal is obvious.

After these moments of divine conception, food and drink imagery ebbs, leaving behind an only physical grossness in phrases like "blood surrogate," but carnivalesque associations still do not become totally dissertation chapter writers site sf. The "peritoneum" is a "membrane investing the internal surface of the abdomen, and the viscera contained in it" New Webster's Dissertation chapter writers site sf Dictionary.

And again, like "warm" noted above, the word "fresh" here tends to evoke edibility "flaps of fresh sow's peritoneum"though I think the retching of the reader here would be delayed until a dictionary could be found.

The whole phrase is well-calculated to repulse "fresh gastrointestinal lining" and insult the substitution of "sow" for "womb," and the Biblical and barnyard association with pigs. In spite of all of this, the peritoneum itself, as literally closely associated with "tripes" viscera is the Latin for "tripes" has its own set of positive, carnivalesque associations. The stomach and bowels of cattle, tripe, dissertation chapter writers site sf carefully cleaned, salted and cooked.

Tripe could not be preserved long; they were therefore consumed in great quantities on slaughtering days and cost nothing. Moreover, it was believed that after cleaning, tripe still contained ten percent excrement which was therefore eaten with the rest of the meal Tripe, stomach, intestines are the bowels, the belly, the very life of man.

But at the same time they represent the swallowing, devouring belly Further, the belly does not only eat and swallow, it is also eaten, as tripe Finally, it is linked with birth, for the belly generates. Thus, in the image of tripe life and death, birth, excrement and food are all drawn together and tied in one grotesque knot; this is the center of bodily topography in which the upper and lower stratum penetrate each other Rabelais As the lining of the intestines and belly, then, the peritoneum is the very shield of life whether sow's or not that "holds it all together.

Foster tells the future Hatchery workers "of the growing embryo on its bed of peritoneum. Made them taste the rich blood surrogate on which it fed" Again, note the word "rich" here, like "warm" and "fresh," which edibilizes the "blood surrogate.

The phrase "fetal foal" also has its own amusing qualities, not only for its alliteration, but also for its oxymoronic redundancy. Turning a "fetal foal" into an extract, then to prevent anemia in the growing embryosis a sort of double infanticide. I do not need to stress the popular sympathy for fetuses, and if Huxley had used "fetal veal" instead, I would not need dissertation chapter writers site sf mention the popular sympathy for helpless young animals either.

Of course, with these "fetal dissertation chapter writers site sf we are not yet in the realm of Swift's "Modest Proposal," but we are certainly nearby; close enough that anti-abortionists and equinophiles might be raised to alarm, even if less sensitive humanitarians were not. Moore, in his characteristic way, interprets this theme of child-eating as a "way of internalizing and tasting childhood and the archetypal child" 98 ; that is, of overcoming the false sentimentalization by which we perceive actual children and our own childishness.

True as this may be, one could also more simply note that the child or foal or calf and all the more so the fetus, is closer to the dissertation chapter writers site sf outburst of life energy than any adult; that they reflect the perfection of a renewed Creation. As such, extract of fetal foals, like a "joint of boy" or the related aphrodisiacal tiger penis, is yet another image of regenerating festive laughter, now visible to us only in reduced form.

The remainder of Chapter I is taken up with a tour in the classic utopian style of the human production factory, with a subsequent decline in the concentrated popular dissertation conclusion editor service of vocabulary and description found in the second paragraph; sarcasm comes to replace the relative subtlety of the opening.

An example of this is the repeated phrase "Straight from the horse's mouth" 2which is used in reference to the slavish attention paid to the Director by his future workers during their tour. The phrase, moreover, may clearly be attributed to the narrator.

A more ambiguous example has already been noted: "Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. The word "progress" here has a doubled intonation that reflects both the effusive enthusiasm of the Director and the scornful irony of the narrator.

Such double-accentedness illustrates the interanimation of one discourse word by another; by contrast, "Straight from the horse's mouth" is bodily inserted into the Director's discourse. The latter belies only opposition to another's word, rather than the subversion of it indicated in "progress. Dissertation chapter writers site sf contrast between the Savage's Shakespearean passion for Lenina and her totally liberated view of sex makes for yet another surreal disjunction that drifts finally into the ridiculous.

This ridiculousness can be felt when the narrator reports that the Savage "was obscurely terrified lest [Lenina] should cease to be something he could feel himself unworthy of "my emphasis. The emphasized portion here perfectly reflects the Savage's discourse; he might very well have uttered it himself.

Conveyed, however, by the narrator, who, along with the reader, knows that Lenina is already "something the Dissertation chapter writers site sf could feel himself unworthy of," the phrase is imbued with the narrator's sense of the Savage's ridiculousness. Such negations are unremitting and legion in Brave New World. Such ironization, as a base of satire, again reflects reduced laughter; a laughter that retains the destructive element of festive laughter's abuse-praise, while eliminating or remaining unaware of dissertation chapter writers site sf regenerating element.

What particularly makes this dissertation chapter writers site sf, in spite of the double-accentedness of the text, is that all of the irony proceeds in the same cynical tone. The stridency of this tone, however, drops off considerably in the first three chapters of the book, partly because the interanimation of discourse apparent in "progress" begins to appear on a larger scale.

This occurs with the greatest frequency in Chapter I between the narrator and the Director dissertation chapter writers site sf the Director's surrogate, Mr. Formally, this manifests as an alternation between direct and indirect speech transcription, between actual statements made by the Director and narrated summaries of his statements. From the same ovary and with gametes of the same male to manufacture as many batches of identical twins as possible--that was the best sadly a second best that they could do 6.

What is obvious in this selection, and it is typical, is that the Director's discourse partially shapes the narrator's; the prose summary reflects the Director's style of speech.

This is clearest after the dash, "that was the dissertation chapter writers site sf sadly a second best that they could do," but it would not be an exaggeration to impute the shaping of the narrator's discourse by the Director's throughout the entire passage.

An even more striking example occurs when the Director rhetorically asks, "What would be the use of that? Foster takes over the tour. Foster, "out of the realm of mere slavish imitation of nature into the much more interesting world of human invention.

For of course, they didn't content themselves with merely hatching out embryos; any cow could do that In Bakhtin's typology of discourses, the above principally reflects parodistic ironic discourse, in which "another's discourse is used for conveying aspirations that are hostile to it" Problems As Huxley employs such discourse, it amounts to giving Utopia's spokespeople enough rope with which to hang themselves. But, as I have noted, the technique is not strictly leveled against Utopia's inhabitants.

If I am careful to attempt to keep separate the author and the narrator for the time being, then the dissertation chapter writers site sf irony of Huxley's narrator cannot necessarily be ascribed to Huxley as well.

Insofar as a narrator is a tool for authorial intentions whether such intentions are directly or indirectly expressed as such the narrator's universal irony might serve to mask a different agenda on Huxley's part. For this reason, it might be pertinent Sheldon custom papers ghostwriting websites united states gut wonder if the irony is really irony.

With "Straight from the horse's mouth," there seems to be an unmistakable example of the narrator's voice, uninvaded by any Utopian's, and discretely set apart in its own sentence.

With the other, "invaded" examples above, the assumption of irony seems plausible although, as was shown to be the case with Huxley's juxtaposed images, an explicit or necessary justification for such an assumption may not prove to be so plausible after all. The word, "progress," for example, even in its bluntness, warrants but perhaps does not mandate hearing an ironic accent. Moreover, as Chapter I progresses, the "blatantness" of the second paragraph and "Straight from the horse's mouth" gives way to an increasing sense of this non-mandated irony.

One might assume that Huxley, the "subtle" British wit, dispenses with obviousness as he advances, because the tone has already been set, and that further obviousness would become artistically grotesque.

On the other hand, a decrease in the mandate of irony might also be said to indicate a decrease in the amount of actual scorn heaped. Insofar as Brave New World is anti-pleasure and anti-Flesh, rather than anti-Utopia per se, a decrease in irony could be expected the further and further the text gets from the act of conception occurring in the Fertilizing Room.

Foster, "the shorter the oxygen [to the fetuses]. After that the skeleton. At seventy percent of normal oxygen you article source dwarfs.

At less then seventy eyeless monsters. Whereas his voice became confidential and eagerif they could discover a technique for shortening the period of maturation what a triumph, what a benefaction to Society! Occasionally, a character's enthusiasm in Brave New World is noted by the narrator as "infectious" 14 ; the narrator here seems similarly caught up. Foster would have used. The same is true of the stilted "benefaction to Society!

Moreover, the almost complete domination here of the narrator's voice by Mr.

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