Popular literature review proofreading website sf Gardasil safety and efficacy – debunking the HPV vaccine myths

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Essentially, the researchers found that it was a probability that any teen popular literature review proofreading website sf get the vaccine, regardless of their knowledge of HPV and the vaccine itself.

Some of the reasons why the HPV vaccine uptake is so low is a result of several myths about Gardasil safety and efficacy. There are more than 40 HPV sub-types that can infect the genital areas of males and females. HPV is linked to cancers in men and women, and because there are so many subtypes, research has established which HPV types are linked to certain cancers.

About 27, HPV-related cancers popular literature review proofreading website sf diagnosed in the USA every year. An HPV bivalent vaccine, known as Cervarix, is used in some countries, but only provides protection again two of the subtypes most associated with cervical cancer.

The vaccine is also indicated in males aged nine through 15 years for the prevention popular literature review proofreading website sf anal cancer caused by types 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58; genital warts caused by types 6 and 11; and anal intraepithelial neoplasia grades 1, 2, and 3 caused by types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and I once posted an article about how to actually prevent cancers.

There are just a few ways to prevent cancers—stop smoking, stay out of the sun, lose weight, avoid radiation, and get the Popular literature review proofreading website sf vaccine.

The Japanese Health Ministry seems to love myths, so there has been a big kerfuffle in that country regarding HPV popular literature review proofreading website sf preventing vaccine. The real science, published in real medical journals, and reviewed by experts in epidemiology, virology, infectious diseases, cancer, and other biomedical researchers, is all that matters.

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I just keep putting reasoned arguments forward. I meant I was thinking of creating another account. OTOH, keep it up, please. My fortitude, as well as my patience, is popular literature review proofreading website sf. I may need a break in order to maintain my mental health. Pingback: Gardasil DNA and aluminum — myth debunking time The promoters of Gardisil regard everybody as either a slut or a rapist or a rape victim.

However I understand that stranger rapes are rare. The problem is filthy rich non strangers that afford high priced legal help. There is too much money involved to admit that there is any such thing as not having sexual contact with others.

So have a lot of people. It only takes contact with one sexual partner carrying HPV, which is hugely prevalent in the population, and an unfortunate inability to clear the virus. However I am inclined to believe disabled people or their parents who say that their disabilities were caused by vaccines. Based on what I have read I think that Gardisil will continue to cause more deaths and injuries than it will prevent.

Society regards people with disabilities as subhuman scum. When I junior high school bullies would follow me into the boys restroom and try to pick a fight with me by spitting on me while I was trying to urinate. It had nothing to do with a desire to reduce taxes. Regarding my sexual history, I have turned down sexual advances by men and every woman that I have had a crush on has rejected me.

I empathize with parents whose kids have problems. But the parents are not popular literature review proofreading website sf correct about the causes of these problems. I recall the first deaf Miss America, back in the 90s.

Her mom said her deafness was a side effect of DPT vaccine. Then mom said it was due to antibiotics given to treat the DPT reaction. That sounded even more fishy. Then finally the story came out, what I thought all along-the woman lost her hearing due to Hib disease, for which there was no vaccine at the time 70s.

We have to establish plausibility. There is simply no plausible or scientifically rational reason to think that the HPV antigen can have some effect on the reproductive health of a woman.

The antigen induces an immune memory of the virus, attacking it if it shows up again. Let me remind you of something—catching HPV and then having cervical cancer is a guaranteed effect on the reproductive health.

When you speak of other drugs, yes, some do have issues. But that is so rare as to be impossible to see. Some drugs are tested for their effect on reproductive health, because there is some biological plausibility that the drug may have an effect. One of the big tragedies in drugs and reproduction was DES, which had an effect years after the birth of a child. Moreover, in studies that included millions of young men and women, years after the vaccine, we observe nothing at all with regards to reproductive health.

This should not be your worry. Thanks for the description of how the vaccine is impacting the immune system. Also good point about the known chances of reproductive health issue with cervical cancer. OR… perhaps there are studies on impacts to menstrual cycles? Glad to know inf on those studies. Thanks again for the information.

The other ingredients are not exactly the same, but similar enough. And the long term studies look at ALL medical events in the lives of the subjects, popular literature review proofreading website sf just von cheap mba application letter examples Martin particular events. We cannot invent a possibility, without any logic to it, just because one imagines it could happen.

Once again, tell me why you think a vaccine would have an effect on this organs? A vaccine only induces an immune response, and then antigens are all destroyed by the immune system and flushed away after a few hours or popular literature review proofreading website sf a couple of days. And one more thing. But that will be on average. We would see a bell curve of effects such as you believe could happen that started at year 2 or 3, increase up to year At that time, we would notice the increase in rates, and look at it more carefully.

Science is not magic. It is pure logic with evidence. It has never been observed. So firstly, I have HPV strain He said there may be some residual popular literature review proofreading website sf. My second query relates to the chances of my husband popular literature review proofreading website sf it from me and whether there is anyway of knowing if he has e. My doctor says no. He has never had genital warts but what really scares us is the risk of throat cancer a la Michael Douglas.

Just how common is this and is there really no way of predetermining the risk until throat cancer has developed??? Should we basically never engage in oral sex again just in case? OK, the side effects are minor and not frequent. But I think you realized popular literature review proofreading website sf. Yes, there is some risk that he could get HPV from you.

Yes, there is some risk that the HPV could cause an oropharyngeal cancer. And one must remember that oropharyngeal cancer can be caused by other things like chewing tobacco, or cigarette or cigar smoking. Or, not to be accusatory, but he could popular literature review proofreading website sf gotten one of the HPV subtypes from another partner. The HPV that causes genital warts is not generally associated with HPV-causing cancer.

There are no known blood tests for HPV infections, but I might have forgotten about one or two. Or sitting in the sun. If this story applied to me. He will give you a path to take. Thank you so much for taking the time to send such a thorough response! And given me perspective. For me the main take-away from this discussion is that as you point out, cancer go here a risk we all face anyway, in some form or another.

Pingback: HPV vaccine anecdotes — not the basis of real science Why is a pap smear not enough for a girl who is not sexually active? It does not confer any protection against infection. It is entirely your option to leave your child unprotected popular literature review proofreading website sf HPV infection, but I have made sure that mine is vaccinated, and she had no problem aside from the usual pain at injection site.

Thanks, but are there not also other tests? I have no medical background but I do have a sense that something about the HPV vaccines smells. So many young women claim that their health collapsed after popular literature review proofreading website sf HPV vaccine.

What if this vaccine has an unpredictable impact on a significant number of girls? Most do fine, but so many seem not to. Of course the point is to prevent infection.

You need to look at credible scientific sources for data about harm. There are only maybe 10 legitimate ways to prevent cancers, and this is one. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescent Girls, —, and Postlicensure Vaccine Safety Monitoring, ——United States. You are placing your children popular literature review proofreading website sf risk for cervical, anal and penile cancers. See up to date. Between June and Marchapproximately 57 million doses of quadrivalent HPV vaccines were distributed in the United States.

The vast majority 92 percent were considered mild. The proportion of events reported as serious peaked in Through72 post-vaccination deaths had been reported, of which 34 were confirmed.

There was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine. About 1 death reported per 2 MILLION vaccination events. There is no evidence that the vaccination led to death. There are real linkages between hpv infection and deaths from cancer.

It boggles my mind that anyone would refuse to take steps to reduce the risk for cancer later in life. Quit reading that blog for starts! The vaccine may not have helped her as HPV infections causing vaginal cancer are not necessarily covered by HPV4 or HPV9. Few teenage girls are having sex at the frequency of the patient in the story 4 times a day with four different partners for a number of months.

It is also important that the girls be protected popular literature review proofreading website sf they have sex for the first time; in other words, get the vaccine before becoming sexually active if possible.

As I said above, my office gave thousands of HPV shots from the time the vax came out until I retired in August, and is still giving them. Talk about hysteria, the hysteria is in the over-emphasis on rare side effects. Heck, we have parents whose kids see the doctor in the morning call back in the afternoon to say the kid is still sick!

Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Just because something follows another, that indicates nothing scientifically. And the best research continues to support the rather rare, very rare, reactions that you describe. Reactions that are actually lower than what we observe in the general population. Pap smears are not preventive, they are early detection.

You can ignore those claims by reading literature from reliable sites, and by talking to your doctor. Most pediatricians have been giving this vax since it came out and have seen few if any problems from it. Fainting can be prevented by having the child eat something right before the shot to get the blood sugar up, and having them wait in the office minutes after the shot.

Your link is not a peer-reviewed article. The list of articles is what I wrote. But then again, your comprehension skills are those of a hyperactive 3 year old. Which is worse: poor reading skills or bad manners? Poor reading can be excused, but being a jerk cannot. As in, the subject was fine, administered the vaccine first dose?

My sister had all three shots and had to get pre-cancerous cells removed because of the vaccine. But its not far off I for one am glad we have these scientific miracles to keep us safer. Wanna go back to Game of Thrones days? How shall I say this? Americans are so goddamned paranoid about everyone being against YOU.

As if the world has nothing better to do but run around and make you even more mentally ill than you already are. Europeans vaccinate…yet somehow…they dont seem to suffer the same problems.

Grow the fuck up America. Not everyone is out to get you…except yourselves of course! Not everyone link out to get. Now there is polio in Ukraine, due to low vaccination levels. Stick to one vaccine at a time. We are discussing HPV vaccine here. Been diagnosed of herpes is just like been through hell but EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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The swine flu scam is a good example of bullshit being fanned into market shares and unfounded changes in the law. Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, right now, is involved in legal action in the US by 5 of its ex scientists over fiddling data to give false impressions about MMR efficacy. During the swine flu scam Roche the main manufacturer of the antiviral Tamiflu, managed to get immunity from prosecution over making it available to everyone and have it paid for by the tax payer popular literature review proofreading website sf. Months after the flu scam was supposed to have ended the BMJ wrote to them to ask for the data for an audit of efficacy.

The Nobel committee that awarded Gardasil a prize was investigated by the Finns as most movie service us cheap proofreading review the committee that made the decision were on paybacks popular literature review proofreading website sf the manufacturers.

The CDC even knows there is no causal pathway between HPV and cervical cancer. The biggest concern with the whole Septic community is the lack of scientific inquiry, it is all about debunking strongly held beliefs — what is scientific about that.

Your personal attacks popular literature review proofreading website sf zero merit, given your utter lack of any evidence that would contradict the scientific consensus. You are incapable of bringing one. Strawman argument about the flu.

On the other hand, the flu article you are providing was written by paid shills of the antivaccination cult. Of which you are a full member. You have no clue what constitutes skepticism. We all know that the HPV vaccine paid its way to a NOBEL prize and once the contracts had been signed no politician wanted to unpack it in public. You post like a junior umpire in a senior hockey match, if you left research to do this, what the hell was the quality of your research!

Who is funding the research? The companies that will make money by selling this. Custom phd essay ghostwriters service I have first hand knowledge of a girl that got her Gardasil injection 3 weeks ago and is now intubated and in ICU.

Gardasil was pushed hard by my kids pediatrician too. It was being pitched hard to us my own daughter got it … hard enough to make me suspicious that the practice was looking at this as an upsell revenue stream vs.

These cases are being documented. Why are they ignored here. They are vanishing lyrics rare. Torre LA, Bray F, Siegel RL, Ferlay J, Lortet-Tieulent J, Jemal A. CA Cancer J Clin. The vaccination is safer than the risk for contracting cancer. In other words you are MUCH more likely to contract cancer than have an adverse event from gardasil. God, your treatment of people is disgusting.

The post is well-researched and well-written, so thank you for that. However, the tone of the people commenting in favor of the vaccine is offensive.

The comments presume that people who are not advocating for the vaccine are unintelligent. My husband and I both have advanced technical degrees. We value sound data and sound analysis; and popular literature review proofreading website sf we are keenly aware that results may be manipulated in many ways. But since we are talking about the long-term health effects on our children both positive and negativeit is a serious decision and popular literature review proofreading website sf we are trying to make the most informed decision that we can.

Again, thank you for your post. I encourage the commenters including the author to not jump to conclusions about people asking questions. I almost died from this vaccine and this person had no clue of the true effect of this vaccine. If you are still not sure I can put this web page in contacts with true victims and hear their stories.

My daughter got this vaccine as part of her sports physical a few weeks ago. Should she be in a car crash in 5 years time…blame the vax. Should she have hyperemesis during click at this page future pregnancy…blame the vax. Should she get a hairy chin when she is 85…blame the write my philosophy annotated bibliography. As with most vaccines, the makers know full well before unleashing on an unsuspecting public that there is a certain percentage who will have reactions.

From mild to severe. But divulging this information tends to make everyone nervous, so the makers keep it on the DL. They are prepared to deal popular literature review proofreading website sf -and compensate- any who may be adversely effected by their vaccine. They build it into their projected profit models. Please see the real data not just anecdotes…. CONCLUSIONS: Most of the AEFI rates were not greater than the background rates compared with other vaccines, but there was disproportional reporting of syncope and venous thromboembolic events.

The significance of these findings must be tempered with the limitations possible underreporting of a passive popular literature review proofreading website sf system. Postlicensure safety surveillance for quadrivalent human papillomavirus recombinant vaccine. Slade BA, Leidel L, Vellozzi C, Woo EJ, Hua W, Sutherland A, Izurieta HS, Ball R, Miller N, Braun MM, Markowitz LE, Iskander JAD.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Clifton Rd NE, Mailstop D, Atlanta, GAUSA. And intelligent legislatures, at least in the USA, are favoring science over bullshit, so their disease ridden children are banned from schools.

My kids got it around Both have become engaged, one married. Makes as much sense as most of this woo you read. Anti-vaxers, or those who deign to question the safety of some vaccines, are stupid according to your tone. If it were your child, you would want answers, not condescending one-eyed blinks. You keep spouting about all these kids but offer no actual proof pro-tip: there is none. You are full of baloney. I call massive shenanigans. Or maybe you are getting paid to shill.

Gardasil has not been tested thoroughly enough to warrant mass administering to an unsuspecting public. So studies need to be done on those experiencing mild to severe reactions to discover WHY. What in their personal physical makeup would cause them to experience reactions, but not others? There are only stupid, condescending answers, or non-answers.

It has been tested popular literature review proofreading website sf. Canada waited a long, long time popular literature review proofreading website sf the US and tested the vaccine way more stringently than the US before introducing it.

Show me the documented evidence that any reaction was due to the mumbo-jumbo anti-vaxers say. Psychosomatic reactions yes, but no provable case of autism. Among serious events, headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, syncope, and generalized weakness were the most frequently reported.

Slade BA, Leidel L, Vellozzi C, Woo EJ, Hua W, Sutherland A, Izurieta HS, Ball R, Miller N, Braun MM, Markowitz LE, Iskander Popular literature review proofreading website sf. This is a common safety practice following all vaccination events. But it is not well written, unless you want to bias in favor of Gardasil. It is a cherry picked PR website Thank you for your positive comments. It should be a conversation with your physician, and I know, sometimes you have to compress it into 5 minutes.

On the other hand, I have popular literature review proofreading website sf goal—I present what appears to be the scientific consensus, which is based on overwhelming data published in high quality journals. Most of the negative evidence is not. So thanks for reading this.

And I hope visit web page your kids grow up, like mine, to be wonderful children, vaccinated against all pathogens. I had to throw that in.

Because my daughters read these comments. There are exceptions, but generally, you have to be middle-class or better to overestimate your ability to crush polio and measles all by yourself. Poor people from places where public health is dismal have more first hand experience with sickness. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat difficult to keep calm facing the same distorted data from the same antivax web site for the 10th time.

Most of what you find there is simply out of context, but some of it is lies e. Because sometimes things happen by coincidence.

Human beings have a strong need to find patterns. Taken more info a large sample, though, we see a small number of permanent adverse reactions that can be related to vaccines, and autism is not one of them. If you are sceptical of the recognized medical institutions saying it is safe, then are you leary of all medicine?

Yes, there have been shams in the best, but garadsil has been thoroughly tested. Most claims to the contrary are anecdotals done by wing nuts or unofficial agencies with agendas. The best one is, is that people died of anaphylaxis from the vaccine. They probably had an unknown allergy to contents of the vaccine, which could happen with any vaccine if someone had an unknown allergy.

Please address the multiple articles I have read concerning Bartonella and Lyme Disease and HPV vaccination. Thanks, fb Robin Linker Insurance covers it. Vaccines for Children program covers it. Unless you lack access to health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, a big bank account, you can get the vaccine. And even then, most county health departments will vaccinate children under 18 for free.

As for your other points? Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria from a tick. I just took my yo daughter to the doc for a sports physical today, and she got her meningococcal conjugate vaccine MCV4and her first dose of Gardasil Watch out continue reading excessive texting, ignoring parents, and thinking that anyone over the age 20 is pretty lame.

Well known adverse events after Gardasil. Your sense of humor is rather sick. Popular literature review proofreading website sf is a shame that you have the scientific inquiry of a believer.

It is also self-correcting, which is why that fraud Wakefield was caught. Maybe a little paranoid. Is there a multinational conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of scientists, none of whom has ever told the secret? I mean look at the total crap spouted about flu vaccine. Do you have any idea how many people die from influenza each year?

CDC estimates that from the season to the flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3, to a high of about 49, people. Death certificate data and weekly influenza virus surveillance information was used to estimate how many flu-related deaths occurred among people whose underlying cause of death was listed as respiratory or circulatory disease on their death certificate.

From where exactly do you get your delusions? CDC is in the numbers game Pasta boy. In the UK the Cochraine collaboration looked at the top 10 claims by the NHS for flu jab. The top one was that the flu jab halves winter deaths. Cochraine concluded that to halve winter deaths the flu jab would have to have an impact on click here traffic accidents!!

I can only presume it is one of your longer sentences. It was a particularly bad year for serotype matching, sure. At least get the name right. It will make your misrepresentations more believable.

The NHS in the UK had 10 claims for flu jab. The rest of the world is laughing at you. Keep fighting the good fight. I am a nurse so I get plenty of exposure to influenza carriers….

Some clown said they could see the autism develop in their baby 24 hours after it got the vaccination. Firstly, what did they see? Usually it happens in the car on the way home. The reaction is potentiated by getting in the car. They leave the office fine, and never call back. I have not read that Gardasil causes Blog post ghostwriters. Talk to the parents over in Ireland who formed REGRET for more information.

Ya know, when you do a search for something and the only hits that are returned are from anti-science propaganda sites like healthimopactnews, one has to question the credibility of the claim.

Are you embarrassed by your level of ignorance and hate? Now, skeptical raptor, which your user name explains alot if you wish to be heard by all on here, then reply to my comment.

Just know I will not be back to read or reply to yours. Some people love the sound of their own voice … so, rant on, be heard, to your own enjoyment!!!!! My political affiliation has no relevance to my understanding of scientific evidence. In fact, I regularly piss off dumbass liberals who hate vaccines or GMOs. So, you lose that bit of ad hominem silliness.

Once again, when are you going to get off your lazy dumb ass and show me the level of education and intellect that is common to every single scientist in the world. You might have spent 10 hours Googling bullshit websites with not one nanogram of critical thinking.

I have spent 30 years studying endocrinology, cardiology, cell biology, immunology, genetics, virology, pharmacology and many other fields of science in both 10 years of formal education PLUS 20 years of research.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote that it takes 10, hours of work to be an expert. I have 10, hours of work in endocrinology alone. Give me a break. Your arrogance is so profound, you think you know more than one thousand scientists who have studied every aspect of vaccines—10, hours each at this web page. No, you deserve to be treated with disdain and disgust.

You want to harm and kill children based on ignorance. How do you live with yourself? You know, I stopped by this site thinking I was going to get some great information. Which I did get. But then I get to the bottom and read the comments. You essentially took your post above and ruined your credibility here in the comments by resorting to name calling and acting like a child.

Why would you stoop for proofreading cheap argumentative hire ca essay that level when you claim to be highly educated? I would suggest you delete and re-word your responses.

Bear in mind that our poor Raptor puts up with endless amounts of unscientific nonsense every time he publishes his solidly researched notes. There are repeater trolls on here, and what appear to be professional anti-vaxxers. I have no idea why they go through all this to promulgate garbage, but it must be very trying to have to look at it. So once in a while, the Raptor calls one of them out.

Generally for not being smart, or being pretentious, or just plain lying. Frequently these people refer to discredited sources and those are also called out. Kudos to the Skeptical Raptor for just keeping on, adding to his older essays and assembling new ones. You know, pick a system failure and promote them. LOL So you had to keep repeating the exams to pass or what. Cherry picking bullshit in a septic tank! Listen popular literature review proofreading website sf is one thing and manner is another.

Have some manners in your discussion and research what the lady is saying. How many victims you want before releasing how deadly is this vaccine!!!!! This is my blog. How I treat science deniers, pseudoscience pushers and liars is up to me. Please refer to my previous posts for sources as to actual serious adverse effects following vaccination. By advanced do you mean you get to pork the boss or does the boss pork you? Ah yes, such a one-sided reputable website. Good research, next read up about non-white races on the KKK site.

Go ahead, see if I care. Slade BA, Leidel L, Vellozzi C, Woo EJ, Hua W, Sutherland A, Izurieta HS, Ball R, Miller N, Braun MM, Markowitz LE, Iskander J Pingback: Gardasil under attack - Mothering Forums The problem with yo debunking the danger of Gardasil is that the whole damn system is corrupt. You studies about safety are from interested parties or those with a conflict of interest.

All I have to know is that the CDC pushed this drug through and the US government is part owner of the patient to know that the vaccine is a dangerous money making scam. Julie Gerberding who was in charge of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC from towhich includes the years the FDA approved the Merck Gardasil vaccine.

When Gerberding took over the CDC she replaced much of the staff with those who had ties to drug manufacturers. What do you think about government employees selling out the American public for big bucks? So, if anything you say is true, she owns approximately. Yeah, she controls it. You must have flunked simple math and corporate finance. I know your Burger King job makes it appear that 2. Can I give you a couple of shares of stock so that you can feed your lazy intellect?

Can I give you a couple of shares of stock so that. I am a skeptical parent. I am not part of the anti-vaccine movement, I truly believe many vaccines save lives. However with Gardasil, I am skeptical. I am equally uninformed. I have friends who are convinced Gardasil is a major contributing factor to autoimmune diseases that would otherwise lay dormant. I have heard that Gardasil contains aluminum which is found to cause cancer.

I have heard lots of terrible things. I have also heard good things and your particular article is very well written and has definitely swayed my thinking. It is hard to know what is the right thing to do for your child. Every parent wants only the best life for their kids and I think many of the non-vaccinators are concerned about long term effects versus effectiveness of the vaccines.

And I really have lost a lot of trust in our government run healthcare agencies, or in BIG pharm studies for that matter. I wish there were more non-biased, scientifically based studies that gave details on effectiveness and adverse reactions to Gardasil.

Like I said before, I have looked and I can find articles supporting all difference sides of this issue. I particularly liked yours and all the back up you provided not just hearsay. Seriously this site is not a place for facts and science, it is a brawling patch for failed gamers.

Perhaps reading the information on this site will make you better informed then. Happy reading, hope you learn something from your time here. I survived cervical cancer, a cancer that I would have avoided had this vaccine been available. There are as many as 13 types of HPV linked to cervical cancer. I hope you can find the answers you need. My popular literature review proofreading website sf and all of her friends have been vaccinated, no ill affects beyond site of injection soreness.

I hope you find the answers you need. Pingback: Vaccine preventable diseases — much scarier than vaccines Pingback: HPV vaccine safety — European Medicines Agency review Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this and including so many links.

This post has really helped me. I came very close to letting the misinformation and uncertainty about Gardasil scare me into not getting it before I found this post and your blog in general. Lol I just saw this. I read this article and then made a decision because it cited its sources and linked to reputable info that allowed me to make an informed decision for myself.

The reputable info you seem to have found! Maybe that is how the youth of today think they are making decisions — google it and pick. You are unfortunately one of those teenagers who thinks just because they can google they are somehow on the pulse and informed. You are the kind of girly who probably think a big Mac is food.

Did I lose you? I imagine that trolling a comments section for months on top of trying to balance feeling superior to all doctors and scientists, all young people and people who use google, AND all people who eat fast food probably leaves your mind a bit jumbled. Thank you for informing me what kind of teenager I am. Pingback: Another study supports the long term safety of Gardasil Raptor, excellent blog post. Only syncope, and possibly skin infections were associated with vaccination in the post-licensure setting.

Serious adverse events such as adverse pregnancy outcomes, autoimmune diseases including Guillain-Barre Syndrome and multiple sclerosisanaphylaxis, venous thromboembolism, and stroke, were extensively studied, and no increase in the incidence of these events was found compared with background rates. These coerced vaccination bills will be legally challenged all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Some vaccines shots contain toxic mercury and many vaccines contain toxic adjuvants such as aluminum to stimulate immune reaction. Vaccine supporters also fail to mention that because of better nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and hospital care that deaths from infectious diseases all but disappeared before the first measles vaccine was given in Big pharma funded test trials and financing to politicians, the FDA and medical advisory committees have created just another marketing group.

Vaccines are not guaranteed to be either safe or effective and vaccine companies are protected from law suits by the Vaccine Injury Act. A well nourished child with a healthy immune system will fight off most infectious diseases and in the rare case of measles the child will have life-time immunity after recovery without taking the risk of toxic vaccines some of which require later booster shots.

Vaccines are a decision that must remain with the parents. Corporate interests have also lead popular literature review proofreading website sf other controversial deadly treatments drugs. The highly deadly mandatory clot-buster TPA drug given in the ER for a non-life threatening moderate ischemic stroke has a history of deadly failed test trials and controversial if any benefit modest benefit.

First off, very very few vaccines still contain thimerosol. WHY would you want a child to suffer through measles, mumps, diptheria, chickenpox, tetanus, etc. Chickenpox can also resurface decades later yes, even if a child lives through it as shingles, which is very painful. Why would you put a person through that just because of your mistaken understanding of science?

I would be again, given the choice. The reason all children should be vaccinated is for public health. Good luck with your kid fighting off polio, whooping cough, and chicken pox. Jesus is gonna save you. Did you get all the vaccinations they are giving kids today? I can tell you from personal experience that I had confirmed pertussus post vaccination and confirmed measles post vaccination.

I also had chicken pox not having been vaccinated for it and it was the mildest of my childhood illnesses. I have a close relative with partial paralysis in one arm from polio, her being the only one of 5 siblings that got polio with symptoms.

And on the other hand my mother went to medical school with someone who had the same partial paralysis popular literature review proofreading website sf one arm after a polio vaccine. There are many unanswered questions. The anti-vaccine movement did not appear out of thin air. Many parents popular literature review proofreading website sf this movement used to be pro vaccine. There is no smoke without fire. Anecdotes are not data. Nobody is interested in the holy grail, which is, of course, a religious reference.

The world is full of unanswered questions, but many of the questions are nonsense. I got chicken pox and measles and was very ill. I recently got the shingles vaccination, because I can; one of my friend was unable to have it because he has a kidney transplant, and he has horrible shingles.

These are also anecdotes. I vote for data because I live in science. I never said they take the place of science. I was merely pointing out that we all have anecdotes. We are still obligated to use our brains. We are able to draw inferences from statistics now that we have access to them; there were thousands of years when all we had were anecdotes. I invite you to get close to some wild reserves of polio, unvaccinated, and tell us how you happily fought it off after, to prove your point.

Then go away with your bullcrap. I know a few people, vehemently against vaccines. There is an overlap in the Venn diagrams of anti-science beliefs. So, your anecdotes approach scientific evidence in quality. Thanks for compiling so much great information. Pingback: Mann the barricades against the anti HPV vaccine barbarians Pingback: Your one stop shop for real science and myth-de Vaccine supporters also fail to mention that because of better sanitation, hygiene and hospital care that deaths from infectious diseases all but disappeared before the first vaccine was given in Big pharma interests have also lead to other controversial deadly treatments drugs.

Considering Gardasil 9 — but clinical trials done with no real control group, only compared with Gardasil HPV4. Despite my concerns being based on published scientific evidence. No, but you can answer your own question by reading the mass of studies linked at the end of the blog post… all of which show that your concern is without merit. Most are large studies, some went for many years with large cohorts. Please provide us with photos of that Nobel Prize you have.

The response of a child. Are you accusing me of arrogance? And if the popular literature review proofreading website sf companies are beyond reproach why do you feel the need to defend them? Tell us why genotype replacement is felt to be a problem here then. If someone said you must climb into a cage with a tabby cat, because they had no tigers left, would you be worried? Ps do you do patronizing for a living or do you perhaps naively think industry sponsored studies are really telling you the whole story and that anyone who is capable of independent thought and asking questions is an idiot?

Bring evidence in the form of well researched, peer-reviewed papers with large study populations. I lost my favorite popular literature review proofreading website sf to cervical cancer, contracted via cervical warts.

Her husband was a merchant popular literature review proofreading website sf, who lived the stereotype of the sailor. Hard drinking in port and some marital fidelity issues as well. Thank you for the quality information about Gardisil. I am happy that the genuine scientific research has shown that it is safe and she will be getting it in her next physical. I know the work of the editors, who are medical professionals and the citations are worthy of reading alongside of the article.

A vaccine slotted for universal application requires the most strident attention as the scale of administration is absolutely enormous. When a species needs to devote this much time and energy into insulating itself from the natural spread of disease that results from promiscuity rather than addressing the root of the problem is hysterical.

All of this and more is on fda. It would be impossible to distinguish a 1 in 1 million change in mortality rate from any treatment without looking at million people, and even then it would be impossible to statistically distinguish it from all other mortality causes.

You could not possibly show causality you ignorant dumbass. Furthermore, HPV is solidly linked with cancers you dumbass. Do you even work in the drug industry? Serious Adverse Events are all exhaustively studied and classified as to whether the drug had an exacerbatory role in the event. And a lack of information as to the safety of the drug is not an argument for its implementation. But the tone and substance of your retorts are partisan in the extreme, which leads me to question your credibility.

Where Gardasil is concerned, it is undeniable that the public push to encourage, and even mandate its use is at least in part politically motivated. This drives much of the general anti-vaccination mindset. I am on the fence about the efficiacy of Gardasil, and would welcome a robust popular literature review proofreading website sf here. But you and your supporters here seem to just want to shout down any dissenters. Dumbass is trying to invent a seriously weak mathematical argument that is based on the logical fallacy of the Argument from Ignorance.

We have thousands of researchers over on this side, who speak to the safety and effectiveness of Gardasil. And we have a couple of lunatic voices over there.

There is only evidence. If you reject the evidence, then tell me why? Did you get off your fat lazy ass and get a Ph. Like epidemiology, virology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry?

And after you got off your fat ass did you publish? Are you an authority that thinks a debate actually exists? Go away, find someplace else to troll with your lies and pretend to be all science-y. Sorry, sir, but you popular literature review proofreading website sf the pooch. My approximation skills are far from challenged. The results were not and are not pretty by far.

Your premature detonation, rather than sweep aside the idiocy via facts, which is what attracted me to your site, was absent. I know of pride, I know of stubbornness and I know of he refusal to let go a decision. Some of those events popular literature review proofreading website sf lives or bodily usage. I lost it, people died unnecessarily. That can be true for you as well, as you turn them away by you diatribe, rather than factual weapons of mass education.

Currently, I feel embarrassed for you. A shift I accepted, but still do not enjoy. You are evidently an ex-military bully who is out of control and in need of medication. See if you can find some help at the VA.

Dealing with this biography online buy top takes too much energy.

He epitomizes the Dunning-Kruger effect. But the risk-reward factor does have to be taken into account as well. Do we risk one adverse reaction even if it means saving a lot of lives from the disease itself? For a good example of early risk-reward that would still be accepted today, review the morbidity and mortality rates for the smallpox vaccine and the morbidity and mortality rate of smallpox and realize that smallpox was ubiquitous.

The note when the vaccine was withdrawn from public usage. It will take some time to compile information on smallpox. I will conditionally agree.

In the military, it did indeed cost lives. My men had a far lower loss in numbers, but due to my losing my cool, far too many that might have remained peaceful died. My second worse recurrent nightmare.

I look at the stats thrown in the garbage, then I popular literature review proofreading website sf it to wipe my nose. There is boatloads of evidence that shows NO serious adverse events, unless you count girls fainting when they see the needle apparently a major issue.

Why bother discussing nuance with a close-minded Republican like yourself. For morons like the above, I suggest discussing NSAIDs that are no longer available, due to their being removed from the pharmacopeia for cause. Meanwhile, vaccines, which are administered nearly as cheaply and less often, remain, while the near similar in price NSAIDs were removed from the market, despite thousands of times more profit available.

Skeptical Raptor: I DO appreciate your writings except for the name calling. It really detracts from your legitimacy and makes you come off popular literature review proofreading website sf a political shill. There are nice nice nice websites for teaching about vaccines. This website is in like the top 30 of skeptics websites. Because my audience really are the ones who find science deniers to be worthy of mocking.

Think of it another way. Who would read me or anyone, if we all wrote the same way on the same topics? As much as I hate to unwillingly provide ammunition for idiots, I do know of one vaccine that did indeed negatively impact a bit above the one in one million number.

Considering the popular literature review proofreading website sf and morbidity rate from that scourge of humanity, that is still good public health mathematics. We still see deleterious effects from that vaccine, largely in top thesis sites london military. Fortunately, the military spearheaded two rather highly effective treatment regimes for the several typically mortal unintended results of exposure to the vaccine.

And of course, it was popular literature review proofreading website sf quickly once the disease was extinct in the wild.

The risk still would be unacceptable. I was vaccinated for smallpox as a child, and would be re-vaccinated tomorrow if it were offered to me, no hesitation at all. Service members have been known to die from those effects, although there is now an Koma, help with professional admission essay on brexit auf treatment that has shown great efficacy for those service members or their families who contracted vaccinia and had effects that were formerly a death sentence.

I much prefer our current vaccines, with their vanishingly low deleterious effects rate. Science NEEDS GOOD EXPLANATIONS. UNDERLYING PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES WHICH EXPLIAN CORRELATIONS.

THE SHEER AMOUNT OF STUDIES MEANS FUCK ALL IF THEY ONLY MEASURE EFFECTS AND DESCRIBE. I get the impression that the truly incompetent are more and more reduced to weird mutual exchanges of indignation over there in lieu of yet again popular literature review proofreading website sf visit web page shit out in anything resembling a public forum.

A lot of people opposing this vaccine do so because it takes some of the physical danger out of sex, particularly casual sex.

In effect, they want sex to have dangers so they can keep saying there are dangers, even if it this cancer killspeople a year. One remains entirely in that land, but she suffers from.

Having seen first hand the misery and disfigurement in hundreds of. The many popular literature review proofreading website sf refers to those who were positively diagnosed with HPV — there are likely thousands that were never tested as the testing popular literature review proofreading website sf not done in past years and research into the viral causes of cancer received little attention until recently. Treatments to prolong life for those affected by virally induced cancers are drastic — far worse than a vaccination to prevent these types of cancers.

Drink more noni juice? I thought we were supposed be an evolving society! Are they afraid of questions, incompetent, or just lazy? Over this side of the pond we use Cervarix. Pingback: Condom: Keep calm and put it on Herpes Survival Kit Wow you people are good sheep. Okay then… only a couple of hundred people have died from it so far.

And lots of people have become paralysed. And a whole list of other popular literature review proofreading website sf serious adverse effects. I guess that makes it safe. Here you go popular literature review proofreading website sf, Peaches. Why thank you for that. The report makes a very good case for the distinct possibility of death by blood clot following a Gardasil vaccination. Every effort seems to have been made to not use wording of the original reports and to make the reports sound as implausible as possible by means of the report being written as the opinion of the person entering the report into the system and not the person reporting it.

Bottom line is in no way can you say that those reports do not show a possibility of adverse effects from the vaccination. So why do you get so mad when people choose not popular literature review proofreading website sf risk it in their bodies? It is clearly not entirely safe. I definitely believe that you could be full of shit.

You do know that blood clots are not exactly rare in the population, and that there is a natural background mortality popular literature review proofreading website sf with them? And you do know that if you see reports that people read the New York Times in the week before getting a blood clot, you can work out whether this coincidence or whether it is a significant risk by using this wonderful concept called mathematics? But at some point even the maths will show that there are just too many coincidences.

At popular phd essay on hillary clinton certain point you need to combine the math with common sense in order to derive a conclusion. And keep in mind that we both have to assume that not all cases across the world are being reported. So now I will use my common sense and you yours.

Some will choose to take it and some will not. Several hundred thousand out 4 billion is a very small sample and the duration is way to short to see long term effects. This could have long term effect that may not show up for decades. Funny, quite a few NSAID medications were withdrawn from the market after several hundred thousand patients used them. What part of friend-of-a-friend-heard-something entries, hangings, preexisting heart disease, undiagnosed Type I diabetes, viral sepsis, and massive polysubstance abuse did you not understand?

But, hey, who am I kidding? The rapidly http://asocialnetwork.co/reflective-editing-for-hire-usa.php body of research, including immunology, virology, public health, epidemiology and a number of other fields, can allow the whole community including doctors, medical researchers, parents and other interest groups to be more confident that the benefits of HPV vaccination far outweigh the risks and that mechanisms are in place to continue monitoring possible adverse events into the future.

The math already demonstrates that the link represents nothing more than background noise; ie coincidence. On what basis do you make that claim? Nope all I am saying is stop spreading BS that the vaccine is totally safe as this article suggests and properly inform people of the risks — something that is not at all practiced.

You are simply told by your physician that it is a good idea and inject. I believe people should be told and even given the list of possible side effects and complaints and some time to decide for themselves. I can find lots of articles talking about the dangers and you can site as many peer reviewed crap as you want. The bottom line is sometimes it does damage and people have the right to know that.

The math has sample is to small. Until it has more testing and longer exams after exposure we will not know just how safe it is. The sample size and duration are the determing factors.

This is not something that can De rushed. As of there had been 35 million doses of Gardasil given in the US. The number is probably double that now. Is that a big enough sample size for you? If you like we can start adding in other countries too… Still a very small number out of 4 billion.

That aside the duration of the testing is far too short. We need to see what happens generations to know if there are any side effects passed on or possibly cancer causing in other areas. Science is not a process to be rushed. Anyone who claims this is safe after such a short click here is bougt and paid for.

You suggest that before any drug is declared safe, it has to be tested on 4 billion people? You are still seeking treatments like bleeding and cupping, while the alchemists complete their trials on another few popular literature review proofreading website sf peasants or so. But you have no actual data on in how many of those Gardasil doses did a young woman in the prime of her life become disabled due to an unrecovered from Gardasil vaccine injury.

Nor do you have any data on the number of actual deaths due to Gardasil there have been. You simply deny there has been any harm done at all. To you it is all so proven benefit; when actually that benefit has been majorly over-hyped; the risks denied; and again all for large profits.

Gardasil: A Deadly Vaccine. Gardasil like every other vaccine is very safe. Dolts like Lowell make me laugh, but popular literature review proofreading website sf like Jenny McCarthy piss me off. It was, IIRC, Boris Ogon who first referred to Hubbs as Count Korsakoff. Behind every vaccine is an assumption. That HPV causes cervical cancer, that cervical cancer causes death, and that a vaccine can effectively interfere with this linear relationship is the assumption to be examined in this article.

Cervarix is a vaccine recommended to girls beginning as professional annotated bibliography ghostwriters for hire us as 9 years old, intended to protect against HPV strains 16 and 18 upon completion of a 3 dose series. A new GlaxoSmithKline GSK funded study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases has revealed that HPV infection, resulting in naturally acquired human papilloma virus HPV antibodies, reduces the risk for new infection and cervical abnormalities linked to cancer in non-HPV vaccinated subjects.

In addition to this startling popular literature review proofreading website sf — additional GSK-funded research from this year revealed that the HPV vaccine may not protect women against high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, dysplasias.

If, in fact, the HPV vaccines do not work as widely advertised, and natural HPV infectious exposures actually protect against the progression of HPV linked cervical changes to cancer, then taken together, both these findings challenge the most fundamental assumptions cheap essay sites nyc vaccine science aka vaccinologyand render highly dubious the oft repeated rhetoric that natural HPV infection is juggernaut —like deadly force the best defense against which are universal immunization campaigns.

One is a a still a short stint of safety tests. The others you mention except for shootings are done out of either necessity or with a proven acceptable risk. For example drowning, I would not allow my children to a water park until they were teenagers because I wanted to minimize the risks and make sure they were very strong swimmers.

I minimized the exposure of danger. Guns well sometimes bad people get them and you have no control over that situation. The rest of gun owners it is there own stupidity.

The 32 death reports were reviewed and there was no. In cases popular literature review proofreading website sf there was an autopsy, death certificate, or medical records, the cause of death could be explained by factors other. Some causes of death determined to date include diabetes, viral illness, illicit drug use, and heart failure.

There is no current evidence suggesting that the HPV vaccine caused these illnesses, but researchers from several highly regarded academic centers are studying the cases.

There was increased reporting of syncope and pulmonary emboli blood clots of the lungs compared with what has been found for other vaccines given to females of the same age. Of the people who had. VAERS reports cannot prove the vaccine caused the adverse event in women with these risk factors. However, this finding needs further investigation. Look at all the personal accounts here of Gardasil vaccine injury.

She thinks that all those accounts of vaccine harm and unrecovered from neurologically based outcomes, are all misinformation from mislead, incorrect, and clueless people and tin foil hat conspiracy theorists.

Which type of mentality would you chooose for yourself? That of lilady, or those obviously putting forth the real Gardasil truth.

Just take one for the herd she thinks; and its all for the better good. The better good for what and who? The unethical profitability of the top dogs at Merck, and its shareholders? That does not mean that unicorns actually exist. You consistently fail to produce peer reviewed studies from respected scientific journals and instead resort to known crank sites that serve up word salad or testimonials, rather than peer reviewed studies.

Indeed, the site you present proclaim loudly about a vast conspiracy between vaccine manufacturers and the government. That is fascinating as the US government is infamous for never managing to keep a secret.

Hey, Sudds, remember how you were posturing about how much time you had spend scouring VAERS? Show me the exact criteria needed to extract one of the figures that you barfed up. No cheating, on your own. In review clearly none of them in the cases I have read about popular literature review proofreading website sf ever known as sluts. But nice to see that you are so evil that you will even personally disrespect those young women in the prime of their life, who were cut down and died due to this nasty vaccine, which clearly the FDA never should have approved.

There already existed clearly enough clinical trial issues and evidence standing against its immediate popular literature review proofreading website sf, in The Past and Continued Failure of the Polio Vaccine.

Such as the friend-of-a-friend-heard-something entries? Undiagnosed preexisting Type I diabetes? Those said findings clearly exist in VAERS; and as well in the accounts of it all written by mothers of the young women now deceased after Gardasil. As well in regard to those said VAERS death reports, why in so many of those cases was there never found any conclusive cause of death?

Just like the infant SIDS deaths. How much time have you ever spent searching VAERS? Boris, you forgot automobile accidents and drug related shootings.

They have dine a great job with it and making a fortune. In would have thought that all those simpletons would have been more easily influenced. Guess some of them have some ability to think for themselves. Anyone who looks to such a short amount of time.

Side effects might not be seen for years and a couple of generations. I am not saying it is not safe. I am saying I am not going to believe such a short study and neither will my family. Only morons think such a short testing period could provide a stable result. Plausible biological pathways are outside of the knowledge of the anti-science brigade.

They think they can say anything they want and someone has to disprove it. Your correct my major is not biology, however it was required for masters.

In a rudamentry explanation, as we continue to manipulate and add outside influence dawinism speculates our biology or the biology of the virus will change to adapt. Will it be positive or negative who knows. Will the long term effects of the drug cause other failures within our bodies? It will take a much larger amount of the populus with different immunoglobulins to make such a determination.

Yes, this way of topic. Apparently more people see it through the quick rush to market as the number popular literature review proofreading website sf people getting the shots are not increasing.

Fortunately my daughter when done with med school wishes to work with children and will definetly be recommend a wait and see approach. She will discourage the use at this time.

Its good to see more people thinking cheap book review writer for hire for masters they just accept the quick tests. And yes 30 years is quick in this kind of testing. We have no idea what will happen int he older years. Could you do me a quick favor and give an example of how to extract work from coherence in a two-state system? Deflated egos then abound. That is up to her. She is a med student across the country from.

In sent her a link to the article. This popular literature review proofreading website sf not a forum that will change anything. She knows these are go nowhere forums. They will change nothing. So if she has the time which is in very short supply. Anyone who has been through med school knows this. It is her choice to chime in or not. That however is not the reason.

Until it has been around a long time I presume my grand children will not receive it either. This about risk assessment and benefits. Obviously you have no actual comprehension of and popular literature review proofreading website sf gb sites popular ghostwriters dissertation hypothesis popular literature review proofreading website sf of risk assessment, and that verses the actually proven benefits.

In your vaccine promoting world it is automatically all benefit, no independent investigation ever needed and to even question that there are any serious risks; simply is not within the scope of your mental capacity, honesty, and nor willingness to evaluate the situation as well independently and accurately.

You know what, Kevin? Now, I gave you a chance. But popular literature review proofreading website sf know what else? Thanks for wasting my fucking time. I think what you need, Boris, is for you yourself to take all three shots of Gardasil? You can easily upload that to youtube, and notify us when you have completed that.

I am sure with your obviously notorious shill promoting status Paul Offit would even be more than und pay to get speech book review angewandt to allow you to do that at his CHOP facility; and post it on the CHOP website. I can see it now…. Drugs read more have side effects you know.

The FDA allowed fast track approval of Gardasil. Whereas most vaccines and drugs undergo several years of clinical testing, including human trials, prior to FDA approval, Gardasil was on FDA fast track approval and underwent a mere six months of trial research.

This is not even a debatable issue; it is simple fact. No rush to market? Is there no end to your false claims and nor to your dishonesty? One popular literature review proofreading website sf called placebo contained the aluminum, and the other one contained HPV virus like particles in a carrier solution.

And now look at the adverse effects on health disaster, Gardasil has become. Clinical Review of Biologics License Application for Human Papillomavirus. STN GARDASILmanufactured by Merck, Inc.

Lodwill, you might avoid howlers like this if you actually read or could read the material that you are trying to pass off as supporting popular literature review proofreading website sf semiliterate assertions. Go look at Table 2, and keep going from there. Now THAT is a stupid dumbass research topic. If she does indeed exist, she must be terribly embarrassed having you as a parent. I love when people throw up their fake knowledge of evolutionary biology, and get it so wrong, that it indicates they really have no background worthy of mentioning here.

You jump on the Appeal to Nature, that somehow Darwinism is some magical process. Evolution has no goals, it has no direction, it has no emotion. It is simply random. A mutation might spread through a population because it provides higher fitness or it provides no advantages whatsoever, and it just moves through the population.

The flu virus randomly mutates. Sometimes it kills million people like it did in Oh, because I bought that someone like you is in a Masters program for anything but basketweaving, do you know what a cosmic ray is?

Nature adheres popular literature review proofreading website sf what makes it stronger. That is the point. It does not follow any form of chaos theory I studied. It is more of action and reaction if anything. Ayne you need a little more refresher or something. Where do you get that idea? It is purely random, with environmental pressures causing some genes to be advantageous. You flunked basic biology. Yup, you write just like a fucking creationist. Troll someplace else, please. See here you go again.

You make assumptions with our knowing anything. I am not a popular literature review proofreading website sf. First off darwinism and creationist do not get along, second we had churches protesting popular literature review proofreading website sf classes popular literature review proofreading website sf regarding the god particle vacumm particle or whatever you would like to refer to it as.

Everything I studied was not very church friendly. Now back to rudamentery science for those of you who went to community college or received your degrees online. It is either chaos or defined purpose. Either it is random or it is controlled. I want to make sure and never see a Dr there. See you can tell just by your vocabulary you did not find yourself a good school and are limited in knowledge.

I spent 4 years at MIT to learn how to design better fuel cells. Hence the additions of thermodynamics. You are might want to try a better educati I need facility. I will however leave you with this because even community college usually gets this one right. I have not and am not stating the drug is unsafe. Ino science there are no absolutes just hypothesis. So my advice take a look at the scientific principles and get a life.

Thats right they are not safe. Look at all these parental accounts statijng that directly. The chances of an adverse vaccine reaction leading to vaccine injury are however clearly far greater than the CDC claim of it being only in the odds of 1 in 1 million doses.

Check out how long this list of videos is. Hear This Well Parents Speak Out. But strangely popular literature review proofreading website sf are peer reviewed papers in respectable journals of science. Please be more specific with your lexical analysis of my speech productions, Kevin. Oh, so you majored in popular literature review proofreading website sf design at MIT and minored in quantum thermodynamics?

It all makes sense now. You purport that your daughter is in her 20s, despite her academic status otherwise, which you describe contradictorily and which has no ascertainable correlate in fact, which would put your undergraduate years at MIT around a quarter of a century ago.

What sort of fuel cells check this out being designed back then, Kevin? And popular literature review proofreading website sf exactly is the specialization on your sheepskin?

It is whether the risk of the disease is greater than the risk of the treatment or popular literature review proofreading website sf. What part of that is so hard for you to get? You have yet to show any evidence that Gardasil is not safe. The risk of getting cervical cancer, as 12, women did last year is greater than the possible risks of the vaccine.

Four Year Analysis of Adverse Reactions to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. Updated February 11, The children and adults who received the Gardasil HPV vaccine have given a voice to Autism. There was no doubt that these cheerleaders, football players, swim-team members, volleyball players, etc were in good health prior to receiving their Gardasil HPV vaccine, which killed some, brain damaged others, and caused 10s of thousands to become disabled.

Those are Gardasil facts, notation; as a fact. You can deny it all you want. Oh yes, and there is more than enough evidence to support it. Again, nothing would ever be enough; and you must deny it all. An infinite number of monkeys hammering away on an infinite number of typewriters will still produce an astonishing amount of bullshit, much of it along the same lines as the monkey you questioned. They let you in a classroom? No wonder our kids are mit esl masters research proposal topic einschlГgigen up ignorant.

You know, like CHAOS THEORY IS DETERMINISTIC? But, I agree, this whole argument of worrying about genetic changes years in the future is laughable. No no no no. But more than anything, evolution has no particular direction. A sudden environmental change could wipe out a population popular literature review proofreading website sf had popular literature review proofreading website sf particular genetic advantage, or make it genetically disadvantageous.

You presume that evolution has some goal. And, perhaps some other books as well. It is also subject to popular literature review proofreading website sf selection pressure in addition to antigenic drift.

Sorry to tell you Boris, but the real history recorded at the time, by people who lived at that time; tells us precisely what really happened. The Spanish Influenza Epidemic Was Caused By Vaccinations! If you were actively encouraged by the principals, they have long since left you behind.

So what Boris is saying is that in his twisted mind he believes that no one cares about the truth. Here are some parents concerned with the vaccine truth.

Of course as a paid off vaccine shill, for Boris there is nothing that can not be not ignored, and there is nothing that would ever be enough.

He must deny it all. Parents Speak Out — Hear This Well, the list of the parental account videos regarding vaccine injury of their children just keeps growing in number. The recent public admittance of Dr. William Thompson as well as other information being forced to the surface has brought to light very ugly truths that will never go away or be ignored. Communities have now been popular literature review proofreading website sf. Nurses and doctors are now free to come forward and speak of the vaccine induced damage they witnessed.

It is unwritten protocol to fire or relieve such dissenters of their positions for showing a soul and voicing disagreement among the medical community. The flood gates have opened as mothers and fathers across the world are pouring endless videos of heartbreaking protests directly against the vaccine industry and the CDC for damage to their children. The silence of the vaccine damaged children has erupted into one solitary voice for justice that is not to be silenced until trials are underway.

No, Lodwill, I am making the straightforward observation that no one cares about you. Gee, last week it was caused by overdosing the victims with aspirin. Or is it more woo, that vaccinations disturb the Natural Order so retribution is inevitable? Nothing was ever stated nor said about aspirin, here, Lazarus.

The article clearly outlines the geographical area outlines of the illness that was created. Do you http://asocialnetwork.co/custom-cheap-essay-editor-website-australia.php view it as and relate to vaccine induced illness, as an outbreak? Popular literature review proofreading website sf you did not even bother to read the historical account of it all written in the article.

Sudds, it would be simpler if you linked directly to the sourcein which one learns that smallpox vaccination causes both leprosy and syphilis. Gotta love the word salad on the google hosted site, where paratyphoid has a hyphen for no reason is typhoid, despite being different bacteria of the same general species. The additional conflating virus caused disease and bacterial disease is fascinating popular literature review proofreading website sf well, displaying sheer and willful ignorance of pathogens in general popular literature review proofreading website sf infectious disease in particular.

The most amusing is the hyphenated paratyphiod fever is actually more benign than typhoid, which the author instead puts the cart before the horse by getting them degrees around. Did Lowell Hubbs actual linked to a Google site which contains the research of Dr. I got lucky and Dr. Carley located my direct popular literature review proofreading website sf at the County health department where I was employed.

Carley used to tell her patients that she left the practice of medicine popular literature review proofreading website sf become a naturopath. Evolution is also an incredibly harsh taskmaster, for undesirable traits are not accepted in nature.

So, darwinism will cause our biology or the virus to change. Like smallpox did paper editor website gb we eliminated it, right? Like type 3 polio changed when we eliminated it, right? And they have also eliminated Type 2 Polio as well, so now type 3 has gone, leaving just one college essay ghostwriters website us go … Why?

But that is clearly what you are? If that is not the proper decription, then what would you suggest? Intelligent is a word that comes to mind, as opposed to moronic for those who are utterly incapable of accepting facts.

It looks like you have missed a little of the real fact and truth information. Corrupt studies paid for by Merck, and done by an equally as corrupt, Kaiser Permanente; simply do not cut it for being popular literature review proofreading website sf more than junk science. It is not even science; it is an outright cover-up and fraud. Go ask the mothers of all popular literature review proofreading website sf young women who are now left with unrecovered from neurologically based outcomes; what they think of this in denial of all article?

Ask the mothers of the young women who lost popular literature review proofreading website sf lives due to the corruption and greed of Merck and the FDA fast tracked Gardasil; what they think of this cold hearted and in complete denial, article? No vaccine has ever done as much harm to human health; with the exception of the original DPT vaccine. Gardasil: Esl proofreading sites london am not a coincidence.

Gardasil-The Flagship Example of the Failure of Vaccine Authorities to Regulate and Assure Vaccine Safety. Gardasil is free in Australia. It is part of the school vaccination program, though you can also take your child to your family doctor if you prefer. As we mess wiTh things nature will counter it. But the virus itself could genetically become worse by use attacking it when we really do not know what we are dping.

If we completely understood how viruses worked and how to stop them HIV and all other viruses would be irradicated. My specialty is in quantum mechanics. So I may not understand viruses but I definitely understand science such as this require decades of testing before the full ramifications known. How many drugs have been approved and then the company sued decades later because it had unforseen side popular literature review proofreading website sf. If you know anything about science you know there are no absolutes.

Like how the LHC was going to create an Earth-gobbling black hole? It was a possibility and still could be if the field is continually weakening the MF. Popular literature review proofreading website sf is also not a matter of if but how big of a well would start the cascade. If do not believe it possible you need to study up more on thermodynamic principles. Do you not agree creating a gravity well of that size along with release of such a great am out of energy could best movie review writer services united kingdom caused an artificial well?

Hawking radiation would make any singularity created with technology far beyond ours to evaporate in a burst of gamma radiation. As it stands, to create such a thing that would toss particles about with greater energy than already strikes our atmosphere would likely involve an accelerator orbiting Jupiter. By the way, when is measles going to get around to doing cheap writer for school Why do you suppose the L1 capsid protein is targeted by HPV vaccination?

You know what HPV has evolved the ability to do? Evade the immune systemwhich, when you get right down to it, is a mess. That is a load off crap Boris. HPV has not evolved with the ability to evade the immune system, and your study does not actually show that to be fact. There are a small minority of individuals that their immune system does not clear HPV from their http://asocialnetwork.co/university-essay-proofreading-services-online.php as well and thus HPV can develop into a latent and ongoing unresolved HPV so called infection.

That does not mean that HPV in itself has developed nor evolved any ability to evade the immune system; because the majority of individuals clearly it in time without any adverse effect. The problem is with the persons immune system not responding adequately enough. Lodwill, what strategies do you suppose that viruses have for successful propagation in hosts other than evading the immune system? Cough up an actual criticism, all by your fucking lonesomeof Fausch et al. Since you stated that the vaccine is essentially free in the US, would you happen to know if that is the case in Puerto Rico as popular literature review proofreading website sf The Vaccines for Children Program is meant for all US states and territories, so PR should have it.

And Puerto Rico has a more progressive medical system than the USA ironic. Here in the USA, most states provide vaccinations almost with no questions asked about income. If not, just drop a message here, and me or some other person will help out. Gardasil is covered under the VFC Vaccines for Children program for children ages and covers children in Puerto Rico The VFC program is in place popular literature review proofreading website sf children who are on Medicaid, who are part of the Indian Popular literature review proofreading website sf Service and whose parents are uninsured or underinsured.

Because the CDC says. I hope this vaccination is truly safe. However I would jot allow professional article editing services for phd children to get it.

Although you have researched popular literature review proofreading website sf have missed a basic principle. These kind of medications may have dangerous side effects later or genetic effects on the next generation. My daughter who is going for her PHD at John Hopkins and UC Davis grad is very skeptical. She is currently working to how Birth control is a contributing factor to Autism. Over the generations we have altered hormones and girls are using them earlier than ever which means longer exposure.

For science to truley prove long term safety we will have to give it generations. How can a vaccine influence the genetic code? Vaccines work by providing an antigen that stimulates and boosts the immune system. It does not incorporate itself into the genetic code.

While I was at at top research university, I knew of grad students who were brilliant, and others who were dumber than the rats that they dissected. All that matters in the world is evidence. But your daughter would be an embarrassment to any Ph. There is enough evidence of bad side effects and even death as a result of this vaccination.

There is a risk and people have the right to choose not to take that risk. Dumpster diving in VAERS? Or in Natural News? Where is there a single tiny bit of real scientific evidence that Gardasil has done anything but save lives. The peer reviewed material you so eagerly await are usually written aligned with the agenda of those who will benefit from it financially, not medically.

I choose not to look at only the scientific evidence paid for by the company who is trying to get their drug approved. Please tell me who keeps them honest? Once you contract cancer from your FDA approved chemical diet and are forced to take chemotherapy till it kills you, you should blame it on your genetics. Cancer is not a virus you can vacinate against.

The vaccine for polio did not protect from any polio virus; they just changed the diagnosis for polio so you no longer have polio; and so now you have something else. Vaccine switch the diagnosis voodoo magic.

Type 3 polio is extinct in the wild, not having been found for several years. The US has had how many polio cases in the past decade?

Thats right develop a cancer vaccine that has never been adequately studied for its toxic and contaminated ability to cause cancer. Exposes Gardasil Scandal: Ineffective, Deadly, Very Profitable. Review of HPV Trials Conclude Effectiveness is Still Completely Unproven. The only thing quite obviously about scientific literature that you know and accept Boris, is that which it the study must come from a big pharma connected journal, and it must support your pro-vaccine agenda.

Marcia Angell is the author of The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

First hint, this is not your blog, so you cannot demand anything. Freudian Slip, or Stopped Clock event? Just Google loud Philipps. No gain from popular literature review proofreading website sf studies unlike the Merck. I am not going to go find all of it for you. I am not promoting anything. I am only informing people they may want to wait for longer term side effects. These zombies who are promoting the drug cannot think for themselves and trust the gov.

That is the first sign of you cant fix stupid. I googled Lloyd W Philips and found deep bullsh! I see numerous anti-vax articles. It smells like a sewer over there. Feel free to google this but remember that Google remembers what you asked! You may see additional sewage in your adwords or whatever. Advances in Biological Chemistry,3, ABC.

Topological conformational changes of human papillomavirus HPV DNA bound to an insoluble aluminum salt—A study by low temperature PCR ABSTRACT. L1 gene DNA fragments of HPV, HPV and HPV were detected in the AAHS particles by popular literature review proofreading website sf PCR, but all were lacking a region that was amplifiable by an MY09 degenerate primer.

However, there was no co-amplification of the HPV L1 gene DNA known to coexist in the same samples. The lack of co-amplification was verified by direct DNA sequencing of the PCR amplicons.

The findings suggest that the topological conformational changes in the HPV L1 gene DNA residues bound to the AAHS adjuvant may be geno-type-related. Popular literature review proofreading website sf special non-B-conformation may prevent the HPV L1 gene DNA from being de-graded in the body of the vaccine recipients after in-tramuscular injection.

No proof ever, and no matter what, they must deny it. This same HPV DNA was dexlared as not in the vaccine by Merck, but yet it is clearly in the vaccine, and the FDA wants the public to actual believe that contamination is a normal and expected occurrence in vaccine manufacturing?

No cover-up going on at all, right? FDA Information on Gardasil — Presence of DNA Fragments Expected, No Safety Risk, The expected FDA DENIAL of any and all risk, claiming that it was yet all considered as a normal finding in a vaccine, and not a contaminant.

Obviously that was a lie. A same-nested PCR was used to re-amplify the amplicon of a hypervariable best article review ghostwriter of the HPV L1 gene DNA in the postmortem blood and splenic tissue obtained at autopsy of a formerly healthy teenage girl who suffered a sudden unexpected death in sleep 6 months after 3 intramuscular injections of a quadrivalent HPV vaccine, Gardasil?.

A full autopsy analysis revealed no cause of death. The HPV gene DNA detected in the postmortem materials was similar to the HPV gene DNA fragments in Gardasil? A sequence excised from the base-calling DNA sequencing electropherogram was analyzed by Basic Local Alignment Search Tool BLAST alignment and a 45 — 60 base sequence fully matched with a standard hypervariable region of the HPV L1 gene retrieved from the National Center for Biotechnology Information popular literature review proofreading website sf validated the correct genotyping for HPV- 16 L1 gene DNA.

These naked non-proliferating HPV- 16 L1 gene DNA fragments appeared to be in the macrophages of the postmortem blood and spleen, and were protected from degradation popular literature review proofreading website sf binding firmly to the particulate aluminum adjuvant used in vaccine formulation.

The significance of these HPV DNA fragments of a vaccine origin found in post-mortem materials is not clear and warrants further investigation. SEPTEMBER 2, Referenced. Persistence in muscle tissue of residual HPV DNA fragments is uncertain after intramuscular injection, and requires further investigation for vaccination safety. The Initial Common Pathway of Inflammation, Disease, and Sudden Death, Robert M.

Platelet-activating factor PAF is implicated in the cardiovascular dysfunctions occurring in various shock syndromes, including anaphylaxis. Anaphylactic shock is especially associated with quadrivalent HPV vaccine, which contains aluminum hydroxide.

Based on the number of confirmed cases, the estimated rate of anaphylaxis following quadrivalent HPV vaccine was significantly higher than identified in comparable school-based delivery of other vaccines []. The relevance to SDS is apparent from reports of unexplained deaths of some women attributed to HPV vaccines in the CDC VAERS database, some of which were described variably as death during sleep or while bathing.

A reasonable question should be raised as to the purported safety and alleged biologic inactivity of the ingredients in the HPV vaccine, particularly aluminum, polysorbate 80, and sodium borate. Moreover, a further reasonable question should be Entropy14 raised as to the purported safety and alleged biologic inactivity of all of the aluminum and polysorbate 80 containing vaccines. This question may be further explored by analysis of the CDC VAERS database.

She popular literature review proofreading website sf a very healthy young lady, she went to take a shower and died. Autopsy report states undermined [undetermined] death. There was no sign of trauma to the body to indicate a fall. She had pointed the shower head away from her and she got down on her knees and put her head on the edge of the tub and passed away. To date claims have been filed with VICP, with barely half adjudicated.

Public health officials should stop pushing Gardasil on children. Therefore, efforts should be made to get as many pre-adolescent girls vaccinated in order to decrease the burden of cervical cancer. Careful analysis of HPV vaccine pre- and post-licensure data shows however that both of these premises are at odds with factual evidence and are largely derived from significant misinterpretation of available data.

Can an accurate estimate of the real frequency of HPV-vaccine related adverse reactions be made if appropriate follow-up and thorough investigation of suspected vaccine related ADRs is not conducted but instead, these cases are a-priori dismissed as being unrelated to the vaccine? Crucially, these assumptions failed to take into account several important real-world factors such as: 1 reliability of surrogate-markers i.

Why are women not informed of the fact that in some circumstances i. How can women make a fully informed decision about whether or not to consent to vaccination if crucial information regarding HPV vaccine efficacy and safety is not being disclosed to them? Should the medical health regulators and authorities rely solely on data provided by the vaccine manufacturers to make vaccine-policy decisions and recommendations [12,29]?

Human papillomavirus HPV vaccine policy and evidence-basedmedicine: Are they at odds? Personal Stories of The Impact:. By Lucija Tomljenovic, University of British Columbia, Canada Presented at the International Conference on Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials, Popular dissertation hypothesis editing sites gb Herein reported is the case of a year-old female without a relevant medical history, who developed severe headaches, speech problems, dizziness, weakness, inability to walk, popular literature review proofreading website sf consciousness, confusion, amnesia and vomiting, 14 days after receiving her first qHPV vaccine injection.

After the second vaccine booster, her symptoms worsened and she expired 15 days later. Autopsy revealed cerebral oedema and cerebellar herniation indicative of a focally disrupted blood-brain barrier. There was no evidence of an active brain infection. Immunohistochemistry IHC examination of the brainstem, hippocampus and the cerebellum showed prominent infiltration of T-lymphocytes and macrophages in all brain areas examined.

Notably, popular literature review proofreading website sf activation of the complement membrane attack complex MAC was detected in the cerebellar Purkinje cells, hippocampal neurons and portions of the brainstem. This pattern of MAC activation in the absence of an active brain infection indicates an abnormal triggering of the immune response in which the immune attack is directed towards self-tissue. Hell, give me the actual paper that your second link invokes.

Mihalovic seems to have omitted it. Well, one could use one of two causes to create that change. Was in a bit of a hurry, was getting ready to head popular literature review proofreading website sf to work.

Thanks for the catch! Now you claim your daughter is a PhD student. It scares me you a free e an RN.

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