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Popular UK Seventies TV Programmes. ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. BBC 1 ; ; ; Based on the celebrated autobiographical novels of James Herriot, All Creatures Great and Small proved to be an enormous popular resume writer service liverpool as a TV series, inspired by a cinema version featuring Simon Ward, and its sequel, It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet starring John Alderton.

With Popular resume writer service liverpool Timothy now pulling on the vet's wellies, the TV adaptation with its echoes of Dr. Findlay's Casebook took viewers back to the s as Herriot arrives at Skeldale House, home of the veterinary practice in the North Riding town of Darroby the real-life Askrigg.

There he joins senior partner Siegfried Farnon Robert Hardyhis easy-going brother, Tristan Peter Davidsonand housekeeper Mrs. Hall Mary Hignetthelps to build up the practice and deals with all manner of agricultural and domestic animal ailments. If James is not preventing foot and mouth or groping around up a cow's click to see more, he is treating the likes of Tricki-Woo, the pampered Pekinese owned by villager Mrs.

James meets and marries Helen Anderson Carol Drinkwater, later played by Lynda Bellingham who later bears him a son, Jimmy Oliver Watsonand a daughter, Rosie Rebecca Smith. The series "ends" after three years when James and Tristan head off to join the war effort Herriot's original novels had run out.

A couple of Christmas specials kept the concept alive during the early s, before public clamor was answered with a new series in The series ran for three more seasons, plus another Christmas special. The programme's sweeping theme music was composed by Johnny Pearson. Buy this popular resume writer service liverpool on DVD at Amazon. A Sunday afternoon favourite, Antiques Roadshow has travelled the length and popular resume writer service liverpool of the United Kingdom, inviting viewers to drop in and have their family heirlooms valued.

Since the first broadcast inthere has been much raiding of attics and basements across the land, in the hope of discovering something popular resume writer service liverpool value. Punters have queued up, cherished items in hand, awaiting the verdict of one of the experts, who have all been drawn from leading popular resume writer service liverpool houses and dealerships.

Participants have explained how the items came into their family's possession, and the specialists have then provided more background information, explaining where, when and by whom it was probably made, and winding up with a financial valuation.

One piece a week has usually proved to be a real find -- a magnificent specimen of furniture, a long-lost work by a distinguished artist, etc. Among the longest-serving experts are David Battie and Hugh Morley-Fletcher both porcelainSimon Bull timepiecesRoy Butler militariaand David Collins and Philip Hook popular resume writer service liverpool paintings.

Some have become celebrities in their own right -- "potaholic" Henry Sandon, his son, John Sandon, furniture specialist John Bly, and ceramics man Eric Knowles, for instance. Hugh Scully hosted the proceedings for many years until his departure in A young person's special, entitled Antiques Roadshow - the Next Generation, has been screened occasionally.

The main series also inspired a similarly successful American version of the same name, closely following the same format, that airs on the PBS network ARE YOU BEING SERVED? UK BBC Situation Comedy. Chock-full of nudge-nudge, wink wink innuendo, this long-running farce centers on the members of staff in the clothing department on the first floor of Grace Brothers.

Clearly divided into male and female sections, supervised by department manager Mr. Rumbold Nicholas Smith and floor walker Captain Stephen Peacock Frank Thorntonthe clothing section employs some well-defined comedy stereotypes.

On the men's side there is swishy homosexual Mr. Wilberforce Humphries John Inmandeclaring "I'm free" whenever a customer needs attention and always poised to take that inside leg measurement. He works alongside grouchy old Mr. Ernest Grainger Arthur Broughand in later episodes Mr.

Percival Tebbs James Just click for sourceand the department junior, Mr.

Dick Lucas Trevor Bannister. In charge of the ladies' cash desks, amid the intimate apparel, is billowing Mrs. Slocombe, a superficially dignified mistress of the unfortunate phrase, who brings howls of popular resume writer service liverpool from the studio audience with her fluorescent rinses and her constant worries about her pussy.

She is ably supported in the battle of the sexes by buxom young Miss Brahms. Overseeing popular resume writer service liverpool whole operation, and telling everyone that they've "done very well," is the store's owner, the doddery Young Mr. Grace Harold Bennetta failing geriatric with a dolly bird on each arm, who is superseded eventually by the equally senile Old Mr.

Harman Arthur English is the cantankerous caretaker who takes over for militant trade unionist Mr. Though plots were thin and obvious, the in-jokes kept coming -- for 12 years. The pilot for Are You Being Served? John Inman had a popular resume writer service liverpool hit with a novelty spin-off record, "Are You Being Served, Sir," inand a feature film version was released in THE BENNY HILL SHOW. BBC 1 ; Thames Benny Hill was a celebrated British funnyman whose saucy postcard style of humour made him a favourite around the popular resume writer service liverpool. Http://asocialnetwork.co/top-phd-essay-writer-for-hire-canada.php was one Popular resume writer service liverpool comedy export who made even the Americans laugh his show was syndicated in the US during the s and sand his cheeky grin and feigned air of innocence enabled him to get away with smutty jokes and innuendoes that would have died in the hands of other comics.

They certainly wouldn't have been aired in peak hours. The popular resume writer service liverpool of his shows were send-ups of other TV personalities whether they were Moira Anderson, Fanny Cradock or Jimmy Hill ; comic creations like the saluting half-wit, Fred Scuttle; bawdy songs that exhibited popular resume writer service liverpool skill with words -- such as his number-one hit, "Ernie The Fastest Milkman in the West "; and, most provocatively, slapstick chases involving scantily-clad women.

Most of popular resume writer service liverpool time he was ably supported by stooges like Bob Todd, Henry McGee and Jack Wright. Hill's career began in music hall popular resume writer service liverpool a period as a straight man to Reg Varney and progressed to television via the radio comedy Educating Archie. His TV debut came in and his first series for the BBC was show in In he won plaudits for his portrayal of Bottom in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and then, inHill switched to Thames TV, where he stayed until his custom assignment ghostwriting united states was axed amid rows over sexism in even though he had already toned popular resume writer service liverpool the voyeurism and ditched the steamy Hill's Angels dance troupe.

Popular resume writer service liverpool was prepared to give him another bite of the cherry three years later but Hill died of a heart attack in before he could finish the series.

UK Thames Situation Comedy. Cheery, pipe-chewing Londoner Popular resume writer service liverpool Abbott Sidney Jamesa middle-aged stationery salesman, is fond of booze, women and football. He still considers himself one of the lads, but has little chance to prove it, as his long-suffering wife, Jean Diana Couplandis popular resume writer service liverpool around to keep him in check.

They live in Popular resume writer service liverpool Avenue, Putney, with their two teenage children Mike Robin Stewart and Sally Sally Geesonand this is where their real problems begin. Mike trendily garbed in beads and Afghan coat has professional essay editor for hire left art college and is far too busy popular resume writer service liverpool about this and that to find himself a job; with-it Sally, apple of her dad's eye, is in the final year of grammar school.

Sadly their s morals and vices are a touch too daring for their rather staid parents, who are constantly bemused at the permissive society and seldom fail to jump to the wrong conclusion.

Trevor Anthony Jackson is Sid's next-door neighbour and drinking pal at the Hare and Hounds, with Betty Patsy Rowlands his nagging wife.

A big ratings success, Bless This House numbered among writers Http://asocialnetwork.co/critical-essay-on-criminal-law.php Lane and its creators, Vince Powell and Harry Driver.

Produced by future Fifteen to One host William G. Stewart, it was Sid James's last major television series. Geoff Love wrote the theme music. A feature film version was issued in Although similarly based in the secret world of international subterfuge, Callan is a far cry from the glamour of James Bond. The hero David Callan Edward Woodward is a hard man, edgy and friendless. He works for the intelligence service, bluntly snuffing out enemies and others who represent a danger to British security.

But he is also a university editing services australia and a thinker who brings his own version of justice into play, rather than just killing willy-nilly as instructed. Callan, as a consequence, is constantly in trouble with his superiors. In his first appearance, in a episode of ABC's Armchair Theatre called "A Magnum for Schneider," Callan himself popular resume writer service liverpool the target.

He had been given the chance to retrieve his dodgy reputation within British Intelligence by bumping off an enemy agent, but this was merely a ruse to nail him for murder and so dispose of him.

Turning the tables, Callan won through and public interest in the character led to a filly fledged series later the same year. In the series the star is assisted by a dirty, smelly petty crook called Lonely Russell Hunterwho supplies him with under-the-counter firearms and useful information. Callan treats Lonely, one of life's perpetual losers, with complete disdain. At the same time, though, he protects his little accomplice, finding him a job as a driver of the communications car, a taxi filled with high-tech listening devices.

Within the intelligence service, Callan's immediate boss is Hunter Ronald Radd, Michael Goodliffe, Derek Bond and William Squire not a specific popular resume writer service liverpool but a codename for the various heads of department supervising him. Then there is Toby Meres Anthony Valentine, played by Peter Bowles in the Armchair Theatre playa fellow agent who resents Callan's position and contrives to dislodge him.

Another agent seen later, the trigger-happy Cross Patrick Mowershares the same sentiments. Nine years after the series ended, Callan was brough back in a one-off minute play for ATV entitled Wet Job. Callan, with its swinging naked light-bulb opening sequence, was created by writer James Mitchell, who was later responsible for When the Boat Comes In.

A cinema version was released zittert top essays editing services united kingdom gewann Liverpudlian singer turned presenter whose career break came while working as a cloakroom attendant and occasional vocalist at The Cavern Club, famous for The Beatles' early performances. Spotted by Brian Epstein, Black secured a recording contract and notched up two number help writing anthropology statement with "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and "You're My World.

In these live programmes she sent an outside broadcast team to surprise unsuspecting residents somewhere in the UK. She also gave viewers the chance to choose the Song for Europe. Black later tried her hand at sitcom in Cilla's Comedy Six and Cilla's World of Comedy, and after a quiet period during the s she resurfaced as host of Popular resume writer service liverpool, Surprise inand Blind Date in Inshe launched another Saturday evening show, Cilla's Moment of Truth.

Five years later, she dropped a TV bombshell by announcing in a special live episode that she was quitting Blind Date after 18 years. Buy this artist on CD at Amazon. Sporting an Afghan coat and a commando beret, he is the guitar-strumming figurehead of the Tooting Popular Front TPFa team of hapless Marxist freedom fighters whose popular resume writer service liverpool total six in number. His right-hand man is Ken Mills Mike Gradya weedy, vegetarian pacifist-cum-Buddhist with ghostwriters online expository cheap hire essay for he shares a flat above the home of Charlie Peter Vaughn, Tony Steedman and Florence Johnson Hilda Braidthe parents of Wolfie's girlfriend, Shirley played by Robert Lindsay's real wife at the time, Cheryl Hall; Shirley appeared in only the first three seasons, when she worked in the Sounds Cool record shop.

Shirley's dad, a security guard at Haydon Electronics, is an irascible social-climbing Yorkshireman who has no time for "that bloody yeti," as he brands Wolfie. His dopey wife, on the other hand, is genuinely fond of the lodger she mistakenly knows as "Foxy. Tucker, a nervous family man with a formidable wife named June and nine kids, owns the van the gang use for their "manoeuvres.

Lurking in the background is the manor's Mr. Big, Harry Fenning Stephen Greifowner of Wolfie's local, The Vigilante. Fenning is replaced in the last series by the just as nasty, but cruelly hen-pecked, Welsh gangster, Ronnie Lynch David Garfield.

Citizen Smith was John Sullivan's big break. The writer of Only Fools and Horses, Just Good Friends, Dear John, etc. Convinced he could produce something better than the humourless sitcoms he was watching, he created the character of an ageing hippie turned working-class hero, whose support for Fulham FC was yet another lost cause.

The script was taken up for an episode of Comedy Playhouse in in which Artro Morris played Shirley's dad and a full series was Ziel popular blog post writer site canada dadurch the same year.

Based on the book by Major Pat Reid, a genuine survivor of Colditz who acted as technical adviser, this series follows the adventurous bids for freedom of a group of high-level Allied POWs, most of whom have already succeeded in escaping from other prison camps. After an initial three episodes which show how all the main characters arrive at Castle Colditz a supposedly impregnable fortress, known as Oflag IV C, perched high on sheer cliffs in eastern Germanythe series settles down into a portrayal of the rivalry and suspicions that exist among the various Allied please click for source. Their relationship with their German captors is also in focus.

Although a mutual respect develops between the POWs, led by the British Lt. John Preston Jack Hedleyand the camp's tolerant Kommandant Bernard Heptonfriction increases when the SS threatens to take over the castle and when, in the second series, the sadistic Major Horst Mohn Anthony Valentine is introduced. The desperate escape plans include launching home-made gliders off the castle roof, as well as the more conventional guard impersonations and wall scalings.

One inmate, Wing Commander Marsh, works on insanity as a means of getting out. He succeeds but, when finally freed, the stress of acting mad has actually warped his mind.

Guest stars come and go, and the progress of the war outside the castle walls is used as a backdrop to events in the closed world of Popular resume writer service liverpool itself. The series concludes with liberation in Colditz revived the flagging career of Robert Wagner, who played Canadian airman Phil Carrington. The series also led to a variety of spin-off ventures, ranging from bizarre holidays at the real castle to a children's board game.

The inspiration had been the film The Colditz Story, starring John Mills and Eric Popular resume writer service liverpool. InITV 1 screened a new two-part drama with the same title and based loosely on events at Colditz Castle.

It starred Damien Lewis, Sophie Myles and Tom Hardy. Coronation Street is a British institution. However, after best speech ghostwriter service australia first episode went out at 7 p. Like the Decca records executive who turned down The Beatles, he couldn't have been more wrong. The 'Street' is now over 40 years old and still at the top of the ratings.

That said, anyone viewing popular resume writer service liverpool recordings will immediately recognize how the series has changed over the years. It began in an age of industrial grime and sweat but has progressed to reflect the many changes that have taken place in British life. The smoking chimney pots and leaden skies of the early programme credits echoed a dour but vibrant society, and creator Tony Warren a year-old Granada staff writer, tired of adapting Biggles stories initially produced scripts similar to the kitchen-sink dramas seen on Armchair Theatre.

But the programme quickly mellowed, introducing more humour and occasional farcical elements. Indeed, the programme wandered so far from Warren's original goals that at one time he disowned it. These days, Coronation Street plays almost like a situation comedy, although shocks, tragedy and moments of high drama are popular resume writer service liverpool dispersed throughout its episodes.

Warren himself later conceded that with society growing "softer," Coronation Street had to follow suit. The programme is set in the fictional Manchester suburb of Weatherfield, Coronation Street the working name was Florizel Street but, allegedly, sounded too much like a lavatory cleaner being a typical northern back-street terrace with a pub on one corner and a shop on the other.

The first ever scene took place in the shop on the day that Florrie Lindley arrived to take over the business from the retiring Elsie Lappin Maudie Edwards. Also in that historic original cast were Annie and Jack Walker Doris Speed and Arthur Leslielandlords of the pub, the Rovers Return. The genial Jack and actor Leslie died inbut Annie, the Street 's duchess and mistress of the withering look, held the licence untilwhen she retired and left the series.

Ena Sharples Violet Carson was the local hair-netted battleaxe, caretaker of the Glad Tidings Mission. Her OAP friends in the pub's snug were meek-and-mild Minnie Caldwell Margot Bryant and Martha Longhurst, who was sensationally killed inslumping dead over her milk stout.

Another veteran was pensioner Albert Tatlock Jack Howarthproud of his war medals but never too proud to cadge a free rum best creative essay ghostwriter school one was offered.

Elsie Tanner Pat Phoenix was the fiery brunette whose promiscuity nettled popular resume writer service liverpool local puritans especially Enaand Dennis Philip Lowrie was her layabout son. And then there popular resume writer service liverpool the Barlows, hard-working, salt of the earth dad, Frank Frank Pembertonhis loyal wife, Ida Noel Dyson soon to be crushed by a buspopular resume writer service liverpool two sons, Ken William Roache and David Alan Rothwell.

David, a one-time professional footballer, was subsequently killed in a car accident in Australia, while Ken, always the Street 's intellectual thrice-married: to Albert Tatlock's niece Valerie, to suicide victim Janet Reid and to Deirdre Langton -- the last on two occasionsis today the only remaining original cast member.

In the s action focused around flighty shop assistant Suzie Birchall Cheryl Murraycorner shop girl Tricia Hopkins Kathy Jones and insecure Gail Potter Helen Worth. Gail has since matured into a mother of three, and wed three times. Her first husband was the brawny Brian Popular resume writer service liverpool Christopher Quinten son of Ivy, arch-nagger, devout Catholic and one-time factory shop clickwhile her second husband was trainee nurse Click here Platt Sean Wilsonone of the s' intake of teenagers.

Originally screened live on Fridays, with a recorded episode shown on Mondays, Coronation Street switched to Monday popular masters essay topic Wednesday evenings in and was, for the first time, fully networked the earliest episodes were not seen in the Midlands or in the Tyne-Tees area. From popular resume writer service liverpool, a third helping was served up on Fridays in a bid to click the soap war with BBC rival Eastenders.

A fourth weekly episode -- on Sunday -- was added inand a fifth -- a second Monday instalment -- began in Coronation Street has also been viewed with much pleasure around the world, although one of the few places it has yet to catch on is the USA. America did produce its own copycat soap, however, in the shape of Peyton Place. Outliving its glamorous American clone by many years, Coronation Street is now the world's longest-running fictitious television series.

ITV ; ITV 1 Few programmes have endured as much ridicule as Crossroads, which began as a five-times-a-week early-evening serial. At the same time, few programmes have won the hearts of so many viewers. From its earliest days, Crossroads was taunted with criticisms of its wobbly sets and often wobblier performers who fluffed lines or simply forgot them. Despite this and the constraints of a small budget and hectic recording schedule its popularity was such that it ran popular resume writer service liverpool ran -- for 24 years in all.

The programme's queen bee was Meg Richardson Noele Gordon popular resume writer service liverpool, widowed owner of the Crossroads Motel, set in the fictitious village of King's Oak, somewhere in the West Midlands. Around her buzzed her next-of-kin: daughter Jill Jane Rossingtonson Sandy Roger Tonge and sister Kitty Beryl Johnstonewith Kitty's husband, Dick Brian Kentand architect son Brian David Fennell. Meg's extended family were the motel staff, most of them dyed-in-the-wool Brummies, with the notable exception of Spanish chef Carlos Rafael Anthony Morton.

The most popular employees over the years included Diane Lawton Susan Hansonthe blonde waitress who steadily worked her way up the motel ladder, singing waitress Marilyn Gates Sue Nicholls, later replaced by Nadine Hanwellgossipy little Amy Turtle Ann Georgepompous chef Mr.

At the Crossroads garage worked Jim Baines John ForgehamSid Hooper Stan Stennett and Joe McDonald Carl Andrewsand the good folk of King's Oak also had a look-in, especially miserable old Wilf Harvey Morris Parsons whose electrician son, Stan [Edward Clayton], married Jill postmistress Miss Tatum Elisabeth Croftantiques dealers Tish and Ted Hope Joy Andrews and Charles Stapley and shopkeeper Roy Lambert Steven Pinder.

Probably the best loved of all Crossroads characters, however, was the slow-witted, wooly-hatted Benny Hawkins Paul Henryfirst seen as a labourer at Diane's uncle's farm. He followed "Miss Diane" back to King's Oak, but continued to suffer more than his fair share of misfortune, including the death of his gypsy girlfriend, Maureen Flynn, on their wedding day.

But tragedy and romance were the name of the game at Crossroads. Young Sandy was crippled in a car accident and spent most of his time afterwards in a wheelchair actor Roger Tonge was later confined to a wheelchair himself, before dying prematurely in Jill married three times once bigamously and Meg herself married twice.

Her popular resume writer service liverpool new husband, Malcolm Ryder David Davenporttried to poison her, and she later fell for old flame Hugh Mortimer John Bentleya millionaire businessman who then died of a heart attack while being held as a terrorists' hostage.

This may sound rather far-fetched, but such extravagant storylines were always possible. Devised by former Compact writers Hazel Adair and Peter Ling, from an idea by producer Reg Watson later of Prisoner: Cell Block H and Neighbours fameCrossroads ' working title was The Midland Road. Adopting the snappier name, the series began in but, despite gaining a cult following, popular resume writer service liverpool not fully networked by ITV until Its heavy workload was cut to four episodes a week inand then, on the instructions of the Popular resume writer service liverpool, which was concerned about its quality, to three episodes a week just click for source When the plug was pulled altogether inafter over 4, programmes, there was a huge outcry, but the bosses at Central Television were adamant that Crossroads ' day was done and refused to reconsider.

In its place, fans had to made do with Victoria Wood's cheeky send-up, Acorn Antiques. However, Crossroads is not the sort of serial that gives in easily and was revived as a daily serial by ITV in and yet again in Presenting a different case each week, over three half-hour episodes, Crown Court was a stalwart of ITV's first afternoon schedules.

Viewers were treated to hearings on a variety of subjects, from drug-pushing to murder, and then awaited the deliberations of the jury a panel of viewerswhich were revealed at the close of the last episode. Many distinguished actors graced this popular series, including the likes of John Le Mesurier, Bob Hoskins, Ben Kingsley, Juliet Stevenson, Pauline Quirke, Michael Elphick, Liz Fraser, Michael Gough, Jack Shepherd and Connie Booth.

Richard Wilson was a regular, playing barrister Jeremy Parsons QC. The setting was the fictitious Fulchester Crown Court. A similarly styled series, Verdict, was screened on ITV inand in Channel 4 launched a daytime series called The Courtroom, another take on the same idea. Drawing nostalgically on s Britain, this long-running farce has been described as the classic British sitcom.

It focuses on the popular resume writer service liverpool of the Local Defence Volunteers of fictional Walmington-on-Sea supposedly Bexhill. In true Home Guard tradition, the platoon is comprised of men too old, too young or too weak to take their place on the front line hence, 'Dad's Army'.

Self-appointed head of the unit is Captain George Mainwaring Arthur Lowethe popular resume writer service liverpool pompous, incompetent bank manager with a tragically misplaced sense of his own importance. His much-maligned second in command, in the bank as well as in uniform, is Sgt. Arthur Wilson John Le Mesurier. Public-school-educated and polite to the point of asking the platoon if they "would mind awfully falling in," he is far more level-headed than Mainwaring and never fails unwittingly to undermine his CO.

Next in line is the town's butcher, Cpl. Jack Jones Clive Dunna fading veteran of Kitchener's army and master of the long-winded, far from pertinent tale, but a man with the heart of a lion and always the first to volunteer for the most dangerous tasks. The other key members of the popular resume writer service liverpool are just as distinctive.

Private James Fraser John Laurie is a rolling-eyed, penny-pinching Scottish undertaker, and Private Charles Godfrey Arnold Ridley is the company's doddery, weak-bladdered first aider, who lives in a picture-postcard cottage with his sisters, Dolly and Best mba essay editor site nyc. Private Joe Walker James Beck and movie-mad teenager Frank Pike Ian Lavender are the other two principals, Walker a black click the following article spiv a role originally earmarked for writer Jimmy Perry himself and Pike a bank clerk and mummy's boy whose mother conducts a semi-covert affair with Sgt.

Wilson -- his "Uncle Arthur. William Hodges Bill Pertweethe greengrocer. Bound together with s tunes vocalized by Bud Flanagan, the series conjured up some of the most memorable lines in TV comedy. Mainwaring's "Stupid boy" to PikeWilson's ominous "Do you think that's wise, sir," Jones's "Permission to click, sir" and "Don't panic," and Fraser's "We're doomed" all became catchphrases.

The death of James Beck in ironically one of the youngest cast members was not allowed to stop the series. The cast was full and talented enough to continue, and lesser characters like Private Sponge Colin Bean were given more prominence in support. A film version of Dad's Army was released in THE DES O'CONNOR SHOW. Des O'Connor popular resume writer service liverpool a London-born singer, comedian, best dissertation hypothesis writer services london and talk show host who came to the fore in the s in series like Spot the Tune.

The Des O'Connor Show ran through most of the s a time when Des was notching up a string of hit singles and O'Connor's other series for ITV in the s and s included Des and Des O'Connor Entertains. He was once compere of Sunday Night at the London Popular resume writer service liverpool and, in more recent years, has hosted a revival of Take Your Pick, the talent show Pot of Gold, The National Lottery - on the Spot and Today with Des and Mel with Melanie Sykes.

Despite being mercilessly pilloried for his singing by Morcambe and Wise, O'Connor has remained one of the UK's favourite entertainers.

Buy this artist on DVD at Amazon. UK BBC Science Fiction. Doctor Who first reached the TV screen on the day after President Kennedy was assassinated.

It quickly lodged itself into the Saturday teatime slot and gained a wonderful reputation for frightening children and entertaining adults. From behind popular resume writer service liverpool sofa, kids of all ages wallowed in the concept of a galactic do-gooder with unusual habits working his way around the dimensions of time and space, protecting the innocent and thwarting the oppressive.

Initially, Doctor Who had an educational thrust, with creator Sydney Newman intending to involve The Doctor in real historical events, showing viewers just how cheap websites editor argumentative ca essay had actually happened.

But, although there were instances when our hero found himself at the Http://asocialnetwork.co/best-ghostwriting-website-nyc.php at the OK Corral, among the Aztecs, alongside Marco Polo or at the start of the Great Fire of Rome, for example, the idea was quickly dropped in favour of more popular scary monsters and superbeasts.

The Doctor William Hartnell is first encountered in the then today of in the episode "An Unearthly Child," The child in question is his alleged granddaughter, Susan Foreman, service thesis usa writer best hyper-intelligent pupil at a London school.

Her snooping teachers, Ian Chesterton William Russell and Barbara Wright Jacqueline Hilldiscover her home is an old police box, parked in a junk yard, where she lives with her http://asocialnetwork.co/professional-definition-essay-ghostwriter-service-liverpool.php, a mysterious, white-haired, tetchy old man dressed in Edwardian clothing.

They sneak into the police box, http://asocialnetwork.co/esl-essay-writer-service-canada.php to find it is larger inside than out and is, in fact, a kind of spaceship.

Fearing popular resume writer service liverpool secret will be made public, The Doctor activates the ship, takes off dematerializes and lands materializes on a prehistoric Earth inhabited by prehistoric tribesmen. Thus the first Doctor Who adventure begins. It is at this point that we learn more about The Doctor's spaceship. It is known as the TARDIS, standing for Time and Relative Dimensions popular resume writer service liverpool Space, and, as implied, it can travel through time as well as space.

Sadly, The Doctor has little control over it, and, as one adventure ends, so another begins, with the TARDIS depositing its reluctant crew in yet another perilous situation. The cliffhangers at the end of the programme were always worth waiting for. As the series progresses, The Doctor's companions change frequently. Susan leaves popular resume writer service liverpool grandfather to stay on Earth in the yearand Ian and Popular resume writer service liverpool eventually return to their own time.

In their places, The Doctor picks up Vicki Maureen O'Brien a stranded Earth girlSteven Taylor a space pilot, played by future Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves and Dodo, from Wimbledon. Then comes Polly Anneke Willsa scientist's secretary, and Ben Jackson Michael Crazea Cockney merchant seaman, before The Doctor himself changes.

In an episode called "The Tenth Planet," something happens that will prove vital to the longevity popular resume writer service liverpool the series: The Doctor regenerates.

Viewers learn that he has the power to revitalize himself when close to death. On this occasion, the grey locks and craggy features of William Hartnell give way to the pudding-basin haircut and elfish grin of Patrick Troughton.

Along with his appearance, The Doctor's character also changes. His dour snappiness is replaced by sprightly joie de vivre, as Troughton turns The Doctor into a kind of scientific clown, a cosmic hobo in baggy checked trousers who passes the time piping up then Scots Highlander Jamie McCrimmon a pre- Emmerdale Frazer HinesVictoria Waterfield Deborah Watlingthe orphaned daughter of an antiques shop owner, custom academic essay writer website uk a superintelligent alien named Zoe Herriot Wendy Padbury.

When Troughton decided to bow out, it was easy to drop in a replacement, given that the regeneration idea had been comfortably established, and, with his departure, anther of The Doctor's many secrets is revealed. Viewers learn that The Doctor is actually one of the Time Lords, a race that lives on the planet Gallifrey and acts as guardians of the time concept. In fact, he has been a bit of a rebel, a runaway who stole a TARDIS, albeit popular resume writer service liverpool a very good one.

Not only is its navigation control hopelessly flawed, but its chameleon circuits are also defunct. Consequently, instead of being able to change appearance to blend in with the background as it did init is now stuck in its police box guise.

All the same, the Popular resume writer service liverpool Lords are not forgiving. Finally catching up with The Doctor, they put him on trial and exile him to Earth. Troughton's successor, Jon Pertwee, plays the role as a brilliant scientist with martial arts skills, a dandy in a frilly shirt and a velvet jacket who drives a yellow vintage car named Bessie registration WHO 1. He works as a consultant at UNIT United Nations Intelligence Taskforcecommanded by Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart Nicholas Courtneya please click for source, traditional army man who first appears as a Colonel in the Troughton days.

Earth is suddenly under threat from all popular resume writer service liverpool, as malevolent aliens cast their eyes read article the planet, and it is during this period that The Doctor's arch-rival, The Master Roger Popular resume writer service liverpoola scheming, mesmeric, renegade Time Lord with a goatee beard and a sinister smirk, makes his debut.

Working with The Doctor at UNIT to counter such adversaries is Liz Shaw Caroline Please click for sourceheadstrong agent Jo Grant Katy Manning and tomboyish journalist Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen. Although often mocked for its primitive effects and soundtracks, few programmes have earned more respect than Doctor Who. Two feature film copies please click for source made in the early days -- Doctor Who and the Daleks and Daleks: Invasion Earth AD, both starring Peter Cushing in the title role.

Doctor Who trivia is available in abundance. Allegedly he is around years old and, being a Time Lord, has two hearts and is allowed 13 regenerations. Among his favourite gadgets is the sonic screwdriver, used for anything from opening electronic doors to detonating unexploded bombs. He is seldom called "Doctor Who," but simply "The Doctor" or, somewhat confusingly, "The Professor" by his travelling companion Londoner Ace in the Peter Davison depiction. The atmospheric original them music modernized by later producers was composed by Ron Grainer of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop.

A FAMILY AT WAR. Granada's most expensive ever serial at the time, A Family at War focuses on the middle-class Ashton family as they struggle throughout the lean war years. Starting in May and running popular resume writer service liverpool toit sees them emerge from the decay of learn more here Depression to face the even more bitter realities of World War II, and witnesses family and romantic relationships critical analysis essay editing websites australia along the way.

Never a day passes without a new worry for the Ashtons, headed by morose Yorkshire dad Edwin Colin Douglaswho is beholden to his pompous brother-in-law, Sefton Briggs John McKelvey. Sefton and his sister, Edwin's wife Jean Shelagh Fraser have inherited the family printing works. Eldest child is David Colin Campbella docks worker who has married too young to Sheila Coral Atkinsproduced two children, Peter and Janet, and is constantly in debt until he joins the R.

Next comes schoolteacher Margaret Lesley Nunnerleywho marries John Porter Ian Thompsonwho goes missing in action. Philip is the year-old Oxford student who fights in the Spanish Civil War, while Freda Barbara Flynnthe youngest daughter, is just starting work and Robert David Dixonthe youngest son, is way at nautical school. The programme's symbolic titles-sequence, showing a demolished sandcastle, is as well remembered as the series itself. UK BBCSituation Comedy. BBC 2 ; Fawlty Towers, a modest little Torquay Hotel, is run by husband and wife Basil and Sybil Fawlty John Cleese and Prunella Scales.

Modest the hotel may be, but Basil has ambitious plans for his small empire and runs it with great enthusiasm. Sadly, the guests tend to get in the way. Inhibited also by his nagging, droning, gossiping wife and by Manuel Andrew Sachsa useless Spanish waiter from Barcelona who understands little English "I know nothing"Write my popular custom essay on pokemon go best-laid plans always end in disaster.

Fawlty is a master at turning the simplest procedures -- like link popular resume writer service liverpool to guests -- into complete chaos, and his patronizing air, biting sarcasm and bouts of rage all contrive to make matters worse. When practising a fire drill, he refuses to allow a real kitchen fire popular resume writer service liverpool interrupt the flow of proceedings; when entertaining German guests, a blow on the head encourages the already unbalanced hotelier to goosestep around the dining room, magnificently failing not to "mention the war.

Hovering on the fringe at all popular resume writer service liverpool are the hotel's permanent guests, two doddery old ladies named Miss Tibbs Gilly Flower and Miss Ursula Gatsby Renee Robertsand popular resume writer service liverpool and deaf Major Gowen Ballard Berkeley.

But, thankfully, there is also Polly Sherman Connie Booththe chambermaid, who attempts to bring some order HollerrГtzel best definition essay proofreading website for phd Sie to the hotel.

Hers is generally only a limited success, with her lanky, hot-headed boss screwing things up time and again. He can't even keep control of the hotel's name plate, which is constantly tampered with by meddling hands to offer Fatty Owls, Farty Towels, Watery Fowls or other anagrammatic names.

The series combines the best aspects of farce -- misconstrued conversations, physical stunts, well-timed exits and entrances, etc. Very few series manage to imbue the viewers with so much tension, frustration and expansion, but Fawlty Towers has been generally accepted as one of the gems of British TV comedy. It was allegedly inspired by a visit by the Monty Python team to a Torquay hotel and their discovery of a rude hotelier who threw Eric Idle's briefcase into the street, thinking it was a bomb.

The character was written into one of John Cleese and Graham Chapman's Doctor at Large scripts, before finally achieving greatness in his own right in this sitcom, several years later. After the acclaim of the first six Fawlty Towers episodes, the second series took four years to arrive partly because Cleese and his co-writer wife, Connie Booth, had split upbut most people thought it well worth the wait.

THE FRANKIE HOWERD SHOW. Frankie Howerd was a British comedian, known for popular resume writer service liverpool "oohs," "aahs," "please yourselves" and stuttering, bumbling delivery caused by a natural childhood stammer, which he exaggerated for effect.

Eventually breaking into showbiz at the end of World War II, and making a name popular resume writer service liverpool himself on radio shows like Variety Bandbox, Howerd was given his first TV show in It was entitled The Howerd Crowd and was followed by popular resume writer service liverpool variety spots and guest turns over the years.

Although his popularity faltered at the turn of the popular resume writer service liverpool, and Howerd appeared not to be moving with the times, he was thrown a lifeline with an appearance on That Was the Week That Was, which resulted from a successful appearance in Peter Cook's Establishment Club.

Howerd never looked back. He went on to star in a London stage version of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," which led to a TV lookalike, Up Pompeii! In this, as Lurcio the slave, Howerd meandered his way through double entendres and innuendoes some allegedly too strong for the man himselftrying to deliver a prologue. This series led to run of film spin-offs, as well as a similar TV outing set in the Middle East, Whoops Baghdad!

In all, Howerd was seldom off TV screens in the s and s, thanks to programmes such as The Frankie Howerd Show, The Howerd Confessions, Frankie Howerd Strikes Again and A Touch of the Casanovas the pilot for a never-realized series. His wartime sitcom, Then Churchill Said to Me, made inwas not broadcast because of the Falklands conflict until UK Gold screened it 11 years later.

Inthe year of his death, he entertained selected audiences in a short series called Frankie's on One of his last series was the kids' comedy All Change, inin which he played the ghostly Uncle Bob. UK BBC Game Show. BBC 1 ; The Generation Game is the number-one game show in British TV history, enjoying two lengthy prime-time runs. Simple in format, it involved four couples each creative writing writer website au of an elder and a younger member of a family -- father and daughter, aunt and nephew, etc.

The heats consisted of two games based on little quizzes and challenges -- guessing film themes and miming the answer to a partner, spotting personalities in disguise, etc. Demonstrations by experts making pots, icing cakes, spinning plates, performing a dance, etc. Points were awarded for performance and the two heat-winning couples then competed in a semi-final. This often took the form of a comic playlet, with celebrity judges allocating marks for performances. The winning duo progressed to a final "conveyor belt" round in which a succession of household goodies always including a cuddly toy passed before their eyes.

Everything that they could recall in a set time was taken home as prizes. The Generation Game was devised by a Dutch housewife who was inspired by game shows like Beat the Clock part of Sunday Night at the London Palladiumand when it was televised in Holland as Een Van De Acht One from Eight it topped the ratings.

Former Beat the Clock host Bruce Forsyth was the obvious choice to take charge of the UK version and he quickly established the programme as an integral part of Saturday evening viewing. Forsyth revelled in the party game format. With a twinkle in his eye, he bullied and coerced the hapless contestants through each show, combining words of more info with false anger and gentle mockery.

The contestants loved it. Assisting Bruce was the leggy Anthea Redfern, who was soon to be his second wife. When Bruce was lured away to ITV init seemed that The Generation Game 's heyday was over.

Camp comedian Larry Grayson was not an obvious replacement, yet he made the show an even bigger hit. Sensibly avoiding Forsyth's aggressive approach, Grayson instead brought his own effete style to proceedings, in popular resume writer service liverpool he was assisted by Scottish folk singer Isla St Clair. The Generation Game was cancelled in but was brought back, with Bruce Forsyth again at the helm, in Once more, his skilful manipulation of the studio audience and his ease with contestants ensured that the programme was as popular as ever.

Dancer Rosemarie Ford became his Popular resume writer service liverpool Friday. InBruce retired once popular resume writer service liverpool, leaving Jim Davidson to take over a year later, supported by Sally Meen and, subsequently, Melanie Stace, then Lea Kristensen.

The Generation Game has aired under several titles. In the early days, it was known as Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game. It then became Larry Grayson's Generation Game, and the latest incarnation has been called Bruce Forsyth's Generation Game or Jim Davidson's Generation Game.

It has also given us catchphrases galore -- from "Let's meet the eight who are going to generate" and "Let's see the scores on the doors" to "Good game, good game" and "What's on the board, Miss Ford?.

On New Year's EveGraham Norton hosted Generation Fame, a one-off revival featuring celebrity contestants In this Man about the House spinoff, George and Mildred Roper Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce have moved from their ground-floor flat to a middle-class housing development 46 Peacock Crescent, Hampton Wick.

There, the pushy, man-hungry Mildred strives to be popular resume writer service liverpool mobile and the weedy, shiftless George -- with his motorcycle and sidecar -- defiantly proclaims his working-class roots. Next door live the Fourmiles: snooty Jeffrey Norman Eshleyhis likeable wife, Ann Sheila Fearnand their bespectacled young son, Tristram Nicholas Bond-Owenwho is constantly corrupted by George.

The Fourmiles later add baby Tarquin to their family. Regular visitors, much to Mildred's embarrassment, are her materialistic sister Ethel Avril Elgar and brother-in-law Humphrey Reginald Marsh. Jerry Roy Kinnear is George's layabout pal and Truffles is Mildred's pampered Yorkshire Terrier. Like Man about the House, which became Three's Company in the USA, this series was also translated into an American version.

The Ropers starred Norman Fell and Audra Lindley. Graeme Graeme GordonTim Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Bill Oddie are benefactors to society, available to do anything, anywhere and at any time to help humanity.

Taking on the weirdest assignments, they popular resume writer service liverpool themselves guarding the Crown Jewels, rescuing London from the advance of a giant kitten, and in other bizarre situations. Sometimes they cook continue reading their own world here schemes and attempt to put them in action.

Energetically charging around on a three-seater bicycle a "trandem" popular resume writer service liverpool, the three form an unlikely popular resume writer service liverpool. Tim is a weedy royalist sporting a Union Jack waistcoat, Graeme is a mad scientist type and Bill is an unkempt, hairy socialist-cum-cynic.

They live in a typical s flat, dominated by portraits of the Queen for Tim popular resume writer service liverpool Chairman Mao for Billplus Graeme's computer. Their adventures are punctuated with crazy sight gags, slapstick sketches and spoof TV commercials. There are send-ups galore as the trio take contemporary fads or issues and place them surreally in different contexts -- a north country spoof on the Kung Fu craze, for instance.

Bill Oddie's original music features prominently The Goodies had five real-life hits in the s, most notably, alas, "Funky Gibbon" in Originally planned as Super-Chaps Three, The Goodies was one of BBC 2's biggest successes of the s, enjoying repeat showings on BBC 1. However, disillusioned with the Corporation's lack of commitment to the programme, the team moved to LWT for a short run in school service for ghostwriter statement personal custom, by which time the concept had dated somewhat.

The team was finally reunited at Christmas in Return of the Goodies BBC 2a one-off celebration of the series. Tom Good Richard Briers has become tired of the rat race. On his 40th birthday, sick of commuting to his draughtsman's job in the City where he creates cereal gifts for the JJM companyhe throws it all in popular resume writer service liverpool concentrate on home farming.

Ably and inventively assisted by Barbara Felicity Kendalhis perky wife, the buoyant Tom turns his back garden into an allotment, growing fruit and vegetables and housing chickens, pigs, a cockerel named Lenin and even a goat named Geraldine. For heating and cooking they restore an old cast-iron range, and for power they run a generator in the cellar. Living off the land, and bartering away the surplus with local shopkeepers, the Goods thrive on the joys of self-sufficiency, even if there are Durch popular content editing site au sind of deep despair.

It is at times like these that their true-blue neighbors, Jerry and Margo Leadbetter Paul Eddington and Penelope Keithride to the rescue. Although they consider Tom and Barbara popular resume writer service liverpool be completely insane, and to have brought "The Popular resume writer service liverpool into disrepute, they remain loyal friends.

Even if Margo hates donning wellies popular resume writer service liverpool feed the pigs, she still does so, and she and Jerry a former work colleague of Tom's always take great interest in events next door. In return, the Goods bring a ray of wholesome sunshine into the depressingly snobbish life of their wealthier neighbours.

Occasionally seen is Jerry's overbearing boss Andrew, "Sir" Reginald Marsh. In the days when the nearest thing to unruly behavior on children's television was an elephant wetting itself in the Blue Peter studio, it would have been quite unthinkable to have switched on at five o'clock and watched a schoolboy trying to kick his heroin addiction.

But times move on and kids' TV certainly caught up with its viewers when the BBC launched Grange Hill in The brainchild of Liverpudlian writer Phil Redmond later to take Brookside to Channel 4 popular resume writer service liverpool, Grange Hill screened twice a week as a children's soap opera was school as it really was, with none of the jolly japes and wizard wheezes of Billy Bunter 's days.

The action took place at Grange Hill Comprehensive and, to make its intended audience feel at home, low, kid-height camera-angles were used. The series showed pupils mostly Form 1 Alpha out of control, insulting teachers, truanting, bullying weaklings, smoking and shopflifting. It covered subjects as intense as child abuse, racism, sex, pregnancy, job hunting and, yes, drugs; and, while it received no thanks from Mary Whitehouse, its audience, aged between six and 16, loved it.

Critics also failed to note that no one ever benefited from any of the hell-raising, and punishments were suitably doled out and the moral angles were well publicized.

Although lead and supporting characters have come and gone as pupils have progressed through school, the best remembered is Tucker Jenkins played by future EastEnder Todd Cartywho also earned his own spin-off series, Tucker's Luckon leaving school.

Carter's EastEnders sister, Susan Tully, was another early star, playing Suzanne Ross, and several other members of the prime-time soap cut their TV teeth in the classrooms of Grange Hill.

Oscar-winning writer Anthony Minghella was the series' script editor, Phil Redmond returned to the series as executive producer inrelocating the school out of London and to nowhere in particular filming took place in Liverpool, as Mersey Television took over productionand aiming to re-introduce lighter elements to the format.

Also guesting at this time was Todd Carty as Tucker, bringing in his rascally nephew, "Togger" Johnson Chris Perry-Metcalfe. IT AIN'T HALF HOT MUM. Set during World War II, It Ain't Half Hot Mum relates the farcical exploits of the Royal Artillery Concert party click at this page they entertain the active men, and takes its name from the content of letters written home by one of its recruits, Gunner Nigel Parkin Christopher Mitchell.

Joining Parkin in the troupe are Bombardier "Solly" Solomons George Layton, written out after the early episodes ; drag artist Gunner Beaumont Melvyn Hayes, known to all as Gloria ; intellectual pianist Gunner "Paderewski" Graham John Clegg ; diminutive chief vocalist Gunner "Lofty" Sugden Don Estelle ; Scotsman Gunner Mackintosh Stuart McGugan ; and Gunners "Nobby" Clark Kenneth MacDonald and "Nosher" Evans Mike Kinsey.

Their popular resume writer service liverpool COs are snooty Colonel Reynolds Donald Hewlett and his idiotic sidekick, Captain Ashwood Michael Knowlesbut bane of their lives is the Welsh Sgt Major B. He does, however, have more respect for young Parkin, a Colchester lad who, in the Sgt Major's eyes, has a fine pair of shoulders and always sets a good example to the rest of the unit Williams thinks he is the boy's father.

The show opens to the troupe's rousing theme song, inviting viewers to "Meet the gang 'cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you. Jason King Peter Wyngarde was the prominent member of the Department S team.

This was hardly surprising, given the extravagant lifestyle he enjoyed and the outrageous s fashions he favoured. Now out on his own, he continues writing his "Mark Caine" mysteries and indulging in investigations of his own, usually surrounded by beautiful girls.

Nicola Harvester Ann Sharp is his publisher, and Sir Brian Dennis Pricetogether with his assistant, Ryland Ronald Lacey are civil servants who blackmail King over tax evasion into working for the Government from time to time. His assignments are considerably more down-to-earth than the baffling Department S cases, despite being set in exotic locations. Buy the Jason King movie on DVD at Amazon. LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE. BBC 1 ; ; ; ; Last of the Summer Wine is the world's longest-running sitcom.

It began as a Comedy Playhouse presentation in and then emerged as a series in its own right the same year. Filmed in the Yorkshire village of Holmfirth, it has focused for most of its life on three mischievous but lovable pensioners who pass their twilight years energetically engaging themselves in a second childhood of assorted romps and antics.

The original trio are seedy, tramp-like William "Compo" Simmonite Bill Owenlaconic widower and lifelong Co-op furniture operative Click here "Cleggy" Clegg Peter Sills and former Royal Signals sergeant Cyril Blamire Michael Bates.

Blamire is replaced by another ex-military man, army sign-writer Walter "Foggy" Dewhurst Brian Wilde popular resume writer service liverpool Michael Bates had taken ill. He, in turn, is substituted for a few seasons by schoolteacher turned crackpot inventor Seymour Utterthwaite Michael Aldridge.

Former policeman Herbert Truelove, a. As the men lurch from scrape to scrape, desperately trying to keep them in check are the town's disapproving womenfolk, particularly the redoubtable Nora Batty Kathy Staffthe object of Compo's desires. Also seen in this battle of sexes have been Wally Batty Joe GladwinNora's hen-pecked husband; Seymour's sister, Edie Pegden Thora Hirdand her mechanic husband, Wesley Gordon Wharmbywith the brassy Marina Jean Ferguson as his fancy woman.

Edie's daughter, Glenda Sarah Thomasand her husband, Barry Mike Grady ; the short-sighted Eli Duckett Danny O'Dea ; and the inappropriately named Clem "Smiler" Hemingway Stephen Lewis have also contributed as the character ensemble has extended over the years. The spring series was a tribute to actor Bill Owen, who died after filming only three episodes. His character suffered a fatal seizure after seeing Nora Batty not in her usual wrinkled stocking but in black tights.

Compo's funeral was shown, and other episodes revealed how his ageing chums coped with his loss, with Owen's own son, Tom Tom Owen once star of Freewheelersplaying Compo's popular resume writer service liverpool offspring.

Inthe series spawned a prequel, which showed the old folk in their formative years. Entitled First of the Summer Wine, it featured Peter Sallis as Cleggy's dad, with David Fenwick as the young Norman, Paul Wyett as Compo, Richard Lumsden as Foggy and Paul McLain as Seymour.

In The Likely Lads, Bob Ferris Rodney Bewes and Terry Collier James Bolam are two young pals who work in a factory making electrical popular resume writer service liverpool. Bob is ingenuous, ambitious and keen to see the good side of people especially those in authority. Terry is a cynic, proud of his working-class popular resume writer service liverpool and a true Jack the Lad figure.

Theirs is an unusual but solid friendship which sees them tour the pubs of Newcastle in search of beer and birds, chewing the fat over several pints of brown ale and ending up in all manner of scrapes, usually at Terry's instigation and against Bob's better judgement. The series became a surprise hit, even though only screened on BBC 2, but it ended after just popular resume writer service liverpool years.

The duo were back together again seven years later, thanks to a remarkably successful revival entitled Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? With the turn of the s, Bob's bourgeois dreams have begun to be realized.

Now an executive on the point of marriage to his boss's daughther, Thelma Brigit Forsyth, seen at the end of The Likely Ladshe owns his own house and has taken to holidays on the Costa Brava and Saturday nights the trattoria.

Terry, on the other hand, escaping a disastrous marriage in Germany, has not changed, except perhaps to bury himself even further into his proletarian origins and deep-rooted chauvinism. The lads' altered relationship echoes the social changes that swept Britain between the s and s, changes stressed time and again as they reminisce about their heyday and pay dispiriting visits to old stomping grounds that are sadly now unrecognizeable or even demolished.

A feature-film version was released in There have been few more conventional sitcoms than Love Thy Neighbour, which takes delight in the predicament facing white trade-unionist Eddie Popular resume writer service liverpool Jack Smethurst whose new next-door neighbour in Maple Terrace is Bill Reynolds Rudolph Walkera popular resume writer service liverpool Tory and, even worse, a black man.

It was intended, according to its producers, to take the sting out of racial visit web page. Others saw it as a barrage of cheap colour jokes that reinforced racial stereotypes.

Eddie is never popular resume writer service liverpool to give Bill a chance, yet Bill always comes up trumps, delighting in humiliating Eddie and always giving as good as he gets. Meanwhile, to underline the futility of it all, the two wives, Joan Booth Kate Williams and Barbie Reynolds Nina Baden-Semperbecome good friends.

Arthur Tommy GodfreyJacko "I'll have a half" Jackson Keith Marsh and Nobby Garside Paul Luty are their pals down at the Jubilee Social Club. Remarkably, the series was a huge ratings success. The theme song was sung by Stuart Gillies. A feature-film version was released inand the series was revamped in popular resume writer service liverpool Australia.

Love Thy Neighbour in Australia, as it was titled when screened in the UK two years later, depicts Eddie embroiled in the same racial conflict on his emigration Down Under. There was also a short-lived American version, starring Ron Masak and Harrison Page, in MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE. Needing a third sharer to help pay the rent on their Earl's Court flat, two young, attractive girls, dark-haired Chrissy Plummer Paula Popular resume writer service liverpool and blonde, toothy Jo Sally Thomsettplan to find another girl.

But when Robin Tripp Richard O'Sullivana catering student, is found sleeping in the bath the morning after the party, they decide to let him move in, especially as he can cook. The new arrangement understandably raises a few eyebrows, particularly with the girls' landlords, George and Mildred Roper Brian Murphy and Yootha Joycewho live downstairs. There are also nosy interruptions from the Ropers, he a work-shy weakling, she a man-devouring social climber with an eye on young Robin.

Two spin-offs followed: Robin's Nest, in which Robin opens his own bistro, and George and Mildred, following the Ropers' new life on a middle-class housing estate. The series also spawned a feature film of the same title and was translated for American audiences in a less subtle version called Three's Company.

English teacher Jeremy Brown Barry Evans bit off more than he could chew when enrolling as instructor of an evening class for mature foreign students. Misunderstanding and abuse are rife in the classroom, leading to popular resume writer service liverpool aggression and turning the naive, inoffensive Brown into a quivering, frustrated wreck.

Miss Courntey Zara Nutley is the dragon-like principal who has the knack of entering the class at just the wrong moment, and Sid Tommy Godfrey is the Cockney caretaker.

Mind Your Language was revived in by independent production company Tri Films. The series was not fully networked but did bring back together most of the original cast, along with several new faces playing characters in the same mold. ITV ; ; ; ; Arthur Daley George Cole is a name that has become synonymous with shady deals, for this cowardly but lovable rogue specializes in less than reliable, marginally hooky produce dished content proofreading for hire sf at popular resume writer service liverpool bargain price.

Of course, they soon return the goods, or popular resume writer service liverpool law intervenes to ensure that Daley's pockets are link again as empty as when they started. But this trilby-sporting, cigar-chewing master of Cockney slang is never far away from another "nice little earner.

Now on the straight and narrow as far as Arthur will allowMcCann -- one of life's losers -- is easy meat for Daley, who pays him a pittance and promises him the earth. Hired out as a commmodity by Arthur to be a bodyguard, bouncer, fetcher or carrier, Terry nevertheless is always there to protect his guv'nor from popular resume writer service liverpool with a grievance -- and such people are not hard to find.

The wonderful repartee between Daley and his uncomfortable, generally kind-hearted "minder" as they work their way around the fringes of the underworld is even more important than the stories themselves. Off duty, the pair can be found in the Winchester Club, run by its genial steward, Popular resume writer service liverpool Glynn Edwards.

This refuge from "'er indoors" as Daley refers to his wife is also the setting for many "business" meetings. On the side of justice are policemen Popular resume writer service liverpool Albert "Charlie" Chisholm Patrick MalahideSgt.

Rycott Peter Childs and DC Jones Michael Povey. Just like Wyle E. Coyote and the Road Popular resume writer service liverpool, their sole aim is to catch up with Arthur Daley, the crook with the Teflon finish. The series was nearly brought to a close on many occasions, as both George Popular resume writer service liverpool and Dennis Waterman contemplated a way out.

But when Waterman finally called it a day inGary Webster was introduced in the role of Arthur's second cousin's son, Popular resume writer service liverpool, and Daley's schemes and scams continued apace.

Pursuit this time came from coppers Morley Nicholas Day check this out Park Stephen Tompkinson. Dennis Waterman also co-wrote with Gerard Kenny and performed the theme song, "I Could be So Good for You," which he took to number three in the charts in Cole popular resume writer service liverpool him on a novelty hit, "What are We Gonna Get 'Er Indoors" at Christmasand the partnership was celebrated in a hit for The Firm "Arthur Daley 'E's Alright ," in MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS.

BBC 1 ; BBC 2 When it first reached the TV screen infilling a former religious slot, late on Sunday night, Monty Python's Flying Circus understandably met with some bemusement. However, it soon acquired a fervent global following and genuine cult status. Each programme was well endowed popular resume writer service liverpool sketches and held together with animation and one-liner humour; but, popular resume writer service liverpool, anything went in this manic college of comedy styles.

The sketches relied heavily on off-beat domestic situations and spoof TV interviews or documentaries, although the series seldom lacked invention. Swaying between incomprehensibility and bad taste, it was a show that shocked and confused, but was always inspired. Among the highlights were skits like "The Dead Popular resume writer service liverpool in which John Cleese confronted Michael Palin, a shopkeeper, with the corpse of a bird he had just purchased.

Another classic was "The Popular resume writer service liverpool Song," a rousing Canadian chorus of machismo which unravelled into a celebration of transvestism. There was also "The Argument Clinic," "Upper Class Twit of the Year," "The Ministry of Popular resume writer service liverpool Walks," "Spam," "The Spanish Inquisition," "The Fish-Slapping Dance," and "Blackmail" a sadistic game show.

Classic characters included Graham Chapman's stuffy army officer, Terry Jones's piercingly vocal women, Eric Idle's seedy men, and the cerebrally challenged Gumby, complete with knotted handkerchief on head. Wrapped around the sketches were Terry Gilliam's chaotic, surreal cartoons which "stole" images from classical art.

Sometimes they picked up from the end of the previous sketch which seldom had a punchlinein the same popular resume writer service liverpool that sketches themselves occasionally merged when popular resume writer service liverpool character from an earlier skit wandered into the action.

Snappily cut together, it was a programme without a beginning and without an end which broke all the rules of television structure. Its opening titles, bouncing along on the music of Sousa's "Liberty Bell," could appear anywhere in the show, even after the closing credits, and along the way there was plenty of time for developing catchphrases, from Michael Palin's succinct "It's" possibly the popular resume writer service liverpool catchphrase ever to John Cleese's "And now for something completely different.

But Also, At Last the Show and Do Not Adjust Your Set. The Pythons had all learned their craft in such programmes, a craft which was to stand them in good stead in individual projects long after Monty Python was laid to rest.

John Cleese did not appear in the final season which went out under the simple title Monty Python. A series of stage shows and feature films was also produced, the earliest films college professional writers for websites course work the best of TV sketches but the later ones taking the Python manic humour to new bounds in mock epics like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the notorious Life of Brian.

Possibly Britain's most popular comedian to date, Eric Morecambe took his stage name from his home town. His career began in variety theatres before the war and, when auditioning for a new-talent popular resume writer service liverpool inhe met a young entertainer from Popular resume writer service liverpool by the name of Ernest Wiseman, otherwise known as Ernie Wise.

They forged an enterprising double-act, but their progress was shattered by this web page service. However, meeting again by chance inthey were able to resume their joint career.

Their first television forays came in the early s and led, into their own disastrous series called Running Wild, which set back their hopes of stardom. Popular resume writer service liverpool, the pair continued to improve their act on stage and radio and were chosen to support Winifred Atwell in popular resume writer service liverpool TV series, this resulting in another short popular resume writer service liverpool of their own, Double Six, and appearances on Sunday Night at the London Palladium, which encouraged ATV to give them The Morcambe and Wise Show inscripted Sid Green and Dick Hills.

This time they didn't squander their chance and quickly established themselves and the characteristics of their act -- Ernie's pomposity. Eric's boyish anarchy, their Abbot-and-Costello-like exchanges, all underscored by impeccable comic timing.

Viewers took to their many sight gags: Eric slipping his glasses askew, for instance, slapping Ernie around in the face or pretending to be strangled behind the stage curtain. The public began to refer to Ernie as Little Popular resume writer service liverpool and "the one with the short, fat, hairy legs. Their films, The Intelligence Men, That Riviera Touch and The Magnificent Two, flopped. Inafter Eric had suffered a heart attack, they were tempted over to the BBC where, by common consent, they produced their best work most scripted by Eddie Braben.

A regular feature of their shows was a play "wot Ernie wrote" which never failed to attract a big-name guest star. Among those who giggled their way through proceedings were Glenda Jackson, Diana Rigg, John Mills, Eric Porte, Peter Cushing to return many times still looking for payment and Hannah Gordon.

The partners switched back to ITV in with less success Eddie Braben was not immediately released by the BBCwhile the BBC countered by screening repeats of their best popular resume writer service liverpool. However, they soon knew the would have to start treading carefully.

Eric's heart problems resurfaced in and, after surgery, he was forced to take things somewhat easier. The partnership was brought to an end when Eric suffered another, this time fatal, heart attack in Their last work together was a TV movie, Night Train to Murder, which was aired in Ernie soldiered on alone, making stage and television appearances, becoming a member of the revived What's My Line?

He died in In The New Avengers, John Steed Patrick Macnee is called up once more to thwart extravagant plots by the world's most eccentric saboteurs and assassins. Working undercover for the British Secret Service, as in The Avengers, Steed, however, now spends more time on his private stud-farm, where he indulges his hobbies of breeding horses and entertaining beautiful women. Ageing a little, but as suave and sophisticated as ever, he is typically supported by a glamorous female, but also, this time, by a tough young male, someone to do the running around.

The newcomers are Purdey Joanna Lumley and Mike Gambit Gareth Hunt. Perdy, popular resume writer service liverpool former ballerina with a much-copied page-boy haircut, is classy, elegant and as hard as nails. Like her predecessors Link, Peel and King, she knows how to fight. Her strength is in her kick, and many an assailant feels the power of her long, shapely legs. She is also a good shot and extremely fit.

Gambit provides the muscle which Steed now lacks. A former mercenary, he is a weapons specialist and a practitioner of kung fu. Both young colleagues show Steed the respect he deserves and rely on his wealth of experience and knowledge.

The series being produced in association with a French TV company and also with some Canadian input, three episodes were filmed in France and four in Canada, although the majority was made in the UK. UK LWT Situation Comedy. Stan Butler Reg Varney is a driver for the London-based Luxton Bus Company, usually working with his conductor mate Jack Harper Bob Grant on the number 11 route to the cemetery popular resume writer service liverpool. Bane of his life is humourless Inspector Cyril Blake Stephen Lewiswho is always desperate to catch the chirpy pair up to no good.

Blakey's catchphrase, "I 'ate you, Butler," was quickly adapted by the viewing public. Stan lives with his widowed mother Cicely Courtneidgehis dowdy sister, Olive Anne Karenand her gruff, layabout husband, Arthur Michael Robbinsbut life is somewhat brighter at the depot, where there are always busty clippies to chase and jokes to play on the much-maligned Blakey.

In keeping with the humour of the time, leering and innuendo dominate the series, although more info is seldom any serious sexual activity -- living with his mum, Stan never has the opportunity, much to his frustration. Cicely Courtneidge was the first actress to play Stan's mum, although Doris Hare is best remembered for the role, best thesis proposal ghostwriting sites canada Stephen Lewis, who played Blakey, took his character into a spin-off series.

Entitled Don't Drink the Water ITVit saw Blakey moving into a retirement home in Spain with his spinster sister, Dorothy Pat Coombs. Three feature film versions On the Buses, Mutiny on the Buses and Holiday on the Buses were released in the s, reflecting the popularity of this cheerfully vulgar comedy, and a US copy, set in New York City and entitled Lotsa Luck, was also produced.

ITV ; BBC 1 Beginning on Radio Luxembourg in the early s, Opportunity Knocks and its ebullient host, Hughie Green, were brought into television soon after ITV began. There had been talent shows on TV before -- Carroll Levis Discoveries was one -- but none proved to have the stamina popular resume writer service liverpool Opportunity Knocks, which not only survived popular resume writer service liverpool ITV franchise swap of but was resurrected by the BBC inhaving been cancelled by Thames in The format was simple.

Green introduced half-a-dozen acts per week "Friends, we want popular resume writer service liverpool hear them," Green declaredpopular resume writer service liverpool "sponsored" by a studio guest who offered background information about the performers. At the end of the show, all the acts gave a short reprise of their routines which the studio audience evaluated by applauding.

The highest scorers on the "clapometer" were declared the studio winners, but this counted for nothing. What mattered "And I mean that most sincerely, folks," Green was known to swear were the votes of viewers at home, expressed by the mailing in of popular resume writer service liverpool. At the start of the following week's programme, the winners were announced and were given the chance to repeat their success.

A winning contestant could return literally week after week and, at the end of each series, an all-winners show was put together. Telephone voting click postal votes when the BBC revived the show under the title of Bob Says "Opportunity Knocks" the new host beig Bob Monkouse.

Les Dawson, himself probably the programme's greatest find, presented the final season, with the title reverting to Opportunity Knocks. Other notable performers given their showbusiness break by Opportunity Knocks were Russ Abbot as part of the Black Abbots popular resume writer service liverpoolFreddie Starr, The Bachelors, Frank Carson, Mary Hopkin, Little and Large, Paul Daniels, Freddie Davies, Peters and Lee, Lena Zavaroni, Ken Goodwin, Pam Ayres, Bonnie Langford, Paul Melba, Tom O'Connor and Paper Lace.

But whatever happened to winners like Link Crush, Neil Reid, Gerry Monroe, Millican and Nesbitt, Stuart Gillies, Berni Flint and s muscle man Tony Holland? Popular resume writer service liverpool were hard-luck stories, too. Su Pollard was allegedly beaten by a singing dog and a singer called Gerry Dorsey even failed the audition.

He changed his name to Englebert Humperdink and did rather better for himself Recent graduate Bernard Hedges John Alderton secures his first appointment as English and History teacher at Fenn Street Secondary Modern, under the auspices of headmaster Mr.

Morris Cromwell Noel Howlett. From the start, his unruly class, 5C, go out of their way to make life difficult for him, but they soon come to respect the bashful yet dedicated master, whom they nickname "Privet. The staff are just as unhelpful. Apart from the incompetent headmaster, there are thick-skinned Welshman Mr. Price Richard Davies teaching maths and science; formidable deputy-head Miss Doris Ewell Joan Sanderson ; dithery old Mr.

Smith Erik Chitty ; and former Desert Rat caretaker Norman Potter Deryck Guylerwho is terrified of kids popular resume writer service liverpool enjoys great influence with the headmaster. After a couple of years, Top personal statement ghostwriting sites us acquires a girlfriend, Penny Wheeler Jill Kermanwho eventually becomes his wife.

Its own feature film was released in and a spin-off, The Fenn Street Gang, followed on TV, tracing the lives of the teenagers after leaving school. The American version was Welcome Back Kotter, featuring a young John Travolta among the pupils. PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H. The Wentworth Detention Centre houses some of Melbourne's toughest female criminals, and, through a series of rather far-fetched plots, this programme examines the interrelationships of these inmates, their warders, and fringe characters such as partners on the outside, prison doctors and other officials.

The series deals openly with issues such as lesbianism and wanton assault by both prisoners and guards and in its own melodramatic way strips the front off hard-bitten prisoners to reveal personal tragedies that have led them into a life of crime.

It shows how some mature to rehabilitate themselves successfully on their release, although popular resume writer service liverpool also makes it clear that, for others, prison life is the only option.

Principal characters early on are Governor Erica Davidson Patsy Kingher deputy Jim Fletcher Gerard Maguire brutal warder Vera Bennett Fiona Spence and the more sympathetic guard, Meg Jackson Elspeth Ballantyne. Ringleader of the prisoners is Bea Smith Val Lehman doing time for the murder of her husbandand other characters are lesbian biker and armed robber Franky Doyle Carol BurnsKaren Travers Peita Toppanoa deeply religious ex-schoolteacher also convicted of the murder of her husband go here, and dumb blonde Lynn Warner Kerry Armstronga convicted nanny.

Thumb-sucking Doreen Anderson Collette Mann is the easily led unmarried-mother-turned-forger; Marilyn Manson Popular resume writer service liverpool Laurence is a prostitute and the prison nympho; "Mum" Brooks Mary Ward the gentle, well-respected gardening lover yet another imprisoned for killing her husband ; and Lizzie Birdsworth Sheila Florance the alcoholic, chain-smoking mass-murderer who is hell-bent on escape.

Greg Miller Barry Quinn is the prison doctor. The show, originally entitled simply Prisoner, was renamed Prisoner: Cell Essay ghostwriter services au H to avoid confusion with Patrick McGoohan's cult series of the s in the UK and USA. Its creator, Reg Watson a former Crossroads producerand one of its producers, Popular resume writer service liverpool Trevor, later moved on to the rather more successful Neighbours.

Maggie Kirkpatrick, who played Joan Ferguson, appeared with Lily Savage in a spoof stage version, which opened in London in The Professionals' are the men and women of CI5 Criminal Intelligence 5a covert agency set up by the Government to specialize in criminal intelligence in the way that MI5 centres on military intelligence. The aim is to pre-empt trouble and so nip crime in the bud. Head of the section is no-nonsense ex-MI5 man George Cowley Gordon Jackson.

He assembles around him a team of the dissertation chapter sites united states operatives, none more resilient and respected than William Bodie Lewis Collinsa former SAS and Parachute Regiment hero brimming with confidence. Bodie's partner is Ray Doyle Martin Shawan ex-copper with a curly perm.

Fresh from an East End CID division, he is calm on the outside but harbours popular resume writer service liverpool rage within popular resume writer service liverpool threatens to burst out at any second. The pair are affectionately known as "The Bisto Kids" to Cowley, whom they know as "The Cow.

It was parodied by members of The Comic Strip in a one-off popular resume writer service liverpool, The Bullshitters. InSky One launched an updated version of The Professionals. Entitled CI5: the New Professionals, it starred Edward Woodward, Kal Weber, Colin Wells and Lexa Doig.

RETURN OF THE SAINT. Nine years after Roger Moore hung up Click the following article Templar's halo, lookalike Ian Ogilvy tried it on for size. Similar in many ways although critically less well received, this regeneration popular resume writer service liverpool Leslie Charteris's dashing, confident hero once again sees our hero whizzing around the globe, popular resume writer service liverpool in the company of beautiful women and escaping from many life-threatening situations -- all against a backdrop of international intrigue.

UK Popular resume writer service liverpool Situation Comedy. Rupert Rigsby Leonard Rossitergrubby, http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-descriptive-essay-editor-websites-toronto.php, ignorant, nosey and tight-fisted and those are just his good pointsis the owner of a popular resume writer service liverpool run-down northern boarding house that is home to popular resume writer service liverpool odd mix of lodgers.

Rigsby lives on the ground floor popular resume writer service liverpool his cat, Vienna. Upstairs, long-haired Alan Analysis professional essay site proofreading rhetorical usa Richard Popular resume writer service liverpoola medical student, shares one spartan room with Philip Smith Don Warringtonthe sone of an African tribal chief, and another room is taken by frustrated spinster Miss Ruth Jones Frances de la Toura university administrator.

Although liberally treated to decrepit furnishings and the eponymous rising damp, the one thing Rigsby's paying guests do not receive is privacy. Given the opportunity to catch his lodgers "at it," the snooping Rigsby does not hesitate to barge in.

Whatever secrets lie in their personal lives, Rigsby prises them out into the open, and however great their hops and dreams, Rigsby is always ready to sneer and jeer at them.

His own ambition, though, is to share a night of torrid passion with Miss Jones but, like his other plans, it is never realized. Brenda Gay Rose is one of Rigsby's later lodgers. The series sprang from a one-off play entitled "The Banana Box" in which the landlord was called Rooksby and gave Leonard Rossiter the first chance to show off his acclaimed comic timing.

Indeed, most of the series' humour came from his sharp, glib delivery. A film version was released in Fresh from the successful Man about the House, Robin Tripp Richard O'Sullivan has now left his two female flatmates and teamed up with his live-in lover, air hostess Victoria Nicholls Tessa Wyatt.

They live above their own Fulham bistro -- Robin's Nest -- where they are not-so-ably assisted by their one-armed washer-up, Albert Riddle David Kellyan Irish ex-con with an endless line in blarney.

The fly in the ointment is Vicky's disapproving dad, James Nicholls Tony Brittona far from sleeping partner in the business, although her divorced mother, Marion Honor Blackman, later Barbara Murrayis far more sympathetic about her daughter's cohabitation with a long-haired cook. Tensions are eventually eased with a marriage and, eventually, the birth of twins. Also seen in later episodes in restaurant help Gertrude Peggy Aitchison.

Star Richard O'Sullivan also wrote the synthesizer theme music. Like Man about the House 's US version Three's Company, Robin's Nest inspired a US copy, Three's a Crowd, also starring John Ritter.

Anna Wynd Charlotte CornwellDevonia "Dee" Rhoades Julie Covington and Nancy "Q" Cunard de Longchamps Rula Lenska are The Little Ladies, a struggling girl rock band lurching from gig to gig, striving to rise out of the sordid lower reaches of the rock music business. This series follows their ups and downs mostly downsas they fight to avoid exploitation -- often sexual -- and establish themselves as genuine musicians.

Derek Huggin Emlyn Price is their less than helfpful manager. Busby Berkeley-inspired fantasy sequences added extra colour to this six-part drama. The music was original and penned by Roxy Music guitarist Andy Mackay, leading to two soundtrack albums and a hit single, popular resume writer service liverpool Also new was pushy American agent Kitty Schreiber Beth Porter.

The second series was entitled Rock Follies of ' UK ATV Science Fiction. In this imaginative series, time is perceived as a tunnel, with different time zones spread along its length. Outside lie dark forces of chaos and destruction which take advantage of any weakness in the tunnel's fabric to enter and wreak havoc.

Whenever this happens, Sapphire Joanna Lumley and Steel David McCallum are sent to investigate. Little is revealed about the two characters. From the programme's introduction viewers learn that: "All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.

Stunning Sapphire, true to her name, wears bright blue; blond-haired Steel, cold and humourless, dresses in grey. They each have special powers. Sapphire can see through time, gauge the history of an object just by holding it and even turn the clock back for a Beinwurzwurzeln popular paper writing services online Teerstuhl. The analytical Steel enjoys phenomenal strength; he can resist the flow of time and reduce his body temperature to popular resume writer service liverpool zero.

But sometimes these superhuman attributes are not enough and the pair need assistance. Usually it comes from another element, Silver David Collingsbut Lead also joins the fray on popular resume writer service liverpool occasion. The nightmarish storylines centre on the pursuit of disruptive forces.

In their first outing, Sapphire and Steel are called in to arrest a time warp after the reading of historic nursery rhymes brings Roundhead soldiers to the 20th century. In another, a haunted railway learn more here is drawn back into the era of World War I. The dark forces are seldom seen, except as faceless beings or globes of light. The longer they are allowed to remain in a dimension of time, the stronger they become, and they test the dynamic duo to the extreme.

UK BBC Police Drama. One of the most successful spin-offs ever, Softly, Softly ran for ten years in parallel with Z Cars, its mother series. It takes up the story of the "nasty and nice" double act of Charlie Barlow Stratford Johns and John Watt Frank Windsorafter they leave Newtown and head south to the fictional region of Wyvern somewhere near Bristol.

Promoted to the ranks of detective chief superintendent and detective chief inspector respectively, one of the first people they encounter is their retired former desk sergeant, Mr.

Blackitt Robert Keegan now a news-agentand his dog, Pandy. Among their new colleagues are jovial Welshman Sgt. Evans David Lloyd Meredithmiserable dog-handler PC Henry Snow Terence Rigby and his most famous charge, Inky and a local detective inspector, Harry Hawkins Norman Bowler. The show's title was derived from the adage "Softly, softly, catchee monkey.

He was reunited with Watt, however, for a novel reinvestigation of the Jack the Ripper case in and a subsequent series, Second Verdict, inwhich looked at other such mysteries SOME MOTHERS DO 'AVE 'EM. Frank Spencer Michael Crawford is an accident waiting to happen.

Sporting a knitted tank-top, unfashionable long mac and a beret, wherever he goes he brings chaos and confusion.

DIY jobs result in the systematic destruction of his house while, at work whenever he finds anymachinery explodes and his bosses despair. And yet poor Frank, with his infantile voice, unfortunate turn of phrase, expressive shoulder-twitches and hurt looks, always tries hard and means well. He is gravely offended by criticism and deeply shocked at everything untoward.

At popular resume writer service liverpool side through thick and thin are his over-loyal wife, Betty Michele Dotriceand baby daughter, Jessica. Lewis Glynn Edwards popular resume writer service liverpool irascible neighbour seen in the last series, is just one of Frank's many adversaries. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em made a star out of Michael Crawford, but the actor popular resume writer service liverpool hard for his success.

His characterization was so precise that it kept impressionists in gags for years after. He also chipped in with occasional ad-libs, plotted the stories for some episodes click the following article even performed many of his own stunts that included driving a car halfway over a cliff, and narrowly escaping a collapsing chimney stack.

Series creator Raymond Allen was working as a cinema cleaner on the Isle of Wight when he began writing the scripts. Although this series is best remembered for the exploits of snappily dressed detectives Alan Craven George Sewell and Tom Haggerty Patrick Mowerthey were latecomers to Special Branch. For the first two seasons, the featured officers are Inspector Jordan Derren Nesbitt and his superior, Superintendent Eden Wensley Pithey later substituted by Supt.

Inman, played by Fulton Mackay. Alongside Craven and Haggerty, DS North and Commander Nichols Richard Butler are also added, though they are soon replaced by Commander Fletcher Frederick Jaeger and a snooty civil servant named Strand Paul Eddington.

The thrust of Special Branch investigations was international crime and espionage. The team were assigned to high-pressure, undercover operations which involved plugging gaps in security, preventing murders and foiling attempts at sabotage. It was the first series to show a British copper in trendy clothing Jordan and is also notable for being the first programme made by Thames TV's offshoot, Euston Films, which took over production after the first two seasons had gone out on videotape.

BBC 1 ; ; There are few shows in the history of television which have reaped such wide appreciation as Popular resume writer service liverpool and Son, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson's popular resume writer service liverpool read more a socially aspirant son and the dirty old dad who keeps him anchored to the mire of a scrapyard.

Harold Steptoe Harry H. Corbettin his late 30s, dreams of a life away from the squalid, junk-filled house he shares with his father Albert Wilfrid Brambell at 24 Oil Drum Lane, FГr popular college creative essay advice Hamburg Bush. He longs to progress popular resume writer service liverpool cultural interests and to embark on some romantic journey but is always hauled back to sub-working-class grime by his disgusting, emaciated old man.

Albert Steptoe is vulgarity personified, a man who washes his socks only when taking a bath. He cooks and generally runs the house, while Harold does the round with Hercules later Delilah the carthorse, but Albert's idea of culinary finesse is edging a pie with his false teeth.

Albert's greatest skill lies in scuppering his son's dreams of a better life. Whenever Harold makes a dash for freedom, the clinging, devious old man always stands in the way, using emotional blackmail to deny his son independence. The gloriously coarse series -- which is as much a tragedy as it is a comedy -- ran in two bits, in the early s it first aired in as a Comedy Playhouse episode called "The Offer" and then in this web page early s.

A radio series was also produced, and the show spawned a US cover version, Sanford and Son, as well as two far less successful feature films, Steptoe and Son and Steptoe and Son Ride Again. In Jake Nightingale Harold and Harry Dickman Albert starred in a stage play based on the series.

Called "Steptoe and Son in Murder at Oil Drum Lane," it was penned by Ray Galton and John Antrobus. Taking its name from the Cockney rhyming slang for Flying Squad "Sweeney Todd"this is one of television's most physical cop shows. It features the investigations of door-smashing, crook-thumping, heavy-drinking DJ Jack Regan John Thaw and his junior partner, DS George Carter Dennis Watermanwho popular resume writer service liverpool around London in a gold-coloured Ford Granada.

Hard, and sometimes unquestioning, Regan has little time for rules and regulations. In his leather jacket and s-style kipper ties, he is also a bit of a lad, found off-duty in the boozer, chatting to the local villains, or in bed with yet another woman he is, not surprisingly, estranged from his wife.

Carter is his loyal number popular resume writer service liverpool, learning the trade from his mentor and picking up bad habits along with good. Like his boss, he too is pretty useful with his fists. Supervising the operations, often in desperation at the tactics involved, is Chief Insp.

Frank Haskins Garfield Morgan. The series began seven months after a pilot episode, Regan, part of the Armchair Cinema anthology, was screened inand it ended inwhen Regan was banged up for allegedly taking bribes. No charges were brought, but Regan had had enough and decided to call it a day. Through The Sweeney, the public was introduced to a new kind of policeman, one the authorities tried to deny existed but one that certain real-life lawmen privately acknowledged to be alive and kicking, especially kicking.

Indeed, Jack Quarrie, a former Flying Squad officer, was the programme's technical adviser. But, for all its bad language and excessive violence, the series also popular resume writer service liverpool its humorous side, highlighted in the Regan-Carter Cockney repartee and an episode which features Morecambe and Wise as guest stars.

Two feature films were also made. Harry South composed the theme music. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. BBC ; ITV ; BBC 1 Taking people unawares, surrounding them with friends and family, and reliving the major moments in their life is what this programme was all about. This Is Your Life began on American TV inwith Ralph Edwards, its creator, also acting as host.

In the UK it meandered between channels, beginning first on the Popular resume writer service liverpool in and running for nine years. After a five-year hiatus, Thames picked up the format for ITV, and the company continued to produce the show when it returned to the BBC in The same formula was followed from the start. Other guests were introduced as popular resume writer service liverpool host worked his way chronologically through the person's life, reading from a large red book.

Mystery voices hidden behind closed doors gave way to forgotten faces and warm embraces. Amusing anecdotes were told and glowing tributes please click for source paid.

The final guest was usually someone special: a child from the other side of the world, an inspirational teacher from the distant past, a person who had saved the celebrity's life, or vice versa. Buckets of tears were shed. The very first victim was Eamonn Andrews, who was already signed up to popular resume writer service liverpool the programme's regular host.

Ralph Edwards had flown over from the USA to conduct the inaugural oder esl school essay writing site usa man but, after the Daily Sketch had spoiled the launch by revealing that the subject was going to be Stanley Matthers, a new victim had to be found.

Instead, it was Andrews himself. When Thames revived the series, its first victim was Des O'Connor. Some celebrities esl essay ghostwriter for hire outright to appear. Soccer star Danny Blanchflower was one; novelist Richard Gordon of Doctor in the House fame was another. To avoid such embarrassments, the programme was later prerecorded.

Not all those featured were famous. One or two guests per series came from the ranks of anonymous worthies -- brave airmen, industrious charity workers, selfless foster parents, etc. Probably the highest-profile victim was Lord Mountbatten, the subject of a This Is Your Life special in the Jubilee Year of When Eamonn Andrews died inMichael Aspel picked up the big red book.

The one used on screen contained just the programme script, but a real biographical scrapbook was later presented as a memento to the featured guest. Regular consultants to the series were Roy Bottomley and Tom Brennand Alf Garnett remains one of TV's most memorable creations. He has this web page loved and he has been hated, but he is unlikely to popular resume writer service liverpool forgotten.

The man who brought racist views and foul language into British living rooms is a popular resume writer service liverpool act to follow. Although the s' "alternative" comedians aimed to shock, their impact was negligible in comparison with Popular resume writer service liverpool first controversial loudmouth. The Garnetts live in London's decaying East End, long before the Isle of Dogs is transformed into a yuppie paradise. Their little docker's terraced house is home to four adults: Alf Warren Mitchellhis wife, Else Dandy Nicholsdaughter Rita Una Stubbs and son-in-law Mike Anthony Booth.

Such close habitation induces claustrophobia and an endless amount of personal friction. On one side, there is Alf, popular resume writer service liverpool bald, bespectacled bigot, patriotically standing up for the Queen and cheerfully pushing the blame for the country's ills on the "Darling Harold" Wilson and immigrants.

Mind you, if he was to succeed in shipping out the immigrants and dislodging the Labour Party from government, Alf still wouldn't be happy with Edward Heath in charge -- he being a grammar school boy, not a traditional Tory like Winston Churchill.

On the other side is Mike, a long-haired, unemployed, Liverpudlian socialist, "Shirley Temple" or "randy Scouse git," as he becomes known. In between are the phlegmatic, rather dopey Else and the giggle Rita. Alf's rantings were heavily criticized by the popular resume writer service liverpool, Mary Whitehouse and politicians, but his character has other sides to it, too.

He is incredibly selfish, and extremely mean to his long-suffering wife. Yet Else takes it al in her rather sluggish stride, shrugging off insults like "silly old moo" and conjuring up sharp retorts to put Alf firmly in his place.

Whenever that happens, he dons his West Ham scarf and skulks off to the pub. When Dandy Nichols briefly leaves the series Else went to visit her sister in Australia in the popular resume writer service liverpoolAlf's invective is directed against his neighbors, Bert and Min Reed Alfie Bass and Patricia Popular resume writer service liverpool. Till Death Us Do Part began as an episode of Comedy Playhouse in In this pilot, Warren Mitchell played Alf Ramsey as in the football popular resume writer service liverpoolwhich Gretchen Franklin Ethel in Eastenders as his maligned wife.

The series proper ran popular resume writer service liverpool to and was exhumed for a new run in A short-lived version, Popular resume writer service liverpool Death This time the title had been changed to In Sickness and in Health, sadly appropriate considering the obvious illness of Dandy Nichols. In this, the Garnetts have been rehoused popular resume writer service liverpool a new development, without Rita only an occasional visitor or Mike, an the antagonizer's role is filled by a gay, black home-help, provocatively named Winston Eamonn Walker.

Arthur Arthur English is his chief boozing buddy. This series continued even after Nichols's death in Alf's neighbour, Mrs. Hollingbery, played by Carmel McSharry, becomes his new sparring popular resume writer service liverpool. However, by this time the political climate had changed. Even though Alf could slate the incumbent Tory government for being a bunch of spivs ruled over by a grocer's daughter, the bite had disappeared and the series was far less successful.

Johnny Speight's monstrous creation had had his day. An American version of Till Death Us Do Part, All in the Family, was just as big and controversial. TO THE MANOR BORN. When Audrey fforbes-Hamilton's husband, Martin, dies, he leaves her his stately pile, Grantleigh Manor, but also a mound of death-duties to pay. She being strictly old money and he being noveau riche, Audrey is desperate to keep an eye on his activities, to make sure he does not destroy the character of the estate.

By popular resume writer service liverpool into one of the manor's lodges with her ageing butler, Braginger Popular resume writer service liverpool Rudlingand with the use of a pair of binoculars, at least she is able to monitor proceedings. But not even that is enough. Distrusting the new Lord of the Manor, resenting his position and also fancying him quite a bit, Audrey is always meddling in DeVere's affairs.

She guides him in the etiquette of lordship and ensures -- as far as she can -- that Grantleigh is still run on traditional lines. Audrey's old school chum, Marjory Frobisher Angela Thornedrops in regularly to keep her friend in her place, while Richard's Czech mother, Mrs. Palouvicka Daphne Heardacts as a matchmaker for her son and Audrey, whom she considers perfect for each other.

Her efforts bear fruit at the end of the series when the two are married -- and Audrey is back in charge at the popular resume writer service liverpool. The series, filmed at Cricket St Thomas in Somerset and with music from Ronnie Hazlehurst, was originally devised for radio, and a pilot show popular resume writer service liverpool recorded, featuring Penelope Keith and Bernard Braden as an American.

However, it was never broadcast, although a radio version was produced inwith Keith Barron slipping into the role of DeVere, alongside Penelope Keith. THE TOMMY COOPER HOUR. Tommy Cooper was a tall, Caerphilly-born comedian, notorious as the fez-wearing magician with the bad gags and bemused look whose tricks always failed. Cooper's hugely successful career began in the army and continued after the war on the London variety circuit. In the s he branched out into television, appearing in series like It's Magic and winning a run of his own series, including Cooper - Life with Tommy, Cooper's Capers, Cooperama, Life With Cooper, Cooper at Large, The Tommy Cooper Hour, Cooper King-Size and Cooper - Just Like That!

He became a cult comedian and enjoyed great respect among his fellow artistes. It popular resume writer service liverpool actually on television that he died, suffering a heart attack while appearing on Live from Her Majesty's. UK BBC Motoring Magazine. Road-testing new models, highlighting innovations and generally keeping the motorist well informed, Top Gear was given a test drive in von best literature review editor websites toronto ich BBC Midlands area in before being given the green light nationwide a year later.

Its first hosts were Angela Rippon and Barrie Gill. Noel Edmonds was behind the wheel for a while, but Jeremy Clarkson held popular resume writer service liverpool position for many years, returning after time away in Sister programmes, Top Gear GTi, Top Gear Motorsport and Top Gear Waterworld, were go here screened in the late s Messers Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, the big and the small of Popular resume writer service liverpool comedy, had first worked together in the mids when contributing to popular resume writer service liverpool David Frost programmes.

Although they each enjoyed individual opportunities to shine such as Sorry! The Two Ronnies ran for 16 years from and was hugely successful. Most programmes were shown on BBC 2. Sind speech writing service us Training upon a host of talented scriptwriters including the likes of David Nobbs, David Renwick and assorted Pythons -- as well as Gerald Wiley, a pseudonym used by Barker himselfeach show followed a simple format, opening and closing with mock news items.

In between, "in a packed programme," viewers were popular resume writer service liverpool to cocktail party sketches, a boisterous costume musical, a meandering Corbett monologue delivered from a big chair, and doses of Barker's astounding pronunciation power, with a decent helping of gentle smut thrown in for good measure. There were also spoof serials like The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town written by Spike MilliganThe Worm That Turned and cases of private investigators Charley Farley and Piggy Malone.

Regular musical guests broke up the humour. Those included middle-of-the-road performers such as Barbara Dickson, Elaine Paige and the Nolan sisters. Finally, it was "Goodnight popular resume writer service liverpool me, and goodnight from him," as the programme rounded off with some "late news. Barker died later that year, but was seen in a Christmas special that had been recorded in the summer when he knew his health was failing. Much praised, fondly remembered and hugely successful, Upstairs, Downstairs focuses on life at Eaton Place, the Belgravia home of Tory MP Lord Richard Bellamy David Langtonhis lady wife Marjorie Rachel Gurneyand their two children James and Elizabeth Simon Williams and Nicola Pagett.

The family is rich, but not extravagantly so, with most of their wealth inherited on Lady Bellamy's side she is the daughter of a prime minister. So Richard's career is vital to the upkeep of the family's home http://asocialnetwork.co/popular-thesis-statement-proofreading-website-online.php its standing in society, something which the indiscretions of his wayward children continually place in jeopardy.

But, as the title suggests, the "Upstairs" goings-on are only half the story, with the "Downstairs" world of the Bellamy's' domestic staff equally prominent.

Head of servants is Mr. Angus Hudson Gordon Jacksonthe highly responsible, softly spoken but firm Scottish butler, a man who knows his place and makes sure other staff members know theirs.

A father figure to the servants, he masterminds the team effort which keeps the house afloat, ably assisted by Mrs. Kate Bridges Angela Baddeleythe gruff, plump cook, and Rose Buck Jean Marshthe level-headed chief housemaid. Beneath them work the younger staff -- feisty, daydreaming underparlourmaid Sarah Pauline Collinsmaturing footman Edward Popular resume writer service liverpool Beeny this web page, loyal housemaid Daisy Jacqueline Tong later Edward's wifepathetic maid Ruby Jenny Tomasinand, in later episodes, new footmen Thomas Watkins and Frederick John Alderton and Gareth Hunt.

The series opens in Novembershortly after the death of Queen Victoria, and runs through until It reflects all the early fads and fashions of the 20th century, popular resume writer service liverpool the Suffragette movement to the jazz age, writing historical events into the plot. The General Strike is one example and the loss of Popular resume writer service liverpool Marjorie on the Popular resume writer service liverpool is another.

Lord Bellamy popular resume writer service liverpool to Scottish widow Virginia Hamilton, played by Hannah Gordonhis ward Georgina Worsley Lesley-Anne Down moves in to replace the petulant Elizabeth, and other characters come and go, both above and below the stairs, before disaster strikes at the end of the series. The family's wealth is lost in the Wall Street Crash, James commits suicide and the house has to be sold.

The final episode sees Hudson marry Mrs. Bridges and, together with Ruby, set off to run their own guest house. Edward and Daisy become butler and maid to Georgina and her new husband, the Marquis of Stockbridge Anthony Andrewsand Rose is the last to leave, wandering through the rooms and closing up the house, with voices from the past reminding her of events, happy and sad, that have dominated her life in Eaton Place.

Upstairs, Downstairs -- widely acclaimed for its historical accuracy and shrewd social comment -- was the brainchild of Jean Marsh and fellow actress Eileen Atkins who had created the role of Sarah for herself but found herself committed to stage work when the programme began.

They repeated the exercise in devising The House of Elliot in the s. Upstairs, Downstairs enjoyed sales all across the world and led to a spin-off series, Thomas and Sarah, which followed the two young servants as they took up a new pay for my engineering homework popular resume writer service liverpool the country.

An American version, Beacon Hill, set in s Boston, was also attempted but didn't succeed. THE VAL DOONICAN SHOW. Val Doonican was a relaxed Irish singer whose Saturday night variety shows became a staple of the BBC and, briefly, ITV diet in the late s and s.

Mixing sentimental ballads with novelty songs like "O'Rafferty's Motor Car," and "Delaney's Donkey" and "Paddy McGinty's Goat," Doonican was a firm favourite with both old and young viewers, and his distinctive sweaters and cosy rocking-chair established themselves as his trademarks.

Comedian Dave Allen was "discovered" thanks to the weekly slot Doonican gave him. WHO PAYS THE FERRYMAN? UK BBC Drama, BBC 2 When Alan Haldane Jack Hedleya one-time officer in the Greek resistance, leaves his boat-building business in the UK to return to Crete after an absence of 30 years, he stirs up a hornet's nest. With old passions and hatreds reunited, he discovers he has an illegitimate daughter on the island and that there is a vendetta against him in Elounda, where he takes up residence.

He begins a relationship with local woman Annika Zeferis Betty Arvanitibut, unknown to her, Haldane is haunted by memories of her dead sister. Tension mounts as old Greek traditions conflict with the ways of the modern world. The programme title is derived from the legend of Charon, who demanded a fee to ferry passengers across the River Styx to the Underworld. Star Jack Hedley took on the role of Haldane after Peter Finch, who was first choice for the part, unexpectedly passed away.

Bird had previously explored the mystic Greek islands in his earlier BBC series, The Sind best editor sites sf weiteren Eaters. Music for this eight-part drama was performed by Yannis Markopoulos and his orchestra, who scored a UK hit with the theme tune in In the Dixon of Click the following article Green type of police series was already looking dated.

The cosy life of a community copper had been lost for ever, certainly in the big popular resume writer service liverpool at least, and it was time for television to reflect this change. However, it wasn't until writer Troy Kennedy Martin was ill in bed with mumps and, to while away the time, tuned into the police wavelengths that such a change became a possibility.

Martin instantly recognized that what he was hearing was a world away from George Dixon's weekly homilies and decided to work his findings into an idea for a new programme. The result was Z Cars, a series that aimed to portray the real relationship between the police and the community. Filled with northern grit and heavily influenced by contemporary "kitchen sink" dramas, Z Cars was set on Merseyside, at a time when the Liverpool docklands were undergoing radical social change.

Traditional streets, now designated slums, were making way for high-rise blocks of concrete flats, functional but soulless living spaces that rapidly turned into fertile breeding-grounds for unrest. The pace of life was quickening and crime was responding in its own unpleasant fashion. To combat this crime wave, police were taken off the beat and placed in patrol cars, with the aim of providing a swifter response.

Z Cars depicted the efforts of one such patrol team as it roamed the streets of both the old district of Seaport and the modern development of Newtown.

The very first episode reveals how the death popular resume writer service liverpool a police officer has led to popular resume writer service liverpool formation of the team. In the first patrol car, Z Victor 1, are burly northerner William "Fancy" Smith Brian Blessed and a rugby-playing Scot, John "Jock" Weir Joseph Brady.

In Z Victor 2 are Irishman Herbert "Bert" Lynch James Ellis and red-headed Bob Steele Jeremy Kemp. Both cars are Ford Zephyrs, initially Mark 4s later traded in for Mark 6s. Supervising events popular resume writer service liverpool at the station is old-fashioned Sgt. Twentyman Leonard Williamsreplaced after a year by Sgt. Blackitt Robert Keegan when Williams suddenly popular resume writer service liverpool. However, Z Cars didn't just focus on the new type of crime in the early s, or the police response to it, but, for the first time on British television, it actually dared to suggest that policemen were not as wholesome as popular resume writer service liverpool ought to be.

Creator Troy Kennedy Martin had wanted the crooks to win through now and again, to show that police were not infallible, but this was too much to ask of a staid BBC. However, he did get away cheap biography editing service showing policemen as popular resume writer service liverpool human beings, with complicated home lives and vices of their own.

Martin and his colleagues painted them as popular resume writer service liverpool, drinkers and, most controversially of all, even wife-beaters. Real-life police withdrew their co-operation in response to such excesses. Another innovation was the portrayal by Stratford Johns of Charlie Barlow as a nasty superior officer, not averse to dishing out aggression. Johns was tired of seeing bumbling, ineffective TV detectives. What he wanted was a police officer who actually made the running, was hard on his subordinates and was not afraid to pound suspects into submission.

Together with the gentler Popular resume writer service liverpool Watt, he offered the classic combination of the nice and the nasty; and such was their success, they headed off to the Regional Crime Squad after three years and a series of their own, Softly, Softly. Watt and Barlow's departure in was intended to be the finale for Z Cars, but it returned to the screens ininstalling John Barrie and John Slater as DI Sam Hudson and DS Tom Stone, their replacements.

New Panda cars roared into action and some fresh constables were added to the team, although continuity was maintained through Weir and Lynch a man popular resume writer service liverpool was to rise steadily through the ranks. The format switched from minute episodes to two minute programmes a week, and continued in this vein untilwhen the longer forms were reintroduced.

Popular resume writer service liverpool Dudley Foster ; and Geordie heart-throb PC Joe Skinner Ian Cullen and his partner, PC Quilley Douglas Fielding. Indeed, future stars fared rather well, either as guests or as regulars. They included John Thaw, Judi Dench, Kenneth Cope, Alison Steadman, Patrick Troughton and Ralph Bates, whose character pulls a gun on Joe Skinner and shoots him dead. Popular resume writer service liverpool Dixon of Dock Green before it, Z Cars found itself left behind by other cop shows in the s.

Not only were the likes of America's Kojak and Starksy and Hutch screaming on to British TV screens, popular resume writer service liverpool there was also our own The Sweeney to contend with. Still Z Cars rolled on, probably showing a more realistic image of s policing than its contemporaries, until the end finally arrived in Originally transmitted live, making use of crude techniques like back-projection for car scenes, Z Cars looks very dated today.

However, the quality of writing, from the likes of Martin, Alan Plater, Elwyn Jones and John Hopkins, is still apparent in the few surviving episodes from those early days. The last episode, penned by Martin, brings the newly promoted Det. Chief Superintendent Watt back to Newtown and features cameo appearances from Joseph Brady, Brian Blessed, Jeremy Kemp and Colin Welland. Over the previous 16 years, the programme's unforgettable theme tune based on the folk song "Johnny Todd," with popular resume writer service liverpool ominous drumbeat intro had become synonymous with TV policing A list of popular New Zealand '70s TV shows Children of Fire Mountain - Historical drama.

Close to Home - Soap opera. Country Calendar present - Farming show. A Dog's Show - Sheepdog trials. Fair Go present - Consumer watchdog show. Free Ride - Music show. The Games Affair - Childrens drama. Gather Your Dreams The Good Time Show - Music show. The Governor - Historical drama. The Grunt Machine - Music show. Happen Inn - Music talent show. Hunter's Gold - Historical drama. It's In The Bag - Game Show.

On The Mat - Wrestling show. Play School - Kid's show. Pukemanu - Drama. Radio With Pictures - Music Chart show. Ready To Roll- Music Chart show. Spot On - Kid's show. That's Country - Kiwi version of Hee Haw. A Week Of It - Political satire. The Years Back - Series about history of NZ.

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